Matt Damon Says No More Bourne Without Paul Greengrass

December 4, 2009
Source: ComingSoon

Jason Bourne

Uh oh. The last few days have been pretty rough for Universal. Startling news first hit that director Paul Greengrass was quitting the Bourne franchise on Monday earlier this week. Then Greengrass issued a respectful statement on Tuesday confirming that he would be leaving the franchise behind. At that point, it definitely seemed like he wouldn't return, but that could always change. Now today a press conference for Invictus, Matt Damon made a bold statement: "I’ll just wait for him and when [Greengrass] wants to do one, we'll do it." Is this the end of the Bourne franchise? Will they be able to continue without Greengrass?

His answer was followed by a question asking if he's saying that "it's Greengrass or no Bourne?" Damon's answer: "Yeah, I've always said that, but I think it'll happen down the road. We just don't have a script yet." So he's hopeful that Greengrass might return? Or is he just unaware of what's happened? ComingSoon claims that Damon might not have known that Greengrass officially announced earlier this week that he was leaving the franchise behind (forever). And that's not speculation about him leaving, he put out a personal statement saying that. Even if Damon did know that, would he still be hopeful that it'd eventually happen?

You know, I hate to say this, but I always thought The Bourne Ultimatum was the perfect place to end. And it's only been because we've been writing about a Bourne 4 for so many years that we've all forgotten about the idea of where to end the franchise and already starting getting excited about the next one. But I bet if you were to watch all three of the Bourne movies back-to-back right now, you'd finish Ultimatum and come back here feeling that there's no need to continue this franchise any further unless they really can come up with a good story and get both Greengrass and Damon back. So what do you think? Should it end here?

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These rich guys should just reconcile their differences, and make another awesome movie. I'm all for Bourne 4, but only with the principal rich guys involved.

whomever on Dec 4, 2009


If Damon really won't do a film without Greengrass that adds a whole new layer of respect that I have for Matt.

Tristan on Dec 4, 2009


That's bogus, he's just neutral if Greengrass joins in or not. Typically I didn't speak to the guy but as it is stated in the article he just doesn't give a crap if Greengrass is gonna take his role in the project or anyone else.

Kapteinhenk on Jan 13, 2011


I guess there's always Bond...

RPD on Dec 4, 2009


I agree that Ultimatum was a great way to end the franchise. If they can't out due the 3rd, they shouldn't do it.

diazoesp on Dec 4, 2009


Bourne makes Bond look like a girl scout

BL on Dec 4, 2009


Yes, Ultimatum was a great place to end the franchise. I'm sure I would have liked a 4th film, but certainly not with anyone else as Jason Bourne (someone nominated Chris Pine as a replacement in another post - no thank you).

Pete on Dec 4, 2009


Way to stick to your guns Matt! I agree totally!

jake the snake on Dec 4, 2009


I think without the team then what's the point? The studio will realise that they are douchebags and give Greengrass the money and he will be all like 'dollar bills yo!' And head head back to the crib with his homies and write some dope shizzle, while the Damon gets down like Fiddie Centaurs. That said if it doesn't happen, it's been left a t a good point, open.

Crapola on Dec 4, 2009


If they were to continue the franchise, I would like to see Borne working Pam Landy in deep undercover. Possibly trying to find Nicky Parsons who's in danger due to a rogue operation set out originally by Noah Vosen... OR ...Not at all. I basically agree with the idea the franchise really ended on a great note. I can personally watch all three of those films over and over and enjoy every bit of it. Maybe they'll do a fourth Borne 30 years from now. Except this time he'll be looking for crystal skulls with his long lost son that he had when he was intimate with Nicky Parsons. Oh...Wait...Someone already did that film. 😉

Quanah on Dec 4, 2009


Ah...I figured Damon would leave. Loyal actor I guess. #9 I like your idea of a story, But I can also leave the Bourne trilogy on the Ultimatum ending.

Xerxex on Dec 4, 2009


@ Xerxex Yeah. I guess I'd really rather it be over. I use the Borne trilogy quite frequently as an argument among good friends for one of the top 3 trilogies ever made. If they make a fourth film I won't be able to use it in my debates any longer! But, really...I admire Damon's sticktoitiveness in follow Greengrass's suit. That class A in my book. Borne had one of the best endings of any trilogy as well. It was a great way to close the story.

Quanah on Dec 4, 2009


Am I the only guy who does not like the Bourne series? HH

Have Hope on Dec 4, 2009


#12 yes you are

samuel j on Dec 4, 2009


Yes actually #12 you are. Glad to hear this

Cody on Dec 4, 2009


bourne was a great series. bond is also a great series, but its apples and oranges. historically speaking bond is more of a drama/stealth spy mind wars type of movies. Bourne is more americanized and pure action with twists and turns that you dont know what they might be but to some degree are expecting to happen. different styles, both great thankfully.

Buggy166 on Dec 4, 2009


Alex, I agree 100%

Scagginsvolley on Dec 5, 2009


#12, you are !

greg on Dec 5, 2009


The real difference between Bond & Bourne is not "americanized" or "pure action." The last 2 Bond movies open with very intense & prolonged action sequences. The Bond movies made through Sony/Columbia are actually more Americanized than the Connery or Moore era. Bond is a seducer of easy women, while Bourne is an introspective brooding type. Bond drives an Aston Martin with missile launcher, Bourne eludes his enemies in taxicabs and police cars. Bond is aided by a sophisticated network of high technology. Bourne fights with books, pens, prepaid cellphones, his own fists & running legs, and his wit. Even though he can be anti-authoritarian, just like an adolescent who will not listen his mother ("M") to keep it in his pants, in the end, Bond always serves his Queen. Bourne is the opposite, he is trying to escape his Masters, and demands the truth about his role in the larger scheme of things. Bond says, "Yes, M'aam." Bourne asks, "Who is Threadstone? Why Marie? Why me?" Something for everybody.

greg on Dec 5, 2009


Bourne changed the way espionage films are made, and Bond followed...

