Must Watch: Awesomely Epic New Star Trek Trailer Hits!

March 6, 2009
Source: Apple

Star Trek Trailer

This is the trailer we've all been waiting for! Paramount has debuted the second official trailer for Star Trek this weekend and it's quite incredible. While we've seen an excessive amount of new trailers this week, but this one easily takes the cake. I really think J.J. Abrams pulled it off, and I can't wait to see how much more is in this than we get to see in this trailer. This is quite an epic trailer and it should give a lot of you guys chills, especially if you're a die-hard Star Trek fan. This is the kind of movie that makes me believe in the power of truly exceptional filmmakers who go into a project with a real love for storytelling.

Watch the brand new trailer for Star Trek:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the new Star Trek trailer in High Definition on Apple

A chronicle of the early days of James T. Kirk and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members.

Star Trek is directed by J.J. Abrams (of "Lost" and Mission: Impossible III) and is written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (of The Island, Mission: Impossible III, Transformers, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen). This is the 11th movie in the Star Trek universe, following most recently Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002. Star Trek is set to land in theaters everywhere on May 8th, 2009 this summer!

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That's pretty damn sweet. That hold on the battle at the end was kind of amazing.

Fuelbot on Mar 5, 2009


wow...i didn't know eric bana was the villain.

Matt Suhu on Mar 5, 2009


Never been a huge star trek fan.. but have never hated it either.. but this movie looks like its going to be amazing

Cory on Mar 5, 2009


LMAO LMAO LMAO that was so lame! Should be a decent one time watch.

adrian on Mar 5, 2009


DUDE YES!! this is gonna be awesome cannot wait to see this =]!!!!

movie guy on Mar 5, 2009


Looks pretty good.

JimD on Mar 5, 2009


Dude, this looks seriously legit! Star Trek is my most anticipated movie of 2009, and now it looks even better. May 8th can't get here fast enough!

Brady on Mar 5, 2009


Great music, that's it. Looks like a great teen movie

Bob on Mar 5, 2009


Sounds an awlful lot like TDK's theme...

NightWing on Mar 5, 2009


They really love that space base jumping footage. Pod Racing Version 2. It is a throw away space action flick that has nothing to do with Star Trek save in name and basic character outline. Unlike Terminator Salv, this new trailer has shown nothing new and nothing to convince me otherwise. Some of those scenes are just absolutely ugly and crass. They look like visual diarrhea; like each scene was in a screaming match to see who could be louder.

Stevo on Mar 5, 2009


wow this movies is going to be epic and i hate Star Trek. reminds me of Mass Effect for some reason

Curtis on Mar 5, 2009


This trailer is PIMP!

:) on Mar 5, 2009


Looks amazing!!!

Unseen on Mar 5, 2009


Wow, this looks better with each new trailer. May can't come soon enough!

ebbie on Mar 5, 2009


Wow I've always been a Star Wars guy myself, but it looks like I might. be seeing my first Star Trek. That was pretty cool.

Alex on Mar 5, 2009


What is the music track in that trailer? Nice.

Jonty Rothbone on Mar 5, 2009


Holy shit Eric Bana looks badass!

Shane on Mar 5, 2009


WoW! That looked really amazing! And Stevo, What the hell are you talking about? You do know that the screenwriters are most likely bigger fans of star trek then you are. So if they thought that the base jumping is crucial to the movie then I'd say go for it. It's nice to see the orgins of star trek, what training they had to go through, how the characters came to be... If your just going to complain then don't bother writing a comment unless your going to tell us how you would of made better Star Trek then J.J. Abrams. Mmm...

The_Phantom on Mar 5, 2009


Holy shit fuck me in the eyeballs!!! BAD-ASS!

teyhtr on Mar 5, 2009


This is going to be the best Summer of movies ever I think. Fist Wolverine, then Star trek, Terminator Salvation and Transformers 2. The only good thing about last summer was Ironman. I know a lot of you out there will disagree and say The Dark Knight was great, but I still can't get past Christain Bale's voice as Batman. Though I did think Ledger was awesome as the Joker. Star Trek kicks ass and it has been a long time since they have done a really good film.

