More Deadpool Coming in X-Men Origins: Wolverine?!

January 22, 2009
Source: IESB


Most people are probably familiar with the news that X-Men Origins: Wolverine is doing reshoots, or as Hugh Jackman claims, pre-planned shoots taking place in Vancouver for the next few weeks. We've heard that they're reshooting a little less than half of the film, which is actually quite a damn bit. But no one really knows exactly what is taking place up there in Canada or exactly which scenes are being reshot (or added). However, IESB has dropped by with this little scoop today, claiming that most of what they're currently shooting involves Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool along with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

For those who might not exactly know who Deadpool is, he is a popular Marvel comics character that is often depicted as a mercenary, villain, or anti-hero (as seen above). He first appeared in 1991 and usually only shows up in X-Men comics. Nicknamed the "Merc with a Mouth", Deadpool is a high-tech mercenary known for his wisecracks, black humor, and satirical pop-culture references, and primarily uses two swords for weapons. He was a "product" of the Weapon X program that also created Wolverine and Silver Fox, which is why he shows up in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, along with the rest of the mutants.

We've already seen Deadpool show up very briefly in trailer, and there was once talk of setting up the character for his own spin-off. This rumor, if indeed true, could potentially mean that 20th Century Fox wants to beef up his character in the Wolverine movie and maybe even still setup a spin-off. But then again, we don't know how much he was originally in the movie to begin with and what the fate of the character even is, so who knows what all this means? These reshoots seem to be getting much more interesting every day, so let's hope they mean good things in the end. Who is excited to see more Deadpool?

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Reader Feedback - 30 Comments


One of the best characters ever! They need to spin off an X-Force movie.

sumonesumtime on Jan 23, 2009


HELL MOTHER F!@#ING YES DEADPOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!! and am i the first to comment on this? nice.

mike on Jan 23, 2009


hell no, first of all, what I wanna see in a wolverine movie is wolverine, and with ryan "clownface" reynolds as deadpool i'm expecting the worst. the trailer looked freakin' good, with lots of drama and badass action, and I don't want to get a truckload of "funny" one-liners like ryan was kicking them in the third blade-movie, what clearly ruined this one in my opinion...

lubomir heidinger on Jan 23, 2009


Here's hoping Deadpool talks to the audience like he does in the comics. (he stops and will talk to the reader breaking the 4th wall)

Kent on Jan 23, 2009


More Deadpool. I just wish they'd actually dress him up in his costume..

Dan on Jan 23, 2009


#4.. i wish the same.... but OH, theres TOMfckingROTHMAN!

evilnik on Jan 23, 2009


i don't know if the talking to the audience would translate well in film, but I LOVE it in the comics. Deadpool is so awesome!

Andy Adair on Jan 23, 2009


@ 5, we may see him get disfigured and masked in this film, since it is Origins. Also, I think if they allowed him to talk to the audience once or twice, leaving us in a "WTF was that?," it may work out. I'm curious to see if they mess with his voice and if they actually call him Wade Wilson, since there's been some spats about what his true identity is.

Matt on Jan 23, 2009


I feel like I've already seen enough of Wolverine. In fact, I think I've already seen the Wolverine movie(s). I saw X-men 1, 2, and 3, which, let's face it, were pretty much all about Wolverine. I think he's a cool character, but I think they could have given some of the other characters some screen time. I didn't like how Wolverine took the place of Cyclops who is an interesting character in his own right (he was barely in the last two movies!). This won't stop me from seeing the new movie, which looks pretty sweet. But I tend to agree with those that think the re-shoots are probably a bad sign. I like Deadpool and Gambit as much as the next guy, but I feel like they're trying to cram as many characters into this movie as possible. Remember what happened in Spider-man 3?

Jonathan on Jan 23, 2009


Deadpool is plus. Now if only they'd include X-23...

bRINGER on Jan 23, 2009


Check out Deadpool in this trailer spoof... LOL

Farris on Jan 23, 2009


check out the wolverine trailer spoof feat. deadpool lol NjJsrxxf9G8 enter that into the youtube url or just search for wolverine trailer spoof

Farris on Jan 23, 2009


Fuck yeah! Bring on the Deadpool!

Josh M on Jan 23, 2009


Not sure about acting ability, but IIRC, Deadpool said he looked like Ryan Reynolds previous to his disfigurment somewhere in the comics. Who knows, maybe he's gotten better from some of his previous flicks.

