McG's Terminator Salvation Will End Up Rated PG-13

April 14, 2009
Source: SlashFilm

Terminator Salvation

McG can't trick us any longer, the truth is out there. A few weeks ago, a PG-13 rating was discovered on the promotional Pizza Hut site for Terminator Salvation. It was an early indication that McG had lost the battle to get his movie rated R. I didn't mention it at the time, because it all seemed a bit sketchy and wasn't confirmed by the MPAA. However, Fox is set to air an "Extended Look" at Terminator Salvation tomorrow during "Bones", and the promo spot that aired on Monday for that also featured a PG-13 (via SlashFilm). That's a sure enough sign that it is indeed going to be rated PG-13, whether McG wants to admit it or not.

This is the first time any Terminator movie will receive the PG-13 rating. The previous three, including Terminator 3, were all rated R. Back at WonderCon, McG asked the audience to cheer if they wanted to see Moon Bloodgood's breasts - which was his attempt at proving to the studio that a scene with Moon naked in the rain should be in his movie. However, my guess is that after Watchmen did worse than expected, Warner Brothers decided they didn't want to take any more risks with R rated genre movies (see this article), especially when they're unsure of how well it will perform (because Terminator 3 didn't do so well).

The good news (if you can call it that) is that I think Terminator Salvation was shot for PG-13 anyway, so I'm sure McG didn't have to make any major cuts to get the rating. I would argue that a blatantly obvious nude scene in the rain would've been stupid anyway, so I'm glad he was forced to cut out the cheese, and stick with the story and action. Lest we forget that The Dark Knight was awesome and that was PG-13!

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I think this is a bad omen. Clearly Fox is putting profits ahead of vision by aiming for teens and their disposable income. Smart in a down economy, but bad for the film. Look at Aliens vs. Predator. 6 movies between the two franchises all rated R and their first pairing was a complete turd burger. Of course, AVP: Requiem was a hard R and also sucked. But still...

Tom Brazelton on Apr 14, 2009


I'm not too worried. A lot of violence can be side-stepped by the MPAA, especially in the case of fantasy/sci-fi genre films. Looking back at Terminator and Terminator 2 now, you could easily argue that with (or even without) a few scenes being trimmed those films could receive a PG-13 release in today's film market, but with warnings of "graphic fantasy violence and grisly images". As far as T3 goes, why the hell that was ever R-Rated is beyond me. Honestly, I'm not too worried. If Moon's breasts are the only thing this film will no longer have, it's no big loss. The Dark Knight pushed PG-13 to the very limit, and I doubt McG and Bale will settle for much-less leniency here.

Dan on Apr 14, 2009


tom last time i checked this is a WB movie watchmen is a big factor for pg13 rating imo

nelson on Apr 14, 2009


I don't think this really matters, there's probable plenty of violence just less language and sex

Scott McHenry on Apr 14, 2009


I dont even remember what parts of T2 made it rated R by todays standards and this looks much darker. I think extra adult scenes beign language or nudity or whatever could certainly make this movie more serious and good, but I think it will kick ass anyway and I wanted a Directors Cut on Bluray.

Richard on Apr 14, 2009


McG is a dumb little prick for that boob thing he did at the comic con, very uncomfortable.

Tristan on Apr 14, 2009


This is the next "Watchmen" meaning it's going to be worthless and not worth anyone's time.

bad movie on Apr 14, 2009


Dude just the trailer is already about 10x better then the trailer for watchmen, hell the trailer IS better then the entire Watchman movie, wtf are you smoking?

