Michael Moore Plays a Trick on Movie Theater Audiences?

June 12, 2009

Money Collection

What the heck is going on? I was told that there was a trailer for the new Michael Moore documentary that would be attached to showings of Taking of Pelham 123 this weekend. It'll be online in a few hours, but not all audiences will see it. SlashFilm has a report of a showing in Washington DC that had a message from Moore. Apparently signs saying that they were being recorded were plastered all over. Instead of a trailer with footage, Moore appeared on the screen and asked the audience to give their money to "needy banks and corporations." Ushers then entered the theater with buckets literally asking for money from the audience.

Yes this actually happened. Here is the full message from Moore that played before the ushers came in.

"Hi, I'm Michael Moore. Instead of using this time to tell you about my new movie I'd like to take a moment and ask you to join me in helping our fellow Americans. The downturn in the economy has hurt many people, people who have had no choice but to go on government assistance. Yet our welfare agencies can only do so much. That's why I'm asking you to reach into your pockets right now and lend a hand. Ushers will be coming down the aisles to collect your donations for Citibank, Bank of America, AIG, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and a host of other needy banks and corporations. Won't you please give generously? Now, I know what you're thinking - I already gave at the bailout. And I know you did, but even if you've given in the past, give some more. It will make you feel… good."

If you don't believe it, you can actually hear an audio recording of the message over on SlashFilm. In my post about his new documentary a few weeks ago, I joked, "it's ironic that Moore is asking people to spend money to see a movie that's about our lack of money." Now it's barely a joke after all. I have a feeling Moore is recording this and going to include it in the documentary (which is due out on October 2nd). He may even take the money he collects and present it to those companies and film their reaction. I don't know if this is viral marketing or just one of Moore's sneaky new documentary techniques - but it's pretty damn crazy.

Don't expect to see this happen when you go to your theater. Apparently it only occured at select theaters in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington DC. The real trailer should be online a bit later tonight.

Update: You can now watch the official teaser trailer, which is that exact message above, online here.

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His documentaries are the equivalent of a Michael Bay movie. All flash, no substance. Can't wait to see how he edits this stunt to make those people look stupid. Not.

germs on Jun 12, 2009


Oh big who cares. While I like this form of viral marketing...I cannot look at Moore and not wanna punch a cute little kitten in its whiskery face!

xerxex on Jun 12, 2009


Screw that fat bastard.

nate on Jun 12, 2009


Don't worry, Mr. Moore! Your precious government took care of that one for you! They already stole 700 billion USD to give at their will to any corporation or bank. Thanks, though.

Matt on Jun 12, 2009


why doesn't he stop asking us for donations and just give us all his money if it means that much to him? i mean he has a lot more then any of us do asshat

DoomCanoe on Jun 12, 2009


lol at these comments.

Keith on Jun 12, 2009


Moore always has something up his sleeve. Alex, what's up with a RotF update brother? Mad tv spots

Cat on Jun 12, 2009


matt... that's what he was getting at. Your tax money --> bailing out banks and corporations This was a dramatization to illustrate what's happening. He's a great showman, without a doubt. But he's still a fat turd who lies to shock you into buying movie tickets to make him more money.

Chris H. on Jun 12, 2009


Um. Yes, he's making a living off of his movies. That's what filmmakers do. Doesn't mean he isn't telling the truth. In fact he gives a lot of the profits to charitys and people who actually NEED money. And for those of you who don't understand sarcasm. He was being sarcastic. The only reason you people feel that he's lieing is because you're too weak to face the truth. Why would he need to lie exactly? To make the right wing republicans (and i mean the ones that are unflexible rich fuckers) look bad? Erm..sorry..but were you people around the last 8 years? He didn't need to do anything to make them look worse than they already did. If you people watch Jon Stewart, then don't bitch about Michael Moore.

Dresden on Jun 12, 2009


Dresden can also be classified as an Asshat jog on dick! and grow a seance of humor! DOWN WITH THE FAT TURD!!!

