Rumor: Might There Be a New Star Wars Film on the Horizon?

December 9, 2009
Source: Thomas Dolby's Blog

Star Wars

It almost always seems like there's a new Star Wars project on the horizon. From the recent computer animated TV series (that honestly, despite its different visual style and feature film misstep, has a tone and execution closer to the original trilogy than the prequels) to a forthcoming live action TV series, I don't think we'll ever be short of Star Wars media. However, when it comes to the feature film side of George Lucas' sci-fi epic, that's really where heads start turning. So listen up, because according to a blog entry (via AICN) by George Lucas collaborator Thomas Dolby, a brand new Star Wars film might actually be in the works.

In a December 5th blog entry, Dolby very nonchalantly states:

"I'm in Tiburon, CA, jetlagged and wide awake at 5am… My host is friend and former collaborator Paul Sebastien, who over the years has worked for Xbox, Playstation, and now LucasArts. Last night he was telling me a little about the forthcoming Star Wars-related TV show, movie and online games—very cool indeed."

Of course "Star Wars-related" leaves it a little open for interpretation, but mentioning a "movie" in the same breath as the TV series and video games makes it a little more than an empty statement. However, there's no word on what stories in the Star Wars universe a new flick would focus on. With all the exposure the Clone Wars are getting, I can't imagine anymore time being spent on another feature film in that time period.

Honestly, I think the best place for Star Wars to go is the future, after the conclusion of Return of the Jedi and a new trilogy should take a cue from the well-written and loyal-to-the-universe 19-novel series The New Jedi Order. A whole slew of characters from the original trilogy as well as the Expanded Universe are thrown into one series where the story revolves around a lethal alien force called the Yuuzhan Vong invading the galaxy some 21 years after the events seen in Return of the Jedi. The story is epic in scale, shaking the galaxy to its core by leaving no character safe from the clutches of a grisly fate at the hands of this new alien force.

Anyway, all we can do for now is speculate, cheer, or complain until we hear anything official about a movie from George Lucas and company. But does anyone want more Star Wars or is it time to move on?

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move on.

steve on Dec 9, 2009


Actually i don't agree that going into the future is the step to take at all. I say it would be 10x more interesting to go even deeper into the past, like Knights of the Old Republic timeline.

FLIOPAKK on Dec 9, 2009


Looking forward to Lucas giving his blessing to allow other independent directors to create a star wars movie.

Nick Sears on Dec 9, 2009


I agree #3. The Star Wars universe is second to none, but personally I think it needs someone new to take the helm in a fresh direction that is stylistically different. The likelihood of that happening is probably very low but one can hope.

ReMIX on Dec 9, 2009


The Old Republic seems like a no-brainer for a movie as it allows them to pretty much distance themselves from the established characters in any of the existing films. But I guess it will depend on the success of the upcoming game.

Shikaka on Dec 9, 2009


There is a lot of depth in the Star Wars universe. FLIOPAKK has a good idea, basing a story in the Old Republic timeline, given the chance I think new directors can make some damn good movies. We could have a story based on a sith, a bounty hunter, a rogue jedi, hell even a movie based on a Hutt would be good, or some origin stories, like The Mace Windu book Shatterpoint, or a Yoda origin story, maybe a Darth Maul story or a Plo Koon story, Maybe even a Darth Plagueis story, or a Clone Trooper story, the possibilites are endless.

Xerxex on Dec 9, 2009


I like this talk of a storylibe in The Old Republic too. That completely slipped my mind. And you guys are definitely right that they wouldn't be a slave to any of the original iconic characters. We'll see if this even happens though

Ethan Anderton on Dec 9, 2009


bring it on

samuel j on Dec 9, 2009


yeah, something within the Old Republic seems more logical. it's safer...but i have to say that going forward is more risky but also more exciting. nonetheless, a knights of the old republic would definitely rock.

Batman on Dec 9, 2009


I would actually loved to see a serie about the young Han Solo. Similar to what Lucasfilm already did with the young Indiana Jones. There is an amazing book trilogy that start when Han is only five years old all the way to the cantina in a new hope. I could see that being made into a serie.

