King of Pop Michael Jackson Dead at 50 from Cardiac Arrest

June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

The King of Pop. MJ. Jacko. Michael Jackson. The 50-year-old entertainment icon died early Thursday afternoon at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he had been taken after suffering full cardiac arrest. Though reports were slow to reach media outlets (TMZ was the first to report the news), it's now known that Jackson was reportedly unconscious upon arriving at the hospital (via Reuters). Doctors were unable to revive him. And while his life has now ended, in the 50 years prior, Michael Jackson ascended from child star to megastar to king. Jackson is the epitome of the modern-day multi-media megastar.

Best known for his illustrious music career where he wailed and moon-walked his way to over 750 million records sold and 13 Grammy Awards, Jackson also had a long-standing film career. From his breakout performance in Sidney Lumet's The Wiz where he played the innocent Scarecrow to his epic music video crossover films Thriller and Bad, the latter directed by Martin Scorsese, as well as the unforgettable Captain EO in 1986. Always full of life, even when his life was full of turmoil, Michael Jackson even had a brief, yet unforgettable, cameo in Men in Black II -- poking fun at himself, the very man he so often wished to change.

His life was far from normal, though Jackson never truly had a chance to attain any semblance of normalcy -- but it will be his successes outside the norm for which he is remembered: his signatures on the world of music and movies. Michael Jackson was one -- neither one in one million, or a billion even -- but one, wholly unique and never to be repeated. Nor should he be. Michael Jackson is survived by his three children, Prince Michael I, Paris Michael, and Prince Michael II -- as well as his adoring fans, his memory, and his influence on media, both auditory and visual, at large. May you moon-walk in peace, Michael.

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well written article. peace MJ, hope you come back as a zombie and boogie your way out of the grave.

DoomCanoe on Jun 26, 2009


I grew up listening to Michael Jackson in the 80's and he was absolutley amazing. This is truly a sad day and he shall never be forgotten. His music will live on forever! R.I.P.

Last Son on Jun 26, 2009


I'm beginning to wonder if this site is linked to bloody-disgusting. This is one of the all time scariest characters ever. I slept like a baby, no where near never land, last night knowing this monster couldn't get me. Why is no-one bothered by the death of farrah fawcett (sorry if i spelt that wrong) she was a far better icon and didn't hang kids out of the window.

link1983 on Jun 26, 2009


Oh! and #1; don't come here bagging the man. Show some respect. What he did for the music industry and the world will never be repeated ever again.

Last Son on Jun 26, 2009


This is another reminder to me that I should never respond to the morons like #5 and #2 who comment with the sole purpose of getting some attention. Pretty sure some idiot will come and say everyone has a right to an opinion or something like that. If you want to get your biased opinion heard then type wacko-jacko on a big screen and walk into a crowd of MJ fans. 99% of you social freaks would never even think of doing that, but hey on the internetz everything is allowed right ? MJ was perhaps the greatest artist ever ever and with todays music climate we will never see anyone like him again. This is a big loss for all of us who valued him for what he is, the King of Pop.

Shige on Jun 26, 2009


i totally thought he would Beat It. But you know the media, they always wanna be startin somethin. Right now, i just need someone to hold me like the River Jordan.

Brian Barajas on Jun 26, 2009


A human being is dead, the least you assholes can do is show some respect.

nem on Jun 26, 2009


RIPeado.....Cardiac arrest!! atleast the docs didnt blame it on the Boogie? Mind you he has been lookin pale for a while now!! Just like his album now he's History. Wonder if he gets melted down so that the kids can play with him for a change.

LV 426 on Jun 26, 2009


In peace you will rest....unrest your fans will be for days...History you have made as an artist...Legendary will you be remembered for all you have done...good & unexplained. Rock on...'til the break of dawn...

Lazarus from Sparta on Jun 26, 2009


RIP Michael Jackson - the greatest entertainer there ever was and as Pete Wentz said truly the Last Legend...

Sumit on Jun 26, 2009


Als ich es gestern erfahren hab, war ich ebenfalls sprachlos. Er ist ein faszinierender Mensch der die Welt mit seiner Musik veränderte und zum großen Teil auch mit geprägt hat. Ich freue mich Michael Jackson miterlebt zu haben. Die Median haben ihn wirklich zerstört. Eventuell hat deswegen sein Herz aufgehört zu schlagen. Ich werde ihn in guter Erinnerung behalten. Er war ein grandioser Künstler.

