More Photos of Russell Crowe in Ridley Scott's Robin Hood!

October 27, 2009
Source: The Playlist, Murphs Place

Russell Crowe as Robin Hood

Photos have been leaking out left and right from the set of Ridley Scott's Robin Hood for quite a while. Some of these photos are old, some of them are new, but all of them look pretty damn cool. Despite most of the film was captured in paparazzi photos, there's still more to see, or so I hope. My favorite shot of Russell Crowe as Robin Hood is to the right just below. It comes from the pages of a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly titled Stars on the Set. Additionally, our friends at The Playlist found a few old photos from Zimbio and a scan of an article on Robin Hood in the latest issue if Empire (via Murphs Place). Read on for more!

Russell Crowe as Robin Hood"I was brought in by Ridley [Scott] and my orders from him were, 'I want to do Robin Hood I want to make it real, how it might actually have been - not the myth," writer Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential, Mystic River, Taking of Pelham 123, Green Zone) told Empire. He's the latest writer to join the project and it's apparently his draft that they've been shooting with. "The action will be more visceral than you've seen [in Robin Hood films] before," he says. "I don't think a single person swings on a rope in this movie." Well that's at least good to know, especially considering Russell Crowe said in an on-set interview that "when you look back at [Kevin Costner's] Prince of Thieves, it's like watching an extended Jon Bon Jovi video clip."

If you watch any videos or look any photos, it's obvious that Ridley Scott is going pretty epic again, like Gladiator epic. That alone makes me excited, but it's also great to know that Crowe and Scott and even Helgeland are trying to make the best damn Robin Hood movie they can, not a Bon Jovi-like stylish one, and not a comedic one. "You've got 130 horses doing a full speed gallop charge into 600 guys on the ground. And every man on the horse is going to do a half-dozen fight pieces," Crowe explains. "It was violent, anarchic, absolutely crazy," he says, explaining how many extras got hurt during the shoot because it was so violent. I guess if you combine Braveheart and Gladiator and Robin Hood, that's what you get, right?

Speaking of making a good movie, we know that Cate Blanchett is playing Maid Marian instead of Sienna Miller, but we haven't seen any photos of her yet. Well, she actually appears in this video and we even get to see a few scenes with her speaking with Robin. And yes, she has long, dark brown hair, not the short red hair we usually see Blanchett with. That's all the updates there are on Robin Hood for the time being, but I added a few more photos below, since they just look cool. We're still waiting for a trailer or teaser from Universal - no word on will that'll show up online. Robin Hood is slated for release on May 14th, 2010 next summer.

Ridley Scott's Robin Hood Photos

Ridley Scott's Robin Hood Photos

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Cant wait for the trailer. I have high expectations for this epic- i hope it turns out to be a gladiator-style Robin Hood movie. Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe are a great combination. It will also be good to see a serious Robin Hood movie with quality action. I mean Costner in Prince of Thieves??......Riiiiiiigggghhhtttt.

tea-bag% on Oct 27, 2009


Let's hope Ridley+Russell would bring a grittier version of Robin Hood. Some recent versions bring something fresh to the table, others are good re-creations. Anyway, Ridley Scott + Russell Crowe + Medieval images = Gold

greg on Oct 27, 2009


Since I heard of this project, I've always thought that Crowe should be playing the Sheriff of Nottingham. He just looks too old to play Robin Hood. Look at that gut!

Gill on Oct 27, 2009


Been eagerly awaiting news of Robin Hood. Cannot wait for this:) This has WIN written all over it. Between this and The Expendables, 2010 is just going to rock!!!

Marc on Oct 27, 2009


A serious movie and Ridley Scott I like, but Robin's gotten fat and old. Disappointing.

cyn on Oct 27, 2009


Wasn't it Bryan Adams who did the video?? The reference to Bon Jovi makes me want to see a ridiculous music video.

Nick Sears on Oct 27, 2009


Great to see Crowe on a horse in a Ridley movie again!!! CAN'T WAIT!

Scorsesefan on Oct 27, 2009


I think that this movie will be fantastic, I can't wait for the trailer, incidently, The idea of Russell playing both Robin and the shrieff has been dropped, its just an original Robin Hood film. Also, Matthew Macfayden is playing the shrieff, so that will be great.

simon law on Oct 27, 2009


Who cares about Crowe, where is a pic of Matthew Macfadyen as Sheriff?

Kathy SF on Oct 27, 2009


Looks gritty - love it

Antioch on Oct 27, 2009


Whoo!!!! the Gladiator haircut is back!!!!

Maxx on Oct 27, 2009


Absolutely hilarious that some people seem to think that the Robin legend should be stuck in a permanent 21-year-old's body time warp. For their information, 45 is not "old", and Crowe is not "fat". Not many 45-year olds look that good (and comes to all of us, unless we die young) Crowe on horseback is ALWAYS Good News. (Name me one 21 year old actor with Crowe's charisma who can ride as well as he has shown in the many pap stills from the set. No, I didn't think you could think of one) And no one handles historical epics like Ridley.