Martin on Dec 9, 2009


definitely new Jedi order era. those were always the best novels, and, honestly, they were the best part of star wars in general.

Josh on Dec 9, 2009



ron on Dec 9, 2009


I have to somewhat disagree with you, Mr. Anderton. While the Yuuzan Vong story could very well make a great series of films; I'd much rather see a trilogy based on the three Timothy Zahn books, about Grand Admiral Thrawn, the last survivng Imperial Fleet commander. Those books are well written and they introduced some very popular characters, to the expanded universe, namely Mara Jade.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Dec 9, 2009


Let it die. The original 3 movies are all anyone should care about. Eff this clone wars BS and the prequels. I will only be showing my kids the original 3 movies.

Dan W on Dec 9, 2009


Do both: Go into the past and do one in the future.

tyrascilee on Dec 9, 2009


Do both: Do one in the past and do one in the future.

tyrascilee on Dec 9, 2009


No your wrong....the one place they need to go is the deep deep past. Knight of the old republic style, mandalorian wars, rise of the first sith lords etc. Theres so much star wars history we havent seen on screen.

Cody on Dec 9, 2009


It's probably a made for tv movie that kicks off the live action tv series. Lucas said he was going to direct the opener...

Egad on Dec 9, 2009


Personally I never understood the notion that the Star Wars "films" were over. There are TONS of other stories that could be done and they could continue on the saga in so many ways....Sorry guys but I think a Knights of the Old Republic film would be terribly boring BORING. We already know Lucas is not good with dialogue and to have a dialogue heavy "history film" of the Old Republic is a definite strike out. Plus the prequels already took us to the past. How about the next series dealing with the post Jedi world. The point is there could be countless series that deal with different stories and different points of view. There is enough material for Star Wars to run like James Bond....but I think we can all agree that unless Lucas "man's up" and allows the reigns of these future films to be put in the hands of younger and newer talent....we can expect more prequelesque disappointments.

Jay on Dec 9, 2009


Dave Lister, J.M.C., While I wholly agree with your assessment of Timothy Zahn's novels, and absolutely love Grand Admiral Thrawn as a character, I think the majority audiences might react more favorably to the New Jedi Order. There's familiar characters as well as not so familiar ones (including Mara Jade who I also love) and it adds an interesting element in that Han and Leia, and Luke and Mara have their own children who play an integral part too. Of course the Star Wars name is such an attention-grabber that it doesn't really matter which way they go, audiences will flock to the theaters, no matter if it ends up pissing off hardcore fans like you and me much like the prequels did.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 9, 2009


(insert many words here)

werdnafaz on Dec 9, 2009


I think realistically if they're planning any movies it will be an extended pilot for the live action series. That's all the "movie" for Clone Wars was after all.

Colca on Dec 9, 2009


# 2 yes, although I personally believe they should be developing that into a TV show. Like, RIGHT NOW. The story in the game is already episodic (and great, to boot) and would make a great TV show that should run for a couple seasons and stop

Timothy on Dec 9, 2009


You're wrong!!!! You are all wrong!! lol Sorry, I just thought it was stupid to say that someone else's wrong when its this is all opinion based, and none of you have any knowledge or say on what will happen. Either way, I think it would be cool to see more of something in the Star Wars Universe, be it whatever. I wish they would do more stuff on Boba Fett. He was a supposedly a badass, I'm sure more people would like to see more of him do that sorta badass stuff. Honestly reading that quote, because he said it so nonchalantly it appears that maybe the movie will be something low scale like a straight to DVD, or another animated movie? I don't feel like its going to be some big scale feature like everyone seems to latch on to here. Again, just my 'opinion' 🙂

Bauzer on Dec 9, 2009


there were rumors before that the videogame star wars: force unleashed might become a movie one day... which honestly would be a great idea because the only characters in that game from the older star wars movies as far as i can remember is vader, the emperor, and leia who can all be replaced easily. the story is pretty awesome too.

whoknows on Dec 9, 2009


Willow needs some sequels.

