McG Talks About His Plans for Terminator 5 & 20,000 Leagues

August 7, 2009
Source: IGN, RadioFree

McG on Terminator

Coming out of this summer, I'm not sure McG will be a director most people are excited to see more from, but he might be able to redeem himself. McG talked with both IGN and RadioFree recently and opened up about his plans for both Terminator 5 and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which are both in active development. "I'm prepping 20,000 Leagues every day, but I'm concurrently prepping Terminator 5--you know, another Terminator picture. So we're cooking that up. And then I'm very active in Spring Awakening also, the musical. So we'll see. But my focus right now is really pushing forward 20,000 Leagues."

As far as I know (even though I liked Terminator Salvation), most people don't really care about the next Terminator sequel, since the last one wasn't really a highlight of the summer. But as a teaser to potentially get a few of you excited about what that next installment might have in store, here's what McG hints at. "So the idea is to play with one of the tried and true rules of the franchise – time travel – and introduce it in this picture. I don't want to share too much, but let's just say it's very, very likely that John Connor is going to end up running through rooms like this where he knows something that none of us know. And I think that is a platform for great storytelling." Some might argue that last point, but I'd love to see some time travel.

And as for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, we've heard a lot about it recently, including that Braveheart screenwriter Randall Wallace is doing a big rewrite. McG promises that there "will be a great deal of action, because I mean, let's face it, the guy is an adventurer. And I think that's the intention of Verne… The idea is getting up and then going around the world, living under sea, doing what no one does. And it's the spirit of the adventure that I want to capture." Whether or not that will actually pan out the way McG wants it to, that is yet to be seen, but I'm actually excited to see his take on this, especially after Terminator Salvation.

Lastly, one little rumor (or a bit of speculation) to chew on for the next few months. At one point previous, McG let slip that he wanted Will Smith to play Captain Nemo in 20,000 Leagues. But since that probably won't happen, how about Sam Worthington instead? "Look out for Clash of the Titans because Clash is going to be really good – I've seen some of that. Now he's doing The Tourist with Charlize [Theron]. He's all over the place, and I might cast him as Nemo if it's in the cards. We'll see." I might be down for that, what about you? Head over to IGN or RadioFree for the complete interviews or stay tuned here for updates.

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don't know why everyone is bashing Terminator Salvation. I thought it was a great movie. I can't wait for the next one.

Vold on Aug 7, 2009


Fuck McG. Somebody should take away his directors license. And they should've done it after the second Charlie's Angels.

Thescagginsvolley on Aug 7, 2009


#2 we know. We all know McG directed Charlie's Angle's 2, move on. Maybe McG could come back, but there needs to be a stronger script next time, and stop blaming him for the movie somewhat lackluster perfromance, it was the writing that came up shot not his directing skills. As for Will Smith playing Nemo rumor, i've always Nemo having an accent, and I don't reallt know if Smith can even pull of an accent so let that rumor die.

Xerxex on Aug 7, 2009


@Thescagginsvolley You are totally not an asshole. You have every right to tell this grown man not to do the thing he claims to be most passionate about. Thank You for not doucing in your own mouth with your stupidity. Thanks, David Wilson

David Wilson on Aug 7, 2009


^ Come on man, stay on topic... A lot of people don't like McG, and they'll probably bash him until his next movie, but that's just how it's going to happen.

Alex Billington on Aug 7, 2009


How can he redeem himself when he's in a deeper hole? He was in a hole with Angels and now a deeper one with Terminator. The film was alright, but it was so blah... Worthington as Neo? Just Quit McG and come back using a real name and we may forget who you were and what you ddi.

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 7, 2009


i will remain skeptical about Terminator 5... the trailers looked awsome for terminator 4 and i wanted to love the movie but it never really happened. It wasn't a bad movie, i guess i just hyped myself up too much for it. It was on the level of T3, entertaining but nowhere near as good as terminator or T2

Janny on Aug 7, 2009


Um, McG when your movie barely have it's budget domestic ... that means you don't get to make another one. Thanks for playing, you get a green "participant" ribbon.

