Mad Max 4: Fury Road Confirmed, Budget of $100 Million!

October 24, 2009

Mad Max

This is the weekend that Mad Max is making its return. Yesterday morning a rumor hit saying that Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy were director George Miller's top choices to star in Mad Max 4. Later in the day, THR published a story confirming that Mad Max 4, now officially titled Fury Road, was actually already ready to go into production in Sydney and in New South Wales next year. They did not confirm any of the actors, but did mention that the budget would be close to $100 million, despite having no studio funding or backing for the project. That is some impressive indie financing. Obviously the locals rule in Australia.

One of the local papers has a few quotes from Miller saying that Fury Road will put New South Wales back on the map as a filmmaking destination. "The Mad Max films are iconic," NSW Premier Rees said. "In the hands of director George Miller, we will see one of the largest and most ambitious live-action films ever made in Australia. This is a clear vote of confidence in Australian expertise. This proves that Sydney is an international contender for major film production." THR also points out that this Fury Road news comes "just 10 days after Warner Bros announced it was pulling production of Green Lantern out of Australia."

On the casting front, yet another rumor has hit. ABC News out of Australia claims that Sam Worthington is rumored to be playing the lead, not Tom Hardy. I actually like that choice more, just because Worthington is a badass and an Aussie himself. Plus, there's always the chance that both of them could end up being in Fury Road anyway, with Hardy playing a villain or sidekick. I'm excited to see this project get underway and I hope we get confirmed casting news soon, as I'm anxiously awaiting to see who George Miller has lined up in place of Mel Gibson, since he was the one who made the original movies so great. Stay tuned for more!

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Does anyone know what Mad Max 4 is even about? Is a script or screenplay to be had anywhere? Sam Worthington as Max? No! Just too young.

Absinthe on Oct 24, 2009


There was a 3?

MrMew on Oct 24, 2009


There's no screenplay online, but from every indication, the film is using the majority of Brendan McCarthy's draft, and everyone whos read that has said it's "amazing," and "almost a silent movie."

bobby on Oct 24, 2009


Everyone will be like mad what?

LuckyLoser on Oct 24, 2009


It would be cool if they did like indiana jones and have Mel come back but play the Max has an older guy and some new face to play side kick or partner. I mean Harison still played a mean indiana so why not Mel play a mean Max again I agree with #5.

600RR on Oct 24, 2009


Sam Worthington AGAIN????

Underdog666 on Oct 24, 2009


No Mel? Not interested.

Hattori Hanzo on Oct 24, 2009


For #2 Mad Max = Was a great movie. Mad Max: Road Warriors = Great Movie Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome = Eh I don't have a lot of faith in the fourth. Mel Gibson was really the only Max, and probably could pull off playing him a gain better than some new sparkly little overrated emo. They just don't make them like they used to, at all.

gplongwood on Oct 24, 2009


Imagine if it was Mel to play again on the low? And no stupid Indy sidekick!!!

REAL6 on Oct 24, 2009


This is Fantastic News! Everyone should have faith in George Miller. He is one of the greatest Australian Director's of all time. George Miller is the father of Mad Max. Sam Worthington would make a great Max or son of Max. Just remember that this film was originally going to shoot oversea's and now shooting on Aussie turf is not only great news our Aussie actors but for our film industry and economy. The turning point for Australian films has finally begun. To go back to Broken Hill and shoot some of the film there will really help the local economy and will give us all a sense of Deja Vu. Yesterday I purchased the book 'Man On Fire' all about the life of Mad Max stuntman Grant Page and today I wake up hearing that 'Fury Road' is a go. Hopefully Page will be involved in the film in some way. Rev those engines, look in your rear vision mirror, a storm is coming and his name is MAD MAX. I say to George Miller, the late Byron Kennedy would be very proud.

Movieman on Oct 24, 2009


I like Hardy over Worthington any day of the week, but I'll give Worthington a chance, due to him being australian.

xerxex on Oct 24, 2009


I hope Worthington takes the lead role, this should be kept as Australian as possible if not I wont be to keen to see it.

d1rEct on Oct 24, 2009


It can't be "Mad Max" if Mel Gibson isn't in it! I sure hope they scrap this idea...along with "The Crow" remake!

Spider on Oct 24, 2009


GOD! I'm getting so sick of Sam Worthington in EVERYTHING! He's really not that great. Anyway, how is this going to work? I hope there's a new character or something because someone playing Mel's role would constitute it as a reboot, right? Then it shouldn't be called Mad Max 4! In any case, can't we just have Mel Gibson return as an older, wiser, still badass Max???? DAMN. I agree, unless there's a new Max character or they bring in Mel Gibson himself, I hope this abomination is SCRAPPED.

