Michael Bay is a Drug - And It's Time to Quit

July 1, 2009

Michael Bay

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has raked in over $400 million worldwide. Double its budget. Almost $50 million more than Star Trek and loads more than Pixar's Up, the previous top two. It's a smash. A commercial juggernaut. And its been out just over a week. But to say I'm surprised just wouldn't be the truth. No matter how critically flayed ROTF was bound to be after the tepid response to its predecessor - sliced to bits by critics and dragged asunder by the very fanboys at which the film is aimed - it was destined to destroy. Even when the bile started to spew just before its release, I don't think there was ever any doubt.

We had to see it. We just had to. Everyone was doing it. And so we did. We all saw it. But I'm not here to write a review. To be honest, I wouldn't even know where to begin. (Charlie Jane Anders' satirical masterpiece probably comes closest to my experience.) Which is why I am here; I'm here to try and reconcile just what happened to me in those wee hours of Sunday morning. I'm here to do my best to explain just how Michael Bay does it. How he gets me every time.

I paid an exorbitant amount of money to see ROTF in IMAX - $19, to be exact. For one ticket. I didn't have to, I wasn't forced to, but I wanted the purest high I could get. And seeing a Michael Bay film in IMAX is, for me, just about equivalent to slamming a gram and a half of cut crystal straight into my median cubital. It's a cinematic rush. A rush that drew in an inexplicable sold-out crowd to Los Angeles' The Bridge Cinema De Lux at 1:15 in the morning. We all knew full well that we'd be stepping out of the theatre barely an hour before the Sunday faithful awoke for early mass, but we were there, regardless. And when the movie started, we knew why. With that first sweeping pan, the first glint of sun reflected off a Transformer's exoskeleton, the first glistening female body, we knew.

Then it ended, two and a half bloated, bombastic hours later. And I felt… dirty. Used up. Spent. And most of all, conflicted. Now, I've seen every Michael Bay film. I'm a self-proclaimed Michael Bay apologist. I own both The Rock and Armageddon as Criterion Collection DVDs. I know exactly what the man is. I know exactly what I'm going to get when I come across Bad Boys II or The Island on HBO. And there's something about that that I really love. The man can direct action. Every one of his films are just beautiful. Visually dynamic (sometimes - ahem, Pearl Harbor - to a fault) and always packed with adrenaline. Sure, his sense of story may as well not exist. His sense of pacing (as of late) may as well be a belt sander, cranked up to 11, grinding away at my eye balls. But Michael Bay is a drug with predictable side effects. Well, at least he was.

It's with ROTF that I think I may have OD'ed. No, I know I OD'ed. Todd Gilchrist of Cinematical says "this must be the most movie I have ever experienced." I'll take that a step further - ROTF is the most movie I ever want to experience. It's completely, utterly, unapologetically Michael Bay. It's everything that I expected (and my expectations were subterranean). The film hit every beat, showed every explosion, panned around every inch of Megan Fox, but it just did it too much. And that's why I just can't wrap my head around this damned movie.

I should just be able to accept it and move on. Just think to myself quietly as I walk out of the theatre, "Great action. It's not Summer without Michael Bay," and then continue whatever conversation I was having before the lights dimmed and the previews started to roll. But for days now, it's like Optimus Prime is tearing at my brain. Skids and Mudflap make me hate the movie - a lot. The "forest fight" makes me love it - perhaps the most redeeming factor for the film was this scene viewed in IMAX. John Turturro, Orci and Kurtzman, and that Cylon-wannabe make me hate it again. The Fallen on top of the Great Pyramid make me love it and hate it, but by that time I'd had too much, I didn't care, I was overwhelmed and tired. And Megan Fox -- well, she makes me love it and hate it to such a degree that my eyes go blue and I have to Ctrl-Alt-Del myself back to consciousness. Are you seeing the dilemma here?

Michael Bay has always been a drug; the allure of escapist, illusory cinema, explosions and jokes that people 8 to 88 can enjoy together, a high that shoots squarely for the middle and never pushes beyond that demographic. But Michael Bay has become dangerous. This mainlined, über-purified, 'roided version of himself as seen in ROTF is just too fucking much. It's everything wrong with American blockbuster cinema. Hell, it's everything wrong with America - obese with arteries so clogged we're about to pop. You know that economic crisis we're all undergoing here in the States - ROTF may as well be its thesis. Excess and unconditional balances. Spending without qualms and out of entitlement. It's bankrupted us. I can only hope Michael Bay and ROTF has bankrupted (at least, figuratively) American film and how it's thought of, how it's presented.

Because Michael Bay should now be considered dangerous to us all, but especially to our children, the young minds that his hallucinatory forays effect most, we must all turn our eyes away and refuse the next ocular injection coming in two years' time. Just say no. I know it feels good. In a darkened theatre, the subwoofers rumbling your very core, metal on metal laced with ILM, hot chicks and hulking guys glowing underneath the ever-noon sun. The kind of world where every person who steps out of a car is as regal as a king, just you and the sky -- but, please, just say no. 'Cause even though I still can't express what actually happened to me in that theater, it just may have been a spiritual awakening. A cleansing of the soul.

My name is Brandon, and I've been sober for four days now. And, you know, a locked-off shot and some subtitles - they're not that bad. Not bad at all.

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ROTF was the worst movie I've seen all year. I had to wait a few days after the premier to go see it, so I was expecting it to suck out loud based upon the reviews and the word-of-mouth. But it still sucked beyond belief. The good thing is, I knew better than to support Bay and his suckiness so I bought a ticket for another film instead. I feel good about having done that.

kevjohn on Jul 1, 2009


Bay should be locked up forever. He should not make another movie from now on. He failed to make a good entertaining movie with ILM and a huge budget and fighting robots. If you fail with those ingredients you shouldnt be given the right again to try. Bay, please please please.. stop making movies.

jaja on Jul 1, 2009


i hate how critics are looking for another oscar best picture contender, this movie was mainly made for entertainment, fun, action, comedy, visuals, and pure awesomeness and i think they pulled it off perfectly. the movie broke records at the box office and while shooting the film. the movie was a perfect blockbuster for the summer and everyone i know said they loved it either if it was the cars or megan fox .

Darren on Jul 1, 2009


HA....You all will be back for another fix when Transformers 3 comes out.

OPTIMUS DEVINE on Jul 1, 2009


People are exaggerating. Its not a great film but why does that mean it can't exist or people shouldn't watch? People act as if all movies are exactly like ROTF. I fucking enjoyed it and ILM's CGI is above spectacular, I'll choose to get that high however many times I choose to. Doesn't mean I'm not going to watch better films left this year (District 9, Shutter Island etc). People love making a big deal but sometimes these rants come off as even more obnoxious than the very movie you are critiquing. Its practically become sport to shit on ROTF (Its the cool thing in the blogosphere). If you didn't like the movie, move the fuck on and stop writing about it. The movie obviously accomplished something if your still whining about how hard ROTF butt fucked you. Seriously move the fuck on.

