Michael Bay's ShoWest Transformers 2 Presentation Footage!

April 18, 2009
Source: MichaelBay.com

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Footage

Are you man enough to handle Bumblebee crying? Michael Bay has posted the entire ShoWest presentation he put together of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen footage, featuring a full 2-minute scene and a montage of clips with our first look at Devastator. As cheesy as that first scene was, or at least as funny as it was, I should say, the final minute of this presentation completely makes up for it. Damn this looks so good, and Bay was right about packing this sequel with a ton more robots this time! There are so many shown in this that I can't even count them all, it's hard to even spot them. Anyway, take a look and enjoy!

The footage has been removed at the explicit request of Paramount.

As Michael Bay explains: "I just wanted the fans to get a taste of what we have been making for a year and a half because we have been so quiet. The piece was cut about a month ago for this ShoWest thing I accepted this past month - so as you can see many of the shots were far from being finished renders."

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is again directed by action film superstar Michael Bay of Bad Boys, The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, The Island, and Transformers previously. The story and screenplay for the sequel was written by Transformers writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci as well as Ehren Kruger (The Ring, The Brothers Grimm, Blood and Chocolate). Paramount is unleashing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in both IMAX and regular theaters on June 24th this summer. We'll be there!

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Absolutely amazing. It looks incredible! Can't freaking wait for this to come out.

nate on Apr 18, 2009


Thank you.

jdslater1 on Apr 18, 2009



Johnny Crow on Apr 18, 2009


seriously?!?! i don't understand why people eat this stuff up... it doesn't look amazing at all... sure there are lots of effects and robots... but where's the class? where's the integrity? i can't help but feel like michael bay is just cheapening the franchise. cheap jokes, lame humour, rubbish plots, shockingly bad acting... and don't even get me started on the actual transformers themselves... yikes. i'm not a hater just because i love the original... i just don't understand how this could possibly be anticipated as being a great film. it seems like michael bay has the world in his "awesome" spell.

joshua on Apr 18, 2009


This is awesome. I creamed cheesed my pants. This looks great. I hope the fight scenes are not as close as they were in the 1st. Other then that, I can not wait. And Devestor looks like a bad ass.

AllmightyKeim on Apr 18, 2009


The first minute and a half wasn't funny and it wasn't good, it was just awkwardly bad. The other footage looked somewhat entertaining, but still nothing special. Lots of CGI explosions and stuff flying around so quickly that you can't actually see any unique/thoughtful fight choreography. Yawn

dqniel on Apr 18, 2009


Why is Optimus always getting his ass beat?

Bummer on Apr 18, 2009


i just watched it like 10 times...im so excited i can not wait!!!! Amazing i'm so ready

cassandra on Apr 18, 2009


I didn't realize robots could overact. I learned something today.

Dan @ MovieViral on Apr 18, 2009


This looks bad, really, really bad, why have you taken a golden opportunity Michael and pissed all over it. These are meant to be bad ass Transformers not some machines trying to find a bit of humanity. I will not be going to see this in the cinema as I wouldn’t waste my hard earned cash on it; I may if I can find some time maybe rent it on DVD. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF MICHAEL Transformers MY ASS

Dar-El on Apr 18, 2009


Quit Bitching

Interesting on Apr 18, 2009


Holy Shite! This movie is going to kick some major ass, at the box office. That footage was AWESOME! Can't wait for the second trailer with Wolverine. Only 2 months to go! Oh and I still don't understand why you guys are hating on this movie because Michael Bay is directing this. He's a bad ass director! You guys say that this movie is going to be crap, yet your on here watching the footage. Obviously your interested enough to come to this forum. And we all know that your going to see the movie! Don't lie, your going to see it and then pick it apart so when you want to argue with someone you'll have your facts straight. (which you can do to any movie) When in reality you should watch the movie to be entertained and have fun. You guys complain so much, yet you never put in any input what-so-ever on how you would make this movie 10X better. Because you can't, and would never be able to pull it off like Michael Bay did!

The_Phantom on Apr 18, 2009


Thank you Phantom! That def needed to be said. 🙂

Johnny Crow on Apr 18, 2009


I like that BB looks really real this time, in part 1 I still found them slightly fake.