DoomCanoe on Jun 12, 2009


Dresden, that kind of blind faith is dangerous. His lies are well documented and he can easily be uncovered by simple fact check and research. As stated in the previous update about Moore's movie, I was once a follower. Then as I began to acquire actual research skills during my efforts towards a BA in history, I simply researched Moore's claims. I went from follower to becoming a passionate voice against Moore's BS. More than anything I felt stupid for believing his lies at face value, as you seem to do. Find the truth and you'll change your tune just as I did. Why lie? To make money. Yeah all filmmakers want to make money... if you're making a transformers movie! The objective of documentaries is for exposing hidden worlds and presenting facts, with the side objective of getting money. Moore's priorities are backwards. If there is ANYTHING that gets in the way of creating a shocking message he cuts it out, plain and simple. Do not confuse my message. I never said his attempt to make money meant his work was all lies. No, his work is legitimately full of lies, but he does it for the purpose of making more money. Do yourself a favor and see for yourself. Don't take my word for it, or Moore's. This information isn't that difficult to find on your own. Anyone with a brain is smart enough to do their own research.

Chris H. on Jun 13, 2009


Or a man that makes films to talk about the government but owns Halliburton stock? Michal Moore is nothing more than a disformation agent. Let see a real documentary about the bailout and explain the real issues with it!!! How its really a skeme to buy out the morgages and lead to The Amero then the microchip. Dont get me started...

REAL6 on Jun 13, 2009


FYI - the money went to locale food banks.

blm on Jun 13, 2009


Hey Doomcanoe. I have a SENSE of humor (seance?) @ Chris H. So, you're telling me that the american government DOESN'T charge people for medical aid while other countries treat it like the police or fire departments? You're telling me that there WAS a legitimate reason to invade Iraq under the premise of getting the terrorists who bombed the Twin Towers? I'm not BLINDLY following, so watch your damn mouth. But you need to do some research of your own, once more. However, if you could send me a link to any information you have regarding him as a liar I'd be interested to at least read it, if nothing more than a good laugh. Blind following consists of people who voted for the war in Iraq. Or hell, just the people who took Palin seriously or voted for McCain? How many people here are Obama supporters, I wonder.

Dresden on Jun 13, 2009


Now Im going to see the moie to see if this is at my theater.

Jack on Jun 13, 2009


Moore's sarcasm is classic. I guess if you're not from Flint, or at least born with a sense of humor, then you wouldn't get it. Besides, the movies he makes are a good poke at the public officials who make themselves look bad without Mike's help. Hell, every time I hear a "conservative" talk about how the government is bad, but then when we point out flaws from the liberal perspective, conservatives run to the government's aid and defend torture among other things. That's when their government can do no wrong. Has any conservative thought about corporate socialism? The rotten double standards. . .but that's OK because it's the "free market". Just like way back when child labor was OK, but let the free market fix itself. I'm still trying to figure out what is "conservative" about what happened under Bush. Government spending went up. . .so much for fiscal conservatism. Without being a blind follower of Moore, you should be able to be intelligent enough to see the sarcasm and get past what you'd rather hear, but the truth hurts sometimes.

Eman on Jun 13, 2009


We've gotta protect the minority called bank executives. Time to embrace the dictatorship of the proletariat and by the proletariat I mean corporations. Long live the revolution.

AprilCoolsDay on Jun 13, 2009

18 Dresden ... we are a capitalist society. That was the concept of growing up the States. Granted, our system of medical health may not be superior in many ways, but you're twisting Chris's words. You are blindly following. A simple Google of against Michael Moore and you find many of the intellectuals of the liberal party are against him. Politicians don't mind him in all, he gets people roused up and feel that the Republican party is up to no good. But honest intellectuals can't. Take a look at who voted for the war in Iraq. Quite the majority of Congress. Say what you want, but it's easily to blindly follow. Michael Moore is a ball of lies. Watch Sicko again. Then take a class in statistics. The entire movie of Sicko was how he could take four outliers (uncommon events) and thread it into an entire movie. I wasn't a fan, nor was any studious follower of mathematics. Granted, sociology majors love the movie.

Jeff on Jun 13, 2009


I know.. satire is a really difficult concept to understand. I feel deeply for all of you.

Daniel on Jun 13, 2009


I think he's great. His films are usually quite entertaining with a good mix of humour throw in with the heavy stuff. It also doesn't matter too much if you like him or not, he does get people talking. That is what a lot of his shows are about. He can definately stir up a lot of anger to some but it opens up others minds from time to time. That is what he wants...use your own mind...don't just take everything as it is laid out in front of you...look at it in different ways.

