Mandalay Picks Up Rights for Full Metal Panic Movie

April 6, 2009

Full Metal Panic

So the anime trend continues to thrive. Mandalay Pictures has acquired theatrical rights to and will develop a big-screen version of Full Metal Panic, a Japanese manga series that blends action, comedy and high school romance. Yep, you heard that right, high school romance. It's even set in a world almost exclusively without adults. And it gets better. Apparently Zac Efron is interested in the project, although he's not officially attached yet. Mandalay Pictures was behind films like Sleepy Hollow, Enemy at the Gates, The Score, The Jacket, and Into the Blue previously. Full Metal Panic hasn't been setup at a studio just yet.

The anime series follows a teenage anti-terrorist commando named Sousuke Sagara who is given the mission to protect a high-school girl with mystical powers. Based on Shoji Gatoh's manga, the anime first aired in Japan in 2002, with ADV Films licensing it here in the US. That anime trend I'm talking about includes other live-action adaptations of Cowboy Bebop, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Ninja Scroll, and even Afro Samurai in the works as well. Though to be honest, if Zac Efron did end up starring this, I'd probably be interested in seeing it. We'll let you know once they hire a writer and director as well. Thoughts?

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if Zac Efron did end up starring in this, I'd probably not be interested in seeing it.

Curtis on Apr 6, 2009


Like.. honestly... I don't see how they _can_ mess up Full Metal Panic. Like, yeah, a thousand ways Dragonball can be messed up. But 'Full Metal Panic'?... You'd need to be a total douche to actually mess up directing, producing and even writing 'Full Metal Panic'. The story and theme is already solid, there's like a 0.000001% chance they can screw this movie up. On that note, I'm looking forward to this 🙂

LW on Apr 6, 2009


i can see Zac Efronator in this

Scott McHenry on Apr 6, 2009


Oh please for the love of god, NOT ZACK EFFRON!

Conmoe on Apr 6, 2009


Zac Efron? No way. I'm asian and I love anime but I CANNOT see him filling in that role. I would only be interested in seeing him TRY to fill in the shoes, but other than that...they need to get someone better.

finch on Apr 6, 2009


zac efron can't play sousuke. he is just not manly enough.

isocum on Apr 6, 2009


Don't forget about the live-adaption of "Battle Angel". Didn't James Cameron want to direct that after Avatar? Or maybe he's changed his mind?

Monica on Apr 6, 2009


Zac Efron? No. I like how they highlighted 'high school romance'. I see where it's going. It's just gonna be another High School Musical. They thought they could get people who like anime/manga/etc who don't like HSM to watch it "WITH THE CHARACTERS THEY LOVE LOLOLOLOL ^_^"...

Turnip on Apr 6, 2009


I found the anime excellent (especially the second season which was much more serious and darker). It had a good story in the "what if" in the way. I wouldn't exaggerate on the high school romance. Full Metal Panic had a good balance of different genres and while there is some romance, its either comedic or emotional (not heavy though). I wouldn't classify it with the stuff we see today. Theres more action than "high school romance" in the actual story. As for the live-action, I'm not getting my hopes up. While this could be potentially good, no anime turned live-action has been good thus far. They are going to Americanize it, no doubt in my mind since they can easily change this situation (Sousuke and Kaname are ethnic Japanese though Sousuke has lived outside and Kaname lived in NY previously). That and I'm not sure how diverse they are willing to go (with Mao being Chinese-American, Kurz being German, etc etc)

killerchopsticks on Apr 6, 2009


Where are you getting this information from? It says nothing about this on imdb pro site? Can you post a reference?

God Len on Apr 7, 2009


#3 how about the ACTING? sure, the writing and the directing may be tight, but if the actors can't act...the film isn't even worth mentioning. it would be a slap to the face of many fans if the actors wouldn't be able to depict the characters that the fans already have been exposed to and have an idea of.

finch on Apr 6, 2009


Just...why? ..I don't even know where to start...

