Mickey Rourke Joining Vidhu Vinod Chopra's Broken Horses

January 31, 2009

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke has been taking advantage of his Wrestler fame quite a bit with casting announcements popping up every week. A lot of the roles he's been given he definitely deserves, but occasionally they seem like a stretch. The latest to add to his ever-growing list is a gangster film called Broken Horses, which will be the Hollywood debut of Indian (aka Bollywood) filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra. He is one of India's best-known filmmakers and is coming to America to make Broken Horses, with Rourke playing one of the key roles. Nothing more is known about the story, which is an original idea from Chopra.

Here's the thing - I love Mickey Rourke and I think he truly deserves all the acclaim he's getting for The Wrestler. But that can only go so far. Rourke's involvement in Iron Man 2 seems perfect, but now I feel like he's just taking on every last role that excites him. I have nothing against Chopra, but does this sound like the kind of film that is going to help Rourke continue to grow his acting career? In fact, does this even sound like a film that will get any mainstream attention? Broken Horses is being produced by Reliance Big Pictures, the same company that help fund DreamWorks when it left Paramount. What do you think?

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You are making a lot of assumptions about a movie you claim not to know much about. If the movie is under the radar, maybe he wants in because it has a good script. The wrestler wouldn't have even been made if they hadn't talked to Nic Cage about playing the role.

sumonesumtime on Jan 31, 2009


ay mayn isss MAYN HOL UP down her messin wit mayn! mayn u need ta fall back whoeva run dis site righ here cuz yall act like yall dat crack den dont even post anythang about dat boy DAVID CRONENBERG mayn! i mean...mayn hol up! dass not righ mayn u need ta keep people up on dat eXistenZ mayn, dat Videodrome mayn, dat FLY mayn!!!!!!! not dis righ here

MAYNHOLUP on Jan 31, 2009


okay ill be the 1st @ #2 Wtf did u say?

Trademark on Jan 31, 2009


haha!! # 2, you is straight up fool, homie! Anyway, I'm not sure what you mean (#1) about The Wrestler only getting made b/c they asked Nic Cage. If Nic Cage would have done that movie, it would have SUCKED!!!!!!! And anyway, that isn't true. That movie would have been made b/c it had such an amazing director attached to it: Darren Aronofsky, one of the most brilliant minds making movies today. I don't mind Cage so much, back in the day when he did Wild At Heart... but he has been doing really really S**T movies as of the past few years. He would have ruined that movie. I'm so glad they asked Mickey Rourke, a MUCH, MUCH finer actor. Cage just does not interest me at all anymore. He did in Leaving Las Vegas, but nothing in a long time. Rourke embodied that character, b/c really the character WAS him, in a sense. He brought personal issues to the part... and that can be very very interesting. A film like that, with an actor and a part being almost one, is rare and beautiful. I have always liked Rourke, even though he has done some bad films. He has done some excellent work in the past, with way more heart than Cage, and I am very interested in anything that he chooses to do in the future. Rourke, once again, is a shinning beacon in Hollywood that people are flocking to... and that is b/c he brought heart to the screen... again.

Robert on Jan 31, 2009


You may need to swallow your words alex, have u ever seen Vinod's work? To begin with he's one of India's under rated movie maker I'm sure with Hollywood's technical and professionalism(is that a word?) with Vidhu Vinod's passion and vision plus Rourke this is one movie we should watch out for.

Dexter on Jan 31, 2009


What does it matter if Mickey Rourke is picking every role he can? If you had this newfound hype, wouldnt you take advantage of it? I see nothing wrong with Rourke trying to make more money off films now that he finally has had his good acting role. This headline wasnt even neccessary. You dont seem to know much about the movie and it seems you just wanted to question Rourke's ability to pick roles and movies. If anything, the fame might be getting to his head. He's trying to work a plan with World Wrestling Entertainment for God's sake.

Zack on Jan 31, 2009


Personally, I thought "Bringing Out the Dead" was Cage's best work. I've still yet to see "The Wrestler" but am eager.

Mike on Feb 1, 2009


haha! No, #7.... Nic Cage is not in The Wrestler. It's Mickey Rourke. Wow. Take your meds, dude,...take your meds. But I have to agree with you.... I had not thought about Nic Cage in "Bringing Out The Dead"... and I have to agree... that was his best work. He was also very, very good in Lord of War. Then he did The Wicker Man. God, he has done some terrible stuff (along with a few gems). But Rourke... something about him... far more realism and intensity, I would say. #7,... do check out The Wrestler... if you love film.... you will love that movie.

Robert on Feb 1, 2009


oops. sorry 7... maybe that's not what you meant, after re-reading your post. Maybe I should take my meds, huh? I think I will. I think I will take my meds right now. Makes the voices go away. Yeah, makes them hush. Makes them yum yum....

Robert on Feb 1, 2009


Chopra is a very good director, and does gangsters brilliantly, both as a director and as a producer. I can't wait for this.

svhayter on Feb 2, 2009


I dont agree with the writer of this article, obviously either a Rourke hater or doesnt know any of his work. Rourke does movies that require a challenge in acting and I do believe his best work is still yet to come by far. I think hes already done better work than most actors just on the movies hes already done.

FMFpilot on Aug 1, 2009


Mickey wrote the story.

Deanna on Jan 9, 2010

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