Jamie on Mar 6, 2009


Full of cheese but very perdy.

Tom on Mar 6, 2009


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After 7 years the franchise is about to explode and be born again....Prediction: Born Again Star Trek fans will appear around the world after the movie hits. And old Trekkers & Trekkies will be looking at a bright future in Star Trek canon...Gene, Majel, James Doohan, Deforest Kelly would all be proud... People, this movie is going to be big!!!!!!!!! '' Scotty...beam us up...''

Lazarus on Mar 6, 2009


Did nothing for me. Might be an okay time-waster, but I fear Abrams has messed this up as much as he messed up Mission: Imposible 3.

sleepykid on Mar 6, 2009


I LOVE how all the Trekkies getting butthurt over this trailer. It's amazing, because they'll be the first in line. And you all know it. I love it. Looks great, and I agree with one of the above, looks like Mass Effect. Which is NOT a complaint in the slightest. Keep flaming Trekkies, this is gunna make bank and two more will happily follow. And for the "Ugh looks like a teen movie." I'm sorry, but I don't want a bunch of 40+ year old's trying to act badass.

TeddyGrahms on Mar 6, 2009


Did anyone but me notice that the music, especially with the crescendos and decrescendos, was VERY VERY Zimmer/Howard "Batman Begins"?

William Mize on Mar 6, 2009


I liked the other trailer best, this one makes it look way to cheesy

Ricardo on Mar 6, 2009


cant wait for this movie and if that trailer is anything to go by roll on may 8th

tucker on Mar 6, 2009


I wasn't sold on this movie until I saw this trailer, it looks like J.J. Abrams nailed it. The movie looks great. Looking forward to seeing it.

Chris on Mar 6, 2009


#3 hit the nail on the head

L on Mar 6, 2009


WOW! I'm completely speechless! That was amazing!

K on Mar 6, 2009


Wow, that was amazing ! Now i need some tissues, i just came in my pants while watching that.

Jon Vin Noibauten on Mar 6, 2009



zedzero on Mar 6, 2009


Wow! Looks amazing! The planet imploding ! SICK! The soundtrack was reminiscent of Batman Begins with its similar 'rising trumphet' - if you understand that. Awesome trailer. I think it just reinforced my bought ticket.

Nick Sears on Mar 6, 2009


very cool...

????? on Mar 6, 2009


Dude i almost cried. that was perfect.

Darrin on Mar 6, 2009


Oh.... My.... Various.... GODS! This looks AWESOME! ~end transmission~

The Clapper on Mar 6, 2009


i gizzed my pants

Josh on Mar 6, 2009


i just jizzed my pants

Josh on Mar 6, 2009


Star Trek and AVATAR are my two year-favorites.

m4st4 on Mar 6, 2009


Actors, director, MUSIC!, ILM...My God...This looks really, really great! One true suprise for all of us, don't you think? I mean, Star Trek?!? I LOVE MOVIES. MAN...I LOVE 'EM. XD

m4st4 on Mar 6, 2009


ARGHHHH!!!! My head just exploded!

Tim C on Mar 6, 2009


What's all this shit about young Kirk being this rebel-without-a-cause, hot shit smart ass?! Sorry, but when see one guy one role for the last 43 years, you tend to be thrown off by some other guy's interpretation. As much shit as I talk though, I'll probably end up seeing this.

ENRICO on Mar 6, 2009


Feo hates Star Trek. I love the looks of this flick!

feohatestheworld on Mar 6, 2009


LOL the part when he sits on the captain's seat is so freaking gay.

EB on Mar 6, 2009


a much better trailer.

dRailer on Mar 6, 2009


I have never been a big ST fan, but this looks epic. Added to my "MUST SEE" list this summer. Along with: Public Enemies, Inglourious Basterds, Up, Transformers 2, 500 Days of Summer, GI Joe and some Independent flicks I can't think of right now. JJ Abrams is simply masterful.

