Must Watch: Awesome New Trailer for Shane Acker's 9

May 19, 2009
Source: G4TV

9 Trailer

Not to be confused with Rob Marshall's musical Nine, another awesome new trailer for Shane Acker's animated movie 9 has debuted on G4TV today. We featured the first trailer back in December, then a pretty badass clip in April, so I'm excited to finally have another full trailer. It looks even better than I was expecting - I really can't wait to see this. I may be getting ahead of myself, but I'm really hoping that this brings about a new generation of animation that is edgier, darker, and less family-friendly than before. We'll update this with a high res version when available, but for now check out the glorious new trailer below.

Watch the second full trailer Shane Acker's 9 direct from YouTube:

You can also watch the trailer for Shane Acker's 9 in High Definition on Yahoo

9 takes place in a world parallel to our own, in which our very humanity is threatened. A group of rag dolls living a post-apocalyptic existence find one of their own, 9, who may be the key to their survival.

9 is both written and directed by visionary filmmaker Shane Acker, of two previous animated shorts The Hangnail and The Astounding Talents of Mr. Grenade. The screenplay was co-written by Acker and Pamela Pettler (Corpse Bride, Monster House). 9 was first an animated short that debuted in 2005 and earned an Oscar nomination. Providing their voices for the film are Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, Jennifer Connelly, Crispin Glover, Christopher Plummer, and Martin Landau. 9 will arrive in theaters on September 9th.

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F-in' A! This is gonna be awesome!

Andrew on May 19, 2009



erik on May 19, 2009


oh i cannot wait for this movie!

dave13 on May 19, 2009


My early prediction. 9 will be a box office flop but critics will love it. Think about it. Would you bring Your children to see this. No. Only people between the ages of 14 and 30 will see this movie.

PJ H on May 19, 2009


yea this is going to be good

Nate on May 19, 2009


Awsome !! If the full movie will as good as those trailers we will have one superb movie this year to watch.

Arasq on May 19, 2009


#4 Only conservative fucking pricks won't bring there kids.

wm on May 19, 2009


Thank God, finally a animated film that doesn't suck! On another note Coheed and Cambria made this trailer much better xD.

Sean on May 19, 2009


#7 I am not a "conservative fucking prick" and I wouldn't take my daughter to see this movie. Keep your shitty political hate to yourself, this is not the place.

S on May 19, 2009


#7 - Take a deep breath then go lose some weight.

JL on May 19, 2009


i thought the music that was being played pretty much sold me more than anything

Castro on May 19, 2009


#4 parents brought there kids to Watchmen

nelson on May 19, 2009


#12 That's because people are dumb

L on May 19, 2009


coheed is lame. is this marketed towards the warped tour/hot topic crowd? LAME

real talk on May 19, 2009


i don't know why everyone is so amped about this movie. the premise is new and creative (kinda) but to me it looks more like a video game than an epic cgi masterpiece. i'll see it but i just don't understand the hype.

memphistyler on May 19, 2009


Will be a good action flick indeed.

Fisherr on May 19, 2009


judging merely on trailers, of course, Fantasy Pick for Oscars Best Animated Feature: Up Mary and Max 9

Al on May 19, 2009


#4 how could it be a box office flop by what you described? 14-30 year olds represent a greater amount of people than children. And I would bring my child (if I had one) depending on age and maturity level.

Dan W on May 19, 2009


#18 I agree with you seeing that I would also bring children depending on age and maturity level, But think about it. Everyone that saw Watchmen were between the ages of 14-30 and it flopped. If you want to make money in Hollywood make sure your target audience is everyone. For example a movie like Spiderman has a huge target audience. Comic book movie appeals to kids and teenagers. Not rated R so it has little parental guidance needed, and its an action movie which appeals to parents and adults. 9 seems like it's made for teenage boys and young adults who still like animated movies. The only thing that might save this movie is Tim Burtons name. It better have an amazing Ad campaign.

PJ H on May 19, 2009


It about time that animation for films is no longer just for families! Thnaks to Beowulf we finally are getting animation geared towards a broader crowd! AND I"M IN THAT CROWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xerxex on May 19, 2009


With everything I've seen so far I'm still on the fence. Could still be a massive shitfest.

DukePhoenix on May 19, 2009


Looks great, let's hope the story is worth all that action (and I have a feeling it will be).

Pete the Geek on May 19, 2009


All over this.

dRailer on May 19, 2009


this looks freaking awesome.

giraffic on May 19, 2009


# 19 How do you figure Watchmen was a flop? Gross worldwide box office was 182 mil with a production budget of 150 mil. So it didn't make huge amounts of money at the box office true; but unless the definition of a flop has changed massively a movie only flops if it doesn't manage to make back its production budget.