Anon on Apr 7, 2009


they should not do a live action movie of Full Metal Panic it does not make sense cause all the characters are asian.

movieboy1 on Apr 7, 2009


#9 What about acting? I'm not too worried about acting actually, it's not like they'll hire 'Joe Schmo' off the street to play the parts. If you're wondering why I have such a loose feeling on the acting here have a like at #14 Even if the acting was "oscar-worthy-good", people still nitpick anyway. "Not asian enough", "hair not blue enough", "The entire movie sucked cause a name was 5% change", "Robot was too big", "there was a black guy in it", etc...

LW on Apr 7, 2009


#15. You could not be more correct. Anime fans will bitch about the film just because it was made... there doesn't have to be a good reason. Bring up the live-action Cowboy Bebop movie and the Keanu hate ensues. Mention the American version of Death Note, and the possibility of Zac Efron starring in that, and people go nuts. Now there's a live-action Full Metal Panic? Can things get any worse for them? I'm into anime but I'm not sure if one would call me a "fan". I don't do conventions, or swag, or cosplay, or any of that kind of stuff. I just watch it. I do own FMP and TSR on dvd, and have seen both, and for those who haven't seen them they are quite good (if you like anime). That said, I don't have a problem with Efron playing Sousuke. It's not like he's a really complicated character or anything. Hell, the only thing Zac will have to watch out for is OVERacting the character. Sgt. Sousuke's personality is about as dry as a dishtowel. The casting trick will be for Weber, if you ask me. He's the man. Nice announcement, though. Once the ball gets rolling good maybe we can get Outlaw Star...

Randall on Apr 7, 2009


It makes me sick to think how many good anime series that could be ruined between Zac Effron, Keanu Reeves, and Vin Diesel. You've pretty much got every male anime stereotype under 50 covered between those three clowns.

Chickenbone Robinson on Apr 7, 2009


"Though to be honest, if Zac Efron did end up starring this, I'd probably be interested in seeing it." What're you gay? You do a do day job far, far from this website.

Sean on Apr 7, 2009


Anyway, back to my original point. The possibility that they'll mess up 'Full Metal Panic', just based on the concept of the anime alone, is very, very, very, very slim. Thusly, I have a gut feeling about this being pulled off well.

LW on Apr 7, 2009


Hahaha. Making a film based upon a rather bland and uninspired anime series made for teens? Zac Efron, too? No thanks.

Movie Fan on Apr 7, 2009


Japan, for the love of GOD, step up and protect the rights to your TV shows!

Oh JEBUS on Apr 7, 2009


#20 example of: a) person who's never even watched 'Full Metal Panic' or b) completely jaded by anime

LW on Apr 7, 2009


#22 example of: a) 20-year old with no social life that thinks anime is DEEP.

Platypus Lord on Apr 7, 2009


LOOOL! They should be Asian or it will be an epic fail just like DB. No Anime licenses for Hollywood please! I hope it will turn out like this: Jon Foo as main character and the cgi made by the guys who made Goemon.

Yoman on Apr 7, 2009


I don't think Efron is the worst pick ever. At least superficially he resembles Sousuke. The personality, though, that's another story. I'll see it, at least.

RC on Apr 7, 2009


Everyone is like "OMG HE'S NOT JAPANESE GAH GAH GAH" oh please, first of all there are alot of caucasians in FMP, second of all people are assuming he is playing Sousake when they only said he might be apart of the project, 3rd even if he is playing Sousake I don't care, the whole this race that race thing is getting annoying, suppose Japan wanted to adapt "Blade" do you think Blade would be a black man? No he would be japanese. Yall just wanna complain every time Hollywood makes an anime just to complain, yall act like Japan is king midus and everything they touch is gold. Yall only bitch because it's AMERICAN! Yall would rather have a bunch of non acting japanese people over an american boy who can act well. If you don't want non asians playing the roles then go bitch to the animators and tell them to stop making their characters look causian.

Ashiduree on Apr 7, 2009


good thing most people here prolly dont even buy movie tickets. im not a zac efron fan but at least it looks better than dragonball evolution already. it could be worse .