Richard on Apr 14, 2009


Im really dissapointed in this news. Im still gonna go see the movie, but I my expectations have been dramatically lowered

Trey on Apr 14, 2009


sometimes people DONT wanna see random boobs in a movie. cal me crazy, but if i wanted to see Terminator with my girlfriend, i woundn't want the awkwardness of seein some random girl's boobs on the screen. it's unnecessary. people who want to see boobs just for the sake of it need to learn that nudity for the sake of it is a dumb cliche to get people to see a movie and not worth much in the artistic department. all it is is awkward, and who cares if the movie is PG-13. it's still gonna rock

Josh on Apr 14, 2009


Kail, u are a dumb ass. Watchmen was R rated material, so it got a R. all of the other terminators movies were R. so sould this one be. FOX fucks up everything they touch.

allamerican_97 on Apr 14, 2009


I'm saying their both going to suck major buttcrack.

bad movie on Apr 14, 2009


fox fucks everything up but this is WB lol

nelson on Apr 14, 2009


I tell ya these corporates have no clue! This a very old running franchise! You fuck with the formula.. you get yourself into trouble. People expect a certain thing when they go to see a terminator film, and ripped flesh and people getting shot are usually a part of that. Oh well... heres to another T3 - God help us.

dom on Apr 14, 2009


I think from what i have seen in the trailers that no one in the movie will have time to have sex or do any nude crap because the movie will be amazingly awesome action packed Terminator movie ever.

Fisherr on Apr 14, 2009


fuck all you dumb people, a movie could be G and be great, it doesn't need all the sex and swearing so long as it has a good story. watchmen would've been better minus the sex scenes, they ruined it for me

Kail on Apr 14, 2009


I don't even understand why Terminator 1 and 2 were R; the first had nudity I guess, but the second didn't have anything overtly 'R.' I've seen twenty minutes of the third one (and turned it off) and it didn't seem 'R' either, so I think the new one will be just as hardcore as the last few.

DinoChow on Apr 14, 2009


i guess the police massacre and the Terminator operating on himself weren't R material for T1? The UK classicifcation ratings: T1 - 18 T2 - 15 T3 - 12A \ 12 on DVD T3 was at least action packed, so hopefully T4 will still have some kick ass sci fi action. As an aside, the full fat 'unrated' Starship Troopers was rated 15 in cinemas in the UK (changed to 18 for home video!) so our censors don't mind a bit of sci fi bloodshed....but i guess the USA is a bit random with the MPAA!!

chris on Apr 14, 2009


@17... i do believe 1&2 got a R rating because of the scenes where the ol' T-800 cutting his skin apart and doing repairs (and some language).... you have to take into account the movies are well over 15 years old and it was a simpler time back then I am hoping that there will be an unrated directors cut... not neccessarily for moon bloodgood's breasts, but for any violence that might be cut out PS: if you want a bit of moon bloodgood upped body just watch What Just Happened

Janny on Apr 14, 2009


How did WB get this again? Especially since FOX has Chronicles? And why don't people pay attention to expanded universes? Not saying they haven't but it'll be interesting to see if they do.

Hey Ya on Apr 14, 2009


That sucks!!! PG-13 garbage!! How can you have a Terminator movie rated PG-13. I don't care about the sex or language. But what about the brutality and killing. It is called Terminator after all. This Sucks!!!

Joe Potochar on Apr 14, 2009


This news dosen't really bother me, because today PG13 is in small way R, so I'm still gonna be first in line for TS so the fact is PG-13 or not its still gonna be good.

Xerxex on Apr 14, 2009


So you mean to tell me that while I'm watching this movie I will spend half the time trying to get some stupid mom to tell her 13 year old kid to STFU!?!? GREAT.

Sami on Apr 14, 2009



mrmr on Apr 14, 2009


Hmm. I'm a little bummed. I would have liked to have seen those breasts. Oh well, I guess I'll have to settle for the (hopefully) awesome plot, acting, and special effects instead.

Outlaw on Apr 14, 2009


The reason Watchmen failed was not because it was rated R, it was because it did not appeal to everyone's liking. The Matrix Reloaded was R rated and it was released on the same date as Terminator Salvation and that film made loads of money. This is a bad omen. a PG-13 Terminator film. I never thought that I would see this ever happening. Sure the dark knight was awesome, but then again there has never been an R rated Batman film before, so we don't actually know how much cooler the dark knight would have been if it was given an R rating. I just hope in the end that an R rated version of this film will be released on Dvd.