Liz on Oct 27, 2009


There is no image of the sheriff - yet. But what I'd like to see is an image of Oscar Isaacs as the tyrannical King John!

simon law on Oct 27, 2009


How do any of you figure he's fat in this role? HELLO? He gained weight for Body of Lies and State of Play, and he took it off again for this role. It's hardly a new phenomenom where serious actors are concerned - and he's back down to his much leaner self for this role and the currently filming The Next Three Days. Seems like some of you folks are really nothing more than ignorant bashers and are simply vested in making snarky comments that have no baisis in reality. As for Crowe being too old, no one complained about Sean Connery in the role from several years back. Better to look at a fine mature man than some 20-something flavor male of the moment who can't act their way out of a wet paper bag.

Bou on Oct 27, 2009


My most anticipated movie of 2010! Bring it on! My favorite actor and director together again. Hells' yeah! I love these epic period pieces. Can't wait to see a trailer.

K on Oct 27, 2009


@6 Dare you to say that to Crowe's face. 😛

Bobby Boy on Oct 27, 2009


anything that is a combination of Braveheart and awesome

Kevin on Oct 27, 2009


"130 horses doing a full speed gallop charge into 600 guys on the ground" How is that not awesome?

Pete on Oct 27, 2009


I'm skeptical of this... it may be awesome, but Robin Hood has always held a bit of lightheartedness to it. also, if he is going for "how it might actually have been" then why does robin hood look so well dressed, and well equipped? I know he was stealing, but even still, he shouldn't be able to look similar to a nobleman. I'm sure I'll like it as a movie, just like I liked JJ's Star Trek. but that wasn't Star Trek, and I'm not convinced this will be Robin Hood either.

dave13 on Oct 27, 2009


You sure its not Friar Tuck?

loci on Oct 27, 2009


Sounds great! I'm sure I like this movie. The legend about Robin Hood is so beautiful!

Jerry on Oct 27, 2009


Definitely looking forward to Ridley and Russell's take on Sherwood Forest. Inception, this, and Iron Man 2 are my most anticipated films for next summer. Oh, and Brian Helgeland joined this a while ago (2007, I believe). Either way, I'm glad they're going with his draft as he is one of our best screenwriters.

Corran Horn on Oct 27, 2009


Come on Ridley. Don't let me down!

moif on Oct 27, 2009


I feel this will be another classic to add to Ridley's Duellists, 1492, Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven. Since the myth of Robin Hood spans centuries there is no single story so his age is irrelevant, Forget all the other Robins this will be THE definitive movie.

kenn stewart on Oct 27, 2009


to be honest ... and I know I'm going to here about it .....but to me Russell doesn't have what I would have envisioned for the character of robin hood. I just hope his acting will make me eat my own words....

don esco on Oct 27, 2009


May 2010 can't get here soon enough. Hopefully a full trailer isn't too far away (Christmas?) so we can get a look at this movie in action.

stuckey on Oct 27, 2009


Russell is perfect for this role and Ridley Scott is the perfect choice to direct it. Cannot wait for this!

Layne on Oct 27, 2009


Being from Nottingham, I hope they don't do the usual American trick of taking history and re-writing it for "A Better Story"... Robin Hood is a treasured piece of our history, as much as I'm looking forward to this film, please be careful with him!

UkForest on Oct 28, 2009


@UKforest, You really need to do some major research on this. I too live in the Uk however, The story of Robin Hood does not belong to the UK, It is a french tale. Somebody made a few relevant changes to the original story so that the people would be able to understand the locals better. About this film, I actually thought Crowe was playing the sheriff after looking at the thumbnail on the home page. I am glad that they didn't cast Orlando Bloom to play as Robin Hood as that would have been an easy out. I can't really say I am that excited about this. I enjoyed Prince of Thieves!

Link1983 on Oct 28, 2009


Considering Crowe's unbelievably dodgy musical career, he's being a bit cheeky invoking a naff music video when judging the merits (or lack thereof) in the last hit Robin Hood movie! 😉 Prince Of Thieves is a romp, an adventure movie, so you have to consider the type of film it was setting out to be in the first place before slating it. It wasn't going for Oscars, it was trying to be FUN. I love Ridley Scott, and I'm looking forward to this, but I can't really imagine a cooler Sheriff than Alan Rickman, somehow! Also, you have to remember what happens when filmmakers set aside an evocative myth to present a presumed reality. Look at King Arthur. A dreadful, stodgy dirge, instantly forgettable. I'd much rather stick with the fantastical approach of John Boorman's Excalibur than the Bruckbuster take on it...

Mathieu on Oct 28, 2009


Robin Hood, fightin' round the world! seriously, this is going to be a fun movie, I wouldn't miss it.

Sarah on Oct 29, 2009


Love the Robin Hood legend. Love Russell Crowe's acting. No-he's not what I envisage Robin Hood to be - but I bet you anything he managed to change my mind. The man's screen prescence is just awesome!

Sue Roberts on Oct 31, 2009


YES!! i cannot wait to see this movie!

guh on Nov 11, 2009


Anyone out there who is in any way excited by the prospect of -another- hack remake of 'Robin Hood' should give serious consideration to moving out of their mother's house ---Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott included.

tom paine on Nov 18, 2009


Oh mannnn i was hoping for long hair. Boo!

doh on Nov 20, 2009

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