Marvel Still Working on Ghost Rider 2, Daredevil, & Silver Surfer

September 23, 2009

Ghost Rider

An interesting update has hit Variety today regarding Marvel and specifically some of the upcoming comic book projects Fox has in the works - such as Ghost Rider 2. The article primarily mentions that Columbia Pictures has begun moving forward with the Ghost Rider sequel and brought on David Goyer to create the story and supervise writers (even though Goyer said "he hadn't signed on yet"). Goyer last directed The Unborn but is probably better known for writing the Blade trilogy as well as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The plans are to apparently base the sequel on a Ghost Rider script that Goyer wrote years ago.

The article also includes a mention about other projects Fox has in the works, including: Fantastic Four with writer Michael Green and producer Akiva Goldsman, a Wolverine sequel and several X-Men spinoffs, and a new version of Daredevil and a Silver Surfer film that they're "quietly working" on. We've heard of all of these before, so none of them are new, but this is being reported as new confirmation that all of these projects still exist. For a while we thought the Silver Surfer movie was dead. And we also recently heard that Daredevil was being rebooted late last year. We've also heard about the Ghost Rider sequel before as well.

Speaking about the success of Blade back in the day, producer Avi Arad said: "The character was virtually unknown, didn't even have his own comic book, and had been part of Tombs of Dracula. It tells you what can happen if you unleash a library with the right creative partners." That's a very optimistic outlook especially considering Fox's Marvel movies are often hit-and-miss. Let's hope these three aren't misses.

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Oh em eff gee, a new Daredevil? Finally! I am not too concerned with a miss on that one. How much worse than the first one could it be? Ben Affleck had the charisma of a wet carrot, King Pin was black, and Colin Farell...ugh, no. I also didn't like Jennifer Garner as Elektra, but that could just be because she is not attractive to me at all. *shrugs* With a kickass cast and a story that stays close to the comics, this could be one hell of a movie.

SuicidalOptimist on Sep 23, 2009


Sense there is going to be a ghost rider 2, then the one thing i'm gonna say is well, i'm totally all for it!, bigh time, because i like the ghost rider movie alot!.

Sean on Sep 23, 2009


DareDevil with Michael C. Hall is what i want

nelson on Sep 23, 2009


I first learned about Blade through the Spider Man Animated series and always thought it would be great if in the Blade series he battled Morbius like in the animated series. Hell, let Bryan Singer direct the next Blade since he is so interested in Morbius.

Klaus on Sep 23, 2009


i agree with SuicidalOptimist (#1), even Colin Farell wasnt that good and i really like most of his work. Dexter as daredevil, sounds pretty good actually.

17 on Sep 23, 2009


i thought ghost rider was the worst marvel movie ever

CL on Sep 23, 2009


daredevil and silver surfer movies? where is this coming from? i thought they were dead.

MCat on Sep 23, 2009


The Ghost Rider movie was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Absolute childish garbage.

Vold on Sep 23, 2009


Disney needs to take this away before this properties get shittier than the 1st time around!

L1A on Sep 23, 2009


I'm still waiting for Nicholas Cage to give me the 2 hours of my life back that I spent on Ghost Rider. A new Daredevil done right would be nice. Michael C. Hall though? Hm....

Sabes on Sep 23, 2009


i disagree with #1-2-4-5-6-8-9,daredevil was a awesome movie,Colin Farell was great as bullseye and the kingpin was really who else can you get to play the kingpin other than this guy?oh why don't we put tom cruise in a fat suit again oooo.i think you guys should watch the rated r directors cut,it was way better(yeah there is a rated r cut of the film on dvd) i had some problems with the ghost rider movie but hey atleast he a had a friggin flamin skull and he still had his comic powers.all we need is nic off the project and were good

Spider94 on Sep 23, 2009


FOX has made some HUGE mistakes when it comes to comic book properties. If they ruin a reboot of Daredevil or Fantastic Four again, I really hope they loose the film rights back to Marvel.

Bill Rusnak on Sep 23, 2009


The problem with Fox is that they are entirely "bottom line." They want the biggest profits by appealing to the largest amount of people and that sacrifices quality. All studios are like that, but Fox is much more blatant about it. Other studios take chances to some extent while Fox is by the numbers and thats what is bad. I think Fox can deliver a good film if they trust the filmmakers more than their accountant's opinions.

Ryan on Sep 23, 2009


New Daredevil? FINALLY Even though the first one wasn't so bad until the end. Ghost rider 2? PLEASE DON'T The first movie was garbage. Silver Surfer? MAYBE I have no opinion on it, it could be amazing or it could be a waste of money to make.