Lopretni on Jan 23, 2009


Watching the trailer and seeing that they have Deadpool is probably the best part of this movie. Hopefully Reynolds can pull it off, although I think that was a pretty decent casting call. So hopefully the reshoots are putting more Deadpool in the movie, Wolverine is cool but overdone.

Nick on Jan 23, 2009


i've been a Deadpool fan since i first saw him on X-force #2, i always backed Reynolds as Wade since Blade Trinity so a spin off would be the greatest thing to come out of these crappy movies for me.

The Delightful Deviant on Jan 23, 2009


I love the character of Deadpool, but a Deadpool movie will have diluted the X-Men brand in film from event status to "Blade III" levels of "I'll catch it on DVD." Unless Reynolds is turning in some kind of savant performance up there in Vancouver, the character simply isn't well-known enough to support his own film.

Tom Brazelton on Jan 23, 2009


Hell yeah! Fantastic news! Deadpool is my second favorite marvel character (right behind Wolverine) so I am soooooo ready to see this movie!

Jeep Fu on Jan 23, 2009


deadpool reshoots in x-men origins wolverine sounds fucking sweet,deadpool movie what are they gonna call it? x-men origins deaadpool they could bung in cable as well,tarantino to direct it his got a love of comic books as their is a line in all his films about superheroes or comic refrences (i think i'm gonna cream myself).i heard that fox wanted to do spin off films featuring gambit & sabertooth as well.deadpool is one of my favorite charactors (hulk,cable,wolverine,sabertooth & emma frost)wolverine reshoot wouldn't it be cool if the hulk made a cameo as wolverine first appeared in the hulk comic.

zetsu on Jan 23, 2009


Yes, yes, yes, and more yes. I am really hoping for more Deadpool as he is my favorite comic character. Now as it is a Wolvorine movie, why they would give him his own movie'll never know, I don't think that Deadpool should be the MAIN focus. Also I think that Ryan Reynolds is an Awesome choice for the character of Wade. Instead of a wolverine movie should have just made a wapon x movie. That would have covered all the others.

Eric Wilson on Jan 23, 2009


I hope the reshoots are adding more emphasis on deadpool. He better get in his real suit and mask in this film

Dan W on Jan 23, 2009


#3 obviously hasn't read any deadpool comics. I'm looking foward to more Deadpool he's a different kind of comic book hero.

Movieraider321 on Jan 23, 2009


Deadpool is my fav character! I was so excited to see that he was in the film. BUT, I really hope they dont mess this up and he needs his costume. He is suppose to be all deformed from the Weapon X serum.

Johnny Crow on Jan 23, 2009


I'm excited for it! Deadpool has recently peaked my interested a whole damn lot. I hope he'll break the fourth wall. Non-DP savvy people will be like WTF, but the rest of us would love it!

Lauren on Jan 23, 2009


#21 is correct. Ryan Reynold has the perfect personality for Deadpool. If he isn't cracking jokes and being a silly Mofo, then he isn't doing his job. They really need his full costume and not try to dump in 5 different origin stories.

L on Jan 23, 2009


has anyone seen the animated short movie hulk vs. wolverine? i... acquired... the movie just for deadpool. it's his first motion picture debut... and he's been translated extremely well!!! i suggest you guys... acquire... it and watch it for him! he's great!

mike on Jan 23, 2009


IS it me or does this seem like FIVE origin stories? Is this movie going to be 3 hours long?!

Ryan on Jan 23, 2009


My Second favorite Marvel Character after Wolverine.The most charismatic character ever and i am very delighted that Ryan Reynolds took the role because he is one of my favorite actors. Hope we could see more for Deadpool in the movie and wish they make a spin off for him in the future.

Fisherr on Jan 24, 2009


I am so psyched to hear this. Hopefully it turns out to be true, and that it means we will be getting a Deadpool spinoff. I don't understand why everyone is so upset about them adding more Deadpool. Unlike Gambit, Deadpool actually fits in this film. He is directly linked to Wolverine in many ways. He has a long history with Wolvie. It fits! I don't want the movie to be convoluted with too many characters either; I thought X3 sucked. So take out Gambit! Get rid of the blob. Whoever the hell that little kid who looks like storm? Gone. Emma Frost looking chick from the trailer? Gone. There ARE too many characters, but don't limit the screen time of the ones who actually fit in a weapon x story.

Jon on Jan 25, 2009


God knows why they are even bothering to make a stand alone Wolverine film when having seen some of the X-men films again they pretty much were the Wolverine and Magneto films.

Payne by name on Jan 26, 2009

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