Paul on Jun 26, 2009


#4 your an idiot....MJ will be remember can be mad at that all you want

Trey on Jun 26, 2009


Apparently, he was taken to the childrens ward where he dies after a few strokes.

Fingo on Jun 26, 2009


BTW everybody will die from a cardiac arrest at then end. This is not the real cause. So actually, it was a heart attack or too much drug...

Pete on Jun 26, 2009


Say what you will about MJ's personal life, he was a very strange/misunderstood person, but he changed the face of music.

K on Jun 26, 2009


did you REALLY refer to his part in The Wiz as a "breakout performance"? Wow. So why is this on a site about movies again?....

Barry Napier on Jun 26, 2009


#16 Did you act in The Wiz your self ? What are you doing on a site about movies ? See, bad logic works everywhere.

Shige on Jun 26, 2009


I really hate the fucking internet sometimes - flaming morons... anyway... thanks MJ for sharing the genius. Godspeed back to the mothership.

bozoconnors on Jun 26, 2009


well no matter the negative comments left by fuckin' idiots on this website, we can always consider this. no matter what we will never know the truth. and IF he did molest those kids, he will always: have the highest-selling record of all time over any artist you like, he'll be highly-regarded over your fav celebrity, and... he's black (i LOVE that part). #4, not to take away from farah fawcett's death because she was VERY beautiful but how in the hell is she a far-better icon? other than being a blond bombshell, pin-up girl, and an actress, what impact has she left on hollywood that outshines any other currently-living or deceased celebrity? no offense, but really, she's pretty much at the same level of popularity as any regular ol' celebrity that dies. maybe a weekend's worth of news. what did she do in life that merits anything over any other celebrity. hell, when liz taylor kicks the bucket, her news and death will probably be more celebrated than farah fawcett's. it's a shame we have idiots on here. even in death, people still catch shit. strong opinions, and i hate to say it too, but i think a bit of a race issue goes w/ some of these opinions. that pill-popping, drunk ass prostitute anna nicole was a fuckin' weirdo. then she's a charity case when she dies. everyone feels sorry for her and wants to forgive her. MJ dies, people speculate it's drugs and they're glad he's dead. we haven't even heard the results of the autopsy yet.

JL on Jun 26, 2009


aw weren't supposed to stop til you got enough =[

Otacon on Jun 26, 2009


i was shocked when i heard the news,michael jackson rest in peace,a legend died yesterday up their with the likes of elvis & lennon & thank you for some classic tunes 1.billie jean 2.thriller 3.beat it 4.smooth criminal 5.dirty diana.

zetsu on Jun 26, 2009


For years, I guess I've had the feeling that Michael would die somewhat young. It was hard imagining him as an old man. I suspect he felt the same way. Even so, hearing he died was still really jarring. His music was such a presence my childhood, it's hard to grasp that his life is really over. Very sad. In pop music, he was truly immortal. Like everyone else, he probably made some mistakes in life, perhaps even some very bad ones (though when someone is that famous and eccentric, it's rather hard to know what's fact and what's fiction). But he also brought more joy and beauty to people's lives than virtually anyone. God bless you, Michael.

Petoria on Jun 26, 2009


I think it's strange the way people like JL say he possibly was a child molester, but he made a lot of record sales and could do a moonwalk so this somehow makes it okay to interfere with children. As for being a black man, I don't know what sort of message his face would send black people, after all he looked like an ageing white woman, I think it could have a negative effect. He was so proud of being black he had his skin bleached and his nose and lips made smaller. I can't deny he made some great music, but the best music he made was with the help of Quincy Jones, someone who has a far greater talent than Jackson. After that he got all god complex and jesusy, I did however like his manga military-style suits. For all the true fans, I heard McDonalds are about to release a commemorative burger dedicated to the legend of Michael Jackson called the 'Mc Jacko', it will be 50 year old meat between 12 year old buns...