Brandon on Mar 6, 2009


I'm not even a Star Trek fan, but that's looks all kinds of Awesome, not to mention Epic on a whole other scale.

The Kid on Mar 6, 2009


First i was Whoa, then I was like WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOA and now I am like whoa. Dude that was awesome!!!

NeoSlyfer on Mar 6, 2009


except for the billion things I picked wrong with it and except for the fact that it looks like it belongs on MTV and not the SCI FIL channel it is great

renegade Klingon on Mar 6, 2009


That is a pretty good trailer. Just enough to make you appreciate the work that went into making it. Much better than the first one.

Nick on Mar 6, 2009


I'm not a Star Trek fan however I do enjoy astronomy space related stuff. From early impressions I remember a lot of people were bashing this because Kirk and the crew are young little kids. Well, the trailer gives a lot more insight to exactly that, and if you take it for what it is you can't really complain. I never watched a ST eppy but clearly this is not Kirk at his high point. I heard some chessy dialogue, but the scene with the oriental guy fighting on the ship looked cool, I'll check this out meh.

Matthew on Mar 6, 2009


It's very gay and everyone creaming their jeans over this is also very gay. Keep in mind Kirk grows up to have bigger tits than Uhura which he uses in kinky sex acts with green bitches (and occasionally Bones and Spock).

Joey Marione on Mar 6, 2009


lol @ all the butthurt trek fans. face it boys this movie is gonna rock, youre all going to go see it and when u walk out of the theatre youll all be saying that it was an amazing movie. I was never a fan of the shows, though when i was a kid id watch tng with my mom sometimes, ive seen all the trek movies and this one looks very very good. now george just needs to reboot star wars 1-3 and we're all good lol congrats trek fans your long wait is almost over

tw on Mar 6, 2009


Wow. I have to say that I thought that was awesome and easily the best of the three big recent trailers (ie Terminator, Transformers). They all showed promise but the trailer for this is like a mini story. It has a huge epic feel and gives an impression (fingers crossed) that the film will be just as about characters and emotion as it is arse kicking battles. The music, which having not heard before could well be from Michael Giacchino (sp), gives it a wonderfully charged feel. With the issues of sacrifice and responsibility it certainly feels very Mass Effect / Babylon 5 and that for me is all good. As someone else said the inclusion of that long shot at the end as the enemy ship charges The Enterprise (?) is bona fide class. Nice work JJ. You gave MI:3 the shot in the arm and treatment that it always needed and now seem to be doing the same for Star Trek after it fell off the horse at V onwards. Thanks for posting the trailer Alex. Awesome

Payne by name on Mar 6, 2009


I dig Star Trek....can't wait for the movie....I was at the recent Wondercon panel...but this trailer doesn't do anything for me. The coral music is dreadful.

hawk on Mar 6, 2009


I also enjoy how if you're a young actor, you can't be in a movie. According to half the fucktards on this message board. I honestly can only imagine what half of you guys look like. It scares me to think of the grease and fat that grows in those trembling computer chairs.

TeddyGrahms on Mar 6, 2009


Hawk, I didn't know underwater plants conducted music...

Jun on Mar 6, 2009


I'm a long time Star Trek fan and I'm totally fired up for this movie! That's an awesome new trailer. Abrams is making Trek into the huge epic it has long deserved to be. Let's face it, the old franchise was dying and Abrams seems to be the perfect guy to breath new life into it. I may be a long time fan, but I'm not all that hung up on them tinkering with Trek history. They kind of have to change history if they have any hope of making this truly compelling.