Kunai on Apr 7, 2009


#23 'Crank' wasn't "deep" either... I have no complaints about that movie :/

LW on Apr 7, 2009


I think its a wait & see thing. Though the Zac Efron ting did unwind me, it just mean he is interested, I doubt if it means he is connected 100%. Dragonball, both the movie & anime were not really the standard of Japanese anime. So we have to wait first how Hollywood treats Cowboy Bebop, or which of those aforementioned live-action adaptation will fare.

somwerbtwnblungrn on Apr 7, 2009


ashiduree you're an idiot I have yet to see a white guy named Sousuke Sagara and Son Gokou. If Hollywood doesn't want to get criticized then they should start thinking of their own stories...but their executives lack of brain cells prevent them from doing so.

Ashiduree is D-BAG on Apr 7, 2009


#30 Your the only idiot, what do you mean "Hollywood should think of their own stories?" Give me a break, there is nothing wrong with them wanting to turn an anime into a movie, they do it all the time with historic figures,musicians, comic books, myths etc etc, but when it's an anime's turn all hell breaks loose as if anime is the best thing sinced sliced bread and everyone should kiss it's converse. If you are so pissed about it then block it from your memory and go watch your precious anime. Goku is an ALIEN, so what if his name is son Goku, he was adopted by Son Gohan they could have made Goku latino if they wanted to, I am disguisted by the Dragonball Movie but it certainly isnt because Goku isnt japanese. As for Sousuke, first of all no one knows if Zac is playing that part for all we know he could be playing Kurz or Tessa's brother, second of all Hollywood is probably going to re-write the script and make him caucasian, they do it all the time, they recently did it in X-men Origins with Agent Zero, and they also did it Daredevil with Kingpin. Don't even go there with the names because I don't know many japanese girls with blonde hair and blue eyes (caucasian features btw) named Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) and Minako Aino (Sailor Venus) soooo........ People like you and the majority of people posting nonsense is the reason why I CAN'T STAND ANIME at the moment, crazy fans think Japan is the best thing ever. I bet if they made a Full Metal Alchemist live action you'd want Ed and Alphonse to be japanese too right?? People are feaning for Spike to be asian in cowboy bebop when he is most likely Jewish. and also #4 No all of the characters in FMP are not asian People need to tie their damn shoe laces so they can stop trippin!

ashiduree on Apr 7, 2009


Full Metal Panic was the very first anime that i bought, and so i’m very attached to the series. I have no interest in Zack because he has not been in any top movie’s yet (or any movies for that matter). I really dont call the High School Musical things movies. The only movie he is really working on is “17 Again” which does not interest me in the least, but then again they have not made it official to anything yet so i guess we just wait and see. As for the rest of the movie goes with the giant Mech Robots, they could do that I mean look what they did with Transformers, It could happen. There still the question of who they could get to play the other characters like Kaname, Tesse, and every one else. i just hope if they go for it They better take there time and get it right

Clayton L. on Apr 8, 2009


.......Ummmm what does Zac being in top movies have to do with his acting? He's young and new, and FYI HSM is a movie, not an opinion but a fact.

Ashiduree on Apr 8, 2009


Zac Efron dosent fit for Sousuke plust it will be the atraction of the wrong ppl for the movie.... Is like making a Transporter movie with the Jonas Brothers.....

sagara on Apr 9, 2009


LOL @ zac efron. haha, he's an ok actor, but as Sousuke Sagara - no thank you.

Marzipan on Apr 10, 2009


Can someone point out to me a single *GOOD* anime to Hollywood live-action adaptation? Hell, extend that to American cartoons as well.