Bob on Apr 18, 2009


the shots of Megan Fox shows that Bay crammed this movie with style, along with unfunny novelty jokes

Bob on Apr 18, 2009


Neat. 🙂

D6 on Apr 18, 2009


Is this meant to be a comedy? Fox looks like her acting skills have come along some since the last one.

dom on Apr 18, 2009


looks like they used all the special effects money on the robots and couldnt afford to cover megan fox's tattoo on her back lol the film looks great cant wait

r0undy on Apr 18, 2009


I don't know about a lot of people, but I see this (and the first) as awesome. While I am not a big Michael Bay fan, it wasn't possible to have a "realistic" looking Transformers movie uptil the last couple years. I am elated that it is possible to have this. I can overlook the crappy unnecessary jokes, the updated cars (which is usually a GM promo), and passing over Frank Welker for Hugo Weaving as Megatron, just to hear Optimus Prime's original voice "Autobots, roll out".

L on Apr 18, 2009


#4 - Michael Bay is doing anything but cheapening the franchise. They're already set up for a third sequel and Hasbro is making more than ever. If you're not excited to see 40+ robots beating the hell out of each other, why are you here? It can't all be Shakespeare. Finally, a reason for Michael Bay to blow shit to kingdom come. #6 - There's nothing awkwardly bad about this. In fact, it's a much more subtle comic scene than anything in the first movie and it's actually heartfelt. As long as there's no Jon Tuturro in his underwear, I think we'll be fine. #10 - Michael Bay shouldn't be ashamed of anything. He's a billionaire; you're at home on your computer. Do the math. It's so easy to sit here and say something sucks when you're just watching. I dare you guys to do better.

Fuelbot on Apr 18, 2009


Amazing... AMAZING!!! This one is going to kick ass! The first one was great, but this one... All you Michael Bay haters, you suck! Michael Bay rules!

Dule on Apr 18, 2009


will be in top 3 grosser of the film in 2009 and i think this will be one of the summer blockbuster thanks Alex Billington for posting it i heard the movie trailer is attached to wolverine i hope you post that trailer too buddy

joe on Apr 18, 2009


#4, #6, and #10.. Quit complaining. Dont post dont fuckin watch the footage. #4 are you kidding me?? Go watch Slumdog Millionaire or something. This is a movie about robots beating the crap out of each other, what more do you want? This is one of the most anticipated movies of the summer and there is nothing your meaningless ass can do about it. The movie looks great and i cant freakin wait. The naysayers can kiss my ass.

big r on Apr 18, 2009


#21 Thank you

big r on Apr 18, 2009


@ Phantom: I went to the first one hoping that it would be good. Bay did make The Rock, after all. It's not like it's impossible for him to make a good movie, or at least a watchable movie. It just sucked. Things blowing up just don't do it for me. There has to be a plot. It would help if that plot had something more than just "The world is in peril, and robots must fistfight and throw things at each other to resolve the problem". Most of his movies have really shallow plots. Even the rock has a shallow plot, but the characters in that film have depth, most of which was probably brought in by the actors rather than the script. Ed Harris brought a lot to that movie. I'd love it if Transformers 2 was great. I still didn't see any sort of plot going on here, tho. It's just "bad robots show up, good robots go punch them". This could be rock 'em sock 'em robots instead of transformers. I'll see it for the action sequences - which ARE good - but for me, a movie has to be more than just a bunch of mindless action shit. If other people like it, that's great. But that doesn't make a good movie. You might like it, but years from now when the effects look worn and dated or after there have been ten thousand other fighting robot movies, people will look back at this and think "jesus, this movie is crap" because there's nothing to hang the action on. I've still not seen one lick of plot description yet, aside from my little summary up there. The college thing is a sub-plot... @Fuelbot: Subtle comic scene? That's subtle to you? I'll bet you think Pro Wrestling has some great, subtle acting. Subtle, see, is when it's not hitting you over the head... As for the "he's a billionaire so he's got nothing to be ashamed of"... Uwe Boll says the same thing.

Squiggly on Apr 18, 2009


How come ppl are already hating this lol..hasn't even come out yet. It def. doesnt look as bad as dragonball.

Jo on Apr 18, 2009


Ugh, notice how the actual footage is as lame and corny as the first movie, but then he throws out an action montage as though to say "no really, it's cool." Disappointing.

YK on Apr 18, 2009


HOLY FUCK! Is this a new "trailer"? AWESOME!!!!