Bizzaro on Apr 14, 2009


T4 + PG-13 + McG = FAIL!

Blake on Apr 14, 2009


I don't care what anyone says, I am cheering. I have been wanting to get a great mechanized movie that has the potential to step things up a notch and I am happy! I am definetly renting/buying Terminator Salvation. I rarely even give notice or care for R rated movies, I only have two but they are director's cut (Pitch Black) and unrated (AVP: R). The gore in both Pitch Black and AVP:R would have gotten them R without the cursing. Cut the language and they are more likely to do better. PG-13 of sci-fi/action genre often do better. And #26, it the 'R' DVD will be director's cut or unrated. Now I have my 2 movies of the year, Transformers 2 (mecha) and Terminator Salvation (mecha). I finally get high quality mechanized movies. I watched both trailers and as far as I am concered, its a win-win situation. The Dark Knight did push the bounderies as the longest time without someone getting shot was 10 to 20 minutes max. Just be happy, everyone wins except those who like sex/nude scenes in action movies. If they want that, just go your local movie store and find them.

Kronis on Apr 14, 2009


wow, I love all the nerds who havent seen a breast getting so upset. This isnt going to have that much of an impact. The ratings these days are moreso based on nudity and sexuality. I dont think it will take away from the overall film. I'm curious as to the people whining about this but are ok with Transformers being the same thing. The difference here is: Terminator wont have break dancing robots.

Ak on Apr 14, 2009


I would just like to point out how hilarious it was for #5 to tell all the "dumb people" to fuck off, then go on about how the movie doesn't need sex and swearing. Certainly Kail has no use for it! 😀

Tom Brazelton on Apr 14, 2009


This will be the first PG13 terminator movie. I dunno if it's a sign of anything, but since it's in the future, I suspect that a lot of the violence will be vs machines and not people or machines made to look like people... the lack of gory violence where half a person's face gets ripped off to show metal underneath might be one of the reasons for the lower rating. However, this IS FOX we're talking about. They seem to enjoy releasing 20 different versions of everything they do, which they apparently think will make them more money. And it does. They can sell the regular theatrical version for $20 on DVD, sell the 2 disc special edition for $25, sell the 3 disc unrated director's cut for $25-$30 and sell the limited edition collector's unrated director's cut with a T-Shirt and a keychain for $50 etc. Those limited edition things are retarded. I know, because I make them. They sell them forever. They've been selling the "limited" collector's version of Alvin and the Chipmunks (yeah, they made a limited collector's edition of Alvin and the Chipmunks...) since they came out. Not a lot of them, granted, but enough. Why they focus all their marketing power on such shit films and leave good flicks like Slumdog and Wrestler locked up in the closet until they win a billion awards is beyond me. They seem to enjoy doing it, tho, as every fucking year they get a bunch of flicks to win a bunch of shit and have marketed none of them at all. Some of them are actually decent movies, too. Anyway, they will sell so much tie-in shit with these, I'm really dreading having to produce it all. Every 'special edition' version of a terminator movie is a pain in the ass to produce. They've got metal shit, weigh a ton, are shaped all weird... fucking terminator. I can't wait to see what kind of shit they want popping out of the packaging, or what kind of bizarre shape they want the collector's trilogy (with random terminator statue!!!) to be... Whatever the case, they will no doubt be a huge pain in the ass to run, will make my life miserable for a couple months and then continue to haunt me with small, annoyingly difficult batches that won't be worth the time it takes to produce the nightmare-inducing packaging. If any of you guys buy that kind of shit and then throw the packaging out instead of keeping and treasuring it forever, I swear to god I'll haunt you when I'm dead.