Brad on Dec 9, 2009


all rumors. no truth.

jake the snake on Dec 9, 2009


anyone else remembering the kingdom of the crystal skull south park episode where at at the end the cops walk in on lucas raping a storm trooper while spielberg was watching if they were gonna do something why not adapt the star wars legacy comic book series, give it to Neil Blomkamp to direct, and just sit back and let the money roll in... but i guess star wars legacy isn't super kid friendly

Janny on Dec 9, 2009


Aslong as Uwe Boll doesn't get his hands on anything - I'm all for it.

Kayle on Dec 9, 2009


I want some cgi gophers!

Crapola on Dec 10, 2009


Lucas and Speilerg getting low on money are they??

d1rEct on Dec 10, 2009


dare we dream ... as long as Lucas isn't directing.

Candy Castle on Dec 10, 2009


Are you trying to give me a heart attack with news like this? Easy Ethan.

JP on Dec 10, 2009


I'm tired of prequel stories. Something AFTER the Original Trilogy, please...

RPD on Dec 10, 2009


Ethan: Glad to hear from a fellow NJO fan. That's the series that brought me into the Expanded Universe. No villain, save perhaps for Thrawn, has topped the Yuuzhan Vong in my judgment. However, the books that have come after the NJO have been disappointing. I think some of the previous posters have the right idea with setting a film in the Knights of the Old Republic era. That would be really be the best idea in that it would be the same universe, but it wouldn't be tied down to the old familiar faces (unless Artoo happened to be around then 😉 ). Maybe Lucas can do what Jackson did with District 9 and find his answer to Neill Blomkamp. Although, the idea of Blomkamp stepping into the KOTOR era does sound like a tantalizing proposition.

Corran Horn on Dec 10, 2009


I don't want to see any New Jedi Order movies, and if you considered some of the things mentioned in this article you would probably think twice as well: Move on. I'm all for a TV show (not an animated one) and games, but that's it.

NadaNuff on Dec 10, 2009


I'd like to see a live action Clone Trooper movie. But only if it was shot like a war movie you know? Kinda like "Band of Brothers". I think that would be pretty sweet. Also with as big as a Star Wars junkie as I am, I'll watch just about anything. Bad I know, but I just can't help it.

THe Saint on Dec 10, 2009


OOOOOHHH...Hopefully it's another Ewok Adventure movie!!! Somebody please put Lucas out of his misery.

TRat on Dec 10, 2009


Yeah, a TV show could be cool, but I don't want the special FX to be cheezy. Please!

Redge on Dec 10, 2009


I don't see how Star Wars can ever die. I was in a fast food restaurant the other day and heard a kid humming Vader's music...I mean, the movie came out 30 years before the kid was born and he's already a fan, jsut crazy. Someday, Lucas will make more movies/tv shows (great idea to develop characters and ongoing story) and later he will unfortunately pass away and allow other directors/companies to take the helm. I don't see how Star Wars can die anytime in the next 25 years at least.

branden on Dec 10, 2009


I think the future screenwriters need to start working.

Xerxex on Dec 10, 2009


I highly doubt there is a new Star Wars movie in the works. Only the current Clone Wars series (which is really great, by the way) and the upcoming Live Action TV series - although there is talk of another animated series as well (Lucas' words, not mine). Although if a new movie did get made, I would have to agree with the KOTOR people. Lucas has actually said in the past that even though he believes he won't make any more Star Wars films, the KOTOR era is the era that he would like to see made into a movie or movies if another Star Wars film were to be made (whether by him or someone else). I actually think he would be quite open to another director doing movies like that. He's shown quite amount of leniency with The Clone Wars, so who knows what could happen?

Dan Geer on Dec 10, 2009


YES!!! finally a new star wars! Hopefully it will be as good as the first 3 films... what might be a good storyline is to focus on what happened in between episodes 1 and 2. 🙂

pie9566 on Dec 10, 2009


I completely agree with #2!!!