NNN on May 19, 2009


#15 people are hyped because it looks like a gorgeous 3d production without stupid pop-culture puns every 30 seconds.

D on May 19, 2009


hahahahaha you mention conservation fucking pricks and people get offended? Is that because they are? Probably. It's all on how you raise your kids, folks. I have one and I'll take him to it. Then we're gonna kill everyone in the theatre. Lighten up.

wm on May 19, 2009


My hope is that it's as epic as it looks and also even darker than the trailer shows and I agree about more animated films that aren't meant for families.

CLAW on May 19, 2009


# 4 and 9 i strongly think you underestimate Tim Burton's fan base, this movie will do very well, not to mention as #18 has it right 14-30 year old will be the crowd for this, now to me if your kid is 10 or up i would take em to see it, but if your an uptight parent the give yourself another wedgie and put on barney and friends and let your kid stay in their shell and bitch at you in their teens because you were just protecting them!!

splinter on May 19, 2009


looks pretty sweet i must say even though i don't get into animated movies or whatever they want to actually categorize as.

cat on May 19, 2009


Looks great. Can't wait. Liked first trailer better though.

scm1000 on May 19, 2009


The age thing is complete bullshit. There are a ton of R-Rated films that do extremely well. PG-13 is the most popular rating, and I think the world can suffer some PG-13 animated films. No one went to see watchmen because no one knows what the fuck watchmen is. No one's heard of it. Yeah, all us internet nerds have, but your average joe schmuck on the street has no fucking idea. Nine is getting it's trailer played in front of both live-action films and animated films. It's probably gonna be rated PG-13, and I don't think parents will mind taking their kids to something darker. This film, in my opinion, is gonna end up being one of those movies that will end up with a huge cult following for decades because kids who DO see it will probably enjoy having a film that doesn't treat them like functional retards and actually expects them to think. Unlike most adults, most kids actually enjoy using their brains when they're being entertained. it's the thing that bugs me the most from your average kid's show. The adults making it are generally less thoughtful than the kids they expect to watch it.

Squiggly on May 19, 2009


Looks fun, I'm in!

Nick Sears on May 19, 2009


It's Tim Burton. Deny your children Tim Burton, you might as well deny them sunlight. Chances are, you probably do. Too much vitamin D is bad, right? Oversensitive bastards...

Cody on May 19, 2009


i keep getting more and more excited about this movie

chris on May 19, 2009


Man this looks so damn good. As in blows away Star Trek, T4, Transformers good.

JimD on May 20, 2009


I'm not particularly about how it does at the Box Office, I just wanna see it.

SLee on May 20, 2009


What is this talk about parents taking their kids ?? Most kids go to see movies they want. Rating or no rating. Parents are clueless. You seriously think the guy at the theater will stop a teenage kid ? Even if they dont see this at theaters .....everyone got the internets. So talking about age target group is outdated nowdays. The only ones who think about it are the jerkoffs who set the PG ratings anyway, cause they still think they live in 80s.

Shige on May 20, 2009


Everyone. Jesus. It's NOT Tim Burton. It's Shane Acker. I'm actually kinda pissed that his is the only name not properly presented on this. And #20. Beowulf did not start the "animation for adults" movement. Beowulf only tacked itself onto the end of the motion-capture-uncanny-valley train.

IK! on May 20, 2009


Shite trailer. Music is cliched as hell. Editing too BUT it looks like an interesting film.

ramez on May 20, 2009


Loving it, I hope the score rocks as much as the music in the trailer.

tzarinna on May 20, 2009


@ IK! refresh my memory what are some of the others? and by "animation for adults" I mean Computer Animation. just to clarify...

xerxex on May 20, 2009


#4. I'm 44 and I can't wait. This looks amazing.

Barb on May 20, 2009


EPIC just EPIC Tim Burton at his finest in producing and Shane Acker becoming the new great director in CG animation...EPIC simply EPIC. Kids and Parents will love this....

Lazarus on May 20, 2009


calm down people Coheed and Cambria sucks nuts this movie looks amazing, but recently trailers have been much better then their film counter parts so I'm not making any predictions.

DoomCanoe on May 20, 2009


"this movie looks amazing, but recently trailers have been much better then their film counter parts so I'm not making any predictions." Isn't that the truth. Its amazing how they can edit a trailer with music and it looks fantastic. Then the movie is a let down. Still this may be Coheed and Cambria "Wachowski" moment.

JimD on May 21, 2009


This is what I call A FILM!