Brian on Apr 12, 2009


...Ummm there havent even been that many live action anime cartoons bought to Hollywood sooo.. oh yeah btw Speed Racer was very good. People who say that either never watched the cartoon or are just uptight otaku who don't want to admit that hollywood did well. I'm not saying this just because I'm american, but the Wachowski brothers were on point with the casting and you can tell they watched Speed Racer and did the homework. When Taejo was about to get fed to the piranahs I remember that 100% from the anime, the car explosions were not scrapped and if you watch after Speed pulls in after the Casa Cristo he jumps out of the car and he does a certain pose, that is EXACTLY what he does at the end of the speed racer intro, hell they even left the original anime soundtrack in there. If people claim they are fans of speed racer and say the Wachowski brothers raped, slaughtered or watered down Speed Racer drastically I have a hard time believe you watched the anime. I will be the first to say Hollywood butchers things like crazy and it pisses me off, but some people are just being annoying. I don't care what people say, that is what a live action anime should be like. As for non anime? Iron Man anyone? Iron Man was amazing, they also did a good live action Ghost Busters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spider Man, I'm kinda on the fence with X-men because they raped alot of it but I'll add it in because it wasnt dreadful, Scooby Doo wasnt amazing but it wasnt awful like Josie and the Pussycats, Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman Begins, Batman The Dark Knight, and Casper. I could name more but I think I named enough to set you straight.

ashiduree on Apr 12, 2009


I will just say that Western CAN NOT tell an Eastern story. No way. Different minds. Different thinking. Hemingway is different from Yasunari Kawabata, a nobel prize like Hemingway. Both are awesome. But they are different.

Elliot on Apr 12, 2009


FYI Full Metal Panic has alot of Western Influence and if you don't think so then look up the guy who made it. People are just reaching and kissing the converse of asia tsk tsk people got some growing up to do.

Ashiduree on Apr 13, 2009


I think I wanna vomit.

Alina on Apr 13, 2009


I'm asian... I love this anime to pieces. And I'm also for Zac Efron as Sousuke Sagara. Just saw him on SNL... all he knows how to do is look problematic. He could definitely pull of Sousuke's stone-face. Just wait... he may surprise us. But I REALLY wanna know who Kaname will be.

Schmdit. on Apr 14, 2009


if Zac Efron plays his cards right, he will be one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood

nomad on Apr 20, 2009


WHY must you do this Hollywood? WHY? Anything you touch turns into garbage, and here you go wanting to turn a good Anime into another one of your useless and poorly constructed productions. Like hell I'll watch this shit. I'm sticking to the original Anime, thank you.

annon on Apr 21, 2009


Please!! For the love of the fans do not ruin this anime like what happened in Dragonball and the other animes that are in the process of being made. Do not cast Zack!! He's a good actor and all, but he must never be place within this anime as Sugara!!

nothingatall on May 4, 2009


I bet no one really cared about FMP until the movie was announced now all of a sudden people are jumping the bandwagon

Ashiduree on May 23, 2009



Jaina on May 30, 2009



Jaina on May 30, 2009


WTF! zach efron!! that couldn't be! and what said shoji about zach in FMP? "Oh zach! he is so queen" he could not be worse.

ivan on Jun 16, 2009


FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NOT ZAC EFRON! I'D CRY IF HE WAS IN THE MOVIE AT ALL- AND, IF HE WAS CAST AS SOUSUKE... *LOOKS AROUND, HORRIFIED* No. Just No. If they cast the characters correctly and followed the plot...yah, I'd see it. Otherwise- it does not exist.

amy on Jun 24, 2009


I hope this movie DIES! Dies like the HALO MOVIE!

The voice on Jun 29, 2009


T_T FMP is one of my favorite anime, they should just leave it as it is, just as an anime. and to make it wores zac efron wants to be in it *cringe* no,no,no,no!!! please no. T_T i might go see it, but only if zac wasnt in it.

kisa144 on Jul 20, 2009


I love Full Metal Panic. I watched all three seasons, and i would love to see the movie when it comes out. Hopefully this movie doesn't end in total failure. Although i must say, Zac Efron would ruin this movie. Maybe he can play Kurz Weber. If Efron plays Sousuke Sagara, i will be deeply upset. No way is Efron closely related to Sagara in any way.

yopoppop on Jul 20, 2009


I'm more interested in seeing the movie as an anime, just like the series.

