Megan Fox's Hot Poster for Diablo Cody's Jennifer's Body

July 9, 2009
Source: Bloody Disgusting

Jennifer's Body Poster

I already know that every guy out there is going to say how hot this poster is (thanks to Bloody Disgusting). Sure, Megan Fox looks pretty damn hot in that schoolgirl outfit all airbrushed to perfection, but it's just a damn cheesy poster right down to that stupid hand sticking out of the desk. Earlier in the week we featured the trailer for Jennifer's Body, which stars Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried. I'm actually looking forward to this but this is just a trashy poster design to get teens with the hots for Fox into theaters. It's a sly tactic that will probably work to their advantage, but that doesn't make this a good poster. But that's just me!

A new green band trailer for Jennifer's Body debuted on Yahoo today - you can check that out right here.

Jennifer's Body Poster

Thanks to our friends at Bloody Disgusting for debuting this poster today - click above to see it fullsize.

Described as a Heathers-like dark comedy, Jennifer's Body tells the story of a seemingly-perfect cheerleader whose life is thrown into disarray when she gets possessed by a demon, begins eating boys in her small town, then faces off against her best friend and the Satan-worshipping band that made her evil.

Jennifer's Body is directed by Brooklyn filmmaker Karyn Kusama, of Girlfight and Aeon Flux previously. The screenplay was written by Oscar winning screenwriter Diablo Cody of only Juno previously as well as the book Candy Girl. Fox will finally bring Jennifer's Body to theaters on September 18th later this year.

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I am going to watch this now

Nerdherdfan999 on Jul 9, 2009


Why is it all photoshopped up? She doesn't even look real.

Dan W on Jul 9, 2009


full size version:

yondel on Jul 9, 2009


Of course this poster is ridicoulously cheesey it's suppose to be a blatant homage to the horror comedies of the 80's like Student Bodies. It's not a great poster, but it gets across of what's it's trying to sell and seeing how this movie is deliberitly aimed at horny teenage dudes I will honestly say this is the right way to go as far as marketing. I'm really looking forward to this flick aswell, but it isn't just becaue we might see MF naked, but I love trashy, fun B horror movies and judging by the trailers this fits the bill perfectly. Peace Out !

wrongturn687 on Jul 9, 2009


I can use this poster later tonight.

Sancho on Jul 9, 2009


"I already know that every guy out there is going to say how hot this poster is" What if you're gay?

Kate on Jul 9, 2009


Where's Amanda? This looks like one of those episode snapshots from co-eds porn.

dexter on Jul 9, 2009


well Kate, if your gay then you can't get married in California. LOL but you should watch this movie anyways because it looks cool.

Sancho on Jul 9, 2009


I'm sorry, but Megan Fox is not hot at ALL.

Ian @ MovieViral on Jul 9, 2009


^ True that, not to mention her acting chops are non-existant

Jaf on Jul 9, 2009


@6 your answer lies with #9 and # 10 LMAO.

John is a Basterd on Jul 9, 2009


Let me reiterate- She may have a pretty face, but she's a bitch whenever she opens her mouth. That is NOT what makes a beautiful woman, in my eyes.

Ian @ MovieViral on Jul 10, 2009


Good thing we got like 4 out of 12 dudes so far who are not talking about the actual poster but about Fox her self and her being ugly and baaaaad at everything. I suggest you turn of your computers and go find some girls you think are pretty and nice. Great poster.

Shige on Jul 10, 2009


the trailer for this opened up for Bruno tonight the crowd went fucking wild

DoomCanoe on Jul 10, 2009


Man this reminds me of the good ol posters from the early 90's.

dom on Jul 10, 2009


This looks like a good old B-horror film.

Vineeth on Jul 10, 2009


This is relevant to my interests. 😉

Digital Metaphor on Jul 10, 2009


Poster seems to be about a sad commedy, but trailer make me think we will see a classical '80 american horror (chearleaders, young students, vampire and sex)! This is very good!

soloparolesparse on Jul 10, 2009


What a shitty poster for a shitty movie.

nem on Jul 10, 2009

20 Megan Fox tribute

leaflinks on Jul 10, 2009


I'm guessing they will use the song 'Jennifer's Body' by Hole as the title track. If so, that might be the last shred of integrity stripped from the grunge era.