Matt on Aug 7, 2009


Um, McG when your movie barely makes back half it's budget domestic … that means you don't get to make another one. Thanks for playing, you get a green "participant" ribbon (sorry for unintelligible post before - give myself the same green ribbon)

Matt on Aug 7, 2009


to me Terminator 4 was better then Terminator 3 but it still was not great at all now for this casting for Captain Nemo is McG a idiot Captain Nemo aint black or white his Indian if you doing a movie about Captain Nemo you got to respect the character Naveen Andrews would been a better choice for the character. in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen they even casted indian actor Naseeruddin Shah to play Captain Nemo the reason why cause Captain Nemo is Indian. the problem with McG is he wants all these big name actors to sell his movie but he does not deliver a good movie to the general audience i think he needs to stop talking big and hype up his movie.

darkone on Aug 7, 2009


I think McG is a good director. The fuck you morons ever do that's better?

1001 on Aug 7, 2009


geez...Terminator 5...I cant believe there is any water left in that well...but I guess you can sell anything to the general public these days.....

cornholio_by_the_sea on Aug 7, 2009


please, please, please...........NO WILL SMITH in "leagues". they need someone older for it to work.

dan on Aug 7, 2009


1001, I took a crap this morning. That was better.

JVR on Aug 7, 2009


he's good director, he just needs better scripts!

L1A on Aug 7, 2009


When I saw that opening future war scene in Terminator 2 back in 1991, that was the movie that I had envisioned seeing with Terminator Salavation, Man Vs. Machine. Terminator Salvation was a total let down. McG calls himself a huge fan of the Terminator 2, but he could not even conjure up anything that was in that first five minutes from T2. As far as I am concerned he made Terminator 3 look like gold with that bullshit film he calls a terminator film.

last Son on Aug 7, 2009


Everyone involved in the production of TS is to blame for its horrible quality, and T5 sounds even worse; yes, we can expect John Connor to time-travel to the past for another Transformers remake in the present time.

PG-McG on Aug 8, 2009


Sam Worthington as Nemo? Come on, we need someone a little bit older to play the cap.

Robbie on Aug 8, 2009


Didn't they actually saw Terminator Salvation, or just hear/read review? Give them a change, the movie actually good and the cgi were great and some new stuff for Terminator francise. Did you watch the new comer Sam, he was agreat and he peformer in Terminator look pretty good and he brought Terminator francise into a new level, besided no doubt Christian Bale can act (have you guys watch Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) eventhough he didn't get much screen but still worth watching the movie. so, talk about T5, I think.... i'm actually excited to watch when they actually signup for the fifth installment. Time-travel, and stuff sound like a good idea to me. about 20000, I'm excited about that movie... besides McG could bring us a new level. Best Regards, Iszaham

iszaham on Aug 8, 2009


Bests Terminators in order #1 The Terminator ***** 1/2 #2 Terminator 2 Judgment day ***** #3 Terminator 3 Rise Of The Machines **** #4 Terminator Salvation *** BUT THATS JUST ME Probley will watch T5 least T4 was better than Transformers 2

David C on Aug 8, 2009


Terminator 5 needs new writers. The script for salvation was terrible.

Cat on Aug 8, 2009


Holy shit, does anyone know how to form a sentence anymore? If you can't write properly, do everyone a favor and take an English class. It pains me to read this shit. What the hell are these words? Probley reallt awsome This is a great post.... "now for this casting for Captain Nemo is McG a idiot Captain Nemo aint black or white his Indian if you doing a movie about Captain Nemo you got to respect the character Naveen Andrews would been a better choice for the character."(that's a great sentence) This one isn't even a sentence "The fuck you morons ever do that's better?"(what the hell does that mean?) I've seen little children that can do better than this. I will close with a famous movie quote. "I weep for the future" For the record, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. I thought Terminator Salvation was pretty damned great.