Jess on Jul 21, 2009


is this another thing from Hollywood?! if so damn you again Hollywood

Blitz on Jul 23, 2009


I'm not against Efron, he's done ok in the movies that hes had a role in so far. I've seen worse acting by other rising stars ( I am not a Harry Potter hater, but in Sorcerer's Stone, Daniel Radcliffe's acting was BAD. Thankfully he's gotten much better ) but most of the time, people seemingly don't mind it as long as the plot, the action, the effects, etc. are better. However, Efron portrays mostly cute characters ( because there's no denying that he's got an adorable little face ) and Sousuke is not your average high school cutie. His profile is tough, serious, although sometimes shy, a genius when it comes to warfare but clueless when it comes to sociability. Zac just isnt the right guy. Even IF they found the right live cast, the movie would still be a letdown. The hyper, really funny exaggerated expressions of Kaname would be lost. Her and Sousuke are so different in attitudes and countenance, its what made their relationship so likable. No one could do it humoringly without looking like a freak ( because that's the advantage of being a cartoon ) and without it, Kaname just wouldn't be Kaname. It's totally possible that the movie will turn out good, great even, but it wouldn't feel the same. You just cant compare live and animated because there's disadvantages for both. But since FMP! has been anime it should be kept as anime so it could be another ( ultimate ) piece to the FMP! series.

Veja on Jul 25, 2009


I like the idea of Zac Efron playing sosuke. sorry but i think he's cute, he was funny in 17 again and at first i did (and still kinda do) think there's a resemblance. I'm more concerned about who will be playing Kertz! please be someone cute and awsome and funny that looks like kurtz and sounds like Vic Mignona!

flutflut on Aug 13, 2009


i love full metal panic, but if they put zac efron in it, i will not be seeing it. he must be sucidal, to want to star in that with thousands of pissed anime fans out there. if i dont kill him, someone else will.

azumi on Aug 14, 2009


As an anime fan, I could definitely see that Full Metal Panic has a much better chance of getting a more better live action translation than that piece of crap, Dragonball Evolution could ever do. Zac Efron as Sousuke Sagara? I say, no. He's too much of a sweet, innocent looking guy and he wouldn't be able to pull of the deadpan delivery of what Sousuke who he is, which is important to his character. Plus, there are already problems with Hollywood and how they treat Asian actors and it's still happening today. *coughcoughLastAirbendercoughcough* On the subject, I feel that it would be a lot more better to actually keep Sousuke and Kaname as Asians since in the original series, there are plenty of non-Asian characters play key roles in the series and it kind of feels pointless to change them. Sure, you could change the setting but why not keep the main characters the way they are? I would love to see young unknown Asian-American teen actors take on the famous two roles. Which East Asian ethnicity doesn't really matter to me, really. If they really want Efron to be in it, he could always be Kurz Weber and I would have no objections to that. This potential live action movie would definitely be beneficial to have a multi-ethnic diverse cast since in the original series, it's already done a very fine job of being diverse and why not extend it to the film as well? You could add Caucasian characters without the need to change the original characters! Really, it's no fuss!

Lycosyncer on Aug 16, 2009


i think it will turn out alright i mean all he has to say is "not a problem" how hard can that be lol

Tormentedsoul on Aug 17, 2009


If they really want Efron to be Sousuke then I have one thing to ask: RENAME the main characters! I don't think I'll suspend disbelief for the fact that two Caucasian actors walking around with Japanese names like "Sousuke Sagara" and "Kaname Chidori" stamped to them wouldn't make me forget that. If they are renamed, fine but if they kept all of the non-Asian characters from the original series and bring them into the movie, then I really question their hypocrisy of why can't they just keep the main characters the way they are? I don't see anything wrong of keeping Sousuke and Kaname as Asians and being a faithful adaptation to the original source material. One thing is for sure, IF Sousuke and Kaname are replaced with new characters (I bet Scott Summers and Karen Channing will be their Americanized names *shudder* ) or if Kurz and Tessa takes their place, it just won't feel the same and I don't mean that as a compliment. Why does Hollywood feel the need to whitewash every memorable Asian character in anime? I mean, really why not just do something different and actually HAVE an Asian main character in a live action anime adaptation in Hollywood? It's not too much to ask.