David on Apr 18, 2009


21, trust me, if i was given a budget as big as Bay i could do better. If you were given Bay sized budgets, you could do better. Im sure a good population of the earth could do better. Just because he is trusted with a lot of money, doesnt mean his films are good. It simply means they are made and make money. And if the generally public is dumb enough to like it, thats fine. Im not trying to make all of you hate it, i am voicing my opinion, from my stand point, the man blows. Hard.

Al on Apr 18, 2009


The Phantom, i love ya! That's telling them haters! can't wait for this sequel!

vanagwathiel on Apr 18, 2009


this isnt the official trailer BUT THIS LOOKS SOOO COOOOOL

luke on Apr 18, 2009


First minute and a half... ugh... Terrible. Michael should stick to dramatic action (The Rock, Bad Boys). This tween shit is really out of his range and friggin retarded the action looks great though.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Apr 18, 2009


There is something crawling down Sam's throat, I think it's the Doctor.

NeoSlyfer on Apr 18, 2009


This looks freakin' AWESOME! 🙂

Spider on Apr 18, 2009


holy piss this looks like it will be life changing killer way to start the day!!!!!!

Curtis on Apr 18, 2009


Is that Megatron at 1:49?

domingo on Apr 18, 2009


#26 - Yes. Pro-wrestling has the best acting of all time! Uwe Boll is nowhere near a billionaire or a millionaire. He's a talentless hack. His movies are completely unwatchable. If you go into this hoping for something deep and meaningful or even, dare Alex say it, Dark Knight-ish in the "we can now take 15 foot robot movies seriously and consider them Oscar-worthy" then you're obviously missing the entire point of this flick. Also, there's something to be said for keeping the plot under wraps. I don't know about you, but there's this whole element of surprise thing that was lost when sites like this started. It'd be nice to go see a movie and be surprised for once. #30 - You say that now, but it's immensely easier said than done.

Fuelbot on Apr 18, 2009


I just wanna say for he people that have negative comments for this movie, GET A LIFE!!!!! You obviously have no imagination, or have never grown up watching Transformers. We'll see how much you haters knock the flick after it's pulling in truckloads of cash. If you don't like it, then don't watch it! Oh yeah, the flick looks killer, way to go Mr. Bay!!!!

C.A.W. on Apr 18, 2009


Wow, the first bit was such an embarassingly bad attempt at comedy. The rest was okay though.

SlashBeast on Apr 18, 2009


My son is the worst director alive.

MichaelBaysMom on Apr 18, 2009


I do admit that the begining was lame, the second half was awesome! You know, I don't mind Michael Bay that much. He is a good action director. The only problem is that he can't do a single scene of drama without coming off as hokey and laughable. That's why a lot of people, like me, hate Armageadon and Pearl Habor. But, I liked the first Transformers because they knew it was an action movie, and it was such a good ride.

Ajax on Apr 18, 2009


I'm excited. I cant wait to see the fallen fight

Dan W on Apr 18, 2009


absolutely awesome! thanks for posting it! let the summer line up begin!!!!

Gavin on Apr 18, 2009


Subtle? Wow... If that's subtle comedy I'd hate to see Michael Bay's over-the-top moments. The first movie's saving grace was its likable cast and the special effects department. The direction is horrendous. Given that this is transformers there was so much opportunity for brutal, unique action. Instead we got repetition and tons of the same shit we've seen in a million other shoot 'em up action movies. There were moments of brilliance like the initial military base destruction and the aerial combat scene, but most of the actual transformers fighter each other was poorly choreographed to the point where it was disorienting and boring. Give any top notch action/fantasy director Michael Bay's budget and special effects crew and you'd see what Transformers COULD have been. I'm not saying the critics of Michael Bay wanted an art-house, melodramatic film. We just wanted something coherent and exciting that lived up to what we had been hoping for in the years after watching Transformers as children.

dqniel on Apr 18, 2009


I'm with number 4, number 21, you're an idiot flat out. What is your point about Hasbro? because they're making more money now because of the Transformers reboot? that doesn't matter. The original animated Transformers movie was THE Transformers movie. It was proper. Good story, good animation, excellent movie with good writing. Michael Bay is just a hack who gets to do big budget films with little to no brains with the exceptions of his good movies i.e. Bad Boys and The Rock. Anyone who thinks anything else he's made is quote unquote: "good" is a either a liar or a true fool. TF2 is a POPCORN flick, that's it!! - Not an actual good movie. What is a popcorn flick???? hmm.....let's see most recently: 10, 000 B.C. and how many of you actually liked that? Case Closed. Btw, I love fact the footage presented here is in HD thaaannnkkkkk yoooou FS.net!