Squiggly on Apr 14, 2009


boobs hav nothing to do with it this pg-13 rating means this will not be as badass as we hoped, itsa terminator movie for fucks sake! It should b violently like the others, it should have the odd swearing evry now and then but most importantly it should have terminators hands ripping through peoples chests. The Dark Knight is a different franchise altogether it works for the but not Terminator so stop referring to it!

micky on Apr 14, 2009


Man this does really kinda suck I mean you need a couple of good gory shootouts in a terminator movie its simple as that. Also stop referring to other movies thats not this movie...with your watchmens and your dark knights...god i hate people.

Cody on Apr 14, 2009


It's a shame if the film has been shackled from the start by not being able to be too violent or adult. It's a Terminator film, end of the world, people dying etc.

Payne by name on Apr 15, 2009


Actually it`s a descission against cinema itself (again). Everbody will know there will be a longer cut available on DVD so why spend money on some cut down crapp on the big screen. We`ve done a research over here in germany asking about why people no longer going to the cinema. One of the main reason (apart from beeing way cheaper) was that it seems to become a new rule that you will see the full picture only on DVD. People actualy started to feel ripped-off by incomplete pictures on the big screen because of rating-ristrictions and companys like Warner or Fox who are willing to show shorter cuts on the big screens. It's such a shame.

Sebastian Selig on Apr 15, 2009


All you kids who wanted a PG-13 Terminator can jump down from a building now. The world is a better place without you dumb kids.

Son Goku on Apr 15, 2009


PG-13? Why am I not shurprished you piesch of shit!

John Patrick Mayshon on Apr 15, 2009


They failed in the beginning by giving this to a absolute shit director that McG is. You think Cameron would have lost a PG rating battle ? Granted, he did not want to get involved but they should have attached some director that knows what he wants and is not trying to please the studio, only the crowd.

Shige on Apr 15, 2009


If the only thing that made the movie an R was a tit and a bit of swearing then I'm not happy but will accept the new movie as long as they keep in the violence. If they cut the action then they can stick it up their arse as far as I'm concerned.

Smiffy1 on Apr 15, 2009


Apart from a few scenes and a bit of language, the first two Terminators would likely end up with a PG-13 rating nowadays. I personally don't mind. The trailers look amazing and it looks like they pulled it off. Slapping something with an R rtaing doesn't automatically equal quality. You can have a PG-13 rating and still be every bit as adult as an R rated movie as seen with The Dark Knight. The film won't need tons of gore or swearing if it's got the right atmosphere and level of action to move it forward.

SlashBeast on Apr 15, 2009


A Terminator movie with a PG-13 rating? Huge fucking FAIL. It's like having the last Die-Hard as PG-13. The unrated version of that was the only one worth watching.

hmmm on Apr 15, 2009


In France T4 was rated "U" we did not understand the R in the US ...

mtz on Apr 15, 2009


hmmm i meant T3 ...

mtz on Apr 15, 2009


#8: You're a dumb dog-screwer. WB's coming out with an extended cut of "Watchmen" in July to please. Ergo, people DO CARE. That said, it's stupid to make T4 PG-13.

Roy on Apr 15, 2009


I wish everyone would stop bring up The Dark Knight, it's not the same. The fact that this was shot for PG-13 is what bothers me, and it has really tempered my enthusiasm for T4.

Jmoney on Apr 15, 2009


Thank you #45, for those who mention The Dark Knight, NOT ONE Batman movie has been R. So on rating you have little ground to compare them. Also, The Dark Knight's rating for "Intense sequences of Violence and some Menace". Only 2 kiss scenes and 3 outright cursing (the rest were underbreath and scaresly heard). Also, only 2 scenes with blood at all, Bruce Waynes arm and the copy cat's mouth. So for all those who thinks its only about violence think again, its also blood and gore. I have a movie to counter any other arguements about rating R about violence. One word:Outlander. Outlander had only a 2 kiss scenes and only a few words, ONE f-word and a few D*mns. The rest was gore and violence and it got R. Don't believe me, go to and check it out. Not only that but it had creatures which were largely CG. Giving less reason for R then people to people gore. And on a last note for Outlander, there was only 2 scenes (I saw) of human to human gore (mainly blood, no decapitation). So silence! And finally I am happy becuase this is a sign that Terminator is heading for what PG-13 really should be. No sexuality and little or no language, thats what makes a good movie, leaving all the action for those who know what makes a good movie. I'll double check it at where you can see whats in movies before renting or buying them.