David on Sep 23, 2009


I am going to take a hot bath and open a vain in my arm.

mbombo on Sep 23, 2009


I'd have to say that Ghost Rider, Daredevil and Silver Surfer were the worst films I've ever seen.

Merc on Sep 23, 2009


i don't want any of this crap. i for one am very done with super hero movies

DoomCanoe on Sep 23, 2009


I'd be super excited about these movies if Marvel was making them. Since it's Fox, not so excited.

Trat on Sep 23, 2009


I loved Daredevil. Elektra sucked balls and shouldn't have been made. That was the worst thing to come out of that movie. Kingpin needs to be a black dude. An overweight white guy can't possibly pull it off. Who would play the role? Ghost Rider isn't so bad if you watch it late at night, it'll sure as hell cure insomnia.

Ariel on Sep 23, 2009


#6 that's why articles like this are on this site. Silver Surfer could be very expensive to make.

branden on Sep 23, 2009


Hall as Daredevil. Oh yeah, that sounds awesome! I knew of Blade before the movie, loved the character but was young so didn't think about movies too much. The show was horrible though. Goyer did that crap movie Unborn? Wow...

Tra la la la la di da on Sep 23, 2009


Tough crowd. Daredevil and Ghost Ride(the whip)r were entertaining flicks. Didn't expect too much coming into them and left subtly amused. I think the bar of expectations a many of you place on such movies (especially when FOX is involved) is unrealistic. What i do look forward to is Spidey 4 and Ironman Deux. That's quality in the making and will subside all the funky melody the other franchises left behind.

BinYe on Sep 23, 2009


1. daredevil- at least the costume was RED! anyone remember that ninja costume daredevil from the hulk series? movie was cool. it just needed elektra and bullseye to have the same care taken with their costumes. 2. ghostrider - at least it was a flaming skull! so true. a better villian would have been better. more mephisto perhaps? 3. silver surfer - meh. this movie may do well if pixar was involved. very disapointed in the fantstic four franchise. just a rant- for the next spiderman - can they at least spend money on ALL the villians this time? snowboarder green goblin sucked.

nacho supreme on Sep 23, 2009


silver surfer would be fucking great,if it featured galactus as galactus not as a fucking cloud,silver surfer vs galactus(think i'm starting to get a hard on.) .daredevil should be made but only adapt from the frank miller run,that was the fucking dark & gritty how daredevil should be.ghost rider should be done from the ghost rider of the 90s with danny ketch that was pretty fdcking cool,you could have daredevil or the punisher turn up have a tangle with ghost rider then team up against a common threat like king pin for example.

zetsu on Sep 24, 2009


silver surfer completely animated by pixar with music from muse and bam!!! chris pine as daredevil(yeah!!!)jason statham as bullseye bam!!! david duchovny as reed richards, elizabeth banks as sue, paul walker as johnny amd nathan fillion as ben grimm...bam!bam!!bam!!!

yojoe on Sep 24, 2009


The only reason why GR was so bad is really simple........CAGE!!!!!!! GR2 will be more of the same BAD ACTING!

Clover on Sep 24, 2009


Cool. These flicks are coming our way whether we like it, or not. All I have to say is: Please keep Mark Steven Johnson far, far away from all of these projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

Spider on Sep 24, 2009


siver surfer would have to be a cosmic style film, daredevil, could be good, gost rider needs to be a lot better than the original, maybe a team up with blade could be good....But got to keep the style in the marvel tradition... is a spidey 4 planned yet??

jonny p on Sep 24, 2009


#26 I don't even think Cage was the main problem. Yes, his acting felt kinda stale and forced, but what really ruined the movie for me was the villains. The bad guys had zero screen presence and were completely laughable. Villains are suppose to be badass and intimidating. The ones in GR I could hardly take seriously. They really need to do a LOT better job with the casting this time. For all characters.

SuicidalOptimist on Sep 24, 2009


If they're going to go with GhostRider they need to go all the way. GR has always been a very dark disturbing character. Why not keep it that way. They can even do it without going R rated if they are so worried about their damn bottom line. What I'm worried about is another dark Punisher. I really liked the last one with Ray Stevenson and just want them to give us some more vengance types.

harm on Sep 24, 2009


I think batman has set a standard of what superhero movies have evolved to. Wolverine sucked, daredevil sucked, spidey 3 sucked, elektra sucked, and xmen1-3 sucked. I think if they stick to the graphic novels wardrode and all we would find alot more sucessful movies. when I say sucess i mean a movie you want to see more than one time.

dis a point one on Sep 24, 2009


Michael C. Hall Daredevil is f-ing brilliant. aren't they doing an Incredible Hulk style sequel to Ghost Rider? (could be mistaken)

Silver on Sep 24, 2009


Skip it all & do the REAL Marvel Properties worth doing, like Kabuki , Criminal , and freaking biographical movie about Jack Kirby, the artist they've been riding on the coattails of for the better part of half a CENTURY!