Lycosyncer on Aug 17, 2009


Plus, the biggest challenge would be that could Efron could keep a straight face and not show TOO much emotion when Sousuke screws up in daily life? He better NOT make Sousuke too emotional because it would be WAY too out of character for him.

Lycosyncer on Aug 17, 2009


"It's even set in a world almost exclusively without adults." My god, get your facts straight! There ARE adults in the series, you know!

Lycosyncer on Aug 17, 2009


full metal panic is the best for me im dreamin of watchin it 6 years ago, but now ive watched it completely.. its comedy action + romance makes it the best for me, and the theme song, characters@_@ but im not satisfied tho coz i think its not yet finished.. anyway, well my point is, i was hoping that FMP will have a movie but not an american movie coz anime is best for japanese people.. pls make it a japanese actor + actress. i dunt want my best anime move all my life to go to waste like dragonball..

ImmortaL on Oct 2, 2009


63 is an idiot that is all I have to say, I bet ur one of those non japanese people who worship Japan.

Get it Zac on Oct 3, 2009


i'm not really totally hostile about it..i'm actually excited about it... they better not disappoint the fans (i'm one of em).. zac efron is fine... i agree that they shouldn't focus on the romance more.. it'll be good if there are explosive action and great special effects.. adding some of comedy can be great in the mix. it's ok for me if they got american actors for FMP movie, as long as they do the role really good..

annaoi on Oct 11, 2009


are there any news about who's playing kaname?? any ideas or preferred actors??

annaoi on Oct 12, 2009


i have known FMP and i am familiar and have come accustomed with the characters and their personalities. why dragonball evolution is a flop? the writers missed out the most important essence: the personalities. not only real-life goku strayed absolutely completely much from the animated goku, but must they change the race too?! the same goes for the rest of the characters!!!! but then again, if they have to keep it faithful (to the letter) of the animated version, why waste money, time and energy doing an adaptation when we can just watch the original animation?! so i guess, my premise intends to carry an objection (and feeling of annoyance) to this habit of hollywood-turning-anime-into-live-action!!!! if the studios need some inspiration, they can always look into their own heritages: Aliens, robocop, terminator:judgment day, the sound of music, citizen kane, star wars, saving private ryan, blackhawk down, enemy at the gates, contacts, crimson tide, courage under fire, bone collector anyone?!!!! better yet, they have to do some soul searching!! the audience aren't machines, they're people. so would it be better if they do a flick that concerns social issues, or to escape reality for awhile some very lighthearted flick like sound of musics (never look down upon this evergreen classic!!!!!) to ashiduree, why are you so upset if the world suddenly look up to JAPAN and belittle your beloved american. it's a FACTS of life; at one time you are at the top but there's no wonders if suddenly you find yourself at the bottom the next day!!!!!!!!! that's what they call it the "Circle of Life"!!!!!!

Sigfield on Oct 15, 2009


First of all, I don't get why us anime fans are always stereotyped as "lifeless, dumb weirdly-dressed nerds who thinks that Japan is the best thing ever". And you call yourself "wise"? I sense an oxymoron. Or hypocrisy. And anyway. I actually have no objections in the remake of the movie itself, and I don't care if it's Zac Efron or whoever the hell, whether it's Asian or not, and whether or not they end up using a Caucasian actor walking around with Japanese name stamped onto them. But, PLEASE. Find an actor who can act his character well. I've watched and read FMP! and I believe I know the story enough to say that Sousuke Sagara isn't someone easy to act out as. I don't care who it is, just get an actor who resembles him and can act Sousuke out. It doesn't need to be 100% perfect, but please, just don't ruin it like DBZ. DBZ changed almost the whole, entire Son Goku's character. Just where did Son Goku's playful, carefree character went to? I guess that's all I have to say.