Conrad on Apr 18, 2009


LOL People like this mess? What the hell? A movie made for kids with no attention span that don't care for clarity. Who wants to see a tornado of sheet metal flailing around in the wind for 2 grueling hours? And Megan Fox lost her sex appeal... sorry. An all around FAIL. But, yeah, this will make money either way.

Billy Bob the Boob on Apr 18, 2009


LOL There are 5 shots of megatron, and the last shot is PRIME knocking MEGATRON the fack out.

NeoSlyfer on Apr 18, 2009


I like how all these idiots watch the clip and then pretend to be unimpressed lol; they're just too cool to like what everyone else does then five minutes later they start jacking off to anime porn... Go, go jack off to your anime now!! lol, dorks.

Ugh on Apr 18, 2009


I love how people who complain are shocked that Transformers the movie doesn't focus on plot or character developement! Holy cow thats like complaining that Chris Farley never acted beyond his type cast! C'mon this is Giant Robots!! You want Romeo and Juliet here? Or maybe Giant Robots acting out Citizen Kane? Holy Cow People this is meant to be fun and that is it!! If I want plot Ill watch my Guy Ritchie movies if I want romance Ill watch Titanic if I want deep ethical thought on the human mind and how it forms us into what we become ill watch Let the Right One In!! But this is TRANSFORMERS!! A robot battle that spilled from space to earth!! You FRACKIN Morons!!!

Unseen on Apr 18, 2009


39, it has nothing to do with those who hate it not having imaginations. I love sci fi, as a matter a fact. Its not us, its Bay. I have no problem with the material, its the fact that Bay is bland and has a mediocre approach. Also, i wouldnt hate it nearly as much, if you retards didnt run around all the time praising this truly cinematic genius.

Al on Apr 18, 2009


Why are people complaining, it's a movie about Giant Robots beating the everliving shit out of each other. This is not up for Oscar nominations, this is a summer blockbuster. LOL

NeoSlyfer on Apr 18, 2009


Bay's tone for these films is alot of fun. These films feature perhaps the best special effects in movie history! chuck

entertainmenttodayandbeyond.com on Apr 18, 2009


Ok, first any one who bashes a summer movie should be punched. There are two categories of movie the summer, which dives deep into special effects and action no one goes to a summer movie to expect a indepth plot that shows the true life of a homeless man. summer movies are for ecaping the mundane and boring. Then the winter movies, which are usually boring but have huge nomination followings. I love all type but movies like doubt or American beauty just baffle me on how they are good.

The movie guy on Apr 18, 2009


For real summer movies are just there for entertainment and escapism, come on the movie is about GIANT ROBOTS LOL

NeoSlyfer on Apr 18, 2009


If you don't like horror movies then you don't watch horror movies. If you don't like sci-fi, then you don't watch sci-fi. If you don't like watching The Stath run around for 85 minutes being violent and inappropriate then you won't see Crank 2. Etc Etc. Sooo.... If you don't like Michael Bay movies, then you simply don't watch them. I on the other hand need to say that that footage is WONDERFUL! Bumble Bee crying was a little ridiculous but what are you gonna do? I'll take five minutes of that (along with Megan Fox I might add) in return for two hours of absolute Michael Bay mayhem...!

WidescreenWonderland on Apr 18, 2009


anyone notice megatron AND the fallen!

cheater on Apr 18, 2009


Oh...my...God... I cannot wait for this movie!

Jeep Fu on Apr 18, 2009


oh shit! that was intense!

grapes on Apr 18, 2009


@58 That's way too simple, and cinema isn't, or shouldn't be defined like that. Of course people have their preferences, but if you don't like Sci-fi, what you [i]should[/i] do is watch more of it. Watch the top of the game, watch Blade Runner, 2001, Solaris, and then decide if you hate the genre or the mediocrity [i]in[/i] said genre. With persons it's a little easier indeed. If you don't like Bay films, you've probably seen enough of him to accurately make that statement. But, the fact [i]that[/i] you don't like him obviously will have its reasons, and of course, those should be heard as much as the praise, otherwise we'd have a very, very boring time on the internet, with posts that would consist of Myspace proportions, "thanks for the add"... "thanks for the film" .. next. Boring.

Angelo on Apr 18, 2009


Where is nic cage in all this?