Crapola on Jun 26, 2009


This really sucks. Although the man wasn't much recent years, as a late fan I would really loved to see him perform again in London. Never saw him perform, my interest started after that. Although he was pretty weird, you can't really blame him. I've read a lot about him, and it actually makes sense. 50 is way to young, but then again this guy has lived multiple lives I guess. The media had such a weird relationship with this legend though. Allways so negative. Rest in peace.

Rickmeister on Jun 26, 2009


To those of you who are disrespecting Michael Jackson, you disgust me. This article is meant to honor the life and career of a man who changed the entertainment industry forever, and you idiots have to drag your lonely immature little selves out of the woodwork and defile this memorial. This is a place for fond rememberance, not crude and senseless jokes. If you want to make fun of the man go do it another blog or on your little myspace profile where people who care can see it. Michael Jackson was born into a difficult world and became apart of a stressful industry. His childhood was terrible to say the least and the conflicting morals he had to face truly brought about his psychological problems. He pushed on though and still managed to amaze us all. He also suffered from a rare skin diease called vitiligo which changed the color of his skin which caused him even more psychological problems. And even if he did touch those children ( which has not been proven, and all charges have been dropped ), yes I would be dissapointed but I would know it wasn't entirely his fault and that he is still a good person, just one with an enormous amount of problems. Michael Jackson changed the world no matter what you idiots say, and as much as i respect your contrasting opinion (however ignorant and childish it may be), this memorial is not the place. Show respect or show nothing at all. Have a good day and Rest in Peace King of Pop.

RPH on Jun 26, 2009


James Brown grew up in a brothel, how come he didn't think he was Peter Pan? Lot's of children have problems growing up, most of them don't befriend chimps and build zoo's in their back garden. Some of them get counselling to deal with their problems or kill themselves, but most of the time they just get on with life and don't wear masks and hang their children out of windows. I think Michael Jackson should be made a saint.

Crapola on Jun 26, 2009


#27 Whats wrong having a private zoo and a chimp as a pet ? Nobody gets to you for having a dog and a bunch of mice in a cage unless you got a couple of billions, then its a big nono right ? Also, before judging someone wearing a mask try to put your face on every major magazine and television and having total strangers discussing your ugly attributes. Funny thing is that paparazzi endangered all of his kids by the constant chasing far more than he did by showing his baby from a window to fans and to the same paparazzi jerkoffs.

Shige on Jun 26, 2009


Does anyone like emery?

hi on Jun 26, 2009


MJ contributed far more to making child molestation seem like a silly preoccupation of quirky stars than he ever did music. He's remembered best a punchline about perverts. He probably masturbated to family pictures of his 12 year old ass.

RandyG on Jun 26, 2009


Child molesters deserve to die. I don't see how anyone could be upset about this.

Syphous on Jun 26, 2009


Wow I cant' believe people are trying to use race issues, the fact that he made popular music and other idiotic excuses to make Michael Jackson out to be a legend. No one can deny that he made popular music, no one has ever seemed to care that he was black, especially the countless numbers of fans he had that definitely were not all black. This is man was a pedophile and he has even said himself in interviews he didn't see a problem with having children who spent the night at his ranch in his bed. If this was someone who lived down the street from you and your kids you'd be breathing a sigh of relief that he was gone. I don't for a second believe that Michael Jackson has ever had these problems and accusations because he himself was a victim, that's a bunch of crap. The only truly great story coming out of this is that maybe now his children who've grown up in a very bizarre atmosphere might have the chance at getting some normality instilled in their lives now.

...rollingeyes on Jun 26, 2009


Go fuck your self #6 prick

DoomCanoe on Jun 26, 2009


#32 Nothing has EVER been proven. This could be the reason why. I NEVER believed in this shit. The man lived on a ranch named after Peter Pan's Neverland. He was a child trapped in a grown mans body. He never had a chance to be a child, seeing how he was famous at age 5, and his dad was VERY strict. He surrounded himself with kids, because that's who he could identify with the most. Plus, kids don't judge you by your income, looks or race until they get older. He loved children, he never would have hurt one. That is my firm belief. Aside from that, MJ revolutionized the pop genre. Every new video release was a major event, that got announced by MTV and such for 2 weeks before it hit. And why? Because every new video was absolutely groundbreaking for its time. Not to mention his dance moves, which have been copied ever since by people like Usher or Justin Timberlake. Sure, he looked terrible towards the end, he was kinda fucked up in the head. But that does not take away from the fact that he truly was the King of Pop. Everybody who denies this, is simply oblivious and does not know what they are talking about.

