Mad Men Writer Marti Noxon Writing New Fright Night Remake

November 12, 2009

Fright Night

DreamWorks has hired "Mad Men" writer/producer Marti Noxon to pen their remake of the classic 1985 horror comedy Fright Night. Producers Michael De Luca (Brothers, 21), Michael Gaeta and Alison Rosenzweig originally brought the project to the studio back in May. And before working on "Mad Men," Noxon also wrote and produced on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" as well. In the original Fright Night, which was written and directed by Tom Holland, William Ragsdale played a teenager who discovers his neighbors are vampires. The remake will keep the comedy-horror tone while modernizing the effects.

Fright Night is one of the few horror movies from the 80's I have yet to see, which is odd considering I tried to catch up on everything big in October. Anyway, I'm always hesitant about remakes like this, just because it is a classic campy horror comedy that could potentially turn out great as a remake, but you never know, it could be terrible, too. Of course, they need to find a good director next, because without one of those, this definitely will suck. I'd suggest someone like Michael Dougherty, but this is too similar to Trick 'r Treat. So if not him, who else could they get to direct this? And why is Hollywood still caught up in a vampire craze!?

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Probably because vampires are cool...if they are done right. I actually miss true vampires: ones that not only drink [human] blood and live forever, but also turn into bats, rats, wolves, mist, and disintegrate in the daylight (and don't sparkle).

Dan Geer on Nov 12, 2009


I would like to see this happen....Just hope it doesn't flop. I really enjoyed Fright Night, just something about that era of vampires and werewolves that the present has yet to touch.

Nick Worley on Nov 12, 2009


what's down there charlie? Down there you'll find Jerry Dandridge sleeping the sleep of the undead!!!

Dan the Man on Nov 12, 2009


They better get an actor who can play the charismatic Jerry Dandridge like Chris Sarandon did in the original....He was a man's MAN!.......I remember looking at this in '85 and it was cutting edge effects (at the time).......Hope this remake rocks! ....Hope there is a role for Chris too Dan the Man

Dan the Man on Nov 12, 2009


I saw this when I was wrong on VHS. My dad had taped it. I loved it and was actually scared and I still wasn't scared easily when I was young. I just remember loving that movie and started watching it every year. It's truly a great movie! Remake? Meh but I'm up for anything. I've come to terms with the fact everything will be redone so now I'm just curious about the remakes.

Tra la la la la di da on Nov 12, 2009


Fright Night...ooh, the one with the lady and the creepy huge mouth that scared me when I was younger?! :O Yeaa. I'm curious I suppose.

Sabes on Nov 12, 2009


Another remake?

mandarin on Nov 12, 2009


THIS IS GREAT!! First of all Fright Night is one of the great horror movies of the 80's, the moment when Amanda Bearse "turns" and reveals her face in the basement scene is up there with The Exorcist as being among the top horrific make up moments in horror! Secondly to have Marti Noxon writing this is genius, pure genius!! As a Buffy and Angel diehard I am very familiar with this woman's work and I am telling you guys...this is the PERFECT writer for this movie. So how about Zac Efon as Charlie Brewster and Robert Downey Jr as Jerry Dandridge..any takers?!

Jay on Nov 12, 2009


Jay, thats a great idea about Downey....not too certain about Efron

Dan the Man on Nov 12, 2009


Wonder who will be cast as Stephen Geoffreys character 'Evil'.....

David Banner on Nov 13, 2009


Enough with the remakes already! I say we take off and nuke Hollywood from orbit. It's the only way to be sure... Yeah, you read that right, Ethan.

Fed Up With Hollywood on Nov 13, 2009


@11 Aliens......nice!

Dan the Man on Nov 13, 2009


@10 "cuttttt ittttt outttttt Evillllllll, NOT FUNNY!"

Dan the Man on Nov 13, 2009


Couldn't they could just write an original script and call it something else?

Crapola on Nov 13, 2009


can't wait!

guh on Nov 13, 2009


Sweet Jeebus Billington... What the hell? Stop EVERYTHING you're doing and go watch this movie! How dare you write another word until you've savoured this masterpiece of 80's horror. Classic 80's score, Chris Sarandon is in the top 5 movie vampires EVER, his Grey leather trenchcoat deserves a fucking acting credit, it's that cool. William Ragsdale hasn't done anything this good since (okay, Herman's Head had it's moments) and Roddy McDowall is having so much fun with his role it's infectious. This movie is just absolutely the best 80's entry in the vampire genre hands down. Great performances from everyone involved, great story, and great effects. Fuck this CGI nonsense, these effects were real. Real goo, real (fake) blood, real everything. For ultimate 80's vampire overload, I suggest a Triple Bill of Fright Night, Near Dark and Vamp (two more highly underrated 80's vampire offerings) By the way, you comparing this to Trick 'r Treat makes me want to give you a straight edge to your throat. Stop being a putz. Trick 'r Treat is a highly OVERrated anthology horror whereas, the original Fright Night is a tried and true testament to good vampire movies everywhere. Make no mistake about it, this is a horror with elements of comedy, and not the other way around. I don't know who should do this remake. I know they should leave it the hell alone, but everything old is new again, so I guess we have to endure this no matter what. mmmm.....his dinnnnnnah is in the Ovvvven. Raaaaaahhhhhh! Evil Ed RIP?

DLM Entertainment on Nov 14, 2009


#8 No and No. Need someone older for the Peter Vincent character and Zac Efron is frequently out acted by my scrotum.

DLM Entertainment on Nov 14, 2009


@16 apparently another out there who loved this movie as I did.......Chris rules, that's true......what about the score from the nightclub? Fantastic.......Evelyn "Champagne" King's Give it UP was a smash and so to the "Good Man, Bad Time" song "Evil Ed RIP" - did he succumb?

Dan the Man on Nov 15, 2009


Awesome, I'm a Mad Men fan and I wouldn't mind seeing Fright Night remade (though the original will always have a place in my clut favorites list).

mxr5150 on Nov 15, 2009


@16/17 #8 didnt say anything about Downey playing Vincent....he was talking about Dandridge!

Dan the Man on Nov 15, 2009


Dan the Man, I guess I didn't read thoroughly. Downey as Dandridge could work, but isn't that guy booked up until 2020? He's in freaking everything these days. I'm sure there are many talented actors who could pull off any of these roles, but I just don't want this remake made under any circumstances. A line needs to be drawn in the sand. We have to stop the madness. You, me, and every shmuck out there who's dropped down hard earned dollar after hard earned dollar to be entertained by the magic of hollywood. I've made this comment before, but with this trend of remakes happening, does this mean I'm going to be subjected to the same remake again in 20 years? I still have at least another 45 years in my life expectancy according to statistics. Does this mean I'm going to have to sit through 2 more remakes for everything I've ever seen? Really? The madness must stop. It won't, but it should.

DLM Entertainment on Nov 15, 2009


DLM Entertainment..... You are absolutely correct! NO uniqueness any more in Hollywood....I am with you, I was disgusted at the thought of new actors ruining the old performances of originals. I mean Red Dawn, Clash of the Titans, Fright we gonna here is Star Wars remakes.......meaning Episodes 4,5 and 6......NOW THAT would be just an excuse to boycott movies until some semblance of normality is returned! DtM...

Dan the Man on Nov 24, 2009

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