Might We See Jonathan Mostow's Sub-Mariner Movie Soon?

August 12, 2009
Source: Collider


Even more Marvel movies? Of course! Though we haven't heard much about Sub-Mariner in a long time. It was first announced way back in 2006, but since Universal owns the rights, it's their little feature, and it won't be a part of the Marvel Universe that Marvel Studios is developing on their own. Collider caught up with Surrogates director Jonathan Mostow recently and coaxed him into talking about the status of the project off camera, because his response on camera was pretty bland: "Well Sub-Mariner is sort of, like all things Marvel, in a shroud of secrecy. It's a project I've been developing, and we'll see what happens."

What Mostow did say off camera is that Universal still has the rights and that it is in active development. "He said the big hang-up is getting the script right and they haven’t cracked it yet. He said making a great super-hero movie is really tough and without the right script it's impossible." If only Michael Bay had that same philosophy. So although it's in the works, maybe even Mostow's next movie after finishing Surrogates, they're still waiting for a good script. And if IMDb is accurate and up-to-date, it's Mostow himself who is polishing up that script. Although I have a feeling there might be other screenwriters contributing to it.

As a refresher, Sub-Mariner is a Marvel superhero first introduced in 1939 and created by Bill Everett. The son of a human sea captain and princess of the mythical undersea kingdom of Atlantis, Namor possesses the super-strength and aquatic abilities of the "Homo mermanus" race. Through the years, he's been portrayed as a good-natured but short-fused superhero, or a hostile invader seeking vengeance for perceived wrongs that "misguided surface-dwellers" committed against his kingdom. The first known comic book antihero, the Sub-Mariner has remained a historically important and a popular Marvel character. Sound good to you?

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Sounds good to me. I just wish he could be included in what Marvel's doing with the other movies!

MJ on Aug 12, 2009


Hugo weaving has to play as namor! no question about it!

cesking on Aug 12, 2009


I know at the time Marvel needed a cash infusion, but I really wish they wouldn't have sold the movie rights of several characters to other studios. But I guess hindsight being 20-20 and all that.

S on Aug 12, 2009


Namor rules and I hope he gets a flick, but this still sounds like it's in limbo.

Colin on Aug 12, 2009


it would be fucking cool if they work him into the avengers trilogy (because you all know it will be one)doesn't namor launch captain america's body back into the frozen sea because he find eskimo's worshiping his frozen would be cool scene to see.

zetsu on Aug 12, 2009


#5 Namor wont be in the Avengers movie cause Universal owns the rights not Marvel Studio. you might say what about The Incredible Hulk. well with The Incredible Hulk Marvel Studios got back their rights for the character so they produce the movie themselves and Universal Pictures just distribute it.

carlos on Aug 12, 2009


I'm sorry but Universal can't make Namor work. The only way he would work is in a larger movie where he was introduced as an antagonist to a group like the Fantastic Four. Aquaman was a joke on Entourage for a reason. 90% of America will see this as a mer-man movie if it is just Namor, and Universal doesn't have any other heroes to pair him with. And America ain't gonna show up in mass numbers for a mer-man movie. If he would ever have a solo movie that works he would have to be introduced as a side player in a larger movie first. Universal, make a deal with Marvel or don't make the movie at all - that's my advice to you. Take it for what its worth.

Matt on Aug 12, 2009


To clarify my comment above, I'm not meaning to denigrate the character. I grew up with Marvel, reading the books that Namor appeared in and think he's a great character. I just want to see him done right, and he needs to be paired with other Marvel heroes to work best in my opinion. I don't think audiences who aren't familiar with him (which is most of America) will buy a Namor solo project without him first being introduced as a larger world of heroes for him to play off of. FF works best b/c of the history there in my opinion but he could work with Avengers as well.

Matt on Aug 12, 2009


marvel studios needs to get their hands on this...i mean look at the other marvel movies that werent done by marvel studios...i believe it could be a great movie but only if marvel studios makes it.

person on Aug 12, 2009


#7 I don't think people around the world aint familiar with him not just America

craig on Aug 12, 2009


#10 - Good point. Hardly anyone around the world is familiar with him and although that might have been somewhat the case with Iron Man, we are talking here about a character who lives underwater and talks to fishes and who as a character is a bit of a hardass - not as easy to sell as a charming millionaire playboy.

Matt on Aug 12, 2009


Well, this will kill off any slight chance of an Aquaman movie getting made. Maybe that's a good thing?

Bella on Aug 12, 2009


#11 your right, to me Namor is a bad ideas to be made into live action the general public will laugh at character Iron Man was very easy to sell to everyone not cause his a charming millionaire playboy but a man in a High-Tech Suit.

craig on Aug 12, 2009


Pardon my comicbook ignorance, but isn't Namor's uniform a thong speedo? How are audiences not going to laugh themselves sick at an actor running around nearly nude and in a thong for 2 hours?

whats up on Aug 12, 2009


Bay never did a superhero movie. No, doesn't sound good. it'll suck. They need to stop the superhero genre and move on.

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 12, 2009


I'll show up for a Namor movie, now whether or not it's going to be good or not is another question. but Namor is a badass regardless. and #15 no...if you dont like them don't watch them, you move on, sir...

Caleb on Aug 12, 2009


picture looks cool. I just want Deadpool and Green Lantern by Ryan Reynolds out! 🙁

Scott on Aug 12, 2009


I hope Mostow doesn't direct - he is a total hack. All his films look so cheap even if he has a big budget - his version of Namor will look like shit.

Sumit on Aug 13, 2009


Why all these obscure heroes? Where the hell is my Doctor Strange movie?!? I vote Jim Caviezel as the doc.

Cody on Aug 13, 2009


Universal? Namor and Atlantis would be great to feature as the threat in the Avengers movie. A team of the greatest super heroes fighting a race of warriors all with super strength trying to conquere the world. I think it would work. I always thought he would have been great to be in Fantastic Four 2 and save Galactus and the Silver Surfer for Fantastic Four 3 but I'm not in charge and it's way to late!

MARIUS on Aug 13, 2009


hell yeah,and hugo weaving could really act it out if he pumped up his muscle a little he would be awesome.have him fight tiger shark that would be cool.

chris on Aug 16, 2009

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