Buttons on Apr 18, 2009


2:10 in the background! look who is back! blackout!

Torti on Apr 18, 2009


Transformers Animated does it better...

RPD on Apr 18, 2009


ill say it again, fuckin bad ass.

harrison on Apr 18, 2009


Need a download link for this.

NeoSlyfer on Apr 18, 2009


that was fucking great,i need this film now,i need megan fox more but right now this film will do.

zetsu on Apr 18, 2009


Also whoever keeps bitching about CGI and bad acting, yeah its exactly like the first one and its going to be even fucking sweeter so like 12 said quit ur bitching drop ur "needs a good story to be a good movie" bullshit and just enjoy it for what it is, Mindless fun backed by awesome effects...and Megan Fox

Cody on Apr 18, 2009


I wasn't a big fan of the first due mainly to the cheesy attempt at comedy. A piss joke, really?. Although, the fight scenes were done well. I think people should hold judgment of this movie positive and negative until it comes out. So far I have seen bad comedy along with very short clips of action. I would like to see more than 1 sec clips massed together. It's hard to tell what is going on. The focus of the this one should be mainly on the bots rather than people. If I didn't know anything about optimus I wouldn't care if he won or lost. But thats just me. I felt Bay should have created more of connection between the autobots and audience than he other than reling on prior knowledge of the characters.

Johnny G on Apr 18, 2009


I hope Optimus Prime isn't getting bitch-slapped every seconds. He wasn't a bitch in the original series.

breeze503 on Apr 18, 2009


Number 49, you're the biggest idiot i know. Im sure you saw the first Transformers. If not, im sure you knew what it was about. Did you honestly think it was going to be any different? Besides the face that Megan Fox and her sexy ass would be in it, Shia would be in it, not only the same robots. But more and more and more of them. So why the hell did you even come on here to check out the trailer?? I know why.. because you're a fackin idiot! Go get run over somewhere. Most of all the people complaining knew what the trailer would be about but still came and checked it out. Go jerk off and get a life you haters.

big r on Apr 18, 2009


It is what it is and this is going to kick ass in the box office this summer

Tedious Ted on Apr 18, 2009


#25 ramp it up, just what i was gonna say...theres some plebs out there

bassbin on Apr 18, 2009


WEll if it's anything ike the Comics, Prime will die in this one, he may sacrifice himself to take down the Fallen

NeoSlyfer on Apr 18, 2009


I didn't realize this at the time but going back to Bay's website, they posted his tribute video when ShoWest gave him the Vanguard Award for Excellence in Filmmaking. It's a two and a half minute trailer of his best stuff...AWESOME! I love Bay!

WidescreenWonderland on Apr 18, 2009


Sam is begin Ass!!! Pulling up in a kick ass Camaro like that to college, would be so cool.

Jo on Apr 18, 2009


My biggest problem with the first scene is that I feel like Sam is out of character. The last time we saw him he loved his "car" and Bumblebee as his friend so I find it hard to believe that now Sam is tired of him and wants to leave him behind to go to college. It just seems a little OOC to me. Also, I'm finding these subtle clues to some sort of marriage plotline nauseating. The second half looked pretty cool. Also, what was going on with the house and firemen behind Megan's shoulder in the last part with her and the flowers?

janet on Apr 18, 2009


To all the Michael Bay haters out there. If I was Michael Bay I'd tell you to all go fuck yourselves. Why are you people even here on this forum. You obviously hated the first film as well as Bay's other films. Go jack off to movies that you like. I love Michael's films. They are so full of energy and excitement. This movie is going to be so great. Why can't people just sit back and allow themselves to be entertained without picking films apart. There are so many things that I could pick at with other films, but I just let myself be entertained.

Bizzaro on Apr 18, 2009


at 2:10 i see blackout megatron and starscream and optimus getting whooped as usual!

luke on Apr 18, 2009


but why is blackout back? and what ever happened to barricade

luke on Apr 18, 2009


Alex, it seems you were right when you commented on the first trailer and said that The Fallen teleports, in that clip it really looks like he teleports into the desert and then is about to teleport out.

Homero on Apr 18, 2009


megs at 2:21 as well BTW wow....

JNYCE on Apr 18, 2009


O.M.G. Now wheres jazz!!!