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 26, 2009


It was NEVER proven he touched a kid. He had psychological problems brought on by a fucked up abusive childhood and no he never got the help he needed. Instead he bought things to make him feel happiness...He was a young child thrown into a demanding industry...just like most childhood movie stars, he didn't favor well. He contributed a lot to the music industry and influenced many current musicians from rap to pop to rock to metal...everyone knows the name Michael Jackson. You can call him a pedophile, you can call him a child molester...but I ask, do you have proof or is this an opinion formed by the multiple media outlets and other public opinions? My hopes is that Michael Jackson will be remembered as an amazing performer, a wonderful dancer, and an amazingly talented musician. I hope his children will grow up feeling proud that their father was so much to so many people. Much respect to the King of Pop and to all the Jackson family. Your loss and grief has been felt and shared by many around the world.

Movies Rule on Jun 26, 2009


If you want to know the truth about the things he was accused of, go ask him yourself. Anytime I see one of his videos or hear his music I'm put in a good mood.

tterb on Jun 26, 2009


I'm from the UK and I was just starting to look forward to going to his concert, which would have actually been my first concert. I never thought this day would come, I am 21 years younger than Michael, but I thought he was invincible. He proved this time and time again in his relatively short life - such painful struggles he had yet he over came it all to become one of the most influencial performers ever. His will power never ceased to amaze me and it will take some time coming to terms with the fact he is no longer with us. We're all wishing we could have done more, lets hope we take that thought with us into the future for Michael and all humanity. God was obviously in need of some good music!

dom on Jun 26, 2009


#34 My post was not directed to you. It was targeted to the couple of posters who got deleted by the admin, hense the #mixup Relax

Shige on Jun 26, 2009


See u on the other side Mike! Fuck all the haters! They can all suck my dick! Thank you!

Ray on Jun 26, 2009


Here's a little perspective on MJ from someone who met him under peculiar circumstances: "I met Michael Jackson just once back in 1993. It was only months before he was first accused of sexually molesting then 13-year-old Jordy Chandler. Like a lot of people before that scandal, I was an admirer of his music. I grew up listening to the Jackson Five and later Michael Jackson’s solo efforts. I wasn’t a huge fan, but I bought most of his CDs. Coincidentally, I was living in Encino, California in 1993. The Jackson family lived not far from me. I would see Joe Jackson at the supermarket or Randy at the car wash. But I never expected to meet Michael. About once a week I would go over the hill to Golden Apple Comics on Melrose. It was owned by a friend, the late Bill Liebowitz, and I also had a bunch of friends who worked there. They told me Michael was a big customer. He would go there with a group of kids and buy them whatever they wanted. He would often spend thousands on those days. I asked one of my friends if Michael bought any comics for himself. He said sure. So I said what kind of books does he read? He said “Anything with kids in them.” I remember thinking: “Brrr!” at the time. Sure, that could be innocent and all, but there were all those stories even then of Michael having kids with him all the time. Which is kind of odd for a grown man, but Michael Jackson was never known for being normal. Everyone I know who knew him said he was a very nice guy, kind of quiet and he did a lot with charity. No one had a bad thing to say about him. But I did detect a certain reluctant vibe when discussing Michael with my friends at the store. They didn’t say why, but they felt he was weird. And this is from people who worked at a store on Melrose in L.A. So one day I came in the store and one of my friends told me Jackson was in the store. And there he was, over by the comics rack. He had his arm around someone like he was on a date. That someone was Jordy Chandler. I walked over to the long racks and pretended not to notice them. Jackson had his people with him including his driver. That driver was later a witness against Jackson in his trial. Jackson was whispering in Jordy’s ear and they were acting totally like people on a date. It was not the kind of behavior a couple of straight guys do together. Then they went back in the store in the employee area and disappeared. They were gone for a half hour. I stuck around and talked to my friends, just shooting the breeze. I assumed Jackson left by the back door to avoid people. But Bill the owner asked me if I wanted to meet Michael Jackson, and I said, sure. Jackson reappeared, and left the store. I went out there with Bill and he introduced me. Jordy had detached from Michael and went to the black SUV. I didn’t shake hands with Jackson, I only got to exchange pleasantries. But I noticed something, when I tried to look him in the eyes, he had this very evasive…almost crazed look. Like someone who had just committed a crime and didn’t want anyone to see them. It was weird. I’ve met a lot of famous celebs and have never seen them as anything other than people. People who work in the entertainment industry, which I was doing at the time myself. So I’ve been very laid back in these encounters. So I know it was nothing I did that made him look at me like that. I thought, “Man, is he paranoid or what? Maybe he’s on something.” After they took off, I went back in the store to buy some comics and I asked one of my friends what they were doing in the back room for so long. He said Michael and Jordy were in the bathroom for a half hour. Yeah. I said, huh? He said that’s not unusual for him. Now, I don’t know what they did in there, but it was a small one-person bathroom. And I can only think of a couple reasons two people would go into a small bathroom together. One of the nice reasons is they were helping the other with their costumes. He wasn’t wearing anything that out of the ordinary. So that leaves the other two reasons, since we can assume Jordy is potty trained at 13. Sex or drugs. When the story about the molestation broke a few months later, that pretty much made up my mind which reason it was. A lot of people say Michael Jackson did not molest kids. Maybe not. But I have a hard time believing it. Everyone I know, who worked with Michael had great things to say about him, so I suppose he wasn’t a bad person. But if you have followed his story closely, he was no saint either. He actively worked to insure his brothers would never succeed. He reneged on deals constantly and didn’t pay people he owed their money. There will be a lot of stories coming out about him and his defenders will work hard to try to canonize him. But the truth is a lot more complex."

