Magneto Spin-Off Movie Dependent on Wolverine's Success

April 22, 2009
Source: SciFi Wire


With X-Men Origins: Wolverine hitting theaters in a few weeks, I'm always seeing that "X-Men Origins" prefix and thinking about more X-Men movies. And one of them that always comes to mind is X-Men Origins: Magneto, the spin-off about Eric Lensherr that was once receiving as much attention as Wolverine, before that went into production. So what's the latest on that project? SciFi Wire talked with producer Lauren Shuler Donner recently and got a somewhat hazy update. "I don't know," she admitted at first. "We will do that. We all want to. Magneto is a fantastic script, and hopefully we'll make it."

She continues, "Honestly, we have all been just so focused on getting Wolverine out that we didn't take the time to sit down and explore 'What are the movies we're going to do next within the genre?'" Although, we have heard about X-Men: First Class as well. Of course, it goes without saying that Wolverine's box office will affect what happens with Magneto, but it had to be asked anyway. "I think this is partly to do with it, yes. And then we have First Class, which is based on the X-Men comics' first class and is very literal to the title. It's the first class in Xavier's school. But that's just being written. I haven't even seen a first draft."

So if you want to one day see X-Men Origins: Magneto, or even X-Men: First Class, then go see X-Men Origins: Wolverine in theaters starting on May 1st. I'm sure it'll do well and we don't have anything to worry about. Plus, I'm guessing the reaction to Wolverine (which is leaning towards the negative side at the moment) might have more an affect on their decisions regarding Magneto than its box office total.

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i wouldnt mind a magneto movie. isnt there supposed to be one for storm as well?

lalafrog2003 on Apr 22, 2009


Cuz you know how the kids love gypsys and the Holocaust.

Paigey! on Apr 22, 2009


Why is the "reaction" leaning toward the negative side? I have heard nothing but good things about it.

Danjer047 on Apr 22, 2009


If they are still talking about continuing Dragonball I think this has a good chance

Scott McHenry on Apr 22, 2009


magneto's origin story can't stand by itself. there are few who want to see another WWII era film these days. the only redeeming aspect is if we get to see magneto fight nazi's, but that won't very much happen because he'll still be a kid. however if this does go through, i really hope that cast a better magneto than that old guy in the 3 x-men films. first and foremost, he needs to be young and physically imposing like the jim lee version. the old guy totally sucked at being magneto.

Matt Suhu on Apr 22, 2009


magneto is a fucking classic charactor,the scene at the start of the first x-men movie was the best fucking bit.i hope they do make it,it probably have shit loads of cameo's like x-men origins wolverine.

zetsu on Apr 22, 2009


Bring it on, think it would be cool to see. Scott: Agree with you on the Dragonball thing. If they do another Dragonball movie why not just do a live action Pokemon movie. Regardless of how bad the movie is I think Dragonball cartoon was just crazy anyways.

Jason on Apr 22, 2009


Love all this "if you wanna see Movie X Y Z then go see piece of shit movie when it comes out in may"

Darunia on Apr 22, 2009


This is bullshit strategy. Everything to make people go and see Wolverine. Like some babysitter - if you behave I will give you candy. If you want to see Magneto made, go and see Wolverine, go and pay us money for bullshit movie that we couldn't even prevent from leaking. This is so wrong on so many levels. Knowing their childish reaction now, I am glad someone ruined them with this workprint. Let them loose money so these people will be fired. And Alex, you are participating in their propaganda, what's up with the preaching and repeating their words? And for the fans - don't worry, Magneto film will be out anyway, even if Wolverine flops (and it will probably not). It is inevitable. This is just stupid executives think we are dumb, if you don't want to see it - don't go just because they are trying to intimidate us.

2+2=4? on Apr 22, 2009


Captain America is going to be full WWII, Wolverine has WWII sequences so yes people will want to see a WWII movie if its faithful to the character and done well. as for the holocaust, big part of Magneto's development so its going to be interesting how that is handled in a pg-13 rating.

BC on Apr 22, 2009


just saw another wolverine trailer, and noticed that wraith is in it...fuck yea

harrison on Apr 22, 2009


Of Course will go watch Wolverine no matter what.

Fisherr on Apr 22, 2009


Ummm Number 5, the "old Guy"? He was brilliant and only one of the best actors of our time. "OLD GUY"!??? You don't deserve Sir Ian's backlash.

tacoscat on Apr 22, 2009


To number 5: please Ian McKellen did the Magneto role justice. He was what the original character was to many fanboys of the comics even before & after Jim Lee's rendition. If we need a beef-up Magneto, then all of the actress cleavage in all X-Men movies size are 3 times smaller. As for the film itself, the Magneto origin story is interesting, I do hope they also show Prof. X - similar to a Wolverine & Sabretooth story, its one of the most complicated & interesting yin & yang in the Marvel universe. It will be a better progression, then tell the story of the first X-Men Class (but please don't do an OC or Gossip Girl theme) in the mold of the first X-Men movie.

somwerbtwnblungrn on Apr 22, 2009


I don't want to see movie Y and Z ruin anything more so I'm not going to see shitty movie X. They're already screwing with the plot lines as it is without calling it a reboot which is what origins is.

Hey Ya on Apr 22, 2009


I agree with No. 5, Ian mckellan is a great actor but he's rubbish as magneto, just doesnt look the part. Richard Gere would be perfect...