The Clergy Arc on Jul 1, 2009


also bay is a great director, he is one of the only directors that can actually direct good action, The Island is my favortie movie from him because i never saw anything like it. C'mon guys what other director knows how direct amazing action sequences other than Bay and you can even say that you didnt enjoy the explosions and fight scenes in the movie.

Darren on Jul 1, 2009


This is Michael Bay in a Nutshell.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H24Lje9bN7k#t=01m07s

TheGuyInThePJs on Jul 1, 2009


Haven't seen it, doubt I ever will. Michael Bay is a douche and so is anyone who give's him money. His films are the cinematic equivalent of dropping napalm on a village, it feels good at the time, the adrenalin is kicking in and your not thinking too much, but afterwards, you feel empty and lost and cry like a baby or even worse, you enjoy it.

Crapola on Jul 1, 2009


its the human emotion that lacks in Bays films. Its the non sensible humor. Its the inconsistency, and the absence of soul. Star Trek was another action sci fi this year, but it never ran into the problems Bay has. Thank you Mr. Teeney, you're insight of Bay is top notch.

Al on Jul 1, 2009


Thank you #4, you are absolutely correct. All these bullshit comments from 'critics' and 'reviewers' are completely self serving, and I'm tired of hearing it and reading it. The fact is, critcs got this one wrong. The public completely disagrees with them and they need to accept it and move on, and stop trying to change everyone's mind. And another thing Brandon, you need to get your facts straight. Fanboys love this movie. As crazy as all the strange personalities are, I would rather have Skids and Mudflap over Jazz, Ironhide and Ratchet any day. They are fun, off the wall characters, and I love them.

Necrothug on Jul 1, 2009


#3, you don't seem to understand that 90% of the movies made these days are made purely for "entertainment," or, their excuse for not having any plot/character development, so they cover it all up with action scenes and pretty explosions. The average American has the attention span of a squirrel these days, and is easily fooled into thinking all of these movies are an instant hit, even though what they are really seeing is just a big fiesta of robots ripping each other apart, for $10+.

Chris W on Jul 1, 2009


dam, dude who wrote this sounds like he is in a love relationship with Bay. The movie was what it was, a popcorn flick for the masses, critics went in and expected oscar type shit. Time to step off of Bays ball bag.

Nyarl on Jul 1, 2009


good article Brandon it made me laugh! but you got to remember, drugs are fun. hell i did drugs then went and saw this drug of a movie... do you know how fucking awesome it was? super fucking awesome that's how awesome i say do the drug! Have fun and get your ass hole blown out by Bays explosions, get your mind blown out by his plots. Get drunk off his CGI amazingness, and then puke because you can't tell whats real anymore. its action baby, its a fuckin trip and would you have it any other way? shit no *line of explosions* *helicopters* *huge guns* *ass kicking* *cheesy 1 liners* *MORE EXPLOSIONS* *GOOD GUYS WIN* *BAD GUYS LOSE* *BIGGEST EXPLOSION YET* *inhale* ....oh....yeah......*exhale*

DoomCanoe on Jul 1, 2009


Why do you have to complicate everything? How come you can't just go into a movie to be entertained? Or perhaps you should stop paying attention to who's directing the movie since that seems to affect your attitude towards the movie going in.

The_Phantom on Jul 1, 2009


Why do people want to KEEP on picking this movie apart? It was made you didn't have to go see it. Leave Bay alone he makes money and sells movie tickets. Go pick on other directors who fail movie after movie. This movie was exactly what it needed to be. There is GIANT robots fighting. Did this movie actually have to make sense? No. That's the beauty of movies like this. We live everyday trying to figure stuff out. This movie just lets you enjoy the visual and fun aspect. You can't tell me you didn't laugh at least once during this movie. The parents are great. So leave the poor man alone and guess what I hope there is a #3 which is even bigger and better! Go Bay you entertain me!

Enrique on Jul 1, 2009


$19 for a fucking movie ticket. Shit. Fuck California.

S on Jul 1, 2009


fuck, man, i only paid $9 to see it in imax. if i had to pay 19$ i would not see it. youse a fool.

pimp on a stick on Jul 1, 2009


ROTF was cool, but overdone and mind-numbingly excessive all around! Yes, it was made as pure entertainment, but then again so was TDK--these 2 films are WAY different! I sure do wish that ROTF would have delved deeper into the Autobot-Decepticon history and used a more serious tone, like the original. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, hope they don't bring back Skids and Mudflap for the 3rd installment!

Blue Silver on Jul 1, 2009


@ #10...90%? You're percentages are a bit off. Trying to throw in some numbers there so what you say sounds better? No, it's not 90% There are a lot of "meaningful" movies as well as just pure entertainment ones. Actually lately I've been thinking how I was tired of these "meaningful" movies and just wanted to see stuff blown the eff up. Sometimes I don't want to see tragedy, or have to work my way through a complicated, life pondering plot. I'm pretty tired of people going on and on about this movie. Move on. It was made for entertainment, and apparently *eyes 400 million* most people were entertained.

Sabes on Jul 1, 2009


#16, I only paid $5 bucks to see it, in California, so ha! And seriously people, the movie is made for entertainment, nothing else. If explosions and action entertain you, see the movie. If not, see something else that's "intelligent" (like Public Enemies). I was entertained by it. Yeah the jokes were sometimes too corny for my tastes, and the new guy was irritating, but seriously, the action made up for it big time. I came expecting good action, that's what I got. Besides people, don't you ever want to take a break from the serious flicks, the 'thinking' flicks, the depressing flicks? That's what this movie is for!

Gex on Jul 1, 2009


#12 - Right on!! All these people saying its the worst movie ever are going to be first in line when Transformers 3 comes out.. So to all you haters,"Just Shut The Fuck Up Already!"... Revenge of the Fallen was awesome!! Get over it already!

Kenny on Jul 1, 2009


The biggest problem with Revenge of the Fallen is the Bay's original Transformers. It just a superior film. Im a big fan of The Rock and Armeggedon and I even like Bad Boys 2. Bay's first Transformers is wildly entertaining and this sequel is a hollow shell of that. THe first film was mindless entertainment, this sequel is just mindless and pretty awful to boot. chuck

entertainmenttodayandbeyond.com on Jul 1, 2009


I fell asleep watching the first film and very nearly fell asleep watching this one too. How can a film with so much stuff blowing up be so utterly boring?

Michael on Jul 1, 2009


Great writing. I really enjoy reading your articles.

Kemo on Jul 1, 2009


i gave the first transformers a 9....this got a 5...end of story.

Buggy166 on Jul 1, 2009


Loved the article, couldn't agree more about Bay. I know that I'll still be seeing his next movie, though...can't pull myself away from the sun flares!

