Must Watch: Awesome Blood-Sucking Daybreakers Trailer!

June 26, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Daybreakers Trailer

Lionsgate has finally debuted the first trailer for the new vampire flick Daybreakers that stars Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, and Sam Neill. I would love to go more into the story, but this trailer does a brilliant job of introducing exactly what it's about, so I just suggest you watch it (instead). Another vampire movie, you say? Don't worry, this is nothing like Twilight or True Blood or especially Park Chan-wook's Thirst. The first half of this trailer didn't really impress me much - it wasn't until Willem Dafoe showed up and we got to see some beautiful slow-mo shots that I started actually get genuinely excited for Daybreakers. Enjoy!

Watch the first trailer for Daybreakers:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the trailer for Daybreakers in High Definition on Yahoo

In the year 2019, a plague has transformed most every human into vampires. Faced with a dwindling blood supply, the fractured dominant race plots their survival; meanwhile, a researcher (Ethan Hawke) works with a covert band of vamps (Willem Dafoe, Claudia Karvan) on a way to save humankind.

Daybreakers is written and directed by Australian brothers Michael and Peter Spierig, who previously directed a 2003 sci-fi horror film titled Undead. This was shot in Australia in late 2007 and has been in post-production since. Lionsgate is bringing Daybreakers to theaters on January 8th, 2010 next year.

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WOW... I ahte vampires but this looks very inetersting! Love the concept as well. It's also good to see Ethan Hawke... I haven't seen him in a while. This is just me but I would love for him to take over the cowl after Christian Bale.

teyhtr on Jun 26, 2009


Wow! I really thought this was going to be another typical vampire movie, but this looks really interesting and unique. Plus the cast looks amazing.

Minadrake on Jun 26, 2009


Its about time Ethan Hawke get his hands on this genre ...he's always into some heavy(not necessarily bad) stuffs. Looks great.

dexter on Jun 26, 2009


Placebo was a great choice for the music at the end.

harv on Jun 26, 2009



ocp on Jun 26, 2009


Finally...a mature tale of the vampire concept...I will see this on opening night 4sho!!!!! EPIC UNFAIL!!!

Lazarus from Sparta on Jun 26, 2009


WOW...hahaha this not only looks unique, but very artistic and with great motifs.

Matt Suhu on Jun 26, 2009


hate ethan hawke that said this movie as sunken it's teeth into me.... : P

neonblue120 on Jun 26, 2009


Running up that Hill by Placebo?....perfect song for a great trailer...

Lazarus from Sparta on Jun 26, 2009


No question mark after Placebo...typo here's the video:

Lazarus from Sparta on Jun 26, 2009


Placebo covering Kate Bush. I always knew Brian Molko sounded like a fucking vampire. Anyway, this looks good, maybe it will ease my desire to strangle I Am Legend for taking a big shit all over the source material and the genre.

Mark on Jun 26, 2009


#1 - No offense or anything, but that Batman idea is horrible. Ethan Hawke isn't particularly good at playing confident.

Mark on Jun 26, 2009


Anyone know the name of the song in the trailer?

Abrave on Jun 26, 2009


Actually preferred the first half of the trailer. Kind of sick of trailers that just show movies as nothing but brainless fx/stunt-fests that they can never live up to. The first half at least shows there's a little substance to the film.

Chris on Jun 26, 2009


The movie looks promising and the song was placed well in the video too. Excited about this.

Fisherr on Jun 26, 2009


@13 : Placebo's cover of the Kate Bush song "Running Up That Hill", from the bonus album 'Covers' that came with 'Sleeping with Ghosts'.

Chris on Jun 26, 2009


Very impressive! Looks fun!

K on Jun 26, 2009


This will rock!

Fingo on Jun 26, 2009



John Trent on Jun 26, 2009


nice carpenter reference #19

tommyturner on Jun 26, 2009


Looks fresh and fun!