Arcane on Apr 15, 2009


The irony is that the last 3 movies were rated R, they finally decide to make a Terminator film showing the actual war and its PG-13? Sorry but I think I'll keep my money. Also if a pair of tits was the only reason keeping this movie from having a PG-13 rating then obviously there isn't a whole lot of hard gritty bloody violence in it. Oh it'll have its usual run of the mill explosions with people flying in the air, but not the gritty balls to the wall hardcore action we were expecting. Complete garbage this movie will be.

howpow on Apr 15, 2009


Why would anyone want to plunk down money to go see this kid friendly heavily edited dullfest of a movie? As soon as I found out its going to be PG 13 I completely lost interest. They should've picked a director with some balls. James Cameron would've made damn sure this would've stayed R...The Terminator franchise is officially dead..

lippidor on Apr 15, 2009


If there was little/no editing to warrant a PG-13 - I already question the validity of this as a part of the franchise. They - are - fucking - terminators. Machines. Like cars hitting deer, terminators killing (attempting) fucking people. Unless somebody involved in this film has royally pissed off the MPAA (super corrupt) - I'm with #47, this will blow ass chunks out of lower earth orbit. I'll still pay to see McG go down the toilet into goddamn career fucking oblivion though, so, they'll get my money either way. If it's fucking Transformers 1.5 though, (which it's looking like more and more,) I'm going to be angry. Oh, I enjoyed Transformers and am stoked about 2, but I know what to expect from those!! I'm so completely afraid of the sinking (further) of Mr. Cameron's masterpiece, my skepticism has reached near irreversible proportions. McG. Really? McG? Charlie's Angels?!??! Yeah... we're fucked. (true fans) Pardon my thicker than usual vulgarity, but I had emotionally high hopes for this film which are slowly being.... terminated. McG!?!? Sounds like a director you'd order at fucking McDonalds. Make me eat my words McG - please - begging - prove me wrong into humble pie hell - PLEASE.

bozoconnors on Apr 15, 2009

50 suck at life. Think about that for a're not good at it.

Cmurder on Apr 15, 2009


I'm still SUPER psyched for Salvation regardless. Besides, the Terminator franchise never really NEEDED to be graphically violent, and I don't think the director's vision is being compromised (aside from the topless shot). Besides, they can release a Director's Cut DVD down the road anyway.

Andrew on Apr 15, 2009


Please for the love of God stop using The Dark Knight as a reason why this movie will be great as a PG-13 flick. The Dark Knight was made to be PG-13. It's Batman for crying out loud. This is a fucking Terminator movie..It's supposed to be ultra violent in your face action. How dark and brutal can this movie be with this rating? Not very.....War is hell and unfortunately we won't be seeing much of the brutality this war with the machines has to offer.

exacto on Apr 15, 2009


The Terminator franchise never really needed to be graphically violent? Are you kidding me #51? Have you not watched the last 3 films with various characters describing the future war? You maybe right however that the directors vision was probably not compromised since the only reason this would've been rated R was a pair of titties in the rain. Meaning basically as someone previously has stated that there wasnt going to be much graphic violence to begin with. In other words McG can go fuck himself.

exacto on Apr 15, 2009


FOX has nothing to do with this. It is all WB.