Elycia on Jul 1, 2009


Oh come, fucking, on. For how long do we have to hear the justifying words from heartbroken critics who have never been so wrong in their lives. I love firstshowing for what it is, but this ongoing whining about succes is really pathetic. Bay hit the jackpot, and he did it while every critic slamed his film to dust. Yeah, there is a large group who are hating the movie. Thats what you get when a LOT of people see a movie. A lot of opinions. I, for once, never experienced this ever before, but in Holland people are running for seats, shouting wildly and are really enjoying themself loudly. And that for a whole week now. We Dutch are NOT like that. Again, Bay delivered, and that within two years and a writers strike. Please critics, you can stop now. Everybody knows allready.

Rickmeister on Jul 1, 2009


man, I never knew this was a rant page... guess it was once again another slow news day. I thought the majority of the opinions were left for the comments portion of the page, not where you're supposed to deliver 'actual movie news'. If I wanted to read your bullshit review I would have gone to RT or something. When a movie is reviewed on this page at least it's targeted more at the comment'ers and not the actual writer. I'll check back NEXT WEEK when there might actually be 'movie news' and not some asshole's bias opinion.

daniel on Jul 1, 2009


I did not see it.

tpfeffer on Jul 1, 2009


Well, I liked the movie. I'll be seeing the next Transformers, with or without Bay directing it.

Dan Geer on Jul 1, 2009


Wow I couldn't agree more. I do fear for the children! People will not be able to appreciate the art of cinema because they're too busying watching shit and thinking that's what's acceptable. Spider-Man 2 is a great action/comedy summer movie. Why shouldn't all summer blockbusters be like that? Why do they have to be aggressively dumb and/or mind-numbing? They don't but they'll keep coming that way if they keep getting supported. And I will proudly say I did not pay to see this and never will.

Itri on Jul 1, 2009


I watched the first hour of it and then just snuck into another movie instead. First time I've done that in like fifteen years, and I see all sorts of it shit. This year alone, I watched The Haunting of Molly Hartley and The Unborn, both of which totally blew. I don't know why so many people think saying a movie sucks means that you're "being a critic." Would you say someone's a critic just because they think some random Steven Segal movie sucks? How about one of Eddie Murphy's recent turds? I mean, what can you think sucks without being written off as "a critic"? Anything? Anything at all? Seems like question begging. Anyway, I liked the first one, but the writing in this was totally non-existent. Not in a "hey, this isn't a potential Oscar nominee" sort-of-way (which I wouldn't expect from a summer action flick, to begin with). More like, "What the fuck is happening, this could be the script for a really bad B-movie" sort-of-way. Granted, I would've endured the torture were it only an hour and a half, but there was no way I was gonna sit through two and half hours of that shit once it started rolling. I was really disappointed. The first one was decent --- coherent scenes, cute dialogue here and there, unified story, a decent pace. It wouldn't have been too hard to equal that. But this thing was just a total fuckin' mess. Even worse than Terminator Salvation. I honestly wonder how dumb a person has to be to call someone a "critic" for thinking that movie was retarded chaos. It's like calling a girl high maintenance, because she doesn't consider dinner at BK a real date. Totally clueless.

Petoria on Jul 1, 2009


What pisses me off the most is that Bay has shown almost no growth as a director. If anything, he's regressed. The Rock was easily his best film because it actually had characters you could care about. Since then, it's just been action, action, action and everything else gets tossed onto the backburner. It's a shame because if he applied the same passion for action to the script or plot of the film then he could make more than just empty action spectacles. But it's because of his movies and other hacks that we continue to lower our standards in order to accomodate decidedly lazy filmmaking and why we continue to praise mediocrity.

SlashBeast on Jul 1, 2009


what a horrible story, lol, one of the dumbest things i ever heard, dumber than michael bay himself

james cameron on Jul 1, 2009


@ 27 I AGREE!!!! come on dudes, put some worth while reading up here!!!

travis on Jul 1, 2009


come on man, get off Bay already! Bay is the only man on earth who could pull off such movies in an explosive, exciting, and intense manner. You guys should be thanking Bay for the kind of entertainment that he's blessed us with. Who else could do such a thing? If not for Bay, you guys would be crying and clawing even more for the head of another director. If you're reluctantly addicted, then that's your fault. Don't blame him for pushing the buttons that you've created for yourself. TF2 was an entertaining movie. just that. this movie and all the rest of his films are not meant to win an oscar, make you feel good on the inside, water your eyes, or make you watch it over again for clues to twist endings. the simple purpose of films is to transport our minds to another world, just like novels. aside from learning about the world and the inner beings of humanity, films are to be an enjoyable drug so that for at least 90 minutes we don't have to deal with what the world is throwing at us. it's escapism at its best, and bay does it well...and you know you like it and need it. about TF2, for those who genuinely grew up watching the cartoon, we never watched it for the story or for any hot babes. we simply watched it for the robots...and that's what Bay gave us. you say too much? i say i wouldn't mind TF3 to be all robots without humans. that's the essence of TF's...big fucking robots! nothing more, nothing less.

Matt Suhu on Jul 1, 2009


Yeah, i ODed with TF2.

Darunia on Jul 1, 2009


I hated the 1st one, so it's very easy for me to "Just Say No".

Kevin on Jul 1, 2009


This is actually the "Superman Effect". Back when Richard Donner made the first "Superman" they knew they had made the first Superhero film on a scale they were doing, plus they were the first film to try and bring visual effects to the real world at this scope, with a well-known and beloved franchise. The ads back then were simple: "You will believe a man can fly." It was the only thing they needed to really promise. It was, in a few words - Too New To Fail. Transformers is the first film franchise to bring shape-shifting 30 foot robots to a scale children only dreamed was possible back in the 1980's. This fantasy still applies to an extent to today's Gundam kids. It is no irony that Transformers' own IMAX ad was practically an echo of the Superman ad from the 1970's "You Won't Believe Your Eyes!". The Superman Effect assured that Superman continued on to the non-sensical Superman sequels until the spectacle of it all petered out by Superman IV. Transformers is set on the same course. Having said that, Bay should stop... or at least give everything time to simmer down before strapping on his Robot Glasses again.