T Zdrowie on May 22, 2009


Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria Is the rock song in the background

I Wants Big Boom on May 23, 2009


This movie is going to flop. The majority of people going to see animated movies are mothers taking their children. They would have no interest taking their children to see a movie like this, for God's sake it looks like an action movie! There is no such thing as an animated movie which propels itself on a 14-30 year old male base. The geniuses at Pixar have figured this out long ago. All of their movies are promoted with the intent to appeal to children. Just look at their characters and posters, all unassuming and friendly. Look at the poster for an animated movie like The Ant Bully, it even LOOKS like an action movie, no incentive for a mother to take her children to that. That's why movies like The Ant Bully flop and Pixar is raking in the cash. It's a sad, but true fact. This movie will flop.

SlashBeast on May 26, 2009


First off even though it is darker themed then a lot of pg-13 films alot of classic kids books/films are dark like Mrs. Frisbe and The Rats of Ninm [sorry my spelling might be off] and even so it still has things that might benefit children and encourage thought.Furthermore people who are speaking poorly of this movie should watch the short film on witch it is based and then pass judgement.Finally as a sidenote it looks like most of the robots that are left are small too maybe indicating the humans and machines utterly wiped one another out thus only being able to cobble together smaller creatures like the cat-skull robot.

ryan on May 27, 2009


I love all Tim Burton Films!!! =)

JPanther on May 31, 2009


the first teaser gave us a hint this one definetely promises that 9 will be a great watch.... i am really looking forward to this one ok now i will go back up and watch the trailer again 😀

Burak "D'aequitas" on Jun 2, 2009


For all those kicking a movie before it even comes out, keep that stuff to yourself and watch what you want and shut up. If I don't like a movie, I won't watch it or even rent it but I won't rant or complain at it. Show respect for the movie, there is more work in a movie then most people realize. CG movies are especially hard and are about as difficult as live-action movie with CG effects, if not harder. I for one want to see it, flop or not I'll take my chances. The concepts are well shown and may be well played. If you don't understand the characters or the concepts, you won't understand the movie at it's best. NEVER judge a movie based of CG! It takes months for a few minutes let alone seconds. This is one of the recent movies that brings the concept of 'do we understand humanity?' Or 'Are we the enemy of ourselves?'. The trailer showed we brought our own demise, much like Terminator (do your homework if you challenge this). For better or worse, worth watching. Learn from movies, don't tear them apart becuase they are 'exactly' what you want.

Arcanus on Jun 2, 2009


You guys must have forgotten all about what started it all I think you will see similar results

I Wants Big Boom on Jun 8, 2009


@ 53 I think it's you who needs to shut up. It's perfectly valid to want to question whether it will flop or not since there is a strong possibility it will. Besides, you hjave a right to judge a movie before it comes out, that's why marketing exists.

1-7 on Jun 10, 2009


Judging before a movie comes out and not even watching it is not accurate or valid unless proven. So why do it? And who said marketing isn't lying, its decieving into thinking that something is good when the situation is set up for the person looking actually has to see to judge it. Its where you are in a spot that you either judge before looking or looking in order to know what you are looking at. If you don't like it don't critize it or see it. If I don't like it I'll say I don't like and won't watch it but won't critize it. Is that so hard? Got a problem with this, then you don't know anything about a thing we call 'logic'. Thats why I have no problem reminding you people to at least know what you are looking at before you judge it. Do you homework on it for crying out loud.

Syron Feles on Jun 11, 2009


Elijah Wood <3

Shari on Jun 12, 2009


i didnt read all of the comments so sorry if someone had already pointed this out, but its based off of a 10 minute short film also called 9. You can find it right on youtube still i believe

etrap on Jun 20, 2009


that looks fucking great.

zetsu on Jun 28, 2009


@ #45 "Coheed and Cambria sucks nuts" hilarious! im not a fan of thier music either. have to see this though! PS about half the people who post on this sites favorite word seems to be fuck.

george on Aug 10, 2009


you people don't know teenagers at all. The teenagers that will see this are anime outcasts and they will probably just pirate it online. The rest of the teenage crowd will think its "gay" and the movie will flop. And Coheed does suck indeed.

J on Sep 3, 2009


Arcanus, You are the spawn of a trailer park orgy.  Shut your mouth before I mutilate your genitals.  Judging a movie before it comes out is the best and most logical course of action for anyone with a functioning brain.

SlashBeast on Jun 10, 2011


Can anyone tell me if there are or will be created a 2nd movie of ''9'' ? Thanks and loved this one!!

Cannigia on Jul 26, 2011

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