Rob on Jun 13, 2009


Never take anyone's word as the gospel truth without doing some investigation of the subject on your own. It is also paramount to consider the sources of your information and their biases. Michael has done much to stir the pot in his own particular manner, however, I have yet to see him blatantly lie about anything as the previous administration did on a constant basis. The Right spat out the lies and the Left just stood there and took it. That should give you some food for thought. I believe there are some public servants that have not been compromised, but most have been bought and sold for the simple payment of re-election. The downfall of the corporate state has been going on for a very long time. Unfortunately much of America suffers from short term memory loss and the successful dumbing down process within the public school system. Wake up people, we have been lied to from both sides. There is no one coming to save us. We must do it ourselves and the first step is to find compassion for those that feel they must mislead and/or control others because they are more worthy to lead. Curlybird

Curlybird on Jun 13, 2009


It's like when Danny and the gang stole from Terry Benedict!

Steven Spielberg on Jun 13, 2009


I Love You Micheal Moore, you should run for President....God Bless and keep up the good work we need more people like you.

Marianne on Jun 13, 2009


You gotta love people who hate Moore, even though he was right about pretty much everything in his movies.

Bill on Jun 13, 2009


MM would improve his credibility if he cut out the five per cent or so that might be exaggeration and /or distortion, if any is. He is certainly correct at least 95% of the time in his presentation of info and data. He should strive for 100%. We should not assume that any info we receive or any presentation we read or view, from any source, is 100% fine. The fact is, and this is very important, MM is correct in his facts and presentation very close to 100% of the time. That is far more than you'll fine in most documentaries. The research absolutely confirms that MM's facts and presentation are solid. Far more conservatives in the media and business lie and distort than do the liberals. The simple matter is that MM does a super job of presenting accurate info in a responsible, and usually entertaining, manner. At the same time, his analysis, suggestions, and concern for our country are just great.

Bobby on Jun 13, 2009


The Steven Spielberg!?!? I love your Mothers restaurant. Thanks for raising my eyebrows by writing something here. An intelligent post was a pleasant surprise.

Dianne on Jun 13, 2009


Michael has always presented the facts in this movies and books in an accessible way and with a great sense of humor. The only reason some people object to his work is because he's got the goods and the critics can't handle the truth. So, the only way the critics can fight back, since they have no facts to counter with, is to attack Moore's weight or appearance because that's what immature, ignoramuses do when they don't know what they're talking about.

rumpelstilskin on Jun 13, 2009


Do people not get it? He's being sarcastic!!!!!!! Who the f**k wants bailout anymore corporations? I'm pretty sure Michael Moore doesn't and neither do I!!!!

ANY RODRIGUEZ on Jun 14, 2009


Mike's so cool. The way he gets a critical thought out of people is just amazing. Of course it doesn't work on everybody...

Lizzie on Jun 14, 2009


Look, people.....there's only ONE way to measure ANY political issue, piece of legislation, PR flackage, or even political documentaries like Michael Moore's. You can sum it up in two words......"WHO BENEFITS?" Did your interest in the subject rise after seeing one of his documentaries? Did you go look and find more facts to either debunk/support his movies? Were you entertained? Did you grumble all the way out of the theatre? In any case, you got your money's worth. Did YOU not benefit in some way? Michael Moore has worked this field for years, and they were VERY lean years in the early days. I don't know HOW many years he drove that stinkin' minivan or maxed out his credit cards. Rich people don't generally do that. Has Michael finally reached a comfortable earnings level after all of his movies? Maybe so, but I don't begrudge him finally getting a good payday. He pays his taxes, makes a payroll for his employees on his movies, and is entitled to go on doing so. Finally, ask yourself this...."Would the world be a better place without Michael Moore"? Not for ME, and I doubt for many of YOU either (both sides of the political coin).

amborider on Jun 14, 2009


Moore is the man. I can't wait for oct. You people that bad mouth him not even going to comment cause its not forth my time.

mat on Jun 14, 2009


Love it and love Michael Moore. Can't wait for his new doc. Oh I'll take Moore's word all the time. Fact check? Nah! He's got my vote all the time!

