Mark Millar Says They're Already Planning for Kick-Ass 2!

June 10, 2009
Source: SciFi Wire


We haven't heard, or seen, much from Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass recently, the big screen adaptation of Mark Millar's comic series. Vaughn is currently in post-production finishing up editing and I think he isn't planning to even sell it to a studio until it's completely 100% finished. Late last year we got our first look at some photos from Kick-Ass, which looked great, but besides those, we haven't seen a trailer or any footage or any posters or much at all. Which is why it's odd that they're already talking about a sequel. Or so Mark Millar mentions in a recent interview with SciFi Wire. He even thinks it could be a bigger hit than Wanted.

"Wanted made a fortune. It made a ton of money, and it was a property nobody had ever heard of. And I think Kick-Ass is going to be even bigger," Millar says. I'd like to say the same, but because it doesn't have a distributor and hasn't had any real marketing yet, it's hard to tell. On the topic of a sequel, Millar says it's already in the works. "Kick-Ass 2 is already being plotted out. We're planning it, because all the actors are quite young and we have to make it relatively quickly. So we'll definitely do that inside the next 18 to 24 months." That's a fast turn around, but it makes sense, especially if they're expecting this to be a big hit.

If anything, this just makes me much more excited to eventually see Kick-Ass. I'm a big fan of the comic, despite only being 6 issues in and taking 6 months for every new issue, but it's one of those comics that I'm always excited to read. Right before Wanted came out, we heard talk of a sequel, and look how that movie turned out (it completely blew away my low expectations). Maybe Mark Millar has a good sense of how well a movie will do right off the bat. Or maybe he wants to spend more time in the Kick-Ass universe. Whatever the case, Matthew Vaughn better hurry up and finish this soon, because I'm get antsy waiting for a trailer!

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I'd much rather see this get a sequel than Wanted. I didn't like Wanted at all. But I'm basing this on something I havn't seen yet so who knows. But from all the pictures and descriptions it sounds like it'll be a fun "kick-ass" movie

Dan W on Jun 10, 2009


wanted was cool, but i really dont have a desire to see it again, or buy the blu-ray or anything, so I guess in the end I didnt think it was all that great, anyone else feel the same way? Liek it was cool at the moment but forgettable?

Richard on Jun 10, 2009


I have yet to read Kick-Ass, waiting for a trade, but what I scanned looked interesting. As for Wanted the movie, it was shit. I felt it was blah blah blah flat. I wouldn't be forced to see a sequel of that in my life time. As for this being good, I hope so. Note to Millar, "Stop selling out, please for the love of all that's holy in storytelling!"

Johnny Neat on Jun 10, 2009


I don't know if it will be "bigger" than Wanted, but I sure hope it's "better". Wanted was a pointless piece of shit to me. Never read the comic so maybe that was too, but the movie sucked so bad. The story and acting were completely dull and uninspiring, but, SOMEHOW, the action was even more boring!!! Yes, cars flipped and bullets curved, but it somehow wasn't exciting at all, to me.

Matt S on Jun 10, 2009


lol wanted had jolie........

PinkSushi on Jun 10, 2009


wow mark millar really knows what he's talking about so yeah and wanted did not made money for no reason it was a sweet ass movie but it kick ass looks very different in a good way

alan on Jun 10, 2009


just give me a fucking trailer for kick ass.

zetsu on Jun 10, 2009


Forget the sequel to Kick Ass, they should do an adaptation of his comic book series "Wanted" first. 🙂 I seem to recall some really low-grade action flick being made a while back using the same title, but since it had barely anything to do with the comic book whatsoever, they can probably get away with using the same title.

Pete the Geek on Jun 10, 2009


Loved the comic book and i am glad they announced...damn that was fast!

Fisherr on Jun 10, 2009


I don't think there is any way that this could be bigger than Wanted. I know we don't really know much about the Kick-Ass movie yet but I see it almost as an indy super-hero movie...It won't compete with the larger films. In terms of concept...much cooler than Wanted!

Widescreen Wonderland on Jun 10, 2009


#5, so what if Wanted had Jolie? Are you jealous of her perfect life?

PinkSushisMom on Jun 10, 2009


Kick ass!

Anonymous on Jun 11, 2009

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