Sora on Nov 1, 2009


I can see this working out IF they do it right. First of all, I am a huge fan of this series and I love novels and anime (haven't read too much of the manga), but I have to say that whenever it is adapted in America be it through voice acting or the big screen I am usually disappointed. But that's not to say that all English dubs/ American adaptations are total flops (the English dub for Full Metal Panic for example, was exceptional) and I do believe that this has real potential. That being said, there are a few things the people working on this movie will have to look out for or they're going to completely botch it. The things I would recommend are 1.) stick to the original storyline as much as possible in all ways, shapes and forms 2.) Keep the characters in character 3.) Know the characters and get actors who can play the role in both their acting and physical characteristics 4.) DO NOT just higher popular actors solely because they are popular actors. If they're going to do this (which obviously they are) they need to stick to the storyline or they will have a lot of angry or at the very least, disappointed fans. That aside, as someone has mentioned before, the storyline is solid. There's no need to deviate from it. I can almost guaruntee that if you stick with the plot as is you'll walk away with a pretty penny because everything about this story is already set. I understand that the film can't exceed a certain ammount of time and you havce creative license but as much as possible, stick with what you already have and work with it. Don't just change things for the sake of doing so. (An example of this being -though I'm not sure if this was the same group working on it, you can still learn from the epic fail - the Dragonball movie. They already had a great plot, characters and a setting to work with and yet they made major and unnecessary changes that ticked a lot of people off and ruined the original story). Stay true to the plot, stay true to the setting, stay true to the characters and what makes them who they are. Kaname, Sosuke, Kurz, Mao, Tessa, Kalinin, Mardukas, even Gauron are all great as is. Please keep them in character. A lot of the interesting events in this series play on their character traits and personalities and the decisions they make because of them. For example, a lot of the comedy aspects are the result of Sosuke's 24/7 war mentality and (sometimes) Kurz's perversness. Finally, one of the most important aspects: the acting. For the sake of not boring people to death PLEASE use actors who can play the role. I'm not talking "hey, this guy was really believable in that one gushy romantic comedy where he played the well-rounded boy next door, so let's put him in our movie -that has romantic and humorous aspects, but mainly revolves around anti-terrorism and war- as a highly-trained mercenary!" I know that there are auditions involved in casting and maybe the acting can be pulled off, but it's a major turn-off if we can't stop thinking about another role in another movie an actor you cast has played. It's also a major turn-off when you don't stick with actors that resemble (if only a little) the characters physically. The make-up can only take you so far (as with the Dragonball movie) so use people with similar physical traits. Kurz Weber, for example, is described as having blonde hair, blue eyes, and of German ethnicity. He loves the ladies, has somewhat of a potty-mouth, but is overall a fun character. Not too hard to find someone to play this role, but other characters like Melissa Mao (to add to this example) need to be cast correctly as well. Mao is described as being in her late-twenties and of Chinese ethnicity. I'm not trying to make this a racial thing, believe me. I'm just saying that you need to stay true to the characters all the way around or its not as believeable and takes away from the original story. Mithril is not directly affiliated (though sometimes it works with) with any one country and it is said in the novels that the people on board the Tuatha de Danaan are all of various races with different ethnic backgrounds. If you have a bunch of soldiers that look like they're from America with American "accents" that's not going to be very believable and people may think that Mithril as well as the plot is centered around the USA. I am a huge fan of the series and I really want this to work out. I'm not one of the haters who will automatically put it down but I do admit to having doubts as to whether this will be successfully executed. I gave it some thought and if you take into consideration the things I have said, I believe this can be a success. Sosuke is Japanese and though I would prefer that you stay true to who these characters are all the way around, I'd say that this is excusable. However, I'm assuming that Zac is being considered for Sosuke and I don't want to think of High School Musical or 17 Again whenever I see him on screen (generally, I think having popular American actors in the movie will take people out of the story ). Sosuke doesn't have Zac's baby-face or pretty boy appeal, though I must say that other than that, physically je is well fit for the role. If he can pull of Sosuke's military-mentality, and stony, expressionless face, then maybe this could work.

Maine on Nov 11, 2009


Wow...ok I know which movie I definitely WON'T be watching!!!!!:(

Anu on Apr 18, 2010

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