Michael Moore's New Doc is Titled Capitalism: A Love Story

July 8, 2009

Michael Moore - Capitalism: A Love Story

Only someone like Michael Moore could turn the announcement of the title of his newest movie into headline news. Variety has announced today that Moore's new documentary about our economy will be titled Capitalism: A Love Story, a play on the "A Love Story" title just like how all of his past docs play on other titles as well. "It will be the perfect date movie," Moore said today. "It's got it all -- lust, passion, romance and 14,000 jobs being eliminated every day. It's a forbidden love, one that dare not speak its name. Heck, let's just say it: It's capitalism." A wacky new teaser trailer debut a few weeks ago for this.

Capitalism: A Love Story is scheduled to hit theaters on October 2nd this year from Overture Films and Paramount Vantage. That release date is exactly a year and a day after the US Senate voted to approve a $700 billion bailout of Wall Street. The film is described as focusing on "the disastrous impact that corporate dominance and out-of-control profit motives have on the lives of Americans and citizens of the world." I'm actually looking forward to seeing it and that first teaser, while a completely odd bit of viral marketing as well, looked like only the start of some kooky Michael Moore antics yet to come. Thoughts?

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okay I'm still in the same mood I was in the last time I saw Moore. Punching a Kitten Mood to be exact, I guess I'll attempt to withhold punching a kitten and check this out.

Xerxex on Jul 8, 2009


I'll watch it. He's kind of an ass, but when he presents facts to support his ideas, I enjoy his movies.

Mark on Jul 8, 2009


Facts and Micheal Moore don't even belong in the same sentence. this guy is a frickin tool! So let me guess, Its all Bush's fault again?

Dirk Diggler on Jul 8, 2009


The one good thing that comes from this guy's movies is the bringing up of topics and getting people aware/talking, even if it's not from his point of view. That's about it. He always has a personal agenda to push and he's an ass.

Shane on Jul 8, 2009


Moore is just too stupid to be taken seriously. He puts so much spin on his "facts" that they lose any credibility that they may have had. Plus, everyone knows that capitalism is the best way to go! I could care less about his movies from now on.

Spajo on Jul 8, 2009


I gave up on politics a long time ago. I respect Michal Moore for what he does. If I feel like sinking back into an unbearable depression, I'll watch this movie. Also, #5 makes me weep.

Whomever on Jul 8, 2009


He's a good documentary film maker i will give him that but if he's so fed up with capatilism and the US in general why doesn't he move to Cuba or China??

d1rEct on Jul 8, 2009


Moore does not tell the truth. The sooner people realize that, the better. As for this movie, will Moore finally admit that he is a socialist and hates everything the U.S.A. (should) stand for? Only time will tell, I guess.

Jeep-Fu on Jul 8, 2009


News regarding Michael Moore and ofc every american have to attack him because he critize stuff about your country. Go Go Fox news?

ryderup on Jul 9, 2009


I think it was Jesus' fault. Michael Moore is too fat for me to take him seriously, he's obviously not struggling, maybe to get out of bed, but not to eat. I really liked him til he started amking stuff up to get better reactions.

Crapola on Jul 9, 2009


Michael Moore, self proclaimed expert on everything. America is such a great county, an idiot like him can run around making irresponsible claims and distorting facts for a living. Try than in most other countries, and he'd be locked up or even worse.

Demtor on Jul 9, 2009


@9 - he's from our country - it's a free country - ? wtf are you even trying to communicate? "Go Go Fox news?" Seriously... not sure how it is in your country, but here we're allowed to "attack" him. As #11 states, he's completely in his right to spread truth's/lies from shore to shore - we're completely in our right to criticize/admire him. We cannot, however, blast him into space (sans space suit). I'll bet a gazillion dollars that MM is a complete anarchist at heart, but an entrepreneur who sees the money to be made in left-wing propaganda. People eat this shit up, and he knows it. Speaking of capitalism... guess he's donating his profits to the government? Oh?! No?! Rly.... Hmm..

bozoconnors on Jul 9, 2009


lol @ #2 facts...thats funny kindve catchy title tho, i do love me some capitalism

harrison on Jul 9, 2009


MM wouldn't know a fact if it bit him in the ass. I'm so tired of that commie fucker leading people around by the nose with lies. @#6- don't be such a dumbass emo kid. No governmental system is perfect, but I prefer the freedom of capitalism and a free market over any idealism MM can spew. You probably voted for Chancellor Obama, huh?

Joppaaa on Jul 9, 2009


You Micheal Moore haters just can't handle the truth.

Caitie on Jul 9, 2009


Moore makes great points, albeit he goes a bit far. Still, perhaps the American public is so interested in consuming that if he were moderate, they would miss his point completely. I will definitely see this!

sophie tucker on Jul 9, 2009


I am still confused on why people think he spins stuff so much. Sicko was a fantastic portrayal of the abysmal state our health care system is in. Europe's systems are better than ours. Bowling for Columbine is a very relevant film that counters the NRA's choke-hold of the gun issue. 9/11 was a good example of how infiltrated our government system is. Like it or not we are best buds with the Saudis (one of the most corrupt and evil governments in the world). Every documentary is told from a point of view and with an agenda, if you disagree with it fine, but do not stoop to name calling because it makes you sound juvenile. Also saying you disagree with Michael Moore because of his weight is absolutely ridiculous. He is not selling a diet or exercise movie.

nassah on Jul 9, 2009


So, is he finally admitting he hates capitalism? What a dumb title.

Al on Jul 9, 2009


Follow-ups to be titled SOCIALISM: AN APATHETIC STORY and, always close behind, COMMUNISM: A DEHUMANIZING STORY. People complain because of corruption in the system as if it were the system responsible for the corruption. The truth is no matter what system you have, there will be corruption because PEOPLE are involved. The result is that there will always be something to protest. At least capitalism under the Constitution offers the most people the best opportunities for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, Moore is correct that corporate greed has gotten out of hand. The solution is not to abolish capitalism but to PRACTICE it. Simply stop using the products greedy corporations produce. Make alternative choices. The people DO have the power; they've just been convinced they cannot live without that credit card, SUV or iPhone. When people take responsibility for their OWN LIVES as well as look out for one another and stop viewing the government as a wet-nurse, things will eventually improve.

Brad on Jul 9, 2009


I hate money and capitalism. That's why i working on with other people to create better society, what is more better than what we have now. We can do it together, we need to just realize the truth what is front of us. What you create, becomes your future. What you keep, will be in your future. What you don't care, will be seen in future later. But....the question is, what kind future you want?

Gollum the golem on Jul 9, 2009


Moore knows as much about true capitalism as he does about diet and exercise. America has not been a true capitalist nation since Pres. Wilson.

Puke on Jul 9, 2009


Next from Moore: "Fitness, Overrated"

Dave on Jul 10, 2009


The problem not this in the communism or the capitalism, but in the people who govern. The people in the generality are corrupt. The solution not this in none of the two models. But in a joint model. Force Michael Moore good work showing males of the sociadade

Mesuras on Jul 10, 2009


Where is the coverage for the other documentary called Stock Shock Stock Shock " The Short Selling of the American Dream " This movie is also about Wall Street Law Changes that cripples this country financially due to Greed and coruption. Richard Keane, narrator Stock Shock

stockshockmovie on Sep 5, 2009

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