Michael Cera Officially On Board for Arrested Development Movie?

February 25, 2009
Source: E! Online

Michael Cera in Arrested Development

Since Jeffrey Tambor (aka George Bluth Sr.) said without equivocation last November that an "Arrested Development" feature film "is a go," we've been hesitant to report on details surrounding the project. Despite Tambor's confidence, there has been wave after wave of rumor surrounding the Bluth family's big screen debut. The latest news is centered on Michael Cera, who reportedly has been the lone holdout from the series' original cast. The prospect of an "Arrested Development" film with no George-Michael Bluth is enough to cast doubt on the entire project. So should we believe E!'s inside source claiming that Cera has finally signed on? And if we do, does that mean all this speculation can finally be put to rest?

Personally, I'm still cautious about all this. Even at the Oscars, director Ron Howard guardedly said, "it's looking very much like we're going to make [it]." And Tambor said recently that "the script is not finished," but the film is "very, very probable." All of this flirting isn't doing anything positive for the project, not to mention Cera's reputation - I believe the term "diva" has been tossed around as of late to describe the actor's unwillingness to commit. But the best bit of recent news about the potential film, if you ask me, is Howard's follow up comment, "we've now been asked to stop offering any details." Hallelujah! We'll report back when the film actually starts shooting, which "may [be] as early as the end of the year."

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best news in film in the last 10 years

amazing on Feb 25, 2009


seriously that show was fucking hilarious and has a peeerrfect premise for a movie...awesome

Cody on Feb 25, 2009


Wooooooooo wooooooooooo!!!! I heard the news a couple of days ago but I didnt believe it, but now Im starting to hear it from multiple sources, im more sure than ever! Soo so happy that Michael Cera has seen sense and stepped in. The word deva would be correct.

Marcus on Feb 25, 2009


So happy he is on board. This movie has to be made, loved the series and pissed like others that it got taken off air. Sucks to hear that he may not have done the movie because of money, I mean, who is he? He certainly doesn't have the power to demand money especially if Bateman is in and is a bigger draw. Hope this def gets made.

Craig on Feb 25, 2009


This will be so great. Kind of pissed that Michael Cera has been holding out. Not like they're trying to ruin your street cred with a Full House movie, Michael. Arrested Development is the only reason you have the career you have today...

Melissa on Feb 25, 2009


Best. News. Ever. Cera would of been making a huuuuge mistake otherwise.

Tom on Feb 25, 2009


i remember watching the a bunch of episodes of this show i think first season in like a marathon of it on new years eve 4 or 5 years ago i think. maybe less. can anyone explain what happened to it? i think it was arrested development. i just remember a kid, michael cera i think, running a bannana stand and it burning down or something? am i right?, and if so can someone tell me what happened to it? i thought it was pretty funny

jim on Feb 25, 2009


Wouldnt be an Arrested Development movie without George Michael! 😀 Great news!

max on Feb 25, 2009


Cera, don't you know there's always money in the banana stand?

Tobias Funke on Feb 25, 2009


I just hope Ron Howard produces this... don't want him directing. Narrating is fine.

Tobias Funke on Feb 25, 2009


All i want to say is that people need to get the 3 seasons out on DVD, trust me you will not regret it. Hands down one of the funniest shows ever created.

AKUMARED on Feb 25, 2009


GAWD i hope this goes though! Loved the show! Mind you the first two times I saw it at a friends' house (don't have cable) I thought it sucked. Third time I saw it, it started to click and I started understanding the humor.

Hand Knotted Rugs on Feb 26, 2009

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