Metatasian on Apr 23, 2009


@#5 - Judging from your grammar, I'm assuming you're 14 or under, so you'll get some leeway on your well thought out comment and opinion. Sir McKellen was brilliantly cast opposite Patrick Stewart. If those two don't make it back, the franchise will suffer. Also, I know the movies split from official plot "cannon" quite a while back, but have made it past that... I suppose mostly due to the fact that they stand pretty well by themselves - which I think is due mostly to the stellar casting. Just think of it as an alternate time line or something. 😀 Fun/sad fact... if Josh Holloway (ABC's Lost's Sawyer,) wasn't already scheduled to shoot Lost... he was asked to be Gambit. Gambit SAWYER - stellar casting I say!!! Unfortunately, I haven't heard a cajun/French accent in any of the trailers yet. 🙁 That will make me a sad fan if they dropped that bit.

bozoconnors on Apr 23, 2009


hell yeah i'll go watch wolverine

alan on Apr 23, 2009


@#17 - Hey Bozo, judging from your incompetance and lack of insight, you show very little knowledge of who Magneto is. You probably never even picked up a comic book with Magneto in it. (There was absolutely no reason to be rude, but if you want to belittle yourself that of a 4th grader or be it). In any case, I never stated that McKellen and Stewart didn't gel well. They were in fact excellent at playing off of each other. However, my point is that Magneto to me, and also in the comics, is one who is not only powerful in ability, but also strong and intimidating in physical appearance. With that being said, I would have rather seen a younger, stronger, Magneto play opposite of Patrick so that he can at least appear to be able to destroy the x-men single-handedly. I've always envisioned someone like Rutger Hauer, the guy who played the main villain, Roy Batty, in Blade Runner. Simply put, McKellen is an excellent actor...but he certainly is no Magneto.

Matt Suhu on Apr 23, 2009


I agree with #17 in looking at the movies as a seperate timeline or "universe". It helps me not get so pissed off. And, to be fair, the comics aren't exactly a consistent source to work from. I would watch a Magneto origins movie but I would much rather see a movie that traces the origin of both Eric and Charles and how they met and how they eventually split paths. They have such a rich history together and I think it would help give a deeper understanding of their characters and why they are who they are. I don't believe they touched on it in the movies but they could show how Xavier ended up in the wheelchair. For the movie "universe" I would go with it being Magneto that put Xavier in the chair instead of the Lucifer character from the original comics. That would make an awesome ending to the movie where you have Xavier and Magneto duking it out with Magneto breaking Charles back in the end and leaving him to die. Just my 2 cents.

S on Apr 23, 2009


to number 17, I totally agree. Magneto was played well by Mckellen but for a Magneto origins it would be nice to see what the comics have always portrayed him as ... physically. To number 20 the movie "universe" idea would be outstanding! last thought...Dragonball was a terrible movie due largely to the casting! If they do another one hope they do it differently.

Don on Apr 23, 2009


@Matt - Quibbling aside, I do indeed possess a select few Marvel comic's, one of which I do believe to be a Marvel Universe from '86 (incomplete collection,) which I believe tells Magneto's full story till that point. Not an avid collector (or Magneto expert) by any means, but definitely a fan of the "old school" X-men. But as #20 says, they've diverged/dissolved into sooooo many different universes and time lines at this point, does it really matter that much? As stated though, I've just got to picture all the movie stuff as a completely separate universe that we haven't seen yet in order to squeak SOME enjoyment out of them! Also.... being born in 1925/26 would indeed classify him, at the release of the movies (without having any age defying powers), as an "old guy." Not sure Rutger could pull off a 75 year old without looking cheesy. I hear where you're coming from though, and now that I think about it, I guess an Origins would require a different younger actor anyway, with only possibly a cameo by McKellen? To me though, he just nailed the all powerful intimidating thing to the wall?! The scene with all those cops trying to gun him down to no avail? The one where Wolverine's all "wtf?!" Man. They could have done much much MUCH worse. I digress.

bozoconnors on Apr 23, 2009


@bozo - For me, it's not about being able to replicate the comics or follow any definitive time line. It should be about bringing to life the best possible story. And to me, the comics version of a strong and physically fit Magneto is ideal. Story and time lines, I couldn't care less what happens...just as long as it's good and cool. So that's how I see Magneto, not some old frail guy. Now, I understand that reality needs to set in someplace age-wise. However, I think it'd be much easier for viewers to accept something along the lines of Magneto aging slowly due to his magnetic powers affecting his age so that a younger Magneto may be opposed to a more realistic, but a much older Magneto taking form and therefore not being able to even physically fill out his suit. That's why I suggested Rutger. In any case, my main gripe is with the three original x-men films. I firmly believe that most of the x-characters in the films were underutilized because of Bryan Singer and not because of the actors themselves. I could definitely see McKellen doing some crazy stuff with CG...but Singer never had the guts to go there at all. Ratner sorta tried, but by then it was far too late for Magneto to showcase his powers because the whole franchise was tanking. Regardless, that is why I would have loved to see a more physically intimidating Magneto than McKellen. Hopefully, this Origin story can do more justice in showing how powerful Magneto really is. Peace.

Matt Suhu on Apr 23, 2009

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