Ryan on Apr 15, 2009


why is pg-13 no problem? 1.) the violence against humans will be depicted as "suffering", therefore may be harder that you think. 2.) the excessive, satisfying violence will be against machines, there needs to be no mercy. 3.) there will be an unrated version of the movie, like for every other stupid (horror-)sellout that needs to fill cinemas first, then make money on other media... anyways: the "real" terminator-story is OVER. just let them sell the heck out of it, and stop whining!

come on on Apr 15, 2009


PG-13 BULLSHIT! Great idea! Bring the kids! Don't worry this new Terminator movie has been safely sanitized for their precious eyes and ears!

hmfg on Apr 15, 2009


There better be gore and death and curses still in the movie

Dan W on Apr 15, 2009


#57 Sorry to disappoint you but there will be a very limited amount of bloodless action, no gore and no blood. Maybe a few curses but definitely no "fucks" even though there should be since it is a FUCKING WAR MOVIE... It's PG-13 what do you except..? McG can suck my McDick..

whatmeworry on Apr 15, 2009


I think that they should of got Sly Stallone to make this picture. At least he didn't PG things up for Rambo. In fact I think his new version of Rambo makes the other Rambo's look G Rated. Fuck this shit with turning old franchises into PG-13 movies. Alien Vs Predator sucked.

Bizzaro on Apr 15, 2009


I couldn't agree more at #59. I can't believe what they got away with the new Rambo movie..The MPAA is the last form of censorship in America and should be dismantled.

whatmeworry on Apr 15, 2009


I think we're jumping the gun a bit I was just on the official website and at the bottom it said "this movie is not yet classsified" so maybe theres still hope ittl be R? Anyway I stand by my comment before (32) PG 13 is justa a shit idea. If they think they can make a real gritty and violent terminator/war movie with a PG 13 rating then they are on acid

Micky on Apr 15, 2009


Rated PG 13?! Gees I'm very disappointed. This has ruined it for me and I was looking forward to this movie. Hollywood thinks about how much they can milk a product for every cent its got. So I guess now we'll be seeing Terminator Salvation characters and merchandise selling at the local Toys R Us. This movie might as well have Mickey Mouse as a character and lower the rating to G so mum, dad and junior can go and have nice family night out at the movies. The 1st and 2nd Terminator were the best, they were dark and serious. The third was a joke and now they have lowered the bar even more. Don't be surprised if this turns out to be a box office white elephant.

ezza on Apr 16, 2009


What the hell, people? Every time i come here now I feel like everything that gets posted in a thread is the exact opposite of reality. You're all freaking out like this is gonna be a fucking Care Bears movie or something. It's robots vs people. Aside from the fact that they won't be transforming, what's the difference between an "awesome" PG-13 Transformers 2 (Which is going to fucking blow in reality, just like the original) or the PG-13 Terminator Salvation (Which you're all bitching about, but will probably be 9000x better than Transformers 2). Yeah, it's got McG directing it, but no one seemed to mind when they saw the trailers. And about those trailers... remember the guy who's literally missing most of his body? He's all ripped apart. He's sees that he's all ripped apart and he screams. Is that not gory or violent enough? If that made it into a PG13 film, imagine what other stuff must also be in there. I don't understand you people sometimes. it's like you all function on some level of stupid that I can't even begin to unravel. You'd rather have your intelligence insulted by Micheal Bay's garbage than see a movie starring a guy who READS THE SHIT HE'S GOING TO STAR IN, and who gives a fuck about the films he makes. McG might not be the best director in the world, but the trailers for Terminator Salvation have some fucking meat to them. The trailers for Transformers 2 are nothing but shit blowing up or getting smashed. What does it say about a movie when the plot is so disposable that they don't even need to mention it in the trailer? I trust Bale's decision to make Salvation far more than I trust Bay's decision to make a no-brainer sequel to a retarded, plotless movie that suckered all the morons on the planet into thinking it was great and made a fuckload of money.

Squiggly on Apr 17, 2009


I don't really see a problem here. The first two Terminator movies would have likely received a rating closer to PG-13 nowadays anyways. People just don't realize how ratings have changed over the years. MPAA ratings today are more based around sexuality and nudity. Culturally, violence has become more acceptable and less stigmatized. Check out any of the R rated films from a couple of decades ago and they seem absolutely tame by today's standards. It also seems that people are extremely closed minded. There are ways to show suffering other that blood and gore. War is hell, but not always in such a limited form. Most of the violence in the film is may also directed towards the machines which may explain a lack of gore. I still have high hopes for this movie. The trailers have been fantastic and the fact that Bale signed onto it gives me high aspirations for this.