Scott Reed on Jul 10, 2009


"She's evil...And not just High School evil"... What a lame line. And why is it photo shopped into oblivion? They really couldn't find a real desk to sit her on? About Megan being hot...I guess that's personal preference. I think she has a bit of an underbite, and often looks like a transvestite. Her body is awesome, but her thanks. >.< Oh well, I will still watch it, because I'll watch anything. Not at the movies, tho. The trailer wasn't terrible, but it reminded me strongly of Idle Hands for some reason.

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 10, 2009


Yeah, I think she's TOTALLY NOT HOT... but I'll still do her!!! LMAO!!!

Lame-O on Jul 10, 2009


It's called "Jennifer's Body." That's Jennifer's body. She's undead, thus the Photoshop. It gives you a teaser of what the movie is about in a nutshell. I'm sure this will catch dudes' eyes at the multiplex. Effective poster.

Greedo on Jul 10, 2009


Sure the poster is lame and so is the tag-line but my impression is that's exactly what they're going for. #4 had it right.

Gil on Jul 10, 2009


Man, I'm a terrible person. I didn't even notice the hand until I read Alex's opinion of the poster. I won't be seeing this movie though.

Dan Geer on Jul 10, 2009


is that poster asking & answering a question do you want to fuck her ? HELL YEAH.

zetsu on Jul 10, 2009


This hot minx is EXACTLY what was needed for the summer time popcorn movie genre!

TediusTed on Jul 10, 2009


#10 Enough with the acting chops................... Not gonna see it for her acting. Gonna see it because in the trailer she zips down her sweater and hopefully for everyone she will let out the itti titii bitti's she has. They sale her as a SEX GODDESS !!! They make money of her looks, thats it and she knows it. I really don't see her in any Shakespeare play any time soon

SHANEDAV on Jul 10, 2009


Her face looks weird at that angle. Could of been done better.

Sabes on Jul 10, 2009


Is it me? Is she not the most overrated female right now? Has anybody seen all her ugly tatoos? Plus she's an admitted psycho? Bay directed her to perfection (aesthetically, I mean) in the Transformers movies, but that's about it. Huge pass.

Mark on Jul 10, 2009


I honestly don't understand why people say its "too photoshopped". What do you mean? It's stylized not to look "real" or natural, but to have more "oomph" in it, like HDR photos. Yeah maybe it would be nice to have a natural setting, classroom, studio lights and all for a photoshoot but I don't see this as doing damage either. I don't think it looks bad or cut-and-paste at all (well maybe very slightly the hand lol). I noticed that a whole lot more people nowadays see all the miniscule details to say that a picture / poster is "fake".

solider on Jul 10, 2009


After seeing Transformers 2 I've gotten an allergy for her...

Vitor on Jul 10, 2009


"Hey guys I don't think Megan Fox is hot so I'll put a comment here in hopes that everyone will think I grab hotter girls LOL"

danielvutran on Jul 10, 2009


#34 - agreed. If I hear one more person make a comment about how "hot" Megan Fox is, I'm going to literally scream. She is too artificial for my liking. On the other hand, I like Amanda Seyfried better, so those too extremes will probably help.

Sean Kelly on Jul 10, 2009


That is better than most horror posters. At least it is creative instead of a bunch of big heads with the film's title underneath them.

Film-Book dot Com on Jul 11, 2009


God Bless you Meagan.

Fisherr on Jul 11, 2009


This coming from the same person that was madly in love with the crappy Drag Me To Hell poster. All your hyping that shitty movie up got me to go see what is the biggest piece of shit ive seen to date. Maybe you should rethink your movie taste!

Roly on Jul 11, 2009


too bad megan fox cant act for shit. on Jul 11, 2009


The movie looks like alotta fun, lets hope they keep the 'R' rating. Now it's obvious Miss Fox is a looker, but is she ill or has been ill? A friend of mine saw Miss Fox on that fat guys talkshow, Jimmy-something, on youtube; and he got concerned. Miss Fox seems to have a tennisball in her throat. He sent me this link: wondering if this is what Miss Fox 'has' or 'had'. Now, I am a Dr., but not that kinda 'doc. Maybe anyone out there knows if Miss Fox has been sick?

David Banner on Jul 12, 2009

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