SS on Jul 1, 2009


26 and 27 - This review has nothing to do with delivery, in fact it clearly states that the film was a definite "smash". Nor, does does this review reflect any sort of bias - the writer has seen every Bay film and owns two which he has liked up until this point, so please be weary of word choice. I can probably guess that you are either of you are 1 of 3 people. 1st being one of Michael Bay's "close" friends trying to stick up for your "buddy" while reaping the benefits of his recent "smash hit". 2nd, you could be the guy inching 100ft every ten minutes on the 405 yapping about closing the deal with transformers 3 on your blue-tooth - all while bending back your rear-view mirror to checking the consistency of your tan. 3rd, and most unlikely but for the sake of mentioning the only fans of transformers 2 thus far, I can't leave out the possibility. You COULD be that geeky individual everyone at the office talks about...you know the one with that strange and secret obsession with the schuuper-schweet combination of well-oiled mechanical gears and the slippery sight of Megan Fox's skin as it sweats on a 70ft screen. That same dude people are nice too because they fear the day you fuck up your avatar on second life. - Most likely not, but it could be you. Because here, today, you are lucky that the studios are willing to fork over millions of dollars alone on marketing, which believe me sir - this film would not exist without, for you to spend your invaluable time and money, munching on popcorn aggressively in a dark theater unconsciously escaping all the wrongs in your world. But then again, here, today, you stumbled across a review about cinema and how films like these are destroying the spectacle, a world you never merely understood nor felt, and mistakenly saw it as an attack on something as if you owned it. But my friend, you do not. You don't own much of anything. And the only reason why you've stated your opinion here is because you feel threatened. You do however own the right to speak freely, which is what this writer has done here today - but in order to have others side with you it needs to be done justifiably otherwise you're merely seen as another one of my stereotypes against you. Me, I have nothing to lose and have just had about enough of hearing about this movie and was proud to finally read someone talk about its position on the spectrum of films that is becoming more and more lopsided as films like this hit the box office. Studios can't keep pouring their funds into films like this because it is doing just that. Toppling any kind of differentials that film has the ability to offer. We as viewers have the ability to see a film, feel something from it and make change. It is one thing to soak in the excitement and adventure of movie going but it is another to exploit it and you who are spending up to $20.00 on tickets. Branden here is right that it is directly mimicking the state of our economic crisis. If you are to deny this then you're probably someone on the other side of the desk cramming this shit down our throat, yea you're that dude with the blue-tooth. What is left to be explored if we continually make sequels with identical story lines and messages as their predecessor simply because they make money? I sit here day after day though a great deal of bullshit that sometimes this blog does post, hoping for something new and exciting. But occasionally, they do hit gold and when they do it is marvelous. But in the meantime, I am not seriously offended when a blog post seems to sway one way over the other. My point here, is that this dude is going out on a limb to make a point that deserves to be made. Clearly the subtext here isn't about Bay as a filmmaker, it is about the trend of shitty films that seems to be building up. Unfortunately, Bay just happens to be the leader or the example to be picked on, it is what happens when you're in the spotlight. What people are forgetting and even fear here is that we can still make films that bring something new to the table that will make hundreds of millions of dollars. At this point, Michael Bay could make any film that he wants to, does he have the balls to pull it off? That's my challenge to you Mr. Bay. That is my challenge to you.

The Intern on Jul 1, 2009


SILLY haters are SILLY

URMOM on Jul 1, 2009


lol OD'ed i suppose thats what it was then. Still i enjoyed it mostly.

werdnafaz on Jul 1, 2009


UGHH! HATE MICHAEL BAY! Someone needs to banish him. He's only helping the world become a more stupid place. Top 3 hated people in the world in my book

Brandon on Jul 1, 2009


all i have to say to all the negative people out there, do YOU think you could have done better?? No you cant!!!!! stop fooling yourself. It was a fun film, not a film to critique and tear apart and award Oscars too. It was just a fun film, god get over yourself already!

Dude on Jul 1, 2009


Haha, I enjoyed this! Well written and I surprisingly find myself being able to completely relate to it! Although I would think I would still say "Yes" in the future...

solider on Jul 1, 2009


ALEX BILLINGTON!!! Brandon Lee Tenney should be fired. As you can see from pretty much every comment on this post, he basically just insulted your entire readership. Thanks. I guess for liking T:ROTF, I am stupid and my taste in movies is awful for liking mindless kick-ass action. Thanks again.

Rabs on Jul 1, 2009


@ 46 And how did he 'insult the readers' again??? Most people are agreeing with him. Sorry you're an idiot for saying that. Finally there is some good writing on this site!

Lisa on Jul 1, 2009


Jesus, get a grip everyone!

TediusTed on Jul 1, 2009


Well that means im an addicted i saw it opening night and then was clean for a week and then saw it again. The second time around i now see its not as good as the first and there is a ton of bullshit that you have to sift through. God damn you Bay i wish you would have made it more serious and why did you give us those shitty twin robots, they took all the screen time from all the other way cooler more bad ass robots. Overall its a ton of fun and i enjoyed it and will buy it for sure because the transformers are just so god damn awesome! Please Micheal make a more darker more serious movie to end the trilogy, you had your fun now listen to the fans! PS - Megan Fox was so Hawt!!

Curtis on Jul 1, 2009


Honestly... I think everyone whos posted a comment here is correct. Michael Bay is a visionary, action guru, thriller, magician, pimp, thief, con-man, asshole, and brilliant. Above all, Michael Bay does his job. He makes films that continuously net hundreds of millions of dollars and as long as thats the case... each and every one of us will be wanting to see the next one.

NickPapa on Jul 1, 2009


Michael Bay drinks awesome for breakfast! FTW!

Fingo on Jul 1, 2009


what the the hell is wrong with yall i mean r u serious i cant beleive u said that transformers 2 sucked how could u even say that. now i seen the first one and liked it and it was everything i expected it 2 be a ton of action and explosions it was a good movie. so how the hell can u say about this film i havent seen it yet but it looks pretty damn good who care if u guys the story line is weak SO WHAT

Walker on Jul 1, 2009


what the the hell is wrong with yall i mean r u serious i cant beleive u said that transformers 2 sucked how could u even say that. now i seen the first one and i liked it and it was everything i expected it 2 be a ton of action and explosions it was a good movie. so how the hell can u say this about this film i havent seen it yet but it looks pretty damn good if you ask me who care if u guys say the story line is weak SO WHAT if it has good action nice explosions no one even cares bout the story line. Bay jus makes entertaining movies that we all love. yall can say whatever u want it still made over 200 million at the box office FACE!!!!!

Walker on Jul 1, 2009


Obviously everyone wants prefers their own tastes when it comes to movies. However, that doesnt give everyone the right to be bitches to each other. Have an opinion but don't be such assholes about everyone's but your own people. "So uncivilized." -Obi Wan Kenobi

NickPapa on Jul 1, 2009


Hey Mr. Tenney what does your friend Alex say about this film? As bad as it was, just like Watchmen, will he give it the same praise? Your readers would like to know 🙂

Ken Masters on Jul 1, 2009


at the rate critics are whining out loud bitterly against ROTF, it just may have have a shot at $500M domestic and $1B worldwide! $400M and $800M are already assured! c'mon you morons go out and bellow more against ROTF and no sooner you're beloved Dark Knight's gross will get blown out by Bay's f--king big bots. ROTF is barely a week old and it has already blown out their beloved Star freakin' Trek to box-office bygones and become the top grossing film for the year! Oh yeah, as Optimus likes to say in the climax, LET'S ROLL!

primerulz on Jul 2, 2009


$19 for an IMAX ticket in California? That really is brutal We're paying $15.50 up here in Canada for the same tix, which is about $13.50 US I believe I think nobody can really justify what's good and what's bad about RoTF because of the mad money it just made...it's one of those things that can be whatever you want it to be, good or bad, using the same argument for both sides (e.g. more robots = good/bad)

Jaf on Jul 2, 2009


Agreed. Michael Bay is a _hell_ of a drug. It's like a car crash that you can't look away from... in slow motion... with explosions... and robots...