RoadHouse on Dec 10, 2009


NEW STAR WARS MOVIE! I would love to see a new live action Star Wars movie, especially if it covered the Vong War. I would also love is Lucas would pass on the reigns to another director, because it has always been my dream to direct a Star Wars movie. Star Wars can't simply move on, it is like a drug. Once it's in your system, it's very difficult to get it out..and it always leaves you craving for more. It has been hailed as the greatest film saga ever, something this great can't simply end, it can only grow and become even greater than it once was.

imaraypeyermom on Dec 10, 2009


I hope if George Lucas was about to do another Star Wars film i would like to see a film on Lea's Story weather she became a jedi and how her future with Han Solo and what happend to luke after defeating the Empire. 🙂

Cineprog on Dec 10, 2009


thats what the vong war is about. Leia does become a Jedi, Luke starts the Jedi Council up again, he gets married, has a son, and Leia and Han have 3 kids.

imaraypeyermom on Dec 10, 2009


They need to reboot Star Wars! Let Abrams take it over- from what he did with Star Trek he obviously gets it.

blester01 on Dec 10, 2009


they need to do the Thrawn trilogy (the first!) If you're a wars fan go read Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising and Last Command are probably the best SW novels story wise. I'd love to see the blue man on the bigscreen because hes such a fucking badass and he really raises hell. Also this leads into the hand of thrawn series which essentially ends the war with the imperials. anywyas excited that a new SW movie may be on the horizon, hoping JL dun fuck it all up

tw on Dec 10, 2009


I agree with #49, but if they if they're gonna make more films, they HAVE to have Mark, Harrison, and Carrie back...and they're all old now. It makes sense to make the Vong War films because they're all old in fits perfectly. But I do agree, the Thrawn trilogy is amazing, I too would love to see that on the big screen, but not as much as I would love to see Jacen and Jaina Solo on the big screen.

imaraypeyermom on Dec 10, 2009


PLEASE MOVE ON!!! The original characters are too old to return, a new series will be TOO far into the future and Lucas will ruin it like he did with the prequels. The animated crap has only dug a deeper hole and I'm sick of it. I've return to finishing the New Jedi order series so I can end Star Wars on a decent note.

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 10, 2009


a new star wars movie? why would they do that arent they finished? is it because Lucas couldnt think of other ideas of new movies? nobody cares about star wars anymore!!!

NOOOOOOO!!!! on Dec 10, 2009


Might There Be a New Star Wars Film on the Horizon? >>yea, it called the original trilogy re-re-re-re-re-released in 3D

wm on Dec 10, 2009


Lord, beer me strength. The prequels are some of the worst movies of all-time. Lucas needs to walk away.

Kevin on Dec 10, 2009


having never played any of the other star wars computer games apart from Force Unleashed, I would LOVE to see that turned into a film.. it was amazing and didnt really deter from the original timeline... Come on starkiller, do your best!

paulitos-way on Dec 10, 2009


Honestly, the best place for Star Wars to go is the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Movie, the game is a success and will make the true fans happy!!! And Lucas has all the actors available including Sam Witwer who played Galen Marek: Starkiller!!!

George on Dec 10, 2009


I am a firm believer that the Star Wars trilogy should continue with after a 25+ year pickup (with some elements taken of the "New Jedi Order" novels). With certain characters still alive (Han Solo- Harrison Ford, Luke - Mark Hamil, Leia - Carrie Fisher, etc.) and with a proper storyline, would definitely be a monumental creation of Lucas. Lets get it done.

harold on Dec 10, 2009


I'm a SW purist, meaning that if Lucas didnt write it, I ain't buyin it. If he does a new movie, I hope he turns the expanded universe on it's ear. This is all IMO ofcourse 🙂

wHiskey Tango... on Dec 10, 2009



Ray on Dec 10, 2009


Kyle Katarn's story would be decent. but in my opinion don't make the main characters jedi or siths. Just make them part of the Universe and entangled in the war. please ditch G.L. to make a good Star Wars movie

DoomCanoe on Dec 10, 2009


Tango, you're an idiot only 'cause that's already happened, so I'm not sure what you're waiting for?