Rand on Mar 6, 2009


looks cool. it appears to have some amazing special effects........... i'm already wanting it on blu-ray

dan on Mar 6, 2009


I've never read the comic book, so I don't know much about it. I probably wasn't supposed to, but I couldn't help but laugh at the haircut that the elf had. He looked like a nerd!

valeriewriter on Mar 6, 2009


sorry...choral.. still dreadful

hawk on Mar 6, 2009


#5 ur comments is an everlasting testimony to how fucking stupid ppl are "LMAO AHAH IM SO FUNNY" get alife. But this looks just fucking amazing. P.S. no grammar comments

Cody on Mar 6, 2009


i'm not a major star trek fan(i liked the borg episodes of the next generation & seven of nine was one horny bitch,star trek 2:the wrath of khan & star trek first contact out of the films.)but this one looks pretty fucking good,apart from simon pegg i think his a prick,but apart from that the special effects look really good.

zetsu on Mar 6, 2009


Amazing how powerful music is. The music did sound very "Dark Knight-ish" but who cares. Try watching the clip without the sound turned on. It's just not the same. I'll definitely be going to see this.

kbrave on Mar 6, 2009


I must admit, saw this in front of Watchmen today and the feel and music was amazing! Theater was pretty into it...:)

dee on Mar 6, 2009


People don't get to excited over this trailer. Trailers can make even the lamest move look good.

Joshua on Mar 6, 2009


can't wait! it looks amazing

bender8603 on Mar 6, 2009


To hell with this, I can't wait for Trekkies 3 to come out 😀

ted on Mar 6, 2009


Awesome trailer, cant efffin wait for this.

big r on Mar 6, 2009


Was watching the star trek trailer and I Jizzed in my Pants!!!!! Look at the star trek enterprise and I Jizzed in my pants!!!! There goes Eric Bana , he looks bad ass and I Jizzed Pants!!!! The music I jizzed in my Pants! The special effects I jizzed in my pants!!! Oh *&hit!! I jizzed in my pants!!! Star Tr..I jizzed in my pants!!!! Jizzed in my Pants!!!!! Jizzed In my pants!!!!!

dee on Mar 6, 2009


I wet my pants

cpmuskie on Mar 6, 2009


I was never a fan, but considering JJ Abrams is the director and this looks amazing, I will see it.

Barnaby Barrilla on Mar 6, 2009


Im pretty sure this will be a huge failure. Movie wise. Im sure its gonna be big in the box offices. Looks interesting with a very young cast. Ill probably go see this.

max on Mar 7, 2009


Reminds me of Mass Effect more than Star Trek.

Movie Fan on Mar 7, 2009


from watching this trailer it gets me thinking how the live action of Green Lantern will turn out cause the special effects seems great for the Green Lantern film.

filmkid on Mar 7, 2009


o-o loos pretty good O________O

Yamika on Mar 7, 2009


Very good looking. I never had any interest in STAR TREK, but I am slowly being converted into gaining some.

Ryan on Mar 7, 2009


Amazing!!! Goose Bumps, tears and lump in throat excitement, GAGAGA WOW, would have been sick to see this on xmas but May will do, enough time to perfect the score and special effects...I'll watch this in IMAX, and the threatre and I'll buy the Blu Ray, I'm sold. JJ and entire team you ROCK!!!

kib on Mar 7, 2009


one of the best trailers i've seen in a long time

pwn on Mar 7, 2009


Wow. That was incredible. Definitely the top movie of the summer.

Chris on Mar 7, 2009


@44 when he sits in the captains chair for the first time, that is when I got chills. Looks very bad ass.

Andy Adair on Mar 8, 2009


@ #25 and #33 Totally agree. The work Zimmer and Howard have done with those two Batman films seems legendary now. I hate when they go out and get some crappy producer to imitate a certain sounding theme and just duplicate it. Come on people, some originally please!

