Marvel Updates from Twitter - Iron Man 2 Trailer, Thor Buzz!

November 19, 2009
Source: SuperHeroHype

Iron Man 2

Within the last year, Twitter has become a huge source for updates and a valuable resource for keeping in touch with filmmakers. We've written about plenty of scoops and reports from Twitter before, but today we've got a few updates to highlight, all pertaining to Marvel movies in the works. First off, Jon Favreau tweeted a reply last night to a user confirming that the Iron Man 2 trailer would be attached to Sherlock Holmes, meaning it would debut on Christmas Day. That's almost exciting enough already. Additionally, though, some Marvel guys were chatting about a meeting they had for Kenneth Branagh's Thor movie.

The big Thor discussion was kicked off today by Marvel's editor-in-chief Joe Quesada - @JoeQuesada:

"I could listen to Branagh talk about Thor all day long. Cast is in place, sets are being built and screenplay is brilliant. Marveldom rules!"

Then comic book author Brian Michael Bendis - @BRIANMBENDIS - replied with the following as well:

"Broadcasting live from marvel west. Thor movie meeting with Ken branagh was over the top amazing. Visited the sets! I was in Odin's chamber!"

"U should get in line for the Thor movie today. Just saying."

I know this kind of buzz is pretty much expected coming from people who work for Marvel, but it's always awesome to hear. And the more I hear, the more excited I get, which is a big change of pace because I wasn't on-board when they first signed Kenneth Branagh to direct. These new quotes fall right in line with what I've heard previously about this movie and about everything Branagh has done for it so far. We reported last week that Marvel and Paramount were preparing to shoot this in January. So while Thor is shooting, we'll all be screaming in excitement over the Iron Man 2 trailer, which will probably kick ass. I say bring it on!

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Iron Man 2! Just another reason to watch Sherlock Holmes, on top of the movie itself being interesting already.

Kris Sauquillo on Nov 19, 2009


Marvel's finally trying to get it right... well, too little too late. Fuck Thor. He's not even a superhero anyway, he's a "god." Meh.

sean on Nov 19, 2009


When did Marvel ever get it wrong?

Aldonn on Nov 19, 2009


#3, that is a very good question. 😉 I was already 100% on going to Sherlock, but knowing I get to see the Iron Man 2 trailer in front of it is like extra icing on an already kick-ass cake!

case on Nov 19, 2009


"When did Marvel ever get it wrong?" Daredevil... Elektra... Fantastic Four 1 & 2... X-Men 3... Wolverine... Hulk 1... Spiderman 3... Ghost Rider... The Punisher 1 and the remake... ... please, tell me when to stop.

sean on Nov 19, 2009


sean, all of those god-awful films you named were NOT produced by Marvel Studios like Iron Man 1 & 2, Incredible Hulk (2), and Thor are... Marvel licensed those character brands to studios like Fox, Sony, and Universal. Marvel Studios was created to make sure their adaptations don't suck 😉

Ivan on Nov 19, 2009


I couldn't be more excited for "Thor". It's always bad to pre-hype a movie so early (or even at all) by I think it's going to completely revolutionize the super-hero/comic book genre. It's going to be everything that "Iron Man" was and everything "Watchmen" should have been.

DRM on Nov 19, 2009


#6, if that's the case, I'm glad. Hopefully they'll be able to remake the Spiderman and X-men franchises. Do it the right way.

sean on Nov 19, 2009


sweet! IM2 will be the shit!

jake the snake on Nov 19, 2009


Excited for Iron Man 2, Thor is starting to sound sweet... but I really just want to see Deadpool done right. Gimme some Merc with the Mouth!

Shaun on Nov 19, 2009


@sean Where the fuck have you been. Everyone knows that Marvel didn't have a say so on those movies. Its people like you that make good movies never never do good in the box office(Ex. The Incredible Hulk).

BeachBum850 on Nov 19, 2009


I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robbie on Nov 19, 2009


there is a trailer out already for iron man 2 just google it n yes this movie will be Awzome 🙂

Madnezz344 on Nov 20, 2009


EXCITING STUFF!!!... But what about CAPTAIN AMERICA??? All we know is Joe Johnston is directing, but no lead or supporting actors announced, no updates at all. And it comes out 2 months after Thor. Is this movie even happening? haha

ben1275 on Nov 20, 2009


i'm getting very fucking excited for the thor movie & iron-man 2 i've got a ten inch stonker,if i ever got to see the trailer i would probably mess myself.

tobi,leader of the akatsuki on Nov 20, 2009


Don't forget about the direct to DVD Man-Thing film! Not to many people know about that one.