RPD on Dec 5, 2009


the movies were good, but i think the series has run it's course. i'd rather see something new than to keep making more of the same franchise.

beavis on Dec 5, 2009


Yes! More bourne please!

filmfann111 on Dec 5, 2009


Paramount should pull their heads out, issue a formal apology to Greengrass, and ask him to come back and make Bourne 4!

Adam on Dec 5, 2009


@22: Agree !

greg on Dec 5, 2009


Why o Why don't they ask Matt Damon right out if he would not do another Bourne film without Paul Greengrass is not on board.

Cineprog on Dec 5, 2009


Okay, everybody relax and stop acting like children quibbling on the playground. You have no say in the matter anyway, so cool it. Everybody is replaceable...everybody. If Greengrass and Damon take a stand or whatever they're doing so be it. If the studio goes forward with someone like the original director of the first film, Doug Liman, and another actor...say a Josh Brolin, or even Leo D. himself and it was a good script and they made a good movie you all would be jumping up and down on the bandwagon. So cool it and relax. It'll play itself out like its supposed to anyway. Plus, having said all that....I like all the Bourne films...especially the last two directed by Greengrass. And not having liked Damon much in the past have gotten to appreciate him as Bourne and other roles since Bourne. So, yea I'd like to see the two do another one if they continue as they have. But, who the hell knows? Who cares? Everybody is replaceable...righto? Let it go....go with the flow. Avoid avoiding change!!

Bo on Dec 5, 2009


@12, you are! @25, how many people would want to see a Bourne film without Damon?

liam on Dec 5, 2009


No..No..No..Nooo.... Damn it too hell, no Bourne yet we get another f**king Alvin & the Chipmunks sequel the universe is cruel

PimpSlapStick on Dec 5, 2009


chris pines doing jack ryan, to him with that. but damon will be always be bourne.

lego on Dec 5, 2009


#25 you are so wrong. Matt Damon is the franchise, if they do a Bourne movie without him, I for one will not watch it.

Adam on Dec 5, 2009


#12 you are.....definitely not, bourne movies are terrible and no way in hell better than bond, contrary to matt damons beliefs

Jack on Dec 5, 2009


They should just scrap a fourth movie. The Bourne Trilogy is great; leave it as it is and don't spoil it. And @ #30, you have no taste.

comment30isamoron on Dec 6, 2009


#30, Undeniable fact: A 'terrible' trilogy (as you call it).. changed the spy genre forever. With exception of the last two films... Bond has been shit-house for years. You need to thank Bourne for making your second rate British spy slightly watchable again. Do all Bourne fans a favour.. drive off in a shit invisible car where we never have to see your rancid comments again. #25, What the Fuck? Are you on drugs? No Matt Damon? Next you'll be telling us all Timothy Dalton will be able to play Jason Bourne. Sheeeshhhh. Some people!

Hercie on Dec 6, 2009


Maybe we should get used to the idea of someone else being Bourne...

RPD on Dec 7, 2009



Dim_one on Dec 7, 2009


#32...ya gotta relax, my whole post and then put yourself in that "Sheeeeshhh. Some people." quote of yours. I wrote that I LIKE DAMON!!! Get it? Pull your head out of your rear end learn to read and think. Get used to the fact that they may not make it with Greengrass and Damon. It's a business...get it? Who knows if they can do it better without those two guys? Do you? No, you don't. You are being childish and holding on to the past. Okay...just to sooth poor #32...I hope if they make another Bourne that Greengrass and Damon do it. I do...I really, really do. Sorry, but I'm having a bit of fun here. It ain't the cure for cancer or anything. It's just a movie, man. And who knows? None of us do. They might could make just as good as one or even better without the two blokes everybody is so upset about. The Bond films go on and on and on with different actors. I was young when Sean Connelly first came out with Dr. No. It and he were great. But what the hell...Craig is just as good in the last two...Christ...they are only Bond movies. I happen to think Bourne flicks are much better, but nothing last forever...chill out #32 and accept change when it be much better off...And no, I'm not on drugs. That was quite funny, so I thank you for the chuckle.

Bo on Dec 7, 2009


i guess this means they'll reboot the entire franchise all over again haha. it's only, what, 5 or 6 years old?

wm on Dec 7, 2009


Some of you are just insane, specifically the article is. I actually just watched the 3 of them and Ultimatum simply isn't an ending. It's an understanding that they'll need (need would be underlined if I knew how) Green and Matt to make a sequel but really, for my part they'd make 6 more movies with this quality and I'd still not get bored. I can't see how anyone thinks Ultimatum would be an ending. Also the conspiracy part doesn't go too far for me with the Bourne series, where it did thoroughly with for example Prison Break. If they'd nuke the idea of subtle conspiracy and get rid of Damon and Greengrass they'd just be moneymilking twats and then they kinda shouldn't make a followup. Now they kinda should. Note that greengrass would be just as big of a twat if he didn't co-operate here though.

Kapteinhenk on Jan 13, 2011

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