Dude on Oct 24, 2009


I can track these same rumors of Fury Road and 100M budget back from 2002, wouldn´t call this news new(s)!

hewitt on Oct 24, 2009


Finally an (almost) all-aussie movie with a decent budget. I've been waiting for mad max to return for ages now. Sweet. Lets show those hollywood pansies how the aussies do it. And lets see more awesome movies made in Australia by Australians. whos with me.

Tea-Bag% on Oct 24, 2009


As much as Mel Gibson has been an ass recently, they should bring him on board for Max 4. An older Max. I would like to see an older, wiser character for a change in movies; someone with a lot of history and experience behind them. They should do the same for King Conan.

snickers on Oct 25, 2009


I never liked these movies, I hope it works out for it's fans though.

Link1983 on Oct 25, 2009


What about crashing cars made out of junk is going to cost 100 million dollars? Learn to be a little frugal Hollywood. More money almost never translates to a better film: I.E. Transformers 2, Spidey 3...

Matt S on Oct 25, 2009


#16 Tea-Bag% maybe this will be the new era of Ozploitation? ever see the doumentary "Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!"?

xerxex on Oct 25, 2009


Worthington as the new Max Hardy as the big bad guy ditch Theron entirely and i say don't make him the same max that was in the first 3, make him just another waste land wanderer with a new name. And make the title justifiable by having a cameo where he runs into our original (Mel) Max. (near the end... after his car rolls... and he lands at Max's feet... and then Max destroys everything in his path!) yeah something like that

DoomCanoe on Oct 25, 2009


no mel, no go

sam on Oct 25, 2009


#20 xerxex. Hell yeh Not Quite Hollywood was an awesome documentary. What a crazy era in filmmaking. They just dont make movies like that anymore. Im glad you mentioned that xerxex cos a new era of ozploitation would be cool! Cars, boobs, and blood is a pretty sweet combination after all!

Tea-Bag% on Oct 25, 2009


#23 Tea-Bag& glad somone else loves it just as much as I do, best era the 70's for australian films to flood the theaters of america, just think about a this new mad max could usher in the new era of australian films, fingers crossed.

xerxex on Oct 26, 2009


Sam Worthington? What a joke, he was rubbish in Terminator. Tom Hardy will bring the goods and would also play a great villian. Max needs to say little and drive fast, while looking badass\cool\scary.

ChrisUK on Oct 26, 2009


I don't think too many chavs would still be alive in Australia forty years after holocaust, so Hardy is clumsy, uninspired casting. Aussie press still have Steve Innes cast as Max, so it's unclear just what role Worthington is to take, given his age abd the fact Max is nearly twice that age in Fury Road. Also, whatever became of the tiff between Jeremy Renner and Steve Innes over the role of Max? Is Renner even attached to this film in any way? An Aussie agent I know said she has not even seen any casting briefs for any part in this film yet and that pre-production has only just commenced. So, how did Innes get himself cast even before the briefs were issued?

Absinthe on Oct 26, 2009


#16, #23, #24 - You guys are spot on I think it's tragic how Australian cinema has become what it has, don't get me wrong I don't think everything is crap but alot of it is an the good films are forgotten. I would love to see a revival of Aussie films that have a bit of adrenline injected into them something to excite and thrill like those films back in 70's and early 80's did. I just more Australian's would see Aussie films. I'm writing a screenplay that's inspired by those kinds of films.

d1rEct on Oct 27, 2009


I think the issue of the casting of Innes was a teaser in itself, and given it's about 18 months since it was first reported that Innes had been cast it is now reasonable to assume he's perhaps not attached to this film. That said, Miller said he wished to cast an unknown in the title role and Worthingtons profile, and fee, have risen dramatically in the last couple of years, so, actually Innes may well fit that bill, being still largely unknown outside of Australia and certainly not commanding the kind of fee Sam may well be able to now. I too, am curious as to what became of the Renner pitch to star in the lead, or was that just another teaser tidbit to gain public interest?

Webster on Oct 27, 2009


@ #27 d1rEct - Glad to see your with me and xerxex. I feel the exact same way. A revival of intense, exciting Australian movies is exactly what we need right now. Hopefully Millers Fury Road can be the spark that ignites a passion for quality, Australian film.

tea-bag% on Oct 27, 2009


What is the all fuss about Sam Worthington? I mean, really, he's an OK actor but not great. Look as his early and recent Aussie films and you won't find much to look twice at. He was really, really not good in an Aussie adaptation of MacBeth. Luck, rather than talent is probably his greatest asset just now, especially when he's only been around for five minutes. T4 sucked hairy Serbian balls in a way I won't get over soon and Avatar only gets interesting once he (and the others) take on their Na'Vi persona. Soon enough he will burn out through overexposure and price himself out of the market.' His potty mouth can't help either.