Nick Sears on Jun 26, 2009


Wow that looks effing good. I think I would love that film. The song is my fave, trailer gave me shivers, the movie is probably going to make me blow up.

meltotheMAAXXX on Jun 26, 2009


God, I hate the look of these blue filter movies. Otherwise it's a new take on an old genre, so I'm very much supportive.

captain subtext on Jun 26, 2009



esophus on Jun 26, 2009



Crapola on Jun 26, 2009


At the beginning of the trailer I thought, "This is an interesting concept." At the end I said to myself, "This actually looks really good." I love me some apocalyptic thrillers. Great to see Dafoe with a cross-bow; Hawke always plays these roles well. It's now on me "to-see" list.

Delvis on Jun 26, 2009


I hate the horror genre, but this looks incredibly interesting and actually very good. Its like Gattaca meets Blade.

Derek on Jun 26, 2009


Gattaca will forever be the last great movie Ethan Hawke made. Going back to the feel of it seems like a very smart idea. What a great cast - this movie's success seems entirely hinged on a great cast (and the vampire craze that seems to have infected America post-twilight) But as both a metaphor & plot device, somehow it seems neither forced nor irrelevant. Sam Niell should do EVIL more often. And Willem Dafoe looks good - perhaps he should do "Not Evil" more often, too.

Django on Jun 26, 2009


I love this trailer...I've seen it 10+ times looking at every detail we have 4 now...I know this movie will make money. It only cost 21 million to make. Lionsgate is producing better movies every time they push boundaries of cinema & storytelling...Plus..." You mess with Dafoe...Youz got to go! " (MARVEL/DC: Happy Hours reference...look it up on youtube. Type It'sjustsomerandomguy)

Lazarus from Sparta on Jun 26, 2009


I'm impressed. When you mentioned this the other day it didn't sound like a great concept but this sold it.

Moviegimp on Jun 26, 2009


Here's any info for those curious vampire fans out there:

Lazarus from Sparta on Jun 26, 2009


Looks awesome; can't wait to see it!!!!

Janika on Jun 26, 2009


Finally! A breath of fresh air in this genre! I was waiting for an original vampire movie. I'm so tired of vampires, but not anymore. I haven't been this excited about vampires since the original Blade came out.

Matt on Jun 26, 2009


does any one know the song that starts at 1:38. that last half was brilliant.

john on Jun 26, 2009


this looks like it could be what "i am legend" should have been, or at least like it was at the end of the book. it looks pretty cool

Logan on Jun 26, 2009


WOW. That looks awesome. It's time to take back vampire films from those Twilight pussies. And #34 - it's Placebo's cover of Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill'.

Maria on Jun 26, 2009


Looks awesome. Speaking on new take on an old genre, I cannot rave enough about True Blood. It's fucking awesome. Season 2 is shaping up nicely.

StabmasterArson on Jun 26, 2009


HOLY SH!T! That looks ama...ama...ama! Ah the hell with it this looks awesome, lets try it one more time THAT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xerxex on Jun 26, 2009


Looks like a twisted, action-based take on the novel version of I Am Legend (not that crappy version with Will Smith, though it was well-acted); from the reverse perspective of the vampire's, of course.

Tyler Hayes on Jun 26, 2009


Looks promising!

cine_phil on Jun 26, 2009


Hope the final movie turns out to be as interesting as the trailer. Till it gets out, watch another great vampire movie: 'Let the right one in' :-)!

cine_phil on Jun 26, 2009


agreed with #8, not a hawke fan but sam neill being in this has me sold

harrison on Jun 26, 2009


What's wrong with I am Legend? That was an awesome movie and with a stand out performance from Will Smith. Yeah I know everyone hates Twilight but you have to get it to them to make vampires popular again. Anyway looks pretty tight. By the way agree with 37#, True Blood is awesome! 😀

Caitie on Jun 26, 2009


WOW Im pumped!! I love Vampires, even before they became the trend and I think I will love this movie!!

Unseen on Jun 26, 2009


this looks great, and the film makers previous movie was great too. Could be the next best Vamp film after Let The Righ One In.

chrisUK on Jun 26, 2009


Wow. It looks great, Ethan looks so hot.

