Minor Scream 4 Updates from Williamson, Cox, and Arquette

August 11, 2009

Scream Mask

A handful of small updates on Scream 4 have been trickling out over the last few weeks. They individually weren't worth writing about, but together, they make for a great Scream 4 update. First off, screenwriter and franchise co-creator Kevin Williamson talked with iFMagazine on the TCA press tour and divulged more story details. Williamson not only confirmed that it was a trilogy (which was reported previously), but spoke a bit more about the sequel. “It's a new trilogy. It's ten years later. Gale Weathers, ten years later." And don't forget, it was already confirmed that Courteney Cox and David Arquette will both be back.

Williamson adds: "Bob Weinstein has been bugging me… Then finally I was taking some time off, sitting around thinking 'what if I had to do Scream 4?' I wasn't interested, [but then I thought] 'a trilogy – now I'd be interested! Could we do that and develop a trilogy?' and then I started thinking about the story. I created three different chapters, broke it up and I got really excited." In a separate update on SciFi Wire, Courteney Cox revealed that her character Gale Weathers "has a kid now" and "she's married to Dewey." Which makes that both a fictional and real-life relationship, as Cox and Arquette are married in real life.

Speaking of David Arquette, PopWrap caught up with the actor a few weeks ago. While he doesn't reveal anything about his character, he does talk about how excited he is to return. "I love the Scream franchise, I'm just honestly excited to be making another one." And why did he want to return? "I figured it would be a blast to bring these characters back to life and see how they've grown since Scream 3," he said. "Working with Wes has been amazing and Kevin is an incredible artist. My wife and I really wanted to do this." I'm sure money has something to do with it, too, but we'll just try and stick with the story details for now.

Lastly, we have an update on Wes Craven, and whether he may return to direct (or not). "I'm going to finish the script in the next couple of months and then we'll start the project," Williamson told iFMagazine. "It depends on the hiatus schedule and then we'll get in serious talks with [original trilogy director] Wes [Craven] and what his schedule is like." For almost everyone involved, having Craven back is a necessity for the sequel. "Wes wants to read the script before we sign on, which makes sense. We've sort of chatted about it. We're a Scream family, so not having dad sitting at the head of the table, wouldn't make sense."

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Why is Neve Campbell being a *Bleep* and not doing the trilogy. Its not like her career is so A list right now that she is better then it. She probably need s the money anyway so she should just do it.

Kaoz1631 on Aug 11, 2009


How does anything about this make a great update? This is a series that never should have been mad. What utter crap and revival of boring slasher.

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 11, 2009


The only reason I could imagine Neve Campbell not wanting to do it is that she doesn't want to tarnish what the original Scream trilogy accomplished, and probably assumes they'll kill her character off in a shock-value kind of way anyway. Funny thing is, if she doesn't return, they'll likely use her character's off-screen death as the reason she's not in the movie to begin with (like in "Jaws" or "Halloween"...before they brought her back for a random death scene that is). Neve's best bet would be to agree to a contract that allowed her creative input with Kevin Williamson to ensure her character is treated the way she feels it should be. Plus, it would be a sweet paycheck that would allow her to keep know...whatever it is she's been

CS on Aug 11, 2009


I thought the original Scream was great...the sequels not so much. I'd rather see a Scream (4) then Saw 18 if they did the story similar to the original.

TheDude on Aug 11, 2009


I remember liking the original, but the others were bleh. I feel like this is just going to turn out mediocre at best. *yawns*

Sabes on Aug 11, 2009


Scream is an awesome series. 3rd was BAD though. This new series needs to shock people. Not that 90's slasher type of movie, but a grittier and scarier tone for this new generation. The first two were great, probably because Scream 2 was almost an exact repeat of Scream. Scream 3 was like a worthless parody. Kevin Williamson needs to do whatever necessary to sign Neve back on. I heard she was in talks again after saying no, but it might be a minimal role. I don't know why she wouldn't want to do it. Neve needs to be in these movies one way or another. To me, she is and always will be the tortured, tormented soul at the heart of this series. Also, personally, I don't mind if Wes Craven is replaced. Craven is a great director and has been for decades, but I wouldn't mind someone new. Maybe if he was there as a producer or for creative unput like he was for The Last House on the Left and Hills Have Eyes remakes, but I think it is minimally important for him to be there as a director unless it has an effect on the other actor's decisions to be involved...

Matt on Aug 11, 2009


I believe any scream movie has to have 3 characters. Neve, Courtney, and David(however if they could incorperate Jamie Kennedy somehow that would be awesome). If all 3 core characters are not in it, i will not be interested. Also, i think a trip back to the 90's slasher would be refreshing. We have had tons of Gritty Gory movies with Disturbing images as of late, Saw films, Hills have eyes, etc. I think it would be awesome to have something different, and Scream 4 will hopefully deliver that.

Ninja on Aug 13, 2009


you guys are stupit if neve doesnt want to do it then she doesnt have to do it. her contract ended when scream 3 finish filming. she probably doesnt want to do it cause she move on to a new project and doesnt want to be sidney prescott forever. for god sakes you guys dnt even know her reasons and u r fuckng insulting her and dropping conclusions out of nowhere. just shut up and deal with the damn movie if u r true fans.

angel on Aug 14, 2009


i think neve should be in it she is a main and demanding charactor just as david and courtney it just doesnt feel right if there not in it and im sure more people agree than people not im always disapponted when a sequel of any films i watch dont have the main charactors in i hope she changes her mind as dont know if i be intrested if shes not!! and i love wes craven his films are top especially nightmare on elm streets i wish he would bring freddy kruger back and robert england the main charactor carnt have freddy without him i no theres probably no chance but u never no i can dream! get it dream lol!!!!!

tracey on Aug 21, 2009


neve just needs to be in it or she's a piece of crap which is true!

tra la la la on Aug 31, 2009

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