Nick Pettit on Jul 2, 2009


#4 is absolutely right. As much as we bitch and complain about Transformers 2, we will all be back for Transformers 3. I thought the movie was a another low for Bay. Pearl Habor was worse, but this is a close second, but when part 3 comes out I will be there on opening night agian. Bay's films are a drug and I am one of those people who cannot be saved!

Last Son on Jul 2, 2009


#5 ((((You)))) are the voice of reason

nktwrk on Jul 2, 2009


really great article, thank you... ''everything that is wrong with hollywood - scratch that - america'' couldnt agree more!

chris on Jul 2, 2009


i've never seen a transformer movie........ever. they all have looked like commercially packaged crap to me. and bay is a drug? not to me. his movies suck.

dan on Jul 2, 2009


This one goes out especially to #10, preposterous named Necrothug. The fact that you prefered Mudflaps and Skids over Jazz, Ironhide and Ratchet clearly shows you are not a fanboy. No fanboy, and I mean no fanboy will ever ever ever say what you said. Clearly you are in no position to comment on behalf of the fanboys. So shut the fuck up. As for the Bay bashing, Im sick at tired of people actually saying this movie is awesome. Why can't you just admit that it sucks? Is Bay paying you to say otherwise? Threatening your family's life if you say it sucks? Really people. The movie sucked. End of story. And for those of you who keep saying "what more do you want? its a popcorn summer blockbuster, what did you expect? Godfather?" Motherfuckers! I didnt expect no fucking godfather. I don't even care if there was no storyline. Fuck it I wouldn't even care if they put a monkey to replace Shia and Fox. They could act like c-grade amateur actors who just gratuated from acting school for all I care. I paid to see robots kicking each other's asses. I paid to see robots TRANSFORMING and kicking each other's asses. But what do I get? I get a slapstick, melodramatic, emotional crap, car convention and a frat party excuse of a movie. Motherfuckers how many times did you see Megatron transformed into that so-called menacing tank? Once! Once!!! How many times did you see Jolt transform? Never! As I recall the title of the movie is "TRANSFORMERS" and not "Sam, Mikaela and the US Army VS Unknown Robots From Outer space. I'll explain this with a metaphor (metaphor means something used, or regarded as being used, to represent something else; to you morons who don't know what it means) so most of you can comprehend (understand, again to those of you morons who don't know what comprehend). Its like going to the store and picking up a porn DVD but all you get from the DVD is people talking and nobody's having sex. So please oh fucking please, just leave the people who hated the movie alone. Those of you who enjoyed the movie, good for you. Clearly we've got more class and better taste in movies that you. And please do email me if you think Im making a personal attack on you and want to get even. I'd love to entertain you and see what good comeback your feeble mind can come up with.

Armand on Jul 2, 2009


Ding ding ding! We have our first hater on the line! Hi hater, you're on line 1 Author: NoOne Comment:#63: You suck balls for writing shit and wasting webspace. You don't have class and certainly no taste.

Armand on Jul 2, 2009


Um...it's Michael Bay. You should have learned this lesson years ago.

Barry Napier on Jul 2, 2009


Wow, that is jsut too funny dude! I could not agree more! RT http://www.anonymize.tk

JOhnny MAck on Jul 2, 2009


Look at all the bad mouthers! Their problem is they have to analyze everything in an effort to fool themselves into thinking they are smart. Clearly they are unable to actually enjoy anything in life and get snubbed by women at ever turn. life is sad for these losers so they do the only thing they can. They call movies crap even though they could never do any better even if they had the best script ever AND double the budget. Silly silly little boys.

Stomper on Jul 2, 2009


"ROTF" lol u movie geeks crack me up.

LoL on Jul 2, 2009


It kind of amazes me how polarizing this movie has been for people. Reading comments on various places like rottentomatoes or other film blogs, it seems like the portion of the general public that liked the film think critics who say the movie is bad should be punched in the face or something. Action movies can have acceptable plot, pacing, and acting but still be all about action. Transformers 2 was just a terrible movie, no other way to put it. All the amount of robot fighting in the world can't stop it from being a crappy movie. I don't understand how people can't see that.

TheFamilyMan on Jul 2, 2009


# 10 You sir, are a colossal idiot and completely oblivious to the real world. Terrible TERRIBLE 'film' and I'm a HUGE TF fan. Please die, Mr. Bay. KTHNX

LOL@BAY on Jul 2, 2009


What on earth is this pretentious piece of tripe? Bay is to blame for Americans being obese? he's not safe for our children? It's a film about giant robots going at it, what the fuck were you expecting? the second coming of jesus puked all over your face?

Will on Jul 2, 2009


I totally agree with this article. This movie is exactly what's wrong with our whole country. We have no substance. None. Not even a little bit. Our films have no substance. Even Sundance is starting to lose what made it great. It is time for the masses to say no. Escaping to an action film is fine but as Americans all we do is escape, escape into film, escape into drugs, escape into food. We, the masses, have all the power, but no ability to work together and say no. I didn't go see this movie and I won't and I won't see the third one either, I think I'll read a book instead.

Mel-Lee on Jul 2, 2009


look bay delivered what he said he was going to deliver. a movie with robots kicking ass. that's it. and that is exactly what it was. 2.5 hours of giant robots kicking the shit out of each other and all the explosions to go along with it. the story may, well is, a little thin. the acting may have been sub par, at least on Megan fox's part but shes hot so it doesn't really matter. regardless of all that Michael bay made what he set out to make and all you critics bashed him for it--it is the least liked movie by critics to make $400 million in the history of American cinema. Plus, this him not being safe for our children, go see it on a normal screen and im sure it is a lot less overwhelming. save yourself $10 and save you brain and see it on a normal screen or better yet see in on your TV when it comes out on DVD. because I guarantee it won't be anywhere as overwhelming as it's when you think back on it.

topher on Jul 2, 2009


oh and if you think it's destroying cinema, you may be right but the American populous doesn't go to the cinema to see a film they go to see a movie, there is a difference, thats why i hate film class they always expect art when a lot of the time movies are made for money and pure entertainment value not to convey some sort of artistic anything. and this was an exciting thrilling roller coaster ride of a movie.

