Mild, Mostly CG Teaser Trailer for 'Saw VI' Lands Online

July 24, 2009

Saw VI Teaser Trailer

Can you really believe they're already up to the sixth Saw movie?! debuted the first rather mild teaser trailer for Saw VI online earlier today. While it doesn't show much and chooses to go down the completely CGI route (for the most part), we do at least get a sense of the kind of trap they've put together for this one. "6 Chances, 6 Lessons, 6 Choices." If you saw that teaser poster we posted a few days ago, that trap that those 6 people are attached to is shown in this (albeit very briefly). Other than that, I will admit that I am excited to see this next one, they always get me with trailers like this. Check this out below.

Watch the very first teaser trailer for Saw VI from YouTube:

If you're a die hard fan of the Saw series, a clip from the movie was also posted today as part of Lionsgate's Comic-Con promotion, since they don't have a panel at all and can't show too much gore there anyway.

Saw VI is directed by first-time feature filmmaker Kevin Greutert, who edited all five of the previous Saw movies before this and directed a few horror short films. The screenplay was written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, who broke out with Feast and subsequently wrote Saw IV and Saw V as well. Lionsgate is bringing this latest installment, Saw VI, to theaters everywhere on October 23rd, a year from the last one.

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pretty cool!

josveta on Jul 24, 2009


6 Chances, 6 Lessons, 6 Choices. = 666

Chem on Jul 24, 2009


actually wouldnt it be 18...

d on Jul 24, 2009


Bwahahaaha at #3

Seductive Flamingo on Jul 24, 2009


I love it =)

Paul on Jul 24, 2009


There is actually a clip of that trap online.

Stephen on Jul 24, 2009



Trey on Jul 24, 2009


I'm actually pretty much over the SAW films but I gotta say, the theme song gets me every time. Whenever I hear it, I think back to the finale of the first film and remember how much I enjoyed it.

Bill Rusnak on Jul 24, 2009


the teaser is bleh but the clip is gut wrenching

silver on Jul 24, 2009


Will these movies please just die

Antioch on Jul 24, 2009


This is gonna suck...if James Wan isn't writing and directing, then it's gonna be a waste of time like the previous installments.

Matt Suhu on Jul 24, 2009


@ 10, Why did you waste your time posting? I can't wait for this. The clip is far better than the trailer. One thing I would like to know is what are those people holding onto? What are those handles connected to and what would happen if you were to let go?

link1983 on Jul 24, 2009


This movie looks horrible! I have seen all the first five and know they are pretty cheesy, but this one looks pitiful. I think that's why this trailer doesn't show a lot of the actual movie and instead shows hallways and walls in between small clips of people screaming with the classic Saw theme song. If you want to get a taste of what I'm talking about, go to the trailer for The Book of Eli on this website and go down to comment #26. There is a redband clip from that playground carousel part of the film. The clip is PATHETIC. I think the director must be pretty inexperienced or something. While watching it, I thought someone made it on their home video camera or it was a parody of the actual Saw movies. I want to have my hopes up because even though these movies are far fetched, they are entertaining and fun, but I think my Saw ventures will end over...

Matt on Jul 24, 2009


#13 The reason they don't show much of the movie is because it's a TEASER trailer, its just suppose to give you a taste of the movie to get excited about it. If you look on the directors blog, he says the the clip with the carousel trap was cut down a lot, and filler music was put in, so its not going to look like that in the movie. I'm still very excited to see this.

Thor on Jul 24, 2009


Directing - Straight-to-DVD Acting - Straight-to-DVD Release - 2300 Theaters The mouthbreathers can't get enough of this tripe. Keep eating fatties, cause there's buckets more where this came from.

StabmasterArson on Jul 24, 2009


#15 please enough about Transformers 2

L1A on Jul 24, 2009


"Mouthbreathers" #15 wow...clever. I love the Saw movies and I can honestly say I'm happy the Franchise is ending with this one and hopefully it will all come together in the very end.

Xerxex on Jul 24, 2009


SAW 1----Brilliant SAW 2-----Good SAW 3----- Decent Everything after SUCKED ASS!!!!!!!!! Nothing but corporate greed drives this franchise now. Just like Halloween, Friday the 13th, ect.

SwolN PekR on Jul 24, 2009


I just smelled dog shit!

th3thirdman on Jul 24, 2009


I did not get anything else except factor 6

ishteaque on Jul 24, 2009


im scared

Sancho on Jul 24, 2009


why won't they let this series die like it needs to? this looks to be another mindless gorefest. at #18.........i thought #2 was the best. #1 was "ok" and the rest were unwatchable trash. i won't be watching any more "saw" movies.

dan on Jul 24, 2009


yeah the marry-go-round clip was pretty lame. i agree with who ever said the directing sucked, and im so sick of the extras yelling "WHAT IS THIS?" before they explain every trap. And Jigsaw killing office workers? seriously? the people who are just doing there jobs are the ones who need punishing? just because they work a desk job at an insurance company?... running out of ideas... ill see it but no way in hell am i paying for it

DoomCanoe on Jul 24, 2009


What can get you with this? If you like them sure. They're pretty much crap now. I just watch to see how they kill people.

Tra la la la la di da on Jul 24, 2009


didn't Jigsaw die in part 2 or something? wait. what?

Brian Ricci on Jul 24, 2009


this is the last one? ive enjoyed all of them so far. im happy to see a modern horror movie become a franchise. the problem with halloween and friday the 13th and all the others that had 5+ movies made is that the time gaps between each sequel were to far apart. i dont have the source for every series and their sequels but i tihkn those gaps created poor ideas for the films. with saw. a new one is out every year almost to the day. some may think thats not enough time and they just throw crap together but i dont believe that. i think having it that close has made them better.

ernullrock on Jul 26, 2009


no. 18 i have to admit as an avid film festival goer and a really insane dvd collector and lover of films, I too agree that Saw 1 was absolutely brilliant. peace

ken on Aug 3, 2009


for all you critics posting your thoughts of why you dont like the saw series you have to look beyond the evergoing nevereding blood and guts and realize that these movies arnt about the killings but about the lessons and the reasons for them. and its also quite impressive how they keep the series going.

joel on Aug 7, 2009

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