Marius on Nov 20, 2009


@ Sean: As I understand it, as long as Fox and Sony continue to exercise their rights over the X-Men and Spidey, Marvel cannot buy those properties back. I was planning on seeing Sherlock Holmes anyway, but this gives me some added incentive. Now, if WB could throw in an INCEPTION trailer, we'd be set. @ben1275: I've noticed that too, and it's making me suspect that Cap might get delayed to 2012. Granted Johnston's busy with WOLFMAN, but the complete lack of news or even rumors is troubling. By this point in their respective developments, Thor, Iron Man, and Incredible Hulk had at least cast their leads. Cap has nothing.

Corran Horn on Nov 20, 2009


Daredevil… Elektra… Fantastic Four 1 & 2… X-Men 3… Wolverine… Hulk 1… Spiderman 3… Ghost Rider… The Punisher 1 and the remake… And all of those movies were not made by marvel itself.

tyrascilee on Nov 20, 2009


But all these movies were hyped by Marvel to be great. I remember the 90's Captain America and Punisher movies were to be completely fantastic, but they never made it to the theater they were so horrible. Don't be blind to that b/c Marvel has "control" as a producer, does not mean they aren't going to screw them up. They have a short time frame scheduled to create the Avenger's universe, and fast tracking the projects is not going to help the quality- it only makes it worse.

blester01 on Nov 20, 2009


@19 Of course Marvel is going to hype movies based on their properties! They are going to profit in SOME WAY from people seeing them. Even if it's just pennies, Marvel WILL make money, so of course they are going to hype it up even if it's complete shit. Why? ITS JUST COMMON SENSE. IF YOU'RE MAKING MONEY OFF A MOVIE, DONT TELL PEOPLE ITS TERRIBLE. MAKE THEM WANT TO SEE IT.

Kail on Nov 20, 2009


I cant get myself interested in Thor. With Iron Man you at least have he possibility that this could happen. Trying to mix mythology with hard physical science is like mixing Coke with your Jack Daniels; aint doin' nuthin' but screwing up a good thing. but then again, on the really good side of all this, at least fuckstick JJ Abrams has'nt got his skeevy mitts in any part of it.

I saw her baloney on Nov 20, 2009


'' I Thor the Odinson calls forth the brave warriors of Asgard to my side!!!! For Asgard!!!!!! '' I hope theirs a line like that in the movie...I know I would just get chills!!!!

Lazarus from Sparta!!!! on Nov 20, 2009


Iron Man 2 Trailer BRING IT!!

Fisherr on Nov 21, 2009


punisher 1 - dolph was cool, just needed a big skull! punisher 2.0 - didn't like the whole tropical origin, thomas jane needed to grease up that hair more. punisher 3 - ray was the man! this was a bad ass punisher! daredevil - ben did alright, but anthony micheal hall would just KILL in that role. plus bullseye and elektra costumes stunk. fantastic four - pass. on all versions. captain america - i thought they did a great job with the costume, rubber ears and all! but an italian red skull? nope. and don't get me started on the tv version. motrcycle helmet? hulk tv series - fun to watch back in the day. loved the lonely man endings. the guest stars? thor - glorified biker wanna be. daredevil - no red costume or horns. ninja outfit? hulk movie - second one was better. no algae staring. ghostrider - needed more mephisto or another bad ass villian. spider man - green goblin was cool, needed better mask. spider man 2 - did doc ock really need to die? spider man 3 - sand man rocked. not so much with venom. and green goblin 2 sucked. snow board? painter dust mask? all the budget spent by then? iron man - perfect. iron man 2 - whiplash?

nacho supreme on Nov 21, 2009


cant wait to see Iron Man 2 , all this leading up to The Avengers that will kick ass , Thor ( Chris Hemsworth ) , Iron Man ( Robert Downey Jr ), Hulk ( Edward Norton ), Captian America ( ? ), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson ), Nick Fury ( Samuel L. Jackson ) , and more maybe added , sounds like one hell of a movie to me ... i love the way marvel is linking all the separate films to one big movie nick fury and shield in all films , caps shield in iron man , stark in hulk , Super-Soldier serum ( put on ice ) in hulk , cap in ice on deleted scene in hulk etc.. like someone said above Captain America movie needs to get a move on !

Paul t on Nov 22, 2009

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