Rod Tidwell on Mar 8, 2009


i really hope this movie does to star trek what batman begins did to batman because star trek absolutely blows!

history repeats on Mar 8, 2009


LOL @ Harold

Roberto Dinamite on Mar 8, 2009


Fothose interested in the music, it is a track called "Freedom Fighters" from the 1st CD of Two Steps from Hell's - Legend Series, which also featured "Down with the Enterprise" from the second Star Trek trailer. It seems paramount has bought the sole rights to the remix of it so others cant use it but it will eventually be released on a CD by TSFH. In the meantime though I have found a copy on you tube

Ravenlance on Mar 9, 2009


YES! YES! YES! this is the first time ive viewed the trailer. i saw watchmen TWICE and missed the trailer TWICE! first showing at the Arclight on friday night and then saturday IMAX both no-shows =( still, AMAZING!

Nick S. on Mar 9, 2009


@81 aka Andy just ignore 44's dumb ass. people like that will never appreciate some great movies, like this one and that's just how it goes. im sure you know that by now though. there are some pretty random retarded opinions flying around this sight. you just pity and ignore. pity and ignore.

Nick S. on Mar 9, 2009


I came.

xerxerxex on Mar 9, 2009


Awesome trailer. After reading the the new Star Trek: Countdown comics which is the prequel to the story in the film, the movie is about Nero, the romulan leader going back in time to kill Spock for the death of his wife. The scene in the trailer where the planet gets sucked in by a black hole is in the comic. Go check it out. THe second issue just came out. It's awesome. Capt Picard, Data and ol Spock are all there. PEACE!

Haz on Mar 11, 2009


hmm... is it normal for me to think I'm a star trek fan now for the first time in my life??? just wow...!

Phil on Mar 11, 2009



Gizmo on Mar 14, 2009


i have never loved nor hated star trek but this movie looks aesthetically amazing. i told my friend and he said "no, i don't want to see it, the only reason it is hyped is because it looks good..." what an idiot he is. that is the only reason most people see movies.

memphistyler on Mar 18, 2009


Looks like JJ Abrams is stepping into Steven Spielberg's shoes.... It's time for the next frontier........

Men of honor.... on Mar 19, 2009


"Fire everything!" LOL

pipo on Mar 24, 2009


At first almost none of my friends wanted to see this (none of them have ever even liked Star Trek- hated it or never seen it). Now almost all of them do. It's getting a big hype. It has the potential yo be classic. A reboot of one of the greatest sci-fi franchises, the missing piece for fans and a great place to jump in for new ppl. A big hype. Summer blockbuster. Not to mention it's new artistic (not the old lame ones) posters and record-breaking trailers .Now all it has to do is be frickin' awsome- LOL. I saw a new trailer before Monsters vs. Aliens (pretty bad) and it was pretty cool but it's not online.

chris on Mar 31, 2009


I am a star trek fan and to me this movie has got to be the worst one yet Nemesis came close to killing it but this one should do the trick. what ever happened to it?? I think star Trek is lost at this point and will become just another bad modern redo like Battle star galactica.. star Trek as it one was with the idea of mind opening and looking for a chance with a bright idea for the future has become a sad an boring predictable bad sci fi item now.

sad-fan on Apr 2, 2009


Shades of Scorpius, that looks freaking amazing! I have NEVER seen Star Trek done like this, in my entire life. I can't wait!

J. Jonah Hexas Texas on Apr 4, 2009


Outstanding, new ship looks great, can't wait for this to start up. I've been a fan from '66 on. It's about time for a movie that shows how it all started. Good Job.

Cmdr Steve Hassin on Apr 8, 2009


Actually I wouldn't be surprised if the music WAS from the Dark Knight. It was probably just grabbed by the producers as a placeholder because the movie's actual music isn't finished yet. Lots of movies do that. LOTR 2 used "Requiem For A Dream" in their trailer, and I, Robot used music from the Matrix Revolutions. (Boy, did THAT confuse me! Here I was thinking I was going to see a Matrix Prequel starring Will Smith! lol) As for the actual movie, well, the trailer has certainly done it's job of making me want to see it, but I don't know if it's really so exciting as to wait in line on Opening Night. Plus, the camped-out nerds can get annoying fast. lol I really do hope they manage to make it as optimistic as the old show was. Perhaps not as campy (Oh man, if Shatner has a cameo...), but we could really use an optimistic view of the future these days.

