MGM's Poltergeist Remake Gets a Late 2010 Release Date

August 13, 2009
Source: ShockTillYouDrop


And we thought this would never happen! We last wrote about MGM's Poltergeist remake more than a year ago, stating only that Ukrainian filmmaker Vadim Perelman (House of Sand and Fog, The Life Before Her Eyes) was attached to direct. ShockTillYouDrop has now confirmed that MGM has set a November 24th, 2010 release date for the new Poltergeist and that Perelman is still directing. According to IMDb, the script was written by Juliet Snowden and Stiles White (Boogeyman, Knowing). But no other details were revealed or are currently known at this time, including when it stars shooting or anything about the cast.

The original Poltergeist, released in 1982, was directed by Tobe Hooper and written by Steven Spielberg. The thriller is about a group of ghosts who begin communicating with five-year-old Carol Anne Freeling in her parents' suburban California home via static on the television. At first the ghosts appear friendly, moving objects around the house to the amusement of everyone, then they turn nasty and start to terrorise the family before they "kidnap" Carol. The film is still regarded as one of the scariest films ever made. I know I should be opposed to this, but I'm curious to see this kind of story (re)told in today's world. You?

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David Banner on Aug 13, 2009



DoomCanoe on Aug 13, 2009


*sigh* Why do they feel they need to remake it? The original was scary enough and a damn good movie to boot.

Jeep-Fu on Aug 13, 2009


I don't think this is a good least I hope the remake still has the clown attacking the kid...that always scared the sh*t out of me as a kid.....I also heard that the original set was haunted and they almost couldn't finish the film to begin with....GET SOME NEW IDEAS HOLLYWOOD...quit destroying timeless classics!!!!

Cameron on Aug 13, 2009


At least we know in advance what he leading Razzie contender for 2010 will be. This remake will be crucified from this point on.

Brian on Aug 13, 2009


Oh. Well ok then. (?)

bozoconnors on Aug 13, 2009


the problem with this is that poltergiest was supposed to be scary, but just because it was a ghost movie. its not a horror movie, its speilberg... the characters are well developed, you care about carrie-ann and the parents. there's stress on the family and all of it is palpable and works well. now take all of that out and remake it into a ghost movie. and you end up with a ghost movie that wont come anywhere near what the original was. cheap "turn the corner" fright scenes , all that stuff. the more i think of it. it will most likely be like the amityville horror. nothing there, just scary.

golliad on Aug 13, 2009


Exactly #4, get some new ideas. Who keeps going to see these substandard remakes?

Smiley on Aug 13, 2009


As a general rule, I dislike most remakes. If it's been over over 40 years, then maybe I can except it and I'm OK with remakes of less-than-stellar films that possessed unrealized potential. But Poltergeist is a perfect knows exactly what it is and what it needs to do and it succeeds beautifully. Please, don't remake one of my all-time favorite movies. And especially don't put it in the hands of the screenwriters responsible for Boogeyman and Knowing.

Kevin on Aug 13, 2009


Dear God. Is there not one writer in Hollywood that can pitch a new idea? Is there not one studio who isn't willing to remake every movie ever made?

Quanah on Aug 13, 2009


Not in my book.............

SHANEDAV on Aug 13, 2009


HOLD ON GUYS!!!!! I am not quite so sure about hating on this idea just yet! #7 - I totally agree that one of the things that made the original such as classic was the family story and that it was a "real" family that we cared about and were invested in....but look at who is directing the remake... Vadim Perelman with "House of Sand & Fog" and "The Life Before Her Eyes" on his resume has a pretty good track record of knowing how to direct dramas of people in turmoil and making us connect to them, who is to say he couldn't do the same here. I think this idea could hold up today with a fresh perspective. The special effects they could do with the ghost nowadays could be incredible and Legendary pictures is really good at distributing movies that are heavy on drama, subtext and I would hold on folks. I think the jury is still out on this one!

Jay on Aug 13, 2009


I say we take off and nuke Hollywood from orbit. It's the only way to be sure...

Fed Up With Hollywood on Aug 13, 2009


Back To The Future and Star Wars are next...maybe even E.T.

wm on Aug 13, 2009


What's next? A remake of the Pink Panther movies with Steve Martin as Inspector Clouseau?

Hattori Hanzo on Aug 13, 2009


Honestly I could care less if they re-make this or any other film I love. I already have to perfect version of the material in the form of the original. Personally I don't see that there is anything that could be added to this film, which in my opinion is a beautiful work of art. So I say this to all of you upset fans, “take hart because this new version doesn't effect our copy and maybe the renewed interest in the film might make the good folks over at Metro add the omitted kitchen scene (I really hate that neck snapping jump cut!) You know what would be amazing? What if Steve went back in and directed this film and was able to really put his name on it! That would be awesome I really feel its his finest early film, its hart is bigger the E.T. its wonder grander the Close Encounters and it’s terror more refined then Jaws. Poltergeist is a true emotional roller coaster I always feel like I’ve lived through something when I watch it. Oh a related side note: if Craig T. Nelson’s character “Steven Freeling’s, line expressing his dislike of pizza hut is so horrible as to disrupt the entire flow of a film why not call Craig up and have him hit the ADR booth and just have him say something harmless and restore that scene! This film is among the best films ever made and it’s in my opinion Steve Spielberg’s best early film.

Nick Drew on Aug 13, 2009


If A movie isn't broke, don't fix it. Like the rob zombie "halloween" movie(s) remake(s), I will not be spending my money to see this film.

Salber on Cinema on Aug 13, 2009


At least it has a good director attached.

Ryan on Aug 13, 2009


No way. This needs no remake. This is the only movie that is truly terrifying. I was very young when I first came across this movie while scanning the channels. And I havn't been the same since. As a kid the images in that movie moved and scared me like no other horror movie has to date. Sure Chucky and Friday the 13th scared me, but not on this mystical creepy level. Seeing the meat move on it's own, and the clown under the bed.... I don't think this movie needs a remake. But since they are doing it I hope it's an almost shot for shot but with updated effects and maybe more creepy scenes. If they turn this movie into a bloody killing spree it will be ruined.

Dan W on Aug 13, 2009


I have a good feeling about this remake. Let's all remain hopeful that they leave the CGI to a minimum and MAYBE just MAYBE use a THIMBLE [object used to rotate parent's room in first film]. If I would remake this movie...I would probably cast AMY ADAMS and ELLE FANNING.

Lee C. on Aug 15, 2009


NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO how many times do I have to say it. NO are you kidding me! Poltergiest is a freaking classic that is still scary. Next thing we will be remaking the Shining. Get a brain cell and create new material leave this expert material alone!

nktwrk on Aug 16, 2009


Looks like a trailer is going up for this eventually:

ConnieM on Aug 25, 2010


I wonder how many child actors will die after making the remake? 4 actors have already died

stan on Sep 2, 2010


Heather O'Rourke and Dominique Dunne will roll over in their graves if this movie is remade. Show a little respect Hollywood or give it up. You're over.

John Doe on Feb 15, 2011

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