Nikhil Hariharan on Apr 18, 2009


Phantom, You sound like a right winging little pecker head. People are entitled to their own opinions, just like you are and no one and yes that means even you Phantom, you arrogant little inbred has the right to tell anyone else what they should think or do, so go and suck on mums teat a little more yeah!! Oh and for your information when I say that I don’t intend to see this movie in the theatre I meant it. Ive walked out of cinemas for less. Nuff said

Dar-El on Apr 19, 2009


okay. stop bashing this film. movies dont always have to have a plot and this and that. movies can be entertaining and fun and still not have a plot. why do you think there are different genres. because not everyone likes romantic, dramatic movies. some people dint even like movies like this. okay. thats fine. then dont go see it. obviusly ( cant spell that word.lol) you care about or are thinking of seeing the movie because you keep reading the info on it and watching the trailers for it. if you dont like the movie then dont see it. and dont come here reading stuff about it. and dont write down your bull shit . cause we dont care. we came here to get hyped on a movie we cant wait to c. not read your bullshit. go read info on another movie. if you dont like this one then dont read about it. and some of you people who dont like this movie are going to c it anyways. you people always have to spoil something for us. go fuck yourselves.damn.

ello on Apr 19, 2009


What's hilarious is that any post about this movie, no matter how small, seems to get soo many responses compared to other upcoming summer blockbuster posts. Just full of the 'me-too' haters thinking they're 'original' by jumping on the latest cool thing to bash bandwagon. Seriously. There are far more worse movies coming out this year then ROTF. And yet posts about those movies rarely get more then a dozen comments. Maybe, just maybe, it's because those movies are actual suck and therefore nobody cares enough to even look at the post. Yet, for a movie that will be the new pinnacle of lousy film making (going by some of these comments) you whinny bitches seem to care an awful lot. The irony is so thick it's laughable. Cry all you want. You're only trying to convince yourselves, cause everyone else is just laughing at you. Like it or not, the movie will still make hundreds of millions in the US and more so overseas, just like the last one. And the 'worst director in the world' will get more awards and green lights for more projects. Can't wait for posts on the 3rd one. Maybe your 'opinions' will finally turn the tide..... NOT.

Someone call the waaaaambulance on Apr 19, 2009


So Dar-El, Why did you come to this forum if you have no intrest what so ever to see this movie? Mmm? You've just proved me right on what I was trying to say! So like I said, "don't lie!"

The_Phantom on Apr 19, 2009


The video didn't work,needs a some kind of crap password.Watched it anyway somewhere else. Looked badass and it got me more excited about the movie and devastator.

Fisherr on Apr 19, 2009


Someone call the waaaaambulance, I'm shocked that you actually do not understand why that is. It's because Transformers is $200 million dollar movie with one of the biggest marketing budgets and toy campaigns in the world. Yet for all that money and all the effort, the still intentionally include scenes of complete retardation and drives sensible ppl f-ing insane. If you could make Star Wars movies - Would you make them like the original trilogy, or like the prequels. Those involved are choosing the prequel method to make the TF movies because they think fart jokes and retarded amuses kids and makes them like the movie more. WRONG. Kids aren't retarded and like everyone else, they want something special from this (ie. like the original Star Wars which wasn't retarded and every age group loved - enough to earn the strongest fanbase ever until recently)

James on Apr 19, 2009


Video has been fixed - it can be watched again in high res. Thanks!

Alex Billington on Apr 19, 2009


"seriously?!?! i don't understand why people eat this stuff up… it doesn't look amazing at all… sure there are lots of effects and robots… but where's the class? where's the integrity? i can't help but feel like michael bay is just cheapening the franchise. cheap jokes, lame humour, rubbish plots, shockingly bad acting… and don't even get me started on the actual transformers themselves… yikes. i'm not a hater just because i love the original… i just don't understand how this could possibly be anticipated as being a great film. it seems like michael bay has the world in his "awesome" spell." ----Hot Damn, exactly my thoughts. i'm pretty sure if i see this film in theatres it will be because i was forced by my little brother. i really do not care about this film at all.

Jimbone on Apr 19, 2009


as long as no robots are peeing on anybody, I'll be able to stomach the cheesy jokes. Still not a Shia fan, but you have to admit the action's gonna be top notch just like the first one. That's why they'll get my ten bucks. If you're a fan of robots the summer is gonna be the shit.

flamer on Apr 19, 2009


I love how people get on here and do nothing but beat Bay into the ground and call him every word of profanity known to man because he's "ruined" their child hood. However, not one of those fanboys can come up with a constructive alternative to what he has done. I'd also like to know how he cheapened the franchise and what his bad directing skills are? Just like someone else said, for all of you "haters" you sure do seem to pay quite a bit of attention to anything TF2 related?