Jack on Apr 12, 2009


Seems to me that most of the people commenting here work in some way or form in media or "new media". I have found that your type look and act like nerds so you should be in very good company with purist Trekies. The only the division between media people and trekies wth regard to this "motion picture" is that fans of the original Star Trek will hate this film whilst media people who are appologists for the film industry will swoon over it. Your industry; Film, video, "new- media" is full of degenerate, nerdy want-to-be's who sycophantically support all of the rubbish that JJ abrams and other new "Producer /Directors" "create" (copy and ruin). He (JJ Abrams) is obviously making movies because he is part of a nepotistic degenerate crowd that is so prevalent in the Entertainment Industry. I loved mission impossible the series and he ruined it. I liked Star Trek (original) and he will ruin that too. He has no talent and survives only because of the degenerate virtually illiterate population that exists in the United States at this time. JJ is the nerd and you people who like his "productions" are the degenerates illiterates. The old Star Trek was very low budget but its originality and complex themes tied with the strength of characters is what made it great. They don't seem to be able to produce quality anymore just quick action sequences tied together with weak themes and sexual overtones. Now that is boring as in predictable and typical of JJ Abrams.

Damon on Apr 21, 2009


Jeez, Someone got out of bed on the wrong side this morning. Breathe... breathe...

zedzero on Apr 21, 2009


Yeah, yeah, new media is crap.... bla bla bla. Down with Hollywood!! I wonder if Damon has his own fan-script that got rejected. This movie is going to do great; because, all of the "illiterate population" might actually be able to get past the dorky stigma that has been attached to this franchise since its inception. Because yes, we like explosions and sexy attractive people and special FX (what's wrong with us?!) And if i hear one more trekkie try to make that series into some kind of masterpiece i'm going to scream; it was good, and it might even have been ahead of its time, but I wouldn't want to waste my live obsessing over it (just 2-3hrs every few years?). If you have a problem with "new media" write a script and get it out there; just bitching about the problems with the Industry isn't going to change it. So break out your keyboards trekkies; write that next gen script that's going to "save" all of us common-folk from the monotony of new media. I'll be at the theater watching this pile of "degenerate" eye candy that my generation seems to love, hell if it has enough action scenes I might go see it again.

epicphail on Apr 30, 2009


I do not wish to write a script as a matter of fact i dont want to see Start Trek come back, rather i would like to see hollywood start producing better films. Good looking actors/actresses great, but produce a great story, great dialogue, stop relying too much on special effects. I honestly believe that hollywood is full of degenerates and that they aim for the lowest common denominator. JJ is an example of a degenerate and his work is clearly the product of a degenerate. He only has a job because he is a Jew as it is almost a prerequisite to be one in order to get your script made into a movie. So if i did write a script and if it was really good it would not be made as written, it would either be changed into degenerate trash or be out right rejected because I am not a Jew.........dc.

Damon Crofton on May 5, 2009


Wow, there are sure going to be a lot of empty (parents') basements on May 8th! Dude, that is so awesome to the MAX! Extreme! I wonder if there will be any girls in the audiences?

Pdding Tane on May 6, 2009


Looks interesting enough, but ultimately is this a case of all flash and no substance? Hype is hype, period. I mean the commercials have been NON-STOP and most people are basically being told this is a great movie w/o actually having watched it yet!! We'll see if it's actually a great film. I'll wait until the movie comes out and watch it completely before actually deciding whether or not for myself, and not be influenced by some ad exec from hollywood. Commercials are extremely misleading and are designed to get people to go see the movie (Example: Fantastic Four-Rise of the Silver Surfer showed the best parts in the commercial, but it turned out to be less-than-average and didn't beat the box office of the first film. Another example is Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, which did great box office thanks to a giant ad campaign, but ultimately was a disaapointment w/ fans storywise and not universally popular as the original Star Wars ) Here's hoping the best for the new Star Trek film & cast, but expecting less, in case it's a disappointment.