RandyG on Jun 26, 2009


@41... And then I heard that someone noticed that it appeared like one guy overheard something from another person and that person thought that someone who met another dude close to MJ knew something that appeared to be something like.... Yeah we get the point.

Shige on Jun 26, 2009


I dont love or hate him. People molest children all the time unfortunatley. He just happened to be famous, REALLY famous. He'll always be a legend. I hope his kids are doing okay, which I'm sure he treated like gold. I can see them growing up to be really famous too.

I have anxiety (and depression) on Jun 26, 2009


May the Man Rest In Peace. Its easy to hate someone who did so much more than any of these haters could ever hope to accomplish. Despite your personal opionons of the man and his life, his contributions and artistic accomplishments speak for themselves. His music and his art live on and sometimes I wonder, perhaps the person needs to die for their work to live on and succeed. (look at Obi Wan!)

lando on Jun 26, 2009


@41 Get a F***ing LIFE - No one cares about your life story!!!!!

WHO on Jun 26, 2009


MJ, Thank you for the great songs you made. May you be rememberd as the King of Pop.

malax on Jun 26, 2009


People who are claiming Michael Jackson had little to no impact in the musical world seriously need to shut up and study some history. Without Michael Jackson, most black music artists would not exist today. Jackson broke down racial music barriers and was able to get his music played on MTV, a precedent for a black male at the time. Come on, he created Thriller! He pretty much invented the music video and his album Thriller remains the highest selling album in all of music history. It was never proven that he engaged in sexual acts with children. People are always looking for money and MJ was a prime target. Let's not forget that he really never had a childhood. He's had a career for almost all of his life. He never got to experience the things normal children do. That's why he surrounds himself with younger people and lives such an extravagant lifestyle. He was always trying to recreate what he never had. Plus, if I had more money than the Vatican then I would act like a bit of a loon too. You can deny Michael Jackson as a person. You can't dent Michael Jackson as an artist. He forever revolutionlized music and he will forever be remembered. R.I.P. - Michael Jackson

SlashBeast on Jun 26, 2009


People really need to take child molestation alot more seriously, there is such a think as carma, what the courts do not take care of "God will" I feel Michale Jackson was a very sick person and he should of got help along time ago before it progressed. There is never any excuse for abusing a child, children are innocent and they can not defend themselves, I have first hand experience about this because my friends child was molested, and no one belevied here because she used to do drugs, she had no support from anybody, not from her friends or from her family. Molestation is a the most devastating thing that can happen to a child, sometimes it can even led to murder. I stop listening to Michale Jackson songs since 1993 when the first case was exposed. All these fan's don't want to beleive their idol, could do such a thing, but anyone is capable of these crimes, sometimes it is the people who always want to be around children, coaches, boy scott leader's, presit, they can take atvandage of a child's vunerabilty, but Michale Jackson will have to answer to God now, no one ever really gets away with anything, it just takes time to catch up to them. I will still prey for him, instead of people covering up for him, they should of helped him get help, then maybe he would not have got adicted to drugs, everything is a snow ball affect, but his poor fans and the poor victims that he molested, I hope they find some peace.