ObiWop on Aug 8, 2009


Well, because I can. For one, it's typing errors. Secondly, you fail at the grammar because "damned" is actually a way to "put down" or "rip" on something as it is a negative. Therefore a "damned great" film makes no sense what so ever. The emphasis you use shows how unintelligent you are by using a derogatory slang word...well, actually its meaning as the word exists and with a proper meaning, you just failed to use the actual meaning. This of course is unless you hated the movie in which you agree with everyone. quote two obvious statements without any actual intelligent information from yourself. You have no argument, so instead you recite what others have said making you, nothing other than one who can copy and paste in which would also allow you to skip over the typing errors that tend to occur when...uh...typing. As you can see, I say "type" not "write" as if you're writing on here, wow, impressive.

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 8, 2009


#22 ObiWop shut up people can type what ever they want

darkone on Aug 8, 2009


Hey ObiWop "The fuck you morons do that's better" actually it makes sense it you think about it, but you were just looking to bash someone to prove your useless point, its the internet spelling and grammar, along with punctuation aren't really that important.

Xerxex on Aug 8, 2009


The fuck you morons do that's better" actually it makes sense it you think about it, but you were just looking to bash someone to prove your useless point, its the internet spelling and grammar, along with punctuation aren't really that important. Wow another ignorant comment. You just proved my point. For 23(thanks for catching my mistake) and 24, that's the kind of comment I was expecting, something ignorant.

ObiWop on Aug 8, 2009


#26 you like to call everyone ignorant but the biggest ignorant person here is you

darkone on Aug 8, 2009


darkone, aww, now you went and hurt my feelings. I guess the truth hurts. I won't take up any more of your time, since you probably have to finish watching Teletubbies after nappy time.

ObiWop on Aug 8, 2009



David C on Aug 9, 2009


Okay ObiWop instead of giving everyone here a lecture of proper sentence use, why not just stay on topic about McG doing Terminator 5? Nobody cares about proper spelling while on the internet, here we use simple easy and to the point words like: OMG, WTF, LOL, ROTFLOL, STFU, IMO and so on. It's just that we 'll stay ingnorant and mis-spell whatever the hell we want.

Xerxex on Aug 9, 2009


Terminator 4 wasn't bad, the action was good but I think the acting and the script turned me off. They need to ditch Christian Bale. He is a great actor but he just plain sucked has Connor. Also they need new writers. I'm not going to bag out McG, cause I felt he actually did a good job directing T4, it was just everybody else failed.

Ben on Aug 9, 2009


Terminator Salvation sucked. We can't say the script sucked thats why the movie sucked, if McG was that good a director, he should have seen the script to be the crap it was and not directed the movie, but no, McG thought it was good stuff. Worse still, that script was re-written after insistence by Christian Bale (this was after McG thought it was great). So two things are possible here, either, Christian's insistence killed the script or it made it better than it was at first. Both of which don't rest well for McG because it means that McG thought the 'directed' knew better than the director himself or he, the director, sucks at knowing that a good script/film is.

Ostilad on Aug 10, 2009


I hated Salvation. It wasn't a fraction as cool as it had the potential to be. I don't know whose fault it was, but Bale has nothing to prove to me. As far as I'm concerned, I will not be seeing another "McG" film at the theater.

bozoconnors on Aug 10, 2009


Jean Reno for Nemo!

TONY on Aug 20, 2009


Terminator: Salvation: It has enough pace and excitement to keep action fans switched on, This is Sam Worthington's movie, and he steals it, decent action film, far superior to the awful Terminator 3. Despite some laughably silly plot elements, McG has created an overall entertaining movie experience. Being a rabid fan that grew up on the franchise created by James Cameron, the idea of McG getting behind the camera for this sequel was slightly nauseating, and yet, by some miracle, the fourth film in the franchise is (barely) passable.

George on Aug 22, 2009


Disney should take a look at the this trailer for sequel to 20,000 Leagues. The book is available on Amazon currently. I understand, there is a third story under development.

LM on Jan 5, 2010

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