Rick on May 7, 2009


LOL. Good thing all the nerds have jobs or else they would be waiting in line and spoil everything and piss on everything that wasn't written in their fanfiction of THEIR movie. Honestly, Star Trek needed a reeboot since TNG movies started coming out, it was like watching an extended 4 part "To Be Continued..." episode on the screen with nothing new to add to the story except draw on TV episodes.

Geass on May 7, 2009


As a life long Trek fan I am looking forward to seeing this franchise being reboot in this manner. As long as Abrams remain focus on GR's vision - a positive outlook of the future - this movie will go a long way in continuing Trek's legacy to Trekkies both old and new. May it live long and prosper.

Digifan on May 7, 2009


"a positive outlook of the future" that is the key to getting Start Trek right?? Digifan, you are so very gay!! How about strong character dynamics?? How about plots that are underpinned in scientific plausibility rather than pure fantasy? How about a captain that is a man and not some little boy with politically correct intentions. Please, this movie is not Star Trek as it tries to be more of a Star Wars but is way to weak to be either. Start Trek played to the minds of those who had eye for possibility and heart for adventure. This film missed the mark as JJ Jewface always seems to. We need new directors in hollywood not these products of nepotistic mediocrity. The days of great films are gone it seems. Orson Wells are you watching is Mr. DeMille with you? Where are the Copollas, the Kubricks, the Hawks, John Ford are you there?? DW Griffith probably expected todays mediocrity movement I wonder what Frank Capra and Bill Wyler would have to say? Unbridled Nepotism has bred runaway mediocrity and given birth to JJ.

Thomas on May 10, 2009


I finally saw it Saturday and I give it a high B grade or 3 out of 4 stars. It was far from perfect, especially the plot (no movie really is...), the timeline story is pretty much classic Trek (so nothing new there) but the fact remains it is very entertaining, remarkably well-acted and does pay a lot of respect to the original series and films (Anyone who is a die-hard Trek fan can breathe a sigh of relief...!) It was a roller coaster ride, so the plot really didn't matter that much, especially for a summer movie. It also has some stand-out scenes of it's own. I recommend it and it is worth a second viewing. As a Trek fan, despite opinions to the contrary, I have always told people they needed to crank up the action while still keeping in touch w/ the characters, and this movie delivers. My only complaints were that the trailers showed all the best parts (and no movie could live up to such hype...), so there were not too many surprises (save for the acting itself), there was not enough screen time for some of the actors (Eric Bana as Nero & Simon Pegg as Scotty are hardly in the movie, really...). Heck, even the Enterprise barely had enough scenes! But the fact still remains it was very refreshing overall, had a positive message about the future and was character-driven all the way, which was nice. Finally, to those "newbies" who don't care for the previous Star Treks I will say this - this new but 'not-so-new' Star Trek would NOT exist had they not come beforehand. This film did pay a lot of respect to classic Trek, so if you've whined about wanting an action-packed Trek even though you weren't a fan, it must have meant you did like something about the original Treks, otherwise why would you care whether this film was any good or not? History is very important and when you make foolish, infantile cracks about how "old" the original Star Trek was, remember that one day you will grow old and the things you hold dear may be laughingly dismissed to your sore discontent. I think most fans just wanted a good movie w/ respect to the past. Respect The Past and Move Ahead into the Future, I say. This Star Trek did that and I am glad...

Rick on May 11, 2009


110 that was a nice review and I respect your opinion but honestly after seeing this Star Trek I feel that it plays to the same game of too much action and a weak plot. Action is great in doses but if it comes at the expense of plot then we have a problem and that is the problem with this Star Trek. This film unfortunately plays to a brain dead audience who prefers style over substance and flash over fire... There was really nothing Rodenberry-esque about it and to that end it is not really Star Trek. Since you say that the " the trailers showed all the best parts and no movie could live up to such hype" then I have to assume that flash and pomp is more important than plot for you. Thats too bad because so many films take this route today and for me they have become boring. I bet Apocalypse Now, if filmed today would be made or (god forbid) re-made with all action, flash and pomp mixed with silly dialogue and extra sex scenes for good measure. I guess you think/feel that would improve the film though...?

