Might Tobe Hooper Return for More Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

October 25, 2009
Source: ShockTillYouDrop

Tobe Hooper

Should the father return home once again? It was announced a few weeks back that Twisted Pictures, the company behind Saw, had acquired the film rights to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise from Platinum Dunes. Twisted is planning to create a new 3D film in the series that would be a contemporary reboot, throwing aside the recent two films that Platinum Dunes made and continuing on with a sequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4. Now ShockTillYouDrop is saying that the creator of the series, filmmaker Tobe Hooper, is apparently considering returning and that he's even been talking with the new owners.

Ryan Rotten explains that Tobe Hooper just changed managers and is now represented by a company called Evolution Management. Apparently their offices are in the same building as the Twisted Pictures office and he's simply putting two-and-two together. Not only that, but Ryan says he saw Hooper chatting it up with the Twisted guys (including one of the key execs who brought Texas Chainsaw Massacre to the company) at the afterparty for the Saw VI premiere this week. Sure it's a very big hypothetical "what if" without a single quote to confirm its legitimacy, but I trust Ryan, and if he thinks it might happen, it's worth considering.

Hooper, responsible for a lot of great horror films including Poltergeist, directed the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre in 1974 and its sequel in 1986. Recently though, he's been laying low, only directing a few "Masters of Horror" episodes and an indie called Mortuary in 2005. Ryan pitches: "Bring Hooper in to tackle a franchise he knows so well… Market the shit out of his big return and let people know Leatherface is in the right hands again." It definitely would be the reboot Twisted is looking for if they bring him back. It seems to be an increasing trend to bring back original creators, so why not do it with this franchise, too?

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I consider TCM03 and the prequal to be great films. TCM was a dead franschise and Nispel did something modern, visually great but still crude with it. TCM03 is a great film that takes itself serious and the kids are real people (too bad F13th09 couldn't do that, a serious spin on that uuniverse would have been great) and Beginning followed suit. It's easily platinum dunes two best films. But twisted pictures doing a 3Dfilm with Hooper directing sounds bad. Platinum Dunes should have done a third film instead and leave f13th, NOES etc alone - or contunie them on in their original timelines.

ryderup on Oct 25, 2009


the one with Jessica Biel was actually very good, and if the father wishes to return then go for it, but after the one with Biel I really don't see a need for another one.

xerxex on Oct 25, 2009


it would be Good to here Tobe Hooper is back on board for Semi Reboot of the Texas chainsaw massacre for Twisterd pictures.

cineprog on Oct 25, 2009


I agree with the first two posts and don't need to say more.

klaus_komix on Oct 25, 2009


Tobe Hooper definitely needs to direct this. It would be epic to bring Hooper back.

Josh on Oct 25, 2009


It would be interesting to see what route Hooper takes with this. The first film is a work a genius that no one has ever been able to touch, and his sequel was over the top and hilarious, and in a totally different world. It seems like it would be hard to make this story shocking after all those movies, but who knows. I'd like to hear a weird, non-musical soundtrack like in the first one, and I'd be way stoked to see Bill Moseley back. Dog Will Hunt!

Paul on Oct 25, 2009


The 1st Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie was the scariest movie that I have ever seen. I can still remember seeing it in the theater on the big screen and literally being on the edge of my seat throughout it all.

Mega Jet Jaguar on Oct 25, 2009


its all well and good that the this movie is back in the right hands, but i am all horrered out. There are too many crappy horrror movies out there and even a few good ones arent going to clean up the stink left behind by the many bad ones. I;m all horrored out. All these movies should take a year off and come back again i think.

gabe the Accuser on Oct 25, 2009


I liked the two new ones better than the old ones and i think its real disrespectful that there just moving away from the new ones that are only out a couple of years.

Steve on Oct 26, 2009

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