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 10, 2009



clippers350 on Dec 10, 2009


i would be completely happy with George Lucas being part of the project and bringing a new Star Wars movie to audiences... as long as lucas writes the movie, it will be fine... he has written the entire series and look how much people have loved the series... you 62 people wrote comments for a reason. as long as george lucas oversees the maybe new movie, it should be pretty good and i don't care which direction he takes... if he goes to the past, the future, or even something we as fans haven't even read and he creates a whole new future different from the Yuuzhan Vong, i would be perfectly happy as long as another feature length, human actor, film is made... i would really like to see a trilogy if thats possible.

cooper on Dec 10, 2009


#60 in case u don't realize it, George Lucas brought us the series... not having him in the project would be like not having turkey at thanksgiving... u obviously don't realize that there is no series without him; plus he has the rights to it, they can't just dump the guy who created this universe we all love and i don't think u should contradict urself by saying ur a fan yet not loving george lucas. u can't love the series and not love george lucas it just doesn't work like that because u wouldn't even hav the ability to be a fan if he hadn't thought up this amazing fantasy universe

cooper on Dec 10, 2009


No...or have you not read how many fans hate the prequels. What rock have you been under?

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 10, 2009


i fully agree with cooper, 100%

imaraypeyermom on Dec 10, 2009


#60 I agree Kyle's story could be interesting, but only before he becomes a Jedi. I'm still wary of more films within proximity to the original trilogy timeline. #63 I would really NOT want Lucas to write the screenplay. Bring back Lawrence Kasdan (The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders of the Lost Ark) or someone with similar talent. George can be good at coming up with major ideas or themes, but dialogue and direction are most definitely not his strong suits. I think Knights of the Old Republic or a similar direction would be best. No baggage. No familiar faces. Dark, dirty and personal. Concentrate the story on developing key characters rather than throwing a million characters into each film. The audience has to care about the core characters for the story to have any impact. The prequels made the mistake of losing focus on a small group and thus prevented anyone from investing in any of the people in the story. Don't patronize the audience with exposition, let people figure things out on their own. Leaving things unexplained makes things more interesting. Also, introduce more practical styles of saber combat because the prequel-style combat is way too flashy on its own. Lastly, LESS JEDI saturation. Please.

Altoid on Dec 10, 2009


The 6-ology of star wars was to tell the story of the Skywalkers more than anything. Star was, really, will never be "over". The best place to expand into is the past. There is already a tremendous amount of written, designed and played(game) content to make up multiple story lines, especially with KOTOR series and the new old republic mmo as well as the comic book/graphic novel series. Some possible highlights - Mandalorian War - The rise of the first Sith, ever - Birth of Yoda

Buggy166 on Dec 10, 2009


as a note, lucas is a good writer, but a very slightly-better-than-average director. His strong suit would be to write and co-produce as well as co-direct with someone better at the helm and to me someone like JJ Abrams might do the trick.

Buggy166 on Dec 10, 2009


Word has it over on Ain't it Cool News that David Lynch is in talks to direct this.

Elroy on Dec 10, 2009


George Lucas can not write dialogue. CAN NOT. For example- scene in Phantom Menace in which Portman, Anakin and his mother, and Irish guy w/the dead wife are sitting around the table talking to each other. The worst dialogue I have ever heard in a serious movie. It sounds like an 11 year wrote that garbage. How about Anakin's line to fake name Portman- "Are you an angel?" Lucas is a great producer. He just can't write dialogue. Maybe Lucas can hire the guy who wrote Empire Strikes Back. Maybe just hire everyone from ESB who is still alive.

Phil on Dec 10, 2009



BIG J on Dec 11, 2009


The series will be based closely around the time of the Force Unleashed. It will have a mafia theme, the bounty hunters will play a large role, as well as the hutts. It will be darker than the films, which I think is a great Idea. Theres a chance of a young Solo/Calrissian appearing, but its not hard to guess the main character will be Boba Fett. And Phil.. the Irish guy w/the Dead wife? Are you f/king kidding? Liam Neeson is a great actor!

Typo on Dec 11, 2009


The ONLY movies currently being discussed are the 3D versions of the original trilogy. All other speculation = FAIL.

mrjzn on Dec 11, 2009


Move on. The entire concept of Star Wars is WAR!! Can't be avoided because it's in the title Sure, hollywood make a living showing violence but it's about time Lucas moved with the times and chose subject mater that isn't based on a story climax with6 Guzillion CGI aliens on 1 screen shooting at each other... It's high tech RUBBISH! The world has moved on from the Ronald Ray Gun era and is on a mission the save the planet, not blow it up!