topher on Jul 2, 2009


One of the most impressive and fun articles ever put on the site.... and honestly, rather explained the experience I had as well

Dusty on Jul 2, 2009


I am always at a loss when I read these negative rants on ROTF specifically aimed at lack of plot or story. First I want to point out that the movie is based off of. Alien robots from outer space come to earth to do battle for mankind. It is a movie based off a toy line and a crappy(awesome fun) television series that had far worse dialog and was incomprehensibly way less interesting to look at. The show ran with the premise of "robots in disguise". Dino-bots were present at somepoint. Thats right, alien robots came from outerspace and "disguised" themselves as metal lizards that went extinct long before mankind. I think the biggest issue I have is people complaining about this being a sign that intelligent movies are going away and we are just getting closer and closer to intellectual cinemas demise. What I think people are failing to understand is this movie is not replacing anything and its a silly notion to think it is or could. The fact of the matter is there are plenty of great and thought provoking movies that have come out even recently that have done decent. If you are looking for character development go see The hangover which doesnt lack in wit. Kids movie? that corners covered with Up. Drama? go watch year one. Haven't watched it yet but I hear the star trek reboot kicks ass at alot of these things at once. I guess my point is, I dont have to go to every movie I see with the goal of ending up in some sort of existential crisis of self reflection. I do not need to feel or be any smarter everytime. I don't need to be inspired by dialog without fail everytime I purchase a ticket. I will still pay to see or buy movies like the aforementioned above, hell my favorite movies are things like 12 monkeys or memento, however, sometimes: I want to see a motherfucking space robot punch the everloving shit out of other space robots while a fuckton of shit explodes everywhere. Michael Bay knows this. Michael Bay succesfully made a megablockbuster movie about space robots whose conception was to sell toys to children... respect.

skatty on Jul 2, 2009


Am I the only one that would have prefered less story and more robot vs. robot action? I think the problem with the movie is that they tried too hard to make the story some big complex save the universe plot when they should have made it simple and added in more battles.

S on Jul 2, 2009


wtf???????ROTF is awesome.saw it yesterday and i'm gonna watch it again this sunday.reviewers like bradon dont know a gr8 movie when they see one.

shubhang on Jul 2, 2009


THIS IS THE STUPIDEST THING I'VE EVER READ!!! If you don't like the man or his films, DON'T GO SEE THEM!!! Pretty fuckin' simple solution!!! I am beyond sick of hearing everyone complain about Bay and his movies. I personally enjoy his movies and liked ROTF. He doesn't create Oscar contenders, he creates enteraining, shit blowing up, mindless fun flicks! All you retrards out their that are whinning like a bunch of little childish bitches, grow up! It's a movie, the man isn't try to cure cancer. It's mindless entertainment for 2 hours to take people's mind off the real crap that happens in our everday lives. It's an escape and nothing more!

K on Jul 2, 2009


TO all those that seemed to hate this movie, or who called Skids and Mudflap a "sterotype", or bashed Bay, allow me to laugh uncontrollable in your face: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

TheSaint on Jul 2, 2009


FUCK YOU....!!!! get out... we don't need ur reviews or crap like these again...!! Cinema is entertainment and Bay does it. So if u have a good storyline for an action movie, direct one. Stop hating people for what YOU cannot do. Your 'so called' story for the sequel of TDK was good. But this is lame. So get the fuck out....!!

Deekam on Jul 2, 2009


Wah wah wah, Michael Bay made a ridiculous SFX extravaganza and it's time for everyone to get up in arms about it -- and go see it -- just like every other time. Cheap, artsy films can be great, of course. Is there any doubt in my mind that Jim Jarmusch, for example, is a much better, much more thoughtful director than Michael Bay? Of course he is. When did people stop being able to take things like this at face value? It looks RIDICULOUS. Especially in IMAX. Just enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it, say it sucks -- and stop. All this anti-Bay ranting is just annoying.

Andrew on Jul 2, 2009


Transformers beats out Star Trek this year, both had shitty plots but ROTF at least had tons more action. If you want plot watch some chick flick they are all plot no action. I want all action no plot.

demexii on Jul 2, 2009


I'll preface by saying I saw the first Transformers movie, and I felt much the same way as Brandon did about this film, so needless to say I'm not going to see this film or any subsequent sequels by Bay. My comments will be restricted to that experience. Now, to those saying the critics expected Oscar caliber story, character depth, etc: BS. I dare you to find one critic who came out and said "Golly, I'm so disappointed. I fully expected to be enthralled by the complex and thought provoking narrative". I DARE you. You won't find it because this is what is called a strawman argument, and it's a weak one at that. So put that chestnut away, 'cause nobody's buying it. Think before you make a ridiculous argument. Next: Am I the only one around here who remembers what a good summer action blockbuster means? It was approximately 30 years ago when the "Golden Age" of the summer blockbuster began. None of them were "Oscar bait" flicks. They all had charismatic performances, basic, linear and easy to follow plots, and most of all, they made us invest our hearts a little bit so that we actually care whether or not the good guys won the day. Transformers gave me nothing to care about. Nada. Now, to the idea that "robots fighting" is good enough, I also call BS. While I would generally reject the idea that the summer blockbuster is high art in writing or acting (Dark Knight is the exception that proves the rule), there are other areas of film-making in which summer blockbusters can and (at their best) often are art. Areas like editing, effects, sound, staging, and fight choreography, when used with attention to detail, can make sense out of chaos while still tricking the brain into thinking it is chaotic (as opposed to simply experiencing headache inducing chaos). The best action films use their technical proficiency to maintain a sense of place amidst the movement. Transformers failed even on that account by not designing it's action, by editing without a sense of location or purpose, and by designing characters who all look the same in action scenes. Lastly, the origin of the source material is irrelevant. Good treatment can take weak material and give gold. Examples can be cited if necessary. Using this argument is a crutch to support a weak result. In summation: Just having "robots fighting" is not enough. I want to know why they're fighting (just enough to comprehend a basic rooting interest as an audience member). "Robots Fighting" is just object watching. Like watching paint dry but with more movement. I like good summer blockbuster, popcorn action flicks. I even liked "The Mummy" even though it was a poor man's "Indiana Jones" because it still had charismatic characters who knew how to poke fun at themselves without insulting the audience. If you can still call people who enjoy that kind of film "elitists" for not giving a pass to Transformers movies, then you're reading from a dictionary I've never heard of. "Summer Blockbuster" is not an automatic pass to let horrendously executed product get by without criticism. This genre has an awesome pedigree. "Raiders", "Empire Strikes Back", "Back to the Future", "Jaws", "Close Encounters", the list goes on and on, but films like "Transformers" bring down the genre into the gutter simply for using the title as an excuse to watch stuff move really fast and explode for 2 1/2 hours. If you want that, you can use Youtube for free. Movies are not YouTube.