Destroy Rock And Roll on Jun 14, 2009


Michael Moore provides great theatre. His movies, however, are value added, because he makes us think about things that we hope are really okay, when they are not. Take his movie, "Sicko". As a registered nurse, he didn't tell me anything I didn't already know about our dysfunctional health system. People who have access to good health care have no idea how tough it is for everyone else out there. "Sicko" painted a clear and very stark picture of the "have nots" the people who can't get health care or can't pay for it. Moore's telling was eloquent and compassionate. I have met a few of the "Sicko" patients. They are real and their stories are real. Michael Moore champions the underdog. America loves an underdog, except, perhaps, when it is us.

Amy on Jun 14, 2009


It is a good idea. Who else is sticking it to the politicans? And by the way, bailouts happened not only in the USA but also in Europe. Who is making a movie there about this specifically? Noone. At least you guys have someone who DOES get actively involved in politics by doing "docutainment". That is good. Anyway, I think his best documentary is still "Bowling for Columbine". The others were too opinionated IMHO (Roger & Me was also good, but he was a bit incompetent back then) PS: Personal attacks on his weight are really so argumentum ad hominem... it is simpler to attack the messenger instead of the message isn't it?

markus on Jun 14, 2009


It's sad. So many American's just don't get it! The right wing nutjobs keep insisting that all this is due to the Homeowner Reinvestment Act. We are NOT in this mess because of that. For 3 years my husband and I were hammered with mortgage companies trying to lure us into refinancing. The most popular were the 3% adjustable rate mortgages. We never took the bait!!!!!! Many did or took money out of their home, not getting that they owed it back!!!!!! None of this had to do with who was in office neccessarily. Americans are gullible and believe anything even when it is against their own interest. All Michael Moore does is to try to get people to see that. There was little oversight and American's were lured into the housing game not understanding the papers they were signing. Now the banks want OUR tax dollars! This country is going bankrupt and people won't see it. Wait until the currency changes and our society goes cashless. It's comming. We will be controled through the financials system. I say NO ONE SHOULD PAY CREDIT CARDS, MORTGAGE, TAXES, NOTHING!!!! If we did this as a group we could bring congress, banks, and other businesses to their knees. AS long as we stay divided as a Nation, were screwed!

Dee on Jun 14, 2009


Alex? You don't get it mate... and neither do some of your commentors. " His statement is sarcastic wit of course" Any one who would give money to 'banks' in this present climate 'knowing that it is they that have been the bad managers' is a DICK of low intelligence. Most can see this but apparently many americans just cannot see above the line of red around their own necks and view the reality. Q; Has a bank 'EVER' given YOU, money to help you out of your financial bad managment.? You know the answer don't you.... Don't you? sheesh..

Ol Nazi on Jun 14, 2009


Thank you, Michael, for your wonderful films. The conservatives and the wealthy control the media, so it is no surprise that so many folks don't know and/or don't understand the nature and the details of our country's problems or the solutions to these problems. It is wonderful that Mike Moore presents such an accurate picture of our country's problems and offers realistic suggestions for the solutions. Thank you for your work and your insights, and for caring so much about our country and its people.

bobbymar on Jun 14, 2009


Very clever, Michael. Can hardly wait to see it. Love the way his movies state the plain simple truth.

Phylis Sophical on Jun 14, 2009


Jesus fucking Christ hey #36 thanks for the novel. and back to Dresden! thanks for correcting my spelling errors bitch 😉 i appreciate that asshat

DoomCanoe on Jun 15, 2009


His next "trailer" will involve him asking moviegoers to pay for his quadruple bypass surgery. Even all the money he makes from his movies won't be enough to pay for his fat ass to survive obesity.

Cody on Jun 15, 2009


Micheal Moore is the true People's Champion! Thankyou very much.

Paul on Jun 15, 2009


I wonder what point Moore would be making by showing people's donations in the film: ... that some people think banks and insurance companies are worthy charities? ... that some people don't pay much attention when they are solicited for money and give whether or not the cause is good? ... that some people are willing to follow Michael Moore's instructions, but can't tell when he is being sarcastic?

Joshua on Jun 15, 2009


Michael Moore did shed light on health care in this country.

Angioplasty on Jul 3, 2009


I good way to get people to give for a good cause.

Heart surgery on Aug 3, 2009


I think Micheal Moore is in the mood of charity. Great actor, great character and great donor. What do u think guys? Eagerly waiting for his next doc.

acai on Sep 8, 2009


I agree. He always has pretty good documentaries.

Hsa on Sep 14, 2009

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