Might We See More Saw Movies Beyond Just Saw VIII?

June 8, 2009
Source: Bloody Disgusting


Due out in October is Saw VI, the latest installment in the horror franchise that began back in 2004. Not everyone is excited to see this continue, but as long it keeps making money (which it definitely does), Lionsgate will keep making them. The rumor going around is that Saw 8 (aka Saw VIII) is supposed to be the grand finale, but who knows what could happen. Bloody Disgusting caught up with Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell, at E3 recently and asked him if he had heard the rumors. "Yes, I have," he says, before adding: "Final is a relative word. Especially in entertainment." Could we eventually see Saw 9 or even Saw 10?

They asked Bell if Saw 8 is indeed supposed to be the "final" chapter. "Yeah… I look forward to filling out the other pieces of the puzzle. There's some pieces that people still haven't seen." Any idea what that means? The story seems to get more elaborate with each new sequel (this upcoming one was even called "mind-numbingly complex" by its director), so I'm sure they can come up with more pieces of the puzzle at any time. "You always want to just keep the bar up," Bell says regarding the sequels. "If there's more good story to tell, it's good to have more opportunities to tell it." Let's hope there truly are more good stories.

So if everything keeps going well all the way through Saw 8, could we potentially see them continue? "In their wisdom, these producers always wait to see how the current film does. Six is finished and we’re just in the middle of talking about [seven]." Not a confirmation or denial, as is expected from the humble and soft-spoken Tobin Bell, but it's enough to keep Saw fans happy at least until 2011, when we'll see Saw 8.

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they should create new franchise.

L1A on Jun 8, 2009


Keep them coming. The way I see this is like people who watch Lost, Heroes or desperate housewives. They go on for several years with the same plot. Like 24 saw has a story which keeps evolving. I want to see more of John's motives and what will become of hoffman. Is Jill really innocent??? Also what happened to Dr Gordon Lawerence? Yes The gore is visceral but it could of been done in a mindless film called teen slasher on hollywood boulevard and not been so necessary. I will pay to see 6, 7, 8 etc until the story really becomes daft Lionsgate have a dead cert from me to see the saw films. I look forward to playing the PS3 game also.

link1983 on Jun 8, 2009


fine by me. I've watched every single one in theaters since they came out and will definitely continue to do so. a horror franchise that actually makes you think is a rarity. and I too look forward to playing the game.

Chris on Jun 8, 2009


I find the Saw films dull and predictable. Quite like the Final Destination sequels. Also, how many helpers of Saw are we going to find, and how many times are we going to go back to the first three films for different character views. Its either a DVD rental or total miss for me.

Marcus on Jun 8, 2009


I agree with Marcus. Sadly i think i have seen them all so far but only on account of an ex gf lol. I find that the story has started to feel like they make up this grandoise plot and then when it gets to the end just pick sumone from the cast you would never expect to be involved and write in a back story. I dont particulary mind them making more, seeing as any horror and gore is better than another parody movie, i feel they need to just put a little bit more thought into it for future incarnations before it gets overly stale.

NeoN on Jun 8, 2009


The game has been canned, the developer (Factor 5) went under a few weeks ago

Tom Dearsley on Jun 8, 2009


..... saw VI will be a huge box office bomb

PinkSushi on Jun 8, 2009


I actually have no problem with these sequels. They're not shoved down my throat; they come out at Halloween, you hear about it for a week and then it is gone. I like bad horror/gore movies just as much as the next guy. My only complaint is that with a successful franchise name they could take a few more chances in terms of casting and plot.

germs on Jun 8, 2009


#4 i disagree with you, yes the final destination sequels are boring and not as good as the first, but the saw sequels are more entertaing than the final destination movies, at least the saw movies are some what inpredictable but yet predictable at the same time. yes the first saw movie was the best just like wth final destination but at lest the saw movies are entertaing and the acting is good compared to most horror movies these days. so over all the saw franchise is way better the final destination franchise is, and i am looking forward to the saw sequels i just hope they know when to stop.

N. on Jun 8, 2009


The acting is terrible. The first saw movie is the only Real Saw movie, the rest stink to high heaven. The Saw movies have died.

JC on Jun 8, 2009


As long as these keep making a profit, yes, sure. And as long as Tobin Bell is alive.

Greedo Lives on Jun 8, 2009


ya know ive seen every saw movie and i think that they consistently get better. the first two stand alone are great then 3-5 all build off one another just great cheesy horror films

Corey on Jun 8, 2009


God when will it stop!!!?

tankmaster on Jun 8, 2009


OMG...why is this news? Who cares? When 2011 comes we'll know. I doubt anyone is waiting in anticipation for Saw XX. lol Don't get me wrong, fun to watch, but I didn't even see the second one in theaters. Like FD, fun to see how create hollywood gets but the storyline is weak, like comic weak, where they just play with reality and make it what they want to keep it going.