Jerseycajun on Jul 2, 2009



tpfeffer on Jul 2, 2009


i absolutely LOVE movies and i enjoyed this movie a lot. however, i'm surprised that over-obsessed, lonely, girlfriend-less transformers fanboys and critics went into this film expecting WAY TOO MUCH. jesus christ, it's a movie about fighting robots. minus the toys and the cartoons, the concept f, say it with me, FIGHTING ROBOTS is ridiculous to say the least. so what the fuck is there to expect?????? michael bay brought the concept to life via loud sounds and beautiful visual effects. he found a way to to outdo himself with the numbers by adding more guns, robots, and time to the movie. what the fuck else more do you want? outside of jerking off to transformers cartoons and action figures, i'm not sure what else you pansies could want. if you hated this movie and are an over-obsessed fanboy, you need to consider yourself punked and dickslapped by michael bay and hollywood cuz they're laughing their asses straight to the louis vuitton store. call it a day. next time, spend your money on a prostitute or some cocaine. if you need the latter, i got it for cheap. peace bitches.

JL on Jul 2, 2009


To #46 & #81, HOW DARE YOU !!!!! Momma

Barbara on Jul 2, 2009


JL, Read my comment, #84, above. I had expectations that the original film might be as much fun as watching "The Mummy". I think it's reasonable this was the expectations for most who ended up being disappointed, or at least another film on the "Mummy" level, and I would have left satisfied if it had. I would have been thrilled if it achieved "Raiders" levels, but I figured that would be asking too much. Still think the expectations of those who didn't like it were too great, such that it couldn't reach the exalted level of a Brendan Frasier action comedy?

Jerseycajun on Jul 2, 2009


Jerseycajun, I did read your comment and I still have to disagree. Again, me loving movies, here is my approach to seeing a blockbuster movie. This is MINUS a movie that has meaning due to whatever reason (adaptation of a book, critical acclaim due to an actor's death, a la Heath Ledger, etc.): I go for escapism. I am expecting to be blown away by the loudest sound and visual effects. All of this= FUN. Maybe that's taking a brainless approach, but movies are fantasies brought to life anyway. I expect to leave the daily grind for a few hrs and join-in on some plain ol American fun. There are MANY iconic series that I enjoyed and still do, from my childhood (I'm 28... an 80's baby), but I won't get caught up in the hype that is a live action movie destroying the series. It was the fucking 80's and shit was ridiculous back then. There's a reason it didn't last. And being older, the concept of FIGHTING ROBOTS is ridiculous as well. It's just good to see action, loudness, great FX, and a good laugh or two. I do care about things like editing, story line, etc. I watched 'Men In Black' a few nights ago and realized how big of a difference the FX and editing was vs number 2. A HUGE step. But I still enjoyed it. I hated 'Valkyrie' because people would stand up form Tom Cruise's character, and then turned plain pussy when it was time to make the move, with leaving Tom Cruise to fend for himself. I thought 'The International' was great until all of that work seemed like it was for not, w/ the Hitman doing the job and the bank still profiting. We don't even know the outcome of that movie, other than there is an INVESTIGATION. I am highly critical. But for movies like TF2, there really shouldn't be much to consider past having fun. I hate to disagree as your argument is well-thought and valid, but TF2 critics and fanboys are expecting way too much from this film. It's just an opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs, but the ongoing argument becomes null when there is no need when you get down to the nitty-gritty. That's how I feel.

JL on Jul 2, 2009


I can respect someone over disagreeing over the value of any film, but I tend to react against arguments about expectations for popcorn movies. I knew what my expectations were going into "Transformers", and I know also, that expecting it to be Oscar worthy (outside of a technical category) would be so absurd that nobody, critics included, would ever have that kind of expectation. Yet, so many do make it out as if we did, and it's just so dishonest, in my opinion to make out the opposition (in this case, those who dissent from liking the film) as holding as what amounts to what would have to be described as a moronic position. One would have to be a moron to expect "The Godfather" from "Transformers". Heck, I would have probably been satisfied if it had lived up to Bay's "The Rock" which is probably the most entertaining his films have ever gotten for me. I wish someone could answer for me why that was too much to expect from "Transformers" that I and others (critic or not) should be insulted (not by you necessarily), scorned, and mocked simply for being honest with our reactions. For a film that is "just robots fighting", the defenders sometimes act as though it WAS a work of fine art and worth defending by any and all means, which in turns makes it tempting to react with more vitriol from the other side. I'm glad you got some fun out of "Transformers" and its sequel. I however, left the film actually projecting hate at the screen because I had realized after the "urination" scene that there was nothing at all the film could do to win me over at that point, and it was only about half over. It left me with little to occupy the mind except in counting the ways it insulted me. It proceeded to actively project disdain on any aesthetic I could humanly appreciate, and for that, yeah, I was ticked. I can only imagine what would happen if I was subjected to the sequel, which by all accounts is the same as the first film, but times ten. I remember the film now only insofar as the strength of negative emotions it built up inside me and the ticking off of reasons why it was doing it as I sat there (would have left if I was the one driving that evening). It exists in my mind now only as a list of cataloged wrongs and "things not to do when making a movie" instead of actual images remembered from the film. I still hold that the quality of the source material and especially the ridiculousness of concept should not have any bearing on the most basic levels of film-making, which I maintain that Transformers failed at to my own great irritation as already described. Pixar has taken the most absurd ideas in the last few years and turned them into emotional and involving works of art that range (in my opinion) from very good to astounding. A rat that wants to be a chef? A widower who goes on a trip by lifting his house with balloons? A superhero family bordering on dysfunction trying to find their place in a world that doesn't appreciate them anymore? It's all about finding the good story in the ridiculous. Anyway, thanks for responding with courtesy. It's seemingly a rarity anywhere this movie is brought up as a subject on the internet.

Jerseycajun on Jul 2, 2009


Just a note on escapism. I love films that offer that, as much as I love films that make me think in only ways a true Oscar worthy film can, but if part of the definition of escapism is not having to think too hard, I still think it should assume you have a brain instead of assuming the opposite. Like I said, I enjoyed movies like "The Rock" and "The Mummy". Heck, any of the "Indiana Jones" films were escapist, but those films all pretty much adhered to basic action film aesthetics, and in the case of "Raiders", it found it's nirvana. These are not especially challenging films to watch. It's when I get the feeling that a movie just doesn't care about any of those aesthetics is when I start seeing red.