Jehosophat on Sep 25, 2009


#11 Thank god somebody agrees that Daredevil was a good movie, everyone says Ben Affleck was really bad, well i think he done a good job because who else could of done it???? Havnt seen the directors cut dude but now i want to lol I liked ghost rider aswell but not a fan of silver surfer.

Steve on Sep 26, 2009


I agree that the directors cut of daredevil was a much better presentation of the film and was rather good. The love scene gets scrapped helping to speed the plot and you see a lot more of kingpin's savage side. Daredevil was not horrible but like any marvel movie theres always room for improvement. The first film always has some sort of origin story but always means the sequel will get to focus more on what the character does best fight crime and dive into the action. Its hard to make a great comic movie because of the balancing act of appeasing fans and also enticing general audiences but dardevil did a good job at this in my opinion. check out the directors release before completely trashing the film.

don on Sep 29, 2009


to answer 28, yes spidey 4 is planned and the villians will be connors a.k.a the lizard and carnage. Carnage will evolve from the small venom symbiote sample peter gives to connors back in spidey 3.This will all some how tie up to his lizard transfomation as well.

don on Sep 29, 2009


I actually liked Ben Affleck's portrayal of the character. A lot of people give him crap but in this role I thought he really brought something to it. It seemed to fit him well. However, if he won't come back, I think the idea of Michael C. Hall becoming the next Daredevil is a brilliant choice. I'm a huge fan of Hall from the great show Dexter and he is one of the only people that I can see in the role. Someone really should make sure that the producers of the Marvel films hear that idea. Michael C. Hall would be great. He really should get offered more projects because he is very talented actor who should have gotten the Emmy this year. There really are some very under utilized and talented actors from television that deserve big breaks like Hall. People like Dylan Walsh, Jensen Ackles, Michael Rosenbaum, Michael Chiklis, and the whole cast of Lost just to name a few. They are just as talented, and in some cases more so, as these actors that the studios like using constantly like Tom Cruise. Utilizing some of these great actors will save production costs and bring something fresh to the cinema world. Enough with these actors who have egos that jump out of the screen. Let's give someone else a chance. Like Michael C. Hall.

filmguy on Oct 5, 2009


hell yeah too michael c hall being daredevil or any super hero for that matter

thomas on Oct 16, 2009


finally ghost rider 2 im there

max s. on Oct 24, 2009


I agree with the minority...Daredevil was good. Ben Affleck did the role close as can be IMHO. I think he's too aged to return, tho. Fantastic Four movies have been entertaining. X-men...getting stale, but I do like Wolverine portrayal. IDK, I didn't think Ghost Rider was all that bad, my son liked it and he never read any of the comics. Someone mentioned Punisher...I thought Thomas Jane WAS punisher, the War Zone movie was terrible, my son loved the Jane version AND both of us couldn't even finish the WZ one...bad move on the part of the studio. Overall, when something works, it seems the studios tend to cheap out and destroy the franchise's chemistry. My .02

George on Nov 27, 2009


After watching the dare devil film about Six times, i finally realized what was wrong with it aside from other things. It was terribly out of sequence. things that took place in the middle of the film should have taken place in the begining of the film. Such as, Electra"s father being asassinated. kingpin shows up in the film forty minutes after it starts which is too late for the villan to really have a solid connection the story. the acting was so, so. Colin Ferrell was good in his part but he shows up too late also in the film as well. You lose interest. The movie focused too much on Dare devil and his so called quest to protect Hell's Kitchen from itself. It should have been from the begining a film about revenge. Electra should have showed up in the begining of the film after her father is asassinated and she should be trying to kill Dare Devil because she thinks he did it. Bullseye of course would be responsible and he would have backing from the Kingpin. Micheal Clark Ducan is an excellent actor,but his kingpin was too over the top in the end of the film. the kingpin is strong and silent. he rarely smiles. In the end his superior acting ability like Colin Ferrell's was overcome by cheesy dialouge that hurt the film tremendously. what was also bad was in the middle of the film they turn it into a rock video which looked very odd. All the scenes in the film was out of sequence and aside from that it's a part 2 script. it does not truly intertwine you with the creation of the Dare Devil. Last and first of all what was Marvel thinking. Dare devil is a character that resemble's Spider man extreamlly too much. it was premature to release Dare Devil with spider-man 2 on the way, especially if it was not good. they should have done daredevil after they created Spider-man 3 so that it would have had a better chance to succeed at the box office. I take it back. Dare devil sucked and Ben Affleck simply got a check. what a waste to what could have been a great franchise:^(

William on Feb 2, 2010

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