Mickey Rourke Finally Confirmed for Iron Man 2!

March 11, 2009
Source: Deadline Hollywood

Mickey Rourke

Although he didn't win the Oscar, Mickey Rourke will get his big break this year. We initially reported that Rourke would be joining Jon Favreau's Iron Man 2 back in early January, but since then it's been a rocky road. In early February, news hit that Rourke's villain wouldn't necessarily be Crimson Dynamo. Then a few weeks later, news started to spread that Rourke's deal didn't go through with Marvel and he wasn't going to be in Iron Man 2 at all. Well, Nikki Finke has chimed in with an update saying Rourke's agent David Unger helped save the day and brokered a deal that has officially gone through and secured the role.

Finke says, "after at first being low-balled by the studio to the tune of $250K, Rourke has signed on for the role of the Russian villain in the sequel after his agent David Unger got the quote up to a 'significant' level despite this punishing economic climate where the studios are taking advantage of talent." This is the second time Marvel has been "cornered" by an actor, the first being Samuel Jackson, who was confirmed two weeks ago for a total of 9 upcoming Marvel movies. Now the next question is whether Rourke will play Crimson Dynamo or Whiplash. Finke claims it's the "Russian," meaning Dynamo, but we're not sure?

Whatever the case, I need to say again that this is exciting news for Iron Man 2. Although Rourke's last few months have been scrutinized, I still look at him as an actor with a lot of great potential, and playing a villain in a superhero movie is certainly a perfect fit. Can't wait to see how this sequel develops!

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Good news indeed! I'm sure he'll be great in this and it'll cheer him up after his Oscar disappointment.

Mathieu on Mar 11, 2009


I would have done this movie for $25, let alone $250K, haha...but I'm not jumping on the guy for trying to make a few $$$. In my opinion, whatever it took to secure a solid actor for the bad guy role is cool with me. Makes the ensemble cast that much stronger.

Boo-Yah on Mar 11, 2009


they also mention he might be the villain in Spidey 4...I hope it's Kraven The Hunter

Christopher M on Mar 11, 2009


I love this man. Excited to see him and Robert Downey clash on screen, I'm sure it'll be comical, just as good if not better than with Jeff Bridges.

Daniel Mace on Mar 11, 2009


That picture makes him look like he got a bunch of teeth knocked out.

Woo-ish on Mar 11, 2009


He could probably do a plasticman film with them glasses and that skin complection. It looks like silly puddy.

Therblig on Mar 11, 2009


I really hope that this works out well for him. My worry is that he was so good in the wrestler only because of arronofsky's kick ass directing. Also this might not work well for some casual fans because they already had a robot v. robot fight in the first movie, so its a little redundant

Sean Hunter on Mar 11, 2009


ballin!! he is perfect for this charecter

zach on Mar 11, 2009


Awesome. Good to hear. I hope Rourke keeps rolling and doesn't fall apart from his resurgance. Gonna be awesome to see him opposite of Downey Jr. Great stuff.

Chris H. on Mar 11, 2009


Rourke is an awesome actor and this is great news for Ironman 2. Who gives a flyin that he didn't win the oscar. The oscar's suck anyway. I'm just glad that people are starting to take notice of what a great actor that he truly is. I absolutely loved him in Domino and his performance in The Wrestler is amazing. Marvel have really got there shit together.

Jamie on Mar 11, 2009


told yall

Al on Mar 11, 2009


Awesome! It better be Crimson Dynamo, it would be such a waste for him to be a no-name worthless character like Whiplash.

Daas on Mar 11, 2009


Awesome news! I'm a huge Mickey Rourke fan and I'm so glad he's on a roll. This will be a treat to see him clash with Robert Downey Jr. Who knew these guys would be in a flick together....a Marvel flick! Great freakin' news! I'm all for the comeback kids and the underdogs!!!! Van Damme, I hope your next!

Spider on Mar 11, 2009


Finke also just mentioned that ScarJo ha replaced Emily Blunt for this movie as well as Black Widow. Supposedly she got a very rotten deal with her salary that not only ties her to this one but the Avengers and other Iron Man sequels. While Rourke will add some fun, ScarJo is just the box office kiss of death for me. She excells in smaller film like Lost in Translation and VCB but her big budget stuff just sucks.

Ryan on Mar 11, 2009


Excellent! Now let's just hope that he hits Iron Man with the 'Ram Jam'!!!!

Tyler on Mar 12, 2009


Wtf?? The were gunna offer him 250K-only??

SamIam on Mar 12, 2009


16) 'Ram Jam' haaaaha good one! Seriouslly tho, whens he comin back as Marv? 😐

Toucmyinfection on Mar 12, 2009


Rourke fits Crystal Dynamo.Pretty excited about the sequel already in addition Sam Rockwell has joined the club too.

Fisherr on Mar 12, 2009


$250,000 is a fucking insult he worth at least $1,000,000 the film going to gross $600,000,000 like the first film did worldwide, i think they can spare a $1,000,000.

zetsu on Mar 13, 2009


i predict that Mickey Rourke will be a friggin great villain

coffee maker on Mar 22, 2009


I was hoping they would be a little more classic in the villain department. I thought they would have The Manderin because he has a grudge against Tony Stark and Iron Man, and also he would be great because of the "deadly rings" on his fingers.

J.D.W. on Jul 19, 2009

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