Governor on Apr 18, 2009


The whole point of peoples frustrations about the PG-13 rating is that there is a limit of what they will show. This is the Terminator movies all of us fans have been dreaming about.. and they slap a PG-13 rating on it for Gods sake. THE ONLY REASON is MONEY. They want to fill as many theater seats as possible and sell as many toys and merchandise they can. The MPAA is I think the only form of censorship in this country. McG comprised this movie with pressure from WB and Sony. Also please do not compare Transformers to this film..Transformers is expected to get a PG-13 rating. Terminator was not. It's a shock to all of the true fans out there. I agree you can have a decent movie with this rating. But unfortunately it won't be the case with Terminator Salvation. They'll be plenty of explosions and crap like that, but it won't have the dark and gritty balls to the wall bloody realism that it should have. I for one will be skipping it. Especially since they'll be releasing the unrated version in a couple of months.

whatmeworry on Apr 18, 2009


They may be able to pull off a PG-13 Terminator. It doesn't need to be rated R and increasing the level of gore doesn't guarantee a better movie. The first AVP was rated PG-13 and it sucked. The second AVP was rated R and the gore was dramatically increased and guess what? It was even worse! So, maybe this can work as PG-13.

1-7 on Apr 19, 2009


Good thing this movie is rated Pg-13 so kids can watch it, and then run out and buy all the toys and action figures. That's called marketing, which is why Watchmen failed.

Ryan Williams on Apr 25, 2009


Oh shoot! That cyborg is right on our buts! Let's get the heck out of here! Darn machines. Strong language is a requirment in a terminator movie.

Adam on Apr 28, 2009


So its official....Hollywood has gone baby...This is ridiculous. I will not see, and help boycott, this movie. I Think that making this film pg 13 is the worst move Hollywood can do. I have really stuck by but now I am done....The rest of the world is more adult with their movies, and we are lacking in that regard. Good intentions have really destroyed this country and now this. Well I hope all you 15 year olds like being brainwashed, and watching crappy movies caused that's what happened, and will continue to happen. I now officially will start spreading the word that Hollywood has gone soft, and has caved in to the demands of the religious right wing. No matter what freaking religion that is....I have lost all respect for this fading industry now, and will focus on making the future a much better time for real hard core movies...

leon on May 3, 2009


I hope they didnt trim the movie down to PG-13 because of some toy line for the film. Because i remember Terminator 2 having a toy line and that movie was rated R. I'm sure the #1 reason its PG-13 is so the studio makes more of a profit. To me, Makin a PG-13 film connected to a mostly R rated franchise is a risky move. Take past history for example,1. though all the batman films were pg-13, batman & robin killed the franchise cause it strayed away rom the darkness the first two Tim Burton films shown us. 2. AVP was probly risky move for Fox because it was connecting to great R-rated franchises which is why AVP-R was rated R cause the first made expectations. And last but not least,3. Live Free Or Die Hard being the 4th film of another R-rated franchise. I thought it was good, but not as good as the previous films. I just hope Terminator Salvation will be action packed. let me know what you think.

the punisher on May 4, 2009


Oh shit. No scenes with terminators ripping off people. No blood. No pure war themes. No adult stuff. Dude: Hey kids! Let's see a movie about machines vs people! Kids: Coooool! BTW. Transformers =/= Terminator The Dark Knight =/= Terminator Watchmen=/=Terminator Rambo<Terminator

Public on May 13, 2009


In response to comment number 11: "sometimes people DONT wanna see random boobs in a movie." "call me crazy, but if i wanted to see Terminator with my girlfriend, i woundn't want the awkwardness of seein some random girl's boobs on the screen." OKAY! FINE! How about Arnold's NAKED ASS instead?

Edward on May 21, 2009

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