Escobar2248 on Apr 20, 2009


thank you michael bay. you are the man. Now go and make Bad Boys 3 and a sequel to The Rock.

RICK on Apr 20, 2009


sequel or prequel to "The Rock" will be amazing

RICK on Apr 20, 2009


phantom is right. all of the fanboys need to shut the fuck up. they never offer anything constructive to the discussion; just bitching about it not being like the "original" series. and like hell if i believe you when you say "that's not the reason" because it totally is.

dan on Apr 20, 2009


Dan, escobar and other michael bay fans... I think you guys kinda misunderstand what the majority of the fans are upset about. Its not just that the films aren't true to the original... Granted that DOES suck. But there's just so many differences why bother calling it a transformers film? Heck, even Christopher Nolan, whom we all recognize as a great film maker, adhered to the general truths of the batman legacy. Michael Bay changed almost EVERYTHING. And not for the better... Also, you guys seem to gripe about how the fans just come here and abuse michael bay without offering ideas as to how it could be better... I think if you'd read these posts carefully throughout the original transformers 1 movie you'd see hundreds of suggestions as well as alternative directors, actors, plotlines and ideas. Also, escobar you said if we hate the movie then why are we following it so closely?... Mate, we're not. This is a MOVIE website, not a transformers site. We're here reading about ALL films. Seriously guys, it's fine if you guys wanna love the plotless, shallow, unoriginal, badly acted, weakly directed excuse for a transformers movie. No need to abuse everyone who voices their opinion at how sad and disappointed they are at what's happening through michael bay's meddling. Oh, and flamer your argument is pretty weak... Just because lots of people are talkin about something doesn't make it good. Hitler and Bin Laden are WIDELY talked about, loved by some AND hated by others. I rest my case.

Josh on Apr 20, 2009


Challenge me to a duel? You must be either brave or very stupid... Judging by the way you write you must be stupid!

The_Phantom on Apr 20, 2009


Wow! Over a 100 comments! This movie sure is creating a buzz.

Dan Walimaa on Apr 20, 2009


Phantom, you’re not worth the effort! I’ll be proved right, when this movie comes out yes it will probably make a shit load of cash but in 10 years will it still be remembered. I think not. This is what judge’s movies not the money it makes in the here and now but how it is remembered in the years to come. Sadly not many movies these days stand the test of time. The era of timeless classics has passed!!

Dar-El on Apr 21, 2009


ooh, i loved what Dar-El said about films standing the test of time. what do you think are 5 films made recently that WILL stand the test of time... mine are : batman, the dark knight the wrestler slumdog millionaire iron man hunger (cult following)

joshua on Apr 21, 2009


I don’t have any recent ones really as I am a harsh critic when it comes to movies but from a while back they would be Wall-E Batman Begins Schlinder's List Braveheart Good Will Hunting

Dar-El on Apr 22, 2009


God damn it people, read the original comics from way back in 1984 and you will see a lot of the transformers had 'humanity' as post number 10 whinges about. Now that all you haters have read the original comics from back in the day which i purchased from the age of 9 - 17 and started again when dreamwave came on the scene when i was 28. Tell me, how good are the stories - hmmmm well lets be truthful now. The original first 8 issues me thinks, oooh robots fight on planet oh robots leave planet and bad robots follow, oh they fight they hit asteroid belt and crash on earth and wake up during a volcanic eruption millions of years later. Millions of years later i hasten to add yet everyone on Cybertron still knows them. "Oh hi megatron you okay where are you." The movie is great, not true to the original plot so what, Michael Bay has done a fantastic job with the franchise. He has marketed it to a new level and thats what we're all on this planet for, to make money. So stop whining because Bumblebee isnt a volkswagen (you had your tribute in T1), dont start moaning because Soundwave is a satellite not a stereo. Would it have been plausible for Megatron to transform from a gun to 40 frickin foot robot!!!!! It's great entertainment and i for one can't wait tillit comes out in the UK, before anywhere else in the world. Hmmmm me wonders is that because Mr Furman wrote some of the best stories and created a superior fanbase and this is to say thank you! To all the haters that state they are just voicing their opinion, well so am i. WD MB!!

Adrian Forrest on Jun 3, 2009

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