Michael Fassbender Talks About Neil Marshall's Centurion

November 3, 2009

Michael Fassbender

It's kind of a slow news day today, so why not? Plus, Michael Fassbender is a badass, and he deserves more time in the spotlight. Frosty over at Collider interviewed Fassbender earlier today for his upcoming film Fish Tank (another great film he's in). At the end, he was asked about his other upcoming film titled Centurion, directed by Neil Marshall, that he just finished shooting in England (that's him in the photo above). I can't explain why, but listening to Fassbender talk about this movie actually makes me excited for it again, despite losing all my faith in Neil Marshall after Doomsday. Read on to hear what he had to say.

"You know, I think there's violence in it… The idea of Centurion is that it's a chase film, it's basically a Roman chase film. And you basically got a scenario where you've got an empire coming to an end of its existence. And you've got this tribal community who are bringing it to its knees. And it's basically about a group of Roman soldiers trying to get back across the border."

Sounds pretty damn cool. You can read more about the story, which was inspired by the Legend of the 9th Legion, in our previous write-ups on the film. We've seen some behind-the-scenes videos, but no actual trailer yet, although I wish there was one. In addition to Fassbender, Centurion stars Dominic West, Noel Clarke, David Morrisey, JJ Feild, and Olga Kurylenko. The film already finished shooting earlier this year and is currently in post-production. Centurion does not have a US distributor just yet and does not have US release date unfortunately.

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i thought doomsday was a great movie...good ol mad max style.It wasnt perfect but good at what it was.

hale on Nov 3, 2009


the main character even had a fake eye(did i hear snake?)

yojoe on Nov 3, 2009


Sci-fi then I'm down

M-Cat on Nov 3, 2009


Apocalypto? Doomsday doesn't deserve much bitching in my opinion too, nothing original, but fun and gripping and importantly it doesn't treat a viewer like he's 10 years old like so many action movies nowadays do.

Bo on Nov 4, 2009


Romans and their roads...

Crapola on Nov 4, 2009


lol I love the Romans and their roads. 😛

Scotttttt on Nov 4, 2009


so is the guy running away a roman or what? Because im sure the men on horseback aren't romans. This looks pretty cool!!

Talus on Nov 4, 2009


Why did they film it in England when it is set in what is now Scotland?

Vole on Nov 4, 2009


Economy and stuff is better in England than Scotland. The actor (running away lol) is English and the landscape is pretty much the same in England and Scotland so it doesn't even matter. Twilight takes place in Washington, yet it was filmed in British Columbia. same thing But yeah, Im excited for this. looks awesome. I love Roman movies. Troy, Gladiator, clash of the titans ... now this. =)

Jordan on Nov 4, 2009


I think the guy running is a roman soldier native to England that was caught by crazy wild scottish rebels and is running away. Cool picture. I like his pecs. lol XD

Kesley on Nov 4, 2009


It's set in the Scottish Highlands, I think the 'Economy and Stuff' is the same in England as it is in Scotland, it essentially looks like the Roman's 'superior' army losing to 'savages' who fight a guerilla war, that story never gets old eh?

Crapola on Nov 4, 2009


guerilla warfare is for nations and people like Scotland (not even a nation lol), Ireland and America who are noobs and cant fight a decent war. He is just running away, not the whole empire falling to Scotland. haha Scotland couldn't take over my front lawn with my lazy dog there to guard it. It is set in England obviously because its easier to get supplies to and from the set to towns. England has like quadruple the population of Scotland. Either way, it's set in Great Britain. Im excited for this movie too.

Zinc on Nov 4, 2009


Mel Gibson freed Scotland, didn't you see that film? He Freeeeeeeeedoooooooooooomed it. I think some people actually believed it too and since Scotland got electricity a few years back, they have been making films there now and again.

Crapola on Nov 5, 2009


"Economy and stuff is better in England than Scotland. The actor (running away lol) is English and the landscape is pretty much the same in England and Scotland so it doesn't even matter." Woah there - that's f**king fighting talk where I come from!! You seriously need to get your facts straight about the differences between Scotland and England - they're very different in MANY respects. Some of the film was shot in Scotland (for the awesome scenery that no other country in the world can match) but the battle scenes were in England (actaully in the same location where the opening battle sequence in 'Gladiator' was filmed. The main reason for this was the proximity to London (i.e., the British centre of film). ALBA GU BRATH!

ViperScot on Nov 5, 2009

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