Paul on Dec 11, 2009


People, the future and past of what we know as star wars will all be developed and seen at some point or another..I was 5 when I saw STAR WARS in the theater and I expect that the sw universe will be expanding long after Im gone!!!! this is a FRANCHISE that will be perpetuated long after our lifetimes so get over it! I am a fan and have my criticisms, but I am excited ANY time I hear something new is coming!!

Lando on Dec 11, 2009


"Nights of the Old Republic" Movie or "Episode 7, 8 & 9" Movie's

Danny V on Dec 12, 2009


i say lay it to rest every animation that as come out along with the new so called trilogy were just bombs, unless they are 100 % certain this is going to be amazing LAY IT TO REST !!!! i would rather them screw up on a reboot of some other random movie than mess with star wars anymore.

splinter on Dec 13, 2009


more star wars plz just no clone wars cartoon stuff. and i want it more gritty like in empire and ROTS. Even though the new trilogy was really flawed i think he can pull it off. maybe hes seen his mistakes and can bring it back to the old trilogy tone.

subcelsious5g on Dec 14, 2009


A new Star Wars film. That Would be good. But I doubt it will happen anytime soon if ever.

Smith on Dec 24, 2009


Honestly, the best place for Star Wars to go is the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Movie. And Lucas has all the actors available including Sam Witwer who played Galen Marek the secret apprentice of Darth Vader code name: Starkiller!!!!

George on Dec 28, 2009


Look, if you search for and watch the trailer for "Star Wars: The Old Republic", you can see that obviously, going 1,000 yrs into the past would DEFINITELY make an awesome movie. An actual, honest-to-God MOVIE showing a Sith army invading the Jedi temple and wreaking havoc on Corouscant... WOW!

8Ball on Dec 29, 2009


@13 you are correct, Heir to the Empire Dark Force Rising The Last Command would make great films

pault on Jan 2, 2010


KOTOR is hands down the best era to go to. It has the openings for the best villains (which Star Wars is universally famed for) and what's more it's pre-Vader. Darth Vader, for better or worse is the single biggest film character of all time and a future where he's dead and gone and away from his ethos (as in last we saw of him he was a good guy again post the suit) wont appeal to the die hard fans who refuse to see the futuristic novels as little more than trash. Are the NJO books even canon? No. Lucas himself stated that the only true canon are the films, the Tv series and the games. The books and comics are all ad-libbed. This quote comes form Empire film magazine who did an interview with him and asked him that exact question. What's more, the future has been established via book and written up. It's been done. KOTOR gives flexibility, familiarity and possible mystery. They could make the first KOTOR game into a film no problems. How many people would want to see that? Each KOTOR game opens up three or more films each to be explored because of the mass of different options. KOTOR is definitely the way forward. I just hope he get's a better director in on it.

shauny89 on Jan 5, 2010


I don't know how people can say, "Don't bother with a film, just make the TV series." The Tv series sounds awful to me. The main focus of Star Wars has always been on force users, be that they are the ones solving the problems or causing them. I know that is not always the case, but I wouldn't want to see any live action Star Wars without Jedi/Sith. It seems to me that GL is almost terrified of moving forward with the series. Fair enough, don't follow the books exactly, but still - MOVE FORWARD! The books have great characters like the Solo children etc. Plus a Grand Master Luke Skywalker, I would pay so much to see that. Knights of the Old Republic is sick, but I just couldn't bare any more ventures into the past. If GL isn't going to follow the books in the movies anyway, he could make something that would still make fans happy with a story that could incorporate the things people like about the expanded universe.

Jacen Solo on Jan 5, 2010


Shadows of the Empire would make a great movie, It would be hard to fit into the saga though being it took place beetween 5 and 6. Prince Xizor, Dash Rendar and the Black sun are all very interesting parts of the Star Wars universe

Joe13 on Feb 4, 2010


best star wars movies: ESB, ROTJ, ROTS. One of the prequels did it. The other two made me wonder how the heck he pulled off the original trilogy so well.

chuck on Feb 4, 2010


George needs to let someone else do a trilogy about Han Solo and Chewbacca with R2 and 3PO. Use Sawyer from Lost as Solo. Have Vader in it. I would say let J.J. Abrams have it, but he would make it about bleepin' time travel and exotic matter.

handlaster on Mar 18, 2010


i think there should be a new moive based after the return of the jedi and bring 3po r2 han laya and luke back in

hound on Mar 24, 2010


They should just make a trilogy of movies out of the Brian Daley Han Solo novels with a good director and some young badass actor as Han. The stories are nasty and action-packed and would update to the 21st century very nicely!