Jerseycajun on Jul 2, 2009


I actually like Michael Bay, and disagree with this article. This one, however, is legit: http://thetalkingmirror.com/2009/07/pet-peeves-for-the-common-man-michael-bay-movies/

conor on Jul 2, 2009


I was very disappointed in this movie, and I went into it thinking it would not be good since it is: 1) a Bay movie; and 2) made during the writers strike. Can Hollywood please get rid of the following cliche's/ inconsistencies finally: 1. It is your destiny - that worked in the 80's but is has lost its luster. Enough already. How about dude sorry for your luck, but if you don't do this we are all screwed. 2. Get back up even though you have been blown up b/c I love you- The Matrix wore this one out. If you are dead, you are dead. Love is not going to make you wake back up unless you are in a coma and your face is licked by your dog. 3. If it is a feared/ powerful enemy, why does it take only 30 seconds or one shot to kill it? How about if an enemy is feared, we first see why it is feared (maybe it opens a can of whoops ass for a bit and takes out some good guys- not just the 'red shirt' security characters if you know what I mean) and maybe it takes a couple of rounds to figure out how to beat it. New rule, if it takes less than 30 seconds to kill it, you can't market its existence in the movie. 4. If they are advanced technological warriors, why do they fight using 18th century tactics? How about understanding their abilities so their skills are used to their advantage like they did in the first movie- so we know you can do this. 5. If the US military is called in for backup, can they send more than just one bomber to ensure success? If I call for air support while fighting advanced robots (that should fight in a manner that takes advantage of their abilities enabling them to wipe everyone out very quickly), I would hope they send more than just a handful of fighters. While fighting "dangerous" robots that want to conquer the world, this is not the time to be cheap and skimp on the air support. Maybe even discuss using a tactical nuke to take care of business just in case. At least photoshop more than one bomber next time to make the situation look more 'threatening'. 6. Please make the final showdown between the head honchos of both sides more than 1 minute. I paid a good amount of money to see this moment at least make it 2-5 minutes in length (please do so without cuts to other pieces of action or crazy camera angles so I can enjoy every blow- I do not need a heavy dose of slow-mo either). 7. Why are college dorm rooms so big? On move in day why are girls walking around in bath towels? Please stop this. I love a partially nude girl as much as the next person, but really try to make it somewhat realistic. Dangerfield's Back to School is the only movie that plausibly explained why the room was so big. 8. Speaking of college, how about ending the long distance girlfriend walking in on an other woman. Stupid subplot and waste of time. It never happens b/c they are at home hooking up with someone as well- I hoped you would have learned this from Road Trip. I would be happy to offer my services as a consultant during filming so we can end these mind numbing plot 'twists'.

blester01 on Jul 2, 2009


Did you even read this before you posted it Brandon? It's retarded. Basically Michael Bay blah blah blah- he did it again blah blah- I need him. C'mon man, I didn't see it, the people I know who saw it told me they hated it, most of them Fans from the 80's. I guess through you they revitalize a brand with big BUCKS, but also through you they destroy it with mind melting trash for the screen that they know you just have to see, because you like sparkly big things that splode.

Jimbone on Jul 3, 2009


bay should stay!!!!!

FrObOy21 on Jul 3, 2009


michael bay more like michael gay or give michael a chance! same thing

allen sharpe on Jul 3, 2009


i had saw the movies!! and was very disappointed when it reach the final showdown of the movie! i can say before the final showdown, everything looks very good, but when come to the moment we all waiting for, i got a feeling that the autobots are not needed anymore! seriously, i feel the autobots are only for background purpose in the last showdown, it is all about us army vs the alien robots!! i mean what the hell, there are so many decepticon arrive but i can say more than 80% of them are seems to be killed by the army!!! i feel sick when seeing megatron couldn't get a change to fight back but only keep eating bullets!! what the hell is happening??!! and the autobots also seems less important compare to those army!! thus i got a question, why at the begining of the shan hai fight, the autobots are so tough and the army clearly dont stand a change to kill decepticon without autobots, but when come to the Egypt fight, the direction of the movies all went way off??!! 360 degree changes, it become the autobots only helping the army to fight and seems not so important for their present!!! and why the hell the optimus prime is needed to kill the fallen? just simply give the fallen a few blast of the railgun will make him become dust already!! i coudn't believe why they decide to ruin the most important part of the movie!! damn!! if they could just focus more on the autobots fighting the decepticon but not the army, i must say the movie must be near perfect!! it just so sad to see the result come out!!sad sad sad!!!

horng on Jul 3, 2009


well the thing is you guys don't have enough self-contol or whatever you want to call it. I don't go and see a movie just because everybody is doing it. It's stuipid! specially if the movie is Transformers, 1 , 2 or 9 !!. I've passed many invitations to see this piece of crap. Don't see it! even better stops seeig anything Michael bay directs!! you know it's all the same played over and over again. I quit on him long ago.

Fernando on Jul 4, 2009


Hey... Bay is not responsible for the original screenplay to TF2. Let be less critical, ok?

Estevao on Jul 30, 2009


who cares if he isnt responsible for the ORIGINAL. he is responsible for the ONE WE SAW. he is the director he could have changed kurtzman's and orci's original work as much as he wanted for better or worse. so yes if you didn't like the movie, which i did like it, then blame bay as well as orci and kurtzman because it is as just as much, if not more, his fault as the writers for how good or bad or whatever the movie we saw was.

theseibjive on Jul 30, 2009


I may or may not go see this movie. If I do go, it will be because I liked his first Transformers, and I know his special effects just won't cut it on a small TV screen at home. But if I don't go to watch this movie, it is because I'm pretty convinced that this movie sucks. I'm quite sure it does. None of the Micheal Bay dick riders here have convinced me otherwise. I have seen his other movies, I know what this guy is about. I don't care how great the special effects are if the story sucks. To whoever wrote this article, keep writing... I enjoyed it. Don't let these neanderthals tell you otherwise. By the way, I'm quite sure that half of the people who saw the movie felt that they were gipped. So those figures don't impress me.

Imajicka1 on Jul 30, 2009


movies should move the world forward while entertaining. this movie does the opposite. after watching it all i could think that Bay considers movie fans of the world the equivalent to entertainment crack addicts. disturbing. thanks for writing this article, it helped turn the experience of watching this movie into a positive.

Kalladin on Aug 2, 2009


seriously your going to pull the "movies move the world forward" card? first of all a movie is made because someone wants to make it whether for money or because they thought it was a good idea. someone wrote it. someone directed it, then acted in it etc. because either they were paid to do it or wanted to. second it was made to entertain. I mean it is the entertainment industry not the move the world forward industry. third a studio bought it backed it and promoted it to make millions. therefore it was lastly made to make money generally. if you want a movie to move the world forward go down to you local art movie house and see a god damn independent film. that is why they are made. this was made to show you hot women, cool cars, cool robots, cool robots changing into cool cars and visa versa, cool robots beating the shit out of each other, and giant explosions. nothing more and nothing less. get over this sense that ALL movies are made to have a story, a meaning, and a moral guide. most are made to entertain you. which this movie brought in its own way.

topher on Aug 3, 2009

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