Might Jon Favreau Actually Get to Direct The Avengers?

March 13, 2009
Source: Ain't It Cool News

Jon Favreau

This could actually be a dream come true. It all began back in January of 2008, when we ran a story about Jon Favreau saying he'd love to direct an Avengers movie. Since that story first hit, Favreau has mentioned his interest numerous times, and not only did Marvel actually announce The Avengers, but Iron Man went on to become a huge box office hit and success for everyone involved. We learned earlier this week that Marvel decided to push back The Avengers release date an entire year to May 4th, 2012. We obviously don't know the real reason, but Ain't It Cool News has a spy who claims to have the answers.

In addition to saying that The Avengers was delayed due to "financing issues," the spy claims that Marvel really wants Jon Favreau to eventually direct it. "Everybody here loves the guy and he wants to do it, but it would have been impossible for him to do before the date change given his Iron Man 2 commitments." Obviously we can't trust this report, but given Favreau has shown an interest in directing The Avengers plenty of times before, and also given that Marvel just pushed its release back to give enough time for Favreau to finish Iron Man 2 and move on to The Avengers, it all could work out perfectly in the end.

We know that Marvel announced Kenneth Branagh as the director of Thor and Joe Johnston as the director of The First Avenger: Captain America. But besides directors like Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder (who are both involved with Warner Brothers / DC Comics), I can't think of any other directors that I'd actually trust with complete control over a movie as epic as The Avengers. Funny enough, I actually said in that very first article about Favreau, before I had even seen Iron Man at all, that, "if Iron Man turns out as good as I'm expecting, then having Favreau direct the Avengers movie couldn't be a better decision."

In essence, what I'm saying is that out of all the possible directors, Jon Favreau is certainly my top choice for The Avengers. The way he handled Iron Man was enough proof for me that he can handle a film as big as it will be. I just hope Marvel is smart enough to recognize that as well, because they do not want to screw this up. Do you think Jon Favreau would be a good choice for The Avengers movie as well?

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sounds awesome...pj...u smell like docking

Gary M on Mar 13, 2009


"Who's the big winner? Mikey!, Your the big winner." Jon Favreau kicks ass.

bourneidentity on Mar 13, 2009


hahaha lets just have sam rami and michael bay do the avengers!!! haha michael bay obviously would not write the script just make cool explosions :DD

zach on Mar 13, 2009


As much as I love Iron Man, let's wait a few more movies before deciding on Favreau's ability to make superhero films. I trusted Raimi with the Spiderman franchise until he made the steaming pile of feces known as Spiderman 3 (directed AND written by Raimi, so he's doubly guilty). As long as Iron Man 2 rocks as much as Iron Man did, I have no objections to him directing the Avengers.

Pete the Geek on Mar 13, 2009


I personally think they should hire a couple directors, not just one. This is going to be a HUGE undertaking and nothing like we've every seen before. To do this right I believe this is going to need input and direction from a few sources. I think it would make sense to have a collaborative effort, have John Favreau, Louis Leterrier, Sam Raimi, etc. Have all their input and make this something truly unbelievable. That's just my thought. Call me crazy.

K on Mar 13, 2009


I would love to see Darren Aronofsky do a super hero movie. We'll get to see what he does with Robocop relaunch hopefully. Michael Bay, Brett Ratner and Uwe Boll are all in the same league, just sh*t.

co on Mar 13, 2009


A couple of directors? Raimi is known for being a complete control freak, not to mention a ball buster. You need one captain steering that ship. We definitely want that presence we felt in Iron Man, but that necessarily won't transfer when dealing with the scale of 4-5 characters, plus an 'epic' enemy(whether they decide to have either The Hulk as the enemy or some other source). It requires a director that is great at taking on multiple players, not just focusing on one.

Nick Sears on Mar 13, 2009


Michael Bay.

Darunia on Mar 13, 2009


Ah yeah, a couple directors. Did a studder!? Ok, co-directors. This isn't just an Ironman or Hulk, this is creating a Marvel universe with many major characters interacting. Doesn't seem that simple to me.

K on Mar 13, 2009


what about james cameron directing the avengers,would that be possible?

mike jones on Mar 13, 2009


Gary ur the man at docking #1 all the way

Tom W on Mar 13, 2009


lol @ more than one director.

Buttons on Mar 13, 2009


I think Favreau would be a great choice... By the way, does anyone else want to see Tobey Maguire as Spiderman in this? I think that would be cool. Sony should let them cross Spiderman over as well, all you'd have to do is convinve them to co-finance the Avengers, which would take care of your financial issues. I'm sure they would if convinced that there was more money in it for them.

????? on Mar 13, 2009


If Jon Faveau is directing the Avengers movie, then i'm going to be in theaters to see it on it's opening day, although is still would go and see if he was not going to direct it, because regarless, i still want to see it no matter who directiong because i don't care whos directing, because i just want to see it, because i'm gonna by it on blu ray disc when it comes out on that dvd format!.

Sean on Mar 13, 2009


The Hulk better be in the flick

David on Mar 13, 2009


No# 10, that rings a bell ! Didnt James Cameron once say he wanted to...like 10-15 years ago?

SamIam on Mar 13, 2009


Cameron wrote a script for Spiderman, but the studio liked Raimi's more. He's said that it's been his dream to work on a comic book film so it would be pretty awesome if he did The Avengers, but I doubt it. He seems to be attached to original stories now, not adaptations or remakes. Which is what everyone's asking for lately anyways.

peloquin on Mar 13, 2009


michael bay would be a great choice,the slow motion team walking scenes sun glare behind them megan fox (drifting of course a bit but megan fox she makes me hard enough to hammer in nails.)zack snyder would be good choice as well(300 & watchmen fucking great.)james cameron he was linked to spider-man & the x-men films in the 80's avengers could be good for him.quentin tarantino loves comic books(he has comic refrences in all his films.)he most likely make it to violent i think daredevil reboot would be more up his street.

zetsu on Mar 13, 2009


Jon is a good director he did a fine job with Iron Man and i believe he will do a better job in the sequel and The Avengers if he took the movie.

Fisherr on Mar 13, 2009


How about Woody Allen?

Greedo the Rodian on Mar 13, 2009


How about James Cameron (Terminator, T2, Aliens, Titanic) for Avengers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucky on Mar 14, 2009


peloquin is correct....and just think if Cameron had been hired....NO KRISTEN DUNST! Just her omission would have made ALL the Spidey films better. in peloquin we trust.

Tim "Cloverfield" on Mar 14, 2009


Awesome. Ironman rocked. This is setting up to be a bad ass flick.

Eric on Mar 14, 2009


I hope that Jon does get to direct the Avengers. Ironman was cool as hell and it had been the best Marvel film to come out since Spidey 2. I just don't know what the hell Marvel were thinking when they hired Branagh to direct Thor as he has not made a great film since Henry V and why the hell did they hired Joe Johnston to director Captain America. His last film was that Crappy Jurassic Park III. It was a smart choice hiring Jon to direct Ironman, so I only hope that he gets the gig of directing The Avengers.

Jamie on Mar 16, 2009


i will see the avengres with robert downey jr. as iron man don cheadle as war machine chris hemsworth as thor simon pegg as ant-man john cena as captain america edward norton as bruce banner// the incredible hulk scarlett johasson as black widow samuel l. jackson as nick fury so i will see the avengres in theatres may 4th 2012 see ya

andries price on Aug 2, 2009

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