Carbuncle on May 11, 2010


The most interesting and possibly epic story is that of darth bane. If Lucas could shell out some cash and do i well done Darth Bane movie i guarentee it would be a hit. Since it focuses on the dark side it will be a lot more interesting the the normal "Jedi" hero.

Nick Vota on May 17, 2010


I agree with Nick there. The Darth Bane stories are really good. Extremely well written. And it adds that old-timey aspect to Star Wars, back when they had just gotten rid of the Proto/Retro Saber. And the Jedi wore armor for crying out loud. It makes it so much more epic. THey should make Darth Bane movies.

WittyRemark23 on May 17, 2010


i think they should go back in the past two the time of the rule of two for the sith i am of course talking about the one who made that rule Darth Bane

Priest on May 27, 2010


Leave it alone. No need to have some geek create new stories just because he is a "Star Wars fan" after George Lucas dies. With his vision of all the major characters dying, etc etc. Really? They survived George Lucas' three movies but you're going to kill them, like that is some sort of hook? Get a clue. Get a life. Let the saga end. George Lucas is the ONLY person who can make more Star Wars movies and he said he isn't doing any more. Done.

Big JOhn on Jun 24, 2010


I think there should definitely be more Star Wars movies and they should definitely take place after Return of the Jedi and feature the original cast as older versions of their characters especially Mark Hamill as an older,wiser Luke Skywalker training a new generation of Jedi Knights and be set during either the New Jedi Order era or Legacy era and base it on either NJO or Legacy of the Force or even Fate of the Jedi books or set it after with Luke's son Ben Skywalker as the lead hero or Han and Leia's kids Jacen and Jaina. A Star Wars sequel trilogy set years or decades post-Return of the Jedi featuring Luke rebuilding the Jedi Order is a definite must. The Post-Jedi era or any films set there interests me the most.

Ron Corless on Aug 4, 2010


I think their should be a new move were the emperor starts another massive army of droids after loseing the clones and begins to wage war again but whil the rebels a flying through space they come acrss 2 big space cruisers and around 6 frigates which are in "hibernation" mode and the clones inside chose not to turn evil and from their on in help to to destroy the new and stronger droids but the clones also become improved and start growing more clones and the leading jedi is luke but he endes up with a youn apprentiace whom he basically the the war is back to clones vs droids.

gareth on Aug 11, 2010


I totaly agree with fliopakk about making an new movie that is showing some stories from the past, maybe like old sith-cults or the first jedi-masters ever! there are so many different stories to tell in the star wars universe! I hope they´re moving on...

No-L on Nov 22, 2010


i dont agree that going into the future would be a good idea at all. i think if lucas were to write another epic in the star wars universe i think a movie about the VERY first jedi would be MUCH more interesting. imagine watching a movie about the first person to ever relize he was force sensitive but not knowing what the force is....this warrior discovers that he has powers beyond his wildest imagination. and the movie can revolve around his trying to learn what he has and how to controll it. and maybe through his epic adventure he can dig clues of OLD ANCIENT practices of these monk type ppl finding the "force".... that would be much more interesting

neks on Jan 2, 2011


How about Starkiller? Force unleashed. How the rebel alliance was formed and it started from a powerful sith apprentice who went to the 'good' side and paved the way for the alliance.

Deomes44 on Jan 16, 2011


I thought of an idea, well the origin is gonna be in it so, here it is: Its is a battle on ground vs. the Crowd of Jedi and the Army of Sith, and a side story is that Qui Jon Jin is being trained as a padawan and being trained by Count Dookuu (Known as Master Dookuu as of this time)

Aidwin321 on Jun 18, 2011

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