Must Watch: Awesome International Trailer for Zombieland!

August 25, 2009
Source: Official Website

Zombieland Trailer

Oh hell yes, this looks so damn good! Another full-length new international trailer for Zombieland was discovered on the official UK website for the film today. I know we've already seen at least two trailers so far - a teaser and a red band - but this just looks better and better the more we see from it! This new one is similar to those last few trailers, but features a voiceover from Jesse Eisenberg and a few more new scenes that we haven't seen. After this, all I want to see is the carnage that's going to come when they finally get to the amusement park at end. That part looks hilariously awesome and I can't wait. Anyway, enjoy this!

Watch the full international trailer for Zombieland:

[flv: 596 334]

Columbus (Eisenberg) has made a habit of running from what scares him. Tallahassee (Harrelson) doesn't have fears. If he did, he'd kick their ever-living ass. In a world overrun by zombies, these two are perfectly evolved survivors. But now, they're about to stare down the most terrifying prospect of all: each other.

Zombieland is directed by first-time filmmaker Ruben Fleischer of only a few episodes of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" previously. The screenplay was written by newcomers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese best known for "The Joe Schmo Show" previously. Sony will be bringing Zombieland to theaters on October 9th this fall.

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Reader Feedback - 39 Comments


it looks bad ass ill be watching it

Justin on Aug 25, 2009


Looks great, I just hope they didn't show all the good parts on the trailers because that would pretty much suck.

ADM86 on Aug 25, 2009


Zombies!!! looks awesome plus Emma stone is so hot!

Sancho on Aug 25, 2009


sweeeeeeet BABY jesus

PinkSushi on Aug 25, 2009


On my "Must See" List for this autumn!!!!!

Hilander on Aug 25, 2009


Dont you just love zombie flicks?!

TediusTed on Aug 25, 2009



Ron on Aug 25, 2009


Ahahaa just gets better and better.

Cody on Aug 25, 2009


its almost impossible for this to fail

harrison on Aug 25, 2009


i already know, this movie is gonna be great. simply cuz of the four "non-zombies". Tell me i'm wrong

Efrain on Aug 25, 2009


so much awesomeness.................

beavis4play on Aug 25, 2009



TTEX on Aug 25, 2009


@10 i agree

TediusTed on Aug 25, 2009


Rule #8 Cardio, fucking awesome! Wow words cannot describe how fucking incredible this film is gonna be !

Xerxex on Aug 25, 2009


"pants down, hard ops! guards up".. count me in!

miracle disease on Aug 25, 2009


what cody said

lego on Aug 25, 2009


Haha nice

Mark Drennan on Aug 25, 2009



zoeeyfan on Aug 25, 2009


I hope this has the same buzz as District 9 did and delivers a $30m+ punch at the box office on opening weekend. Looks delightful.

Zac on Aug 25, 2009


zombie mayhem with comedy....heeellll yeaaahh!

mick on Aug 26, 2009


@20 Most awesome mix right??

Nate on Aug 26, 2009


Look's a right laugh!!!

Allen Reeve on Aug 26, 2009


America tries its hand at Sean of the Dead without wit and irony--sorry Fliescher, Woody's paycheck won't mask its appeal as a flix for nerdy gamers hoping a touch of Rom Com will attract a "dream date" who'll bury her heads into his chest during gory bits--not likely dude. Nice title graphic though. B-

dougo162 on Aug 26, 2009


#22 is a real dickweed. Feel free to discuss.

StabmasterArson on Aug 26, 2009


Can't wait for the film, but I like the voice over from the previous trailer before.

grendel on Aug 26, 2009


The voice over shoulda been left to the professionals. That said, Woody has found a spot next to Bruce Campbell for badass undead killin' heros.

Gonnarentit on Aug 26, 2009


looks better than avatar, but it will make much much less

jason k on Aug 26, 2009



1%'er on Aug 26, 2009


#23 why come here and start bashing a movie? And whats with the America bashing? Yet if I was to say something bad about Europe (I'm assuming that's where you are from, correct me if I'm wrong) there would be a fucking war on this thread, but I'm not going to, I for one am I tired of the fued and banter between two great countries. And hating on Zombieland and calling it an attempt at Sean of the Dead just makes you sound foolish, and trying to pick a fight, with fans wanting a badass Zombie action/comedy.

Xerxex on Aug 26, 2009


Love zombie movies! Looks pretty cool from the preview!

DJ Sid on Aug 26, 2009


It's "Shaun of the Dead", not "Sean of the Dead"... Anyway, I'll go see Zombieland - looks like fun.

Luc on Aug 27, 2009


31 your right--29 your wrong

dougo162 on Aug 27, 2009


32...learn to write proper english why don't you?

DannyBoy on Aug 27, 2009


# 31 Dougo162, how am I wrong? #31 Thank you Luc. Ipso Facto same name, Sean, Shaun, Shawn, whatever comes out to be the same.

Xerxex on Aug 27, 2009


#23, Zombie comedies do not begin at Shaun of the Dead, nor should they end with it. See, Night if the Creeps, Return of the Living Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, Idle Hands, Redneck Zombies,etc. All American films and all films that most likely influenced Edgar Wright when making Shaun of the Dead to some degree. So, just because Shaun of the Dead is the first Zombie Comedy you saw when you popped into existence doesn't make it the only one. The Zombie Comedy genre is alive and well - see: Fido and and now Zombieland. Films influence other films. Why is that so hard for some people to understand and appreciate?? Why is everything "just a rip-off" of something else to most people? This movie looks good and I love the Van Halen playing in the background.

Leanna Quigley Down Under on Aug 28, 2009


I need to see this film!

Dan the Fan on Aug 29, 2009


this gon be awesome!!!

titulitus on Sep 3, 2009


the kid in the movie acts exactly like micheal cera with his humor in his movies. i dunno what to think. its like they are in the same humor/acting school lol. this movie looks cool tho.

g on Sep 7, 2009


Emma Stone sure hot.. guess cardio can keep you survive, this movie would be much cooler if there are special infected zombies just like in left 4 dead..

Anzelm on Dec 5, 2009

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