Thomas on May 11, 2009


Thomas, I think we agree more than we disagree, and I think I didn't convey my thoughts the right way, and for that I apologize. Sometimes I can't type as fast as my thoughts come in and stuff gets "lost" when writing. When I reviewed the new Trek, I was doing so based on pure summer entertainment/amusement value. In terms of pure, 'brain-dead' entertainment, I was very amused w/ the action, banter & antics depicted in the movie & the overall pace of the film, but the story & plot definitely left much to be desired. I must admit my favorite parts are the references to classic Trek, so my review did have some biases. By the hype, I meant that I didn't expect any movie, the way it was advertised and heavily promoted, could ever deliver what I hoped would be a great plot & story while "wowing" audiences w/ spot-on, sensible action relevant to the story. The trailer showed us all the action, and left no room for plot. I did not mean to imply this movie delivered on all these elements, because it did not. This film was essentially like drinking a diet Rockstar realizing it has no nutritional value, but knowing it will still provide a 'kick'. As for the film, I didn't mind the humor or the sex parts of the new film only because TOS had many episodes that blended action, sex and plot. Kirk loved babes, and any prequel would have to at least acknowledge that part of his character. The problem w/ this new Star Trek is that it injects too much of everything, except story. Lots of explosions, lots of fast pacing, but no sense of direction. No one cheered in this movie because it didn't take the time to build any kind of tension, unfortunately. My brother, an avid movie fan, saw the film w/ me and he gave it a fair review (two stars) AT BEST (he was not very impressed w/ anything the movie had to offer but really wanted to love this film before going in...). I did confess to him I went in not expecting much. So I must admit, my review was based solely on lowered expectations, and as a result I was able to enjoy the film more and give it a better review. Don't get me wrong; I wasn't trying to be dishonest; I was basically trying to say if you don't care much about plot/story and just want a roller coaster ride, then this movie delivers the goods. So the question is "Did I enjoy this film?" Yes I did, but my frame of mind was definitely not w/ the expectation of a profound storyline. Could the film have been much better? Definitely, and on too many levels to discuss. Is this film a classic? No. It is merely an exersize in flash and theatrics, for better and worse. I didn't expect anything more. You are right about many things, especially the Roddenberry-esque part of it. On examination, despite the reference to classic Trek, this film felt somewhat 'removed' from Gene's vision. At the heart of Star Trek was always substance as opposed to flash. It is a sad state of affairs when flash supercedes plot. After the "honeymoon" period w/ the new Trek ends w/ the summer, I think people will reflect & notice the deep flaws, not only in story but continuity as a whole (not solely based on Trek canon, but as a stand-alone film...). The movie is basically all over the map, and it is pretty much a rehash of sci-fi cliches (alternate universe, time-travel), injected w/ a mass dose of adrenaline. I truly would have preferred a healthy dose of plot, action and humor, but I honestly did not expect this film to give audiences all three in good measure. I admit is a shame to 'expect less', but I no longer have confidence Hollywood these days will crank out new classics. They only care about selling popcorn & toys as opposed to making a great & unique film. The fact remains, for better or worse, that Star Trek was given a new lease as a franchise fo a generation who really have no idea what great storytelling is.

Rick on May 13, 2009


The moral of the story: Cheating is fine as long as you win! Is it? Oh Dear.

G. Kaplan on May 14, 2009


I have to admit that having worked a bit in film production as a technician that the industry is filled with Jews. They do seem to be in admiration of each other all the time and this could be contributing to mediocrity in todays cinema. That said I saw Star Trek this weekend and found it typical of todays films and weak in terms of plot. Was there a plot? Well anyway JJ is certainly over-rated and this film serves to underscore that point. Now why he is so over-rated is a debate I will leave to others...

Karen on May 24, 2009

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