DarkPadme on Jun 26, 2009


AHHH! SAM NEIL!!! Hell yeah, can't wait.

w00t!!! on Jun 26, 2009


Honestly thought this was gonna be some lame vampire flick when I saw it but I was pleasantly suprised looks fucking sweet.

Cody on Jun 26, 2009


a new take on vampire films, i like it

Darrin on Jun 26, 2009


it's great to see Sam Neill playing a strong role again

L on Jun 26, 2009


This looks pretty good. Willem Dafoe and Sam Neil ftw.

Sabes on Jun 26, 2009


I'm feeling this, I'm loving the idea, it's a new look new twist....I agree Darrin

Blue & Orange NY on Jun 26, 2009


finally, i agree a mature human vampire related movie ,not all war, and there sense in it ,a new take so far I'm in.

alan on Jun 26, 2009


wow im really impressed

quez on Jun 26, 2009


Looks F**king awesome. I loved Blade and Underworld, and this looks just as cool!

Last Son on Jun 26, 2009


Now THIS looks cool...and I love the cover of Running Up that Hill... 🙂

Jakenstein on Jun 26, 2009


looks great! bring it!

Andy on Jun 26, 2009



Terry the Saint on Jun 26, 2009


Ethan Hawke as a vampire and Placebo! I'm sold! (And Sam Niell and Dafeo are the much-needed bonus!)

F.C. on Jun 27, 2009


Looks really good. I love Willem Dafoe!

Andrew on Jun 27, 2009


A fresh take on the vampire story. Looks good. Congrats to the film makers and studio.

Phil on Jun 27, 2009


Looks very good. Something to look forward to. Now, dont fuckup the ending plz =)

David Banner on Jun 27, 2009


Very pleasantly surprised by this trailer. I was expecting to go "oh, another vampire hunting movie" but I'm glad I was wrong. Looks like it could be great. Absolutely love the cast.

dqniel on Jun 27, 2009


man this one sure looks like a winner, amazing trailer and i will definitely check this one out in january

thejugfather on Jun 28, 2009


Let the right one in, Thirst, and this. I guess we're enjoying three decent vampire films in succession.

AprilCoolsDay on Jun 28, 2009


But why would anybody not want eternity?

AprilCoolsDay on Jun 28, 2009


holy shit that was awesome!

Hyacinth on Jun 28, 2009


to 66# Some people may not be okay with having to kill others to live.Living forever has a price,but me personally I wouldn't mind lol 😛

Terry the Saint on Jun 28, 2009


I guess they are members of People for Ethical Treatment of Non-vampires.

AprilCoolsDay on Jun 28, 2009


At 0.28 in the trailer it says "Capture Humans" on the advert behind Ethan Hawke and the crowd. lol Looks genuinely good. Maybe this will be the anti-thesis of Twilight?

Movie Fan on Jun 30, 2009


@47. I agree.

Lauren on Jul 1, 2009


I like it humans cant always win. The dark side of Vamps (greed, Money, Blood, corruption) wow do they remind you of humans with cattle.

Chico on Jul 2, 2009


and #72.... someday the cattle will get us back.. hahaha Nah.. but I love the change of roles within this one... as the humans try to take the planet... looks brilliant

Dusty on Jul 2, 2009


HOLY MOLY!! Now this is moviemaking! (and this is what Blade 3 shoudlve been about, sort of). Should be extremely intresting to see a society where evyerone are vampires.

Martin on Jul 3, 2009



John on Jul 3, 2009


Yep, I'll go for that - "we're the guys with the crossbows" 🙂 Good premise, agree with #74, Blade 3 could have tackled the issue of what happens when everyone's a vampire. Sam Neill looks eerie, and as most have said, good to see Ethan Hawke again.

Mike Kingscott on Jul 6, 2009


Who was that cover of Running Up That Hill (the song) by?

Colton English on Dec 18, 2009

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