Must Watch: Badass Red Band 'Not Quite Hollywood' Trailer

June 14, 2009
Source: IGN

Not Quite Hollywood Trailer

This is the wild, untold story of Ozploitation! Don't know what Ozploitation is? It's all of the exploitation films made in Australian in the 70s and early 80s. Not Quite Hollywood is a fast moving journey through Aussie genre cinema - an unjustly forgotten cinematic era unashamedly packed full of boobs, pubes, tubes and even a little kung fu. This has been playing at countless film festivals around the world and is being praised as one of the most exciting documentaries of the year. Magnolia has released a red band trailer for its limited release in July. So give it a shot and enjoy this little tease at the finest Ozploitation has to offer!

Watch the red band trailer for Not Quite Hollywood:

[flv: 598 336]

For more info on the film, visit the official website:

Not Quite Hollywood is both written and directed by Mark Hartley who is making his feature debut after directing numerous music videos. The film features guest appearances by Jamie Lee Curtis, Dennis Hopper, Quentin Tarantino, George Lazenby, Russell Mulcahy, George Miller, James Wan, and Leigh Whannell. This first premiered at the Melbourne and Toronto Film Festivals last year where it was bought by Magnolia Pictures for US distribution. Not Quite Hollywood will finally arrive in very limited theaters on July 31st.

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That's is the craziest fucking trailer I have ever seen!!! I have to see this, I never even HEARD of Ozploitaition! Oh man, its a new day. This entire genre of film I've never seen except for Mad Max! awesome stuff

Conrad on Jun 14, 2009


that looks insane...aussie aussie aussie...oy oy oy

Blaise on Jun 14, 2009


Looks good to me.

Atomic Popcorn on Jun 14, 2009


Looks brilliant. Got to say the only related films I've seen are 'Mad Max' and 'Once were Warriors' (which is technically a NZ film. Cant wait to watch this.

Marcus on Jun 14, 2009


looks fun ps: " made in Australian"?

Janny on Jun 14, 2009


Looks pretty cool =p

Robbie on Jun 14, 2009


I saw this movie earlier this year at the Florida Film Festival. It was REALLY good. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Robert on Jun 14, 2009


Loved it! I remeber watching a ton of these movies, and was told this was when film makers had balls. Maybe this will be a wake up call!

xerxex on Jun 14, 2009


That looks better then anything I've seen recently... sign me up

Dustin on Jun 14, 2009


boobies BOOBIES

ocp on Jun 14, 2009


ugh australians

real talk on Jun 14, 2009


ugh. americans.

teh on Jun 14, 2009


That's how you make a fucking movie. Enough with the drama crap, it's we started making flicks like these again. Maybe we'd finally get arses on seats.

Leon on Jun 14, 2009


GREAT SHOWER SEEN................................... 2 THUMBS UP 🙂 1 KNEE UP

SHANEDAV on Jun 14, 2009


can anyone please give me the names of some Ozploitation films.

PJ H on Jun 14, 2009


Best ever Australian doco. More Australian film makers need to watch that because they might learn that those films actually made profits and the public loved them. I have the DVD, order it from

d1rEct on Jun 14, 2009


WOW this came out in Australia about 9 months ago or so. Great movie, really interesting look at Australia's cinema output in the 70's. Tarantino appaears in it heaps and he has lots to say, he is quite hilarious. Dennis Hopper also provided good commentary. Really great movie for both Aussies and film fans.

Ben on Jun 14, 2009


Those guys are fucking nuts. AUSTRALIA ROCKS!!!!!

Joan Fett on Jun 14, 2009


and what more are we gonna get than what we saw in the trailer? This looks like a channel 5 1 hr special they often put on.

dom on Jun 15, 2009


just watched this flick. and i got to say 1.exactly what the trailer promises. 2. never have i seen more bush in a movie 3. the gore segment of the movie was by far the most entertaining 4. Dennis hopper is nuts 5. Tarantino is annoying as hell the entire time. but i say watch it if you get the chance.... especially if you like bush

DoomCanoe on Jun 15, 2009


everything interesting from the docu was shown on the trailer. honestly i saw this ages ago and was bored to my marrows.

PinkSushi on Jun 15, 2009


what film were those lovely boobies in the shower in?

marty on Jun 15, 2009


Already on rental DVD here in Australia.

snickers on Jun 15, 2009


hahahah... looks interesting... hmm.. nope not the right word... looks fun... nope ... ahh hell.. that looks fricking hilarious

Dusty on Jun 15, 2009


whaaat the megafrikiinsanelolcrazy is this show

subzeron on Jun 15, 2009


ugh humans.

xerxex on Jun 15, 2009


I actually watched some of this and it is great! Nudity, Gore, and Action galore! Makes me wanna see Mad Dog Morgan!

xerxex on Jun 15, 2009


im gonna see this and then see every movie featured in it : P

neonblue120 on Jun 16, 2009


I've seen a few of those movies and they're gold. Razorback in particular brings back some good memories.. heh heh. These were all the video nasties when I was in primary school and the kids would talk about behind their hands in hushed tones and gasp in amazement when one of us actually got to see one because their older brother's friend found a copy of it through another third party. The whole genre epitomizes Australia in general. No fucking about, just get out there and do the job and have a laugh at the same time. Hell, even the trailer has some Rose Tattoo at the end....wooo! For the uninitiated they're a poor man's ACDC (some would say on par). Look up "We Can't Be Beaten" on yootoob for some classic 1982 Oz-rock.

God on Jun 17, 2009


It was a good trailer and I hear that the film did reasonably well in the stores.

Hsa on Oct 1, 2009

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