Anna on Jun 26, 2009


Well, about child molestation, just curious: for those who are convinced that MJ fooled around with a thirteen year old boy, why is it so you're outraged about that, but ultimately could give a shit about cases like that lady, Mary K. Laterno, who molested a twelve year old boy? Here's why: because you hate homosexuals. So, how about this: why don't you just say that you think MJ was a dirty-homo-freak, and spare us the BS moralizing, ok? Like dumb hicks really care about morality anyway. God, I can't stand these assholes.

Petoria on Jun 27, 2009


THe man epitomized duality. On one hand, he's easily the most popular music artist of the 20th century. On the other hand, he's the most ridiculed person of the 20th century. But there's no denying his musical significance and talent. RIP - Michael Jackson

Governor on Jun 27, 2009


Hey #49 who said anything in this at all about it being OK for women to pedophiles? They are just as disgusting and you're sick for using that as an excuse to justify male pedophiles.

...rollingeyes on Jun 27, 2009


You cant justify child molestation. That being said, you cant define someone by their biggest mistakes either or judge them by their ridicule. If anyone can judge its not us so shut the fuck up and leave it to the bigger force and MJ to work it out.

chewie on Jun 27, 2009


Farewell, MJ. Let's hope that in passing you find the peace you never quite found down here. You gave us so damn much.

sleepykid on Jun 27, 2009


That's a rather obtuse opinion you have 52 considering the ramifications of the biggest mistake.

...rollingeyes on Jun 27, 2009


it is always the strange ones that influence you the most. Respectfully MJ was a genius, but with that responsibility comes a lot of personal turmoil. He wasn't the first musician to be out there....definitely not the first artist in that sense. God speed...I hope you find rest.

nocsyn on Jun 27, 2009


Ok, lets all stop the respect and join "RollingEyes"!!!! MJ was a jerk and nothing he could ever do will make up for his actions. and lets go to jail and remind all those people who fucked up that there is no such thing as rehabilitation and tell them that they are now to be defined by however they fucked up. Then lets go to rehab and tell all those stupid quitters that even though they are trying to change, they are nothing more than looser fuck ups and its no use changing. Then we can go to church and kill all the priests! and after that we can tell EVERYONE who has ever fucked up in their lives that they are only as good as their biggest mistake!!! Lets strike Apologies from existence, and redemption while we're at it! I hope Rollingeyes never messes up or makes a bad decision, if so then you are that piece of crap that messed up, not anything else. You're not any of your good, only the bad and worst? is that what you are saying?

IcanSeeU on Jun 27, 2009


51, actually, douche, I didn't say I think molesting children is ever ok. in fact, my post wasn't about the moral status of child molestation at all. rather, my claim was simply that the reason why people like you are acting outraged about MJ's alleged molestation is because he's a guy, not because you really care about child molestation as such (if you did, you'd find every case of it equally repulsive, but despite your BS to the contrary, we both know that's far from the case). that's not to say folks like you don't think something is wrong with people like Laterno. for example, I'm sure you think she's a slut. and maybe on some level, you'd casually say she's a "sicko." but we both know a middle-aged woman fiddling with a boy doesn't really get you worked up the way a middle-aged man does. I don't expect you to admit to that here, because that would be tantamount to admitting I'm right. but people like you aren't really very honest. you need to cloak everything in BS. and that's what i see here. and you've pretty much confirmed that, since you actually expect me to believe you're just as upset by Laterno as you are MJ's alleged case of molestation. of course, I realize some people might really see them on a par, but, statistically, it's pretty unlikely that you do, since, if you live in America, it's plain to see that men don't really look at Laterno the way they do male molesters. again, that doesn't mean that in abstract or in an opinion poll, you're going to say that you think they're morally different. but you obviously treat them differently. for example, if you had a twelve year old boy that was seduced by a middle-aged woman, i doubt you'd give a shit at all (at most, you'd be a teeny bit upset, but chances are you'd actually be pretty proud, especially if the lady was hot like Megan Fox). but if they were seduced by a middle-aged man, we both know you'd lose your fucking mind. pretty obvious, huh? so, i think what's really getting your panties in a bunch here is the homosexuality, rather than the molestation. it would be nice to see someone honest enough on here admit to that, but i'm guessing that won't happen, so back to more BS.

