Mickey Rourke Joins The Enormous Expendables Cast

January 7, 2009

Mickey Rourke

The newest name to be added to the call sheet for Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables is the comeback king, Mickey Rourke. Everyone should already be familiar with the rest of the cast by now, but if not, we'll go over it again. Besides Stallone and Rourke, also cast in Expendables is Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, and Forest Whitaker. It's a like who's who of the most badass actors in Hollywood. Rourke will play an unscrupulous arms dealer who becomes the go-to guy for a group of mercenaries planning to topple a South American dictator. Sounds like another solid addition.

I remember sitting down at a roundtable interview with Rourke recently and listening to him talk about how he was only going to take on projects that he had a lot of respect for. While others have said that The Expendables isn't anything like that, I disagree. I still have a lot of respect for Stallone and expect him to bring us one hell of an entertaining action movie. The cast itself demands quite a bit of respect, as only someone like Stallone could actually pull together a list of names that badass. That being said, I'm anxious to see this finally start shooting. I'm tired of reporting casting news when I just want to see it!

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Reader Feedback - 17 Comments


get the feeling stallone liked the feel of that last Rambo with the group of mercs brutally killing ppl in there own little way. So hes gonna do one all about that omfg this is gonna be bloody, gorily awesome.

Cody on Jan 7, 2009


This is gonna be a bad ass movie!

TCox on Jan 7, 2009


eccept for forest whitaker, that IS NOT a "who's-who" list of bad ass actors. it's just a list of BAD ACTORS. this movie will have to have lots of action to make up for the lack of acting ability.

dan on Jan 7, 2009


Dan - Seriously? Sure, these guys collectively have a plethora of bad movies, but you generalize them all (except Whitaker) as bad actors. Randy Couture is definitely not an actor. I couldn't make it through Scorpion King 2. Jason Statham is actually a good actor, but he's known for action movies, which generally end up bad. If you need proof, watch The Bank Job, or London. If you haven't seen Rourke in The Wrestler yet, you should. I look for him to get an Oscar nom for it. Stallone has proven in the past that he does in fact have acting skills (Copland, Rocky, Rocky Balboa) I was never a Jet Li fan until I saw Unleashed. He won me over with that movie. Dolph Lundgren was the bomb in Rocky IV. They've all made BAD CHOICES, and starred in BAD MOVIES, but you can't call them all BAD ACTORS.

TCox on Jan 7, 2009


The list of names is like an orgy of badass.

Darunia on Jan 7, 2009


Look at those fingernails, gross!

Henrietta on Jan 7, 2009


Holy shit it's male testosteron at it's highest!

Gino on Jan 7, 2009


I truly respect and have faith in Sly's abilities! He's a sharp guy and I'm sure he will craft a pretty good flick and will, no doubt, get some good performances out of the guys. I really don't think he will waste such a cast! I'm looking forward to this. 🙂

Spider on Jan 7, 2009


im guessin its going to be high action fast paced movie!! ohhh yeaaaa!!!it would be awesome if they put john woo as the action coordinator..i miss the old shoot first ask question later!!movie!!with a here and then ohsnap!!wow!!gadaymm!!shhhiiiiiiiwhoaa!! wesley snipes and jean claude van damme should be cast in it..hmmm haha huge orgy of gaaadayymmmm!!

whoa on Jan 7, 2009


To comment on the question raised if the cast actually has talent.... some of these guys have done just as many bad movies as they have good but as a poster above points out- the good ones can keep us very optimistic. Frankly the casting is amazing. The only guy I'm only semi-excited about is Randy Coutre since I'm not a wrestling fan. I haven't seen Lundgren do anything in ages.

BahHumbug on Jan 7, 2009


Dan, if you hate these guys just say you hate them, I personaly don't like Forest Whitaker but I think he can act,and Sly has made great movies and the last "Rambo" I loved it. Lundgren I always thought he was a B lister actor but hey maybe this movie will give me a different look about the guy. Mickey has his ups and downs but loved the guy in "Sin city" and "The wrestler". Jason Statham to me just is a great all around action guy, watch Transporter 1,2,3... the italian job even, and he has played with Jet Li before in "The One" and "War". Jet Li is the Jet I rest my case, unleash was great but his old school shao lin movies are the best like "Fearless". Randy Couture not sure tho only saw him once in Redbelt. I'm not sure if it's only me but feels like Sly is trying to get all the old school action heroes of the 80s-90s for this one. Like #9 said JCVD and the Snipes are missing

Rudy on Jan 7, 2009


to any above who responded to my post. i'm not saying some of these guys haven't been in a good movie. i liked stallone in original "rocky". i loved rourke in "year of the dragon". jet li in "unleashed" was good as well. and statham must appeal to someone or he wouldn't get in films. (excluding whitiker, who is brilliant) but, these guys all in a movie do not guarantee a good film. while these actors are all good at action, i just don't think they're that talented. take away the action, and they're kinda cheesy. sorry, but that's my opinion

dan on Jan 7, 2009


Dont forget Ben Kingsley is in this movie too

REAL6 on Jan 7, 2009


All it needs now is for Van Damme and Seagal to sign up!

Wobblybob on Jan 7, 2009


@ #14 - I'm hoping that was sarcasm.

Merc on Jan 7, 2009


Looks like a hell of a ride. Statham,Stallone,Lundgren,Rourke,Li &Whitaker...we'll see.

Fisherr on Jan 8, 2009


#9 - I hope they wouldn't consider John Woo. Sly's action direction in Rambo was just spot on. It was gritty, there was no shaky cam, lightning editing and no need for styilized two handed gunplay with white doves and endless showers of sparks.

Payne by name on Jan 9, 2009

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