LSP on Jun 8, 2009


OH MY GOD. stop making shitty sequels to a shitty franchise. Saw I was good, not great, but good. why had hollywood become this lame. all movies now are shitty sequels and spinoffs of already exixting ideas. there are a few that stand out as great, but overall the originality of Hollywood is gone. the Saw franchise is a joke, they have terrible acting, they are very cheaply made (mostly indoor sets....LAME). you look at the entire series and just think......What's the point? Why make another one. its not like its going to be a great piece of cinema.

Epic on Jun 8, 2009


@ Tom dearsley, Really, you should do your research before speaking on subjects you clearly know nothing of. Saw the game hasn't been canned. Konami picked it up after the collapse of factor 5. Do you really think that at last weeks (1-4 june) E3 event konami would have wasted time showing off new footage and bringing tobin bell to the event? Seriously. Also to the people who think the saw films are rubbish that's fine but stop posting comments about it. You are obviously interested otherwise this story would have passed you by.

link1983 on Jun 8, 2009


The game doesn't look bad i might rent it when it's out.

Fisherr on Jun 8, 2009


# 2 lost ends next season. it needs to end, with the next one.

xerxex on Jun 8, 2009


4 and 5 were eh for me

zach on Jun 8, 2009



cody on Jun 8, 2009


I heard from a movie producer I talked to once that he heard (lol) the writers/creators of the Saw series want to do a total of ten Saw movies then retire on the fat bank they've made. I personally like the Saw movies and as long as they keep a good storyline going I will continue to see them.

Jeep-Fu on Jun 8, 2009


I like how everyone here is against it, yet when Spider Man 4 was announced it was like "alright maybe they can do better this time." but when spider man 3 was out everyone was in a rage shit storm about how horrible it was for me. Most people don't find the Saw franchise awful, just not their cup of tea, because regardless if you like it or not, it fits the genre and I guarantee the fans outweight the naysayers. Give the movies a chance, while I thought 4 was somewhat weak, I think 5 made up for it in a tiny bit. People just give films a chance, and when they come out, then bash them not before.

Movieraider321 on Jun 8, 2009


"Final is a relative word. Especially in entertainment." Here, here!

Mark on Jun 8, 2009


(that is not to say I wouldn't love for Saw to FINALly stop cutting.)

Mark on Jun 8, 2009


They should have stopped after the first movie.

Chuck Norris on Jun 8, 2009


The reason these keep getting greenlit: $$$

Shockwave's Ghost on Jun 9, 2009


Saw 8 and we're done? I can do that. Like I tell my friends and family, I'll keep going to the theaters to see Saw and I'll stop when it becomes dumb (for me) but every year by the time the credits roll in, I stand up and say "dammit! now I have to go next year!" So Saw 8 it concludes? Okay. Heck! I'll even accept Saw 10 if it works! But I really do want to see a conclusion to this because it would be neat to see if any of Jigsaws work amounted to anything in this world of Macabre or if he ultimately fails. Also, I love how many people complain that it keeps going and going when this sort of thing is just natural for the horror genre. Take, Friday the 13th. That series came out nearly every year apart when that started too. Sure, sometimes the sequels took 2 years to come out instead of 1 but it still came out one right after another. And Jason is past 8 sequels. And we all love them! And they are mindless and senseless killings! Don't get me wrong, I love it too but at least Saw is being, at least a little bit, intelligent and following it's own formula to horror and not falling in line with all the other horror clones out there today. The first Saw will always be the best because it was the most original but that doesn't mean that the other sequels don't have their own hidden gems. I could go more and more into this debate but its really simple I noticed: you either love Saw or you hate Saw. If you are the latter then I respect your opinion but I appreciate you not tell me I'm wrong because I like it. Just go the other way and read and talk on an article that relates to your own interests.

Tom Bomb Majestic on Oct 19, 2009


Most people diss the Saw movies because of how predictable they are and stuff. And admittedly, the traps and deaths are pretty predictable and you can pretty much guarantee that the person will die, BUT everything else about these films are far from predictable. I've never seen a series of horror films that make me think as much as these. The inter-story about John and Amanda and all the flashbacks and how everything ties together will never stop amazing me. I saw Saw VI earlier today and my mouth hung open the whole time. It was pure genius. So as long as they continue to do that, keep the Saw movies coming. I'm game. (:

Tyler on Oct 25, 2009


By the way, I can never figure out how people think the first Saw was the best. Yeah, it was the original, but in my opinion it was the lamest of all. Well besides the 4th one. Seriously...they just sat in a bathroom. Lol. But it did set up the entire series, so for that it will be great. And also...why do people complain about how these movies suck and need to end? For me, WHO CARES?! Obviously there are people out there that still like the movies...even if you think they're just mediocre or they suck lately but I want to know how it spend what, $10 at most to spend an hour and a half watching something mediocre or terrible. Big deal. Suck it up and let those that enjoy it enjoy it. Nobody is forcing you to go see them.

Tyler on Oct 25, 2009



DOUGLAS LUCAS on Nov 25, 2009

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