Steve on Oct 27, 2009


I love George Miller and pretty much everything he's done. Cannot wait.

YK on Oct 28, 2009


you can run but you cant hide

nightrider on Nov 26, 2009


#26, #28. Who is Steve Innes? He's an Aussie? How old is he and where is he from???? Was he on Youtube?

PTSD on Nov 27, 2009


Tom FUCKING Hardy????? Has Miller smoked him some crack or what? Credibility gone, may as well cast Rupert Gee now, for all it's worth.

Harry The Spammer on Dec 18, 2009


It will work if: 1. They keep it rough, nothing shiny. No CG. Old lenses with flair and grain. Shoot it on the cheap, up close and personal, like the original, use commited ACTORS to tell the story, not pixels. 2. It's kept Aussie. Very Aussie. 3. The director uses violence that is real to everyone. Everyone has seen or been in a car crash. Gang violence is a real part of life. Spaceships and swordfights don't hit home. Tina Turner doesn't scare me, unpredictably disturbed bikers on smack do. Keep it on the road, nobody's been in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and the Terminator Series went to that well too many times anyway. 4. There are cars, cars, cars, and motorcycles. Never before or since have cars looked more muscular or bikes meaner than Mad Max. If you're interested in getting young people on board with this movie, show them some muscle cars shot by Aussies. It will blow their fast and furious minds.

Stampedeofworms on Jan 5, 2010


Estou apreensivo quanto ao roteiro. Li em algum lugar que vai ter crianças de novo? Isso vai deixar o filme com aquela sensação de matinê infantil? Charlize Theron? Esse cast está muito estranho, e acho que George Miller está cometendo um erro grosseiro se escalar atores e atrizes conhecidos. O primeiro e o segundo MAD MAX são a prova de que não é preciso um rosto conhecido para que os filmes sejam memoráveis, inesquecíveis de verdade. O terceiro filme é a prova de que Tina Turner e as criancinhas deixaram o filme com água na gasolina. Mesmo o Angry Anderson (vocalista do conjunto Rose Tattoo) não foi tão bem aproveitado, ele não dava medo. Mas, diante da negativa de Mel Gibson (ou ele talvez esteja fazendo cena para surpreender a todos), é difícil imaginar que o novo filme seja de fato um quarto filme. E temos aí o THE BOOK OF ELI, com Denzel Washington, que parece ter se inspirado no universo pós-apocalíptico de Mad Max. Gostaria que essa verba de US$ 100 milhões para o novo filme seja para a construção de veículos poderosos, máquinas assassinas de última geração, e que haja um ótimo roteiro, que tenha cenas de tirar o ar dos pulmões, e deixem os nossos olhos brilhando! Areia, gasolina, e muito sangue, para o novo MAD MAX!! .... The text above, translated into english > I'm worry about the script. I read somewhere that will have new children? This will make the movie with that feeling matinee for kids? Charlize Theron? This cast is very strange, and I think George Miller is making a mistake if known cast some known actors and actresses. The first and second MAD MAX are proof that it is not known to have a face that are memorable movies, really unforgettable. The third film is proof that Tina Turner and the little kids left the movie with water in gasoline. Even the Angry Anderson (vocalist of the Rose Tattoo) was not as well, he's not a bad guy. But, Gibson is out (or it might be making scene to surprise all), it is difficult to imagine that the new film is in fact a fourth movie. And there "The Book of Eli", with Denzel Washington, who seems to have be inspired from post-apocalyptic universe of Mad Max. I hope that this sum of $ 100 million for the new movie is for building powerful vehicles, next-generation killer machines, and that there is a great story, which has scenes to take the air in the lungs, and let our eyes shine! Sand, gasoline, and a lot of blood, for the new MAD MAX! ....

Shiguetoshi on Jan 18, 2010


tina turner still looks great and they should put her in the movie she IS science else can somebody look that good at her age?

shaka on Feb 9, 2010


I reckon it could get more get up and go if Gibson and his Icon film company handles a large amount of production/direction duties. Maybe then Miller could get back to focussing his energies on DC.

Lazer Bladez on Jun 24, 2010


I think the issue of Steve Innes from Perth Australia was some sort of Alan Smithee prank. True, there is an actor called Steve Innes in Perth but he said on E! that he was not involved and the media frenzy down there only started after somone leaked his name in association with Fury Road. IMDB has him down as a TV actor mostly but he does look a lot like Russell Crowe in his prime - I mean around 10-12 years ago.

Salacious Crumb on Oct 16, 2010

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