Petoria on Jun 27, 2009


What the hell does this have to do with movies?

meatcarnage on Jun 27, 2009


You can laugh and criticize Michael Jackson if you wanna Woody Allen, molested and married his step-daughter Same press kicking dirt on Michael's name Show Woody and Soon-Ye at the playoff game, holding hands Sit back and just bug, think about that Would he get that type of dap if his name was Woody Black? -mos def

malory knox on Jun 27, 2009


he is the greatest! =/

Paul on Jun 27, 2009


#59: You're confused. Woody Allen married the adult-aged adopted daughter of his then girlfriend, Mia Farrow. Mia Farrow got pissed and accused Woody Allen of molesting another of Mia Farrow's children, an underage daughter. The accusation was frivolous and mean-spirited, whereas Micheal Jackson died choking on a nine year old wiener.

RandyG on Jun 27, 2009


57 whatever your issue with homosexuality is I dont' care. I have had homosexual friends in my life and if I have more or dont' have more is of no consequence to me I have never judged a persons sexuality. What one persons preference is none of my business to judge. You are bringing an issue to this conversation that is your problem not mine. Get over yourself you're judging me for your problems is ridiculous. This is about man that had no problems bringing minors into his bed (disgusting regardless of the sexuality of the adult or the minor.)

...rollingeyes on Jun 27, 2009


R.I.P. Mick. Number One all the way.

zedg on Jun 28, 2009


62, actually, shitbag, i've got no "problem" with homosexuality one way or the other (funny how stupid cunts like you always have to rely on cheap rhetoric when you have nothing insightful or honest to say). i do have a problem with bullshit though. i can tell you're stupid, so my point was bound to be lost on you anyway. it's just annoying having to see asswipes masquerade their unreflective, inconsistent prejudices as deep moral concerns. believe me, if you're not smart enough to realize it about yourself: you really don't give a flying fuck about molestation as such. really, you don't. you would never demonize a woman for molestation (though of course you won't admit that here), which means it's not the molestation that's bothering you. also, spare me the "i've had gay friends BS." of course you haven't. go watch your Nascar now.

Petoria on Jun 28, 2009


61...allen raised her as a daughter as well...ur point is mute. I am not glorifying MJ's personal life what so ever. No one glorifies Van Gogh's personal life, but his work. That's the main distinction. MJ's work made people feel good, but it also helped shape music of our time. He was world renowned. Americans, Communist China...all the way to the middle east people adored the man's work. No one can dispute that. More importantly the thriller video changed music videos. John Landis directed it...come on!

nocsyn on Jun 28, 2009


as a recording artist he was among the best there ever was or will be. i was saddened by that fact alone. as far as his personal and off stage life, well that's his business and he'll have to answer for that. haters will be haters and no one can change that but in the end MJ will pay for whatever wrong he did or be accepted into the glory of heaven if he didn't do it and no amount of record sales or awards on earth can change that. peace to MJ the artist, if i see you on the other side i'll sit front row as you sing for eternity.

thejugfather on Jun 28, 2009


To all the pathetic individuals who have written negative remarks about Michael Jackson: Fuck off and leave his memory alone. Michael's great music, his countless humanitarian efforts and the man himself will remain in legend throughout all of history.. long after you are nothing but forgotten worm filled corpses, just like the ones in Thriller. I hope you finally find peace Michael. You will be deeply missed, your music and generosity was an inspiration to all of mankind. His Music Will Live forever.

Hercie on Jun 28, 2009


#1 & #4 i hope you die of cardiac arrest!

*** on Jun 30, 2009


you can not have a bullentin board without the cunts comments. such horrible people

craigiesham on Oct 9, 2009



jermaine on Oct 30, 2009


Rest in Peace

Matthias on Jan 31, 2010

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