Must Watch: Fantastic New Terminator Salvation Trailer!

March 2, 2009
Source: Yahoo

Terminator Salvation Trailer

In advance of its debut in theaters in front of Watchmen, Warner Brothers has released the third incredible trailer for Terminator Salvation. Do yourself a favor and watch this right away, because I'm pretty sure you're going to be blown away. McG's latest trailer takes a cue from Zack Snyder's first Watchmen trailer and features a Nine Inch Nails track that definitely sets the mood like nothing else. Watching this makes me forget that McG is even directing this and makes me believe that we may actually see an awesome Terminator movie. This year's summer movie season is looking better and better with every new day!

Watch the newest trailer for Terminator Salvation:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the new Terminator Salvation trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

After Skynet has destroyed much of humanity in a nuclear holocaust, a group of survivors led by John Connor (Christian Bale) struggle to keep the machines from finishing the job that they began.

Terminator Salvation is directed by McG, of both Charlie's Angels movies and also We Are Marshall previously. The script was written by writing duo John D. Brancato and Michael Ferris, of Into the Sun, The Net, The Game, and Terminator 3 previously. Additionally, Christopher Nolan's brother Jonah Nolan helped rewrite the script before shooting. This marks the awaited return of the Terminator franchise after Terminator 3 hit in 2003. Terminator Salvation arrives in theaters on May 21st this summer.

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the cgi in this film kinda suck. im sorry to say it

Darrin on Mar 2, 2009


I am eating my own words, in the midst of an explosion in the void of space.

Michael Bay on Mar 2, 2009


but it still looks good

Darrin on Mar 2, 2009


holy piss that looks amazing this summer is gonna be off the fo shizzle!!!

Curtis on Mar 2, 2009


I am starting to have faith in the Terminator reboot

Will on Mar 2, 2009



Hungry Arnold on Mar 2, 2009


I have to return some Terminators!

Patrick Bateman on Mar 2, 2009



David Wilson on Mar 2, 2009


John Connor.. you're sweating..

Paul Allen on Mar 2, 2009


I enjoyed that trailer more than the whole of T3, why O-why did they have to make that sh!t

Rory on Mar 2, 2009


Wow look! Terminator stole their ideas back from Battlestar Gallactica! 😉 I kid.

dRailer on Mar 2, 2009


this will be quite the domination

Florian on Mar 2, 2009


looks OK

crabby on Mar 2, 2009


One of the worlds greatest songs, not the worlds greatest CG -- but still a cool trailer!

Ryderup on Mar 2, 2009


cant wait thats was amazing been telling people McG is a G

flmkid on Mar 2, 2009


Best footage I've seen yet. "The Day the World Went Away" fits perfectly with this trailer. Good stuff.

Conrad on Mar 2, 2009



c on Mar 2, 2009


looks great christian bale rocks

jono on Mar 2, 2009


Your compliment was sufficient, Louis!

Patrick Bateman on Mar 2, 2009


Pill's here!

Bill on Mar 2, 2009


Where did you get that overnight T-800?

Louis on Mar 2, 2009



Bob on Mar 2, 2009


I still can't shake that Transformers feeling I got the first time I saw the Harvester robot/terminator. Bale looks typically clenched and intense (man does NOT do relaxed, regardless of the role). I'm also surprised this new trailer gives away Marcus' identity. I thought they were saving that reveal for the actual film and were going to ask reviewers not to mention it. After this trailer, they can (not that they should, though). And the song didn't impress me. I wanted the old Terminator music back (which we did get, but only at the end of the trailer).

Mr. Valentin on Mar 2, 2009


Bad Ass

N on Mar 2, 2009


im almost afraid to say it, but it looks like it may top the original

Al on Mar 2, 2009


This trailer was amazing. The previous one was to get us excited, while this one is to get us interested. They show more of what goes on in the movie and the end where they incorporate that poster terminator face is really cool.

Alfredo on Mar 2, 2009


Fraking Toasters..

Saul Tigh on Mar 2, 2009


I hope this trailer finally makes Arnold Schwarzenegger happy. He had doubts like all of us and now my mind is at easy. Bring on the real Rise of the Machines.

Jamie on Mar 2, 2009


OH SHIT! I got about 20x more chills watching that them I did watching T3 (which was 0 by the way)

Richard on Mar 2, 2009


Transformers you're going down!

Steven on Mar 2, 2009


wasn't the first watchmen trailer a smashing pumpkins song? or is he just saying both songs kickas$ in the trailer?

kirch on Mar 2, 2009


thank you god.... thank you so much for this! *tear*

Nick S. on Mar 2, 2009


im speech less but i really wanaa watch angels and demons a week before

alan on Mar 2, 2009


no bryce shut the fuck up! jk looks solid

jim on Mar 2, 2009


This looks really good!

tankmaster on Mar 2, 2009



DoomCanoe on Mar 2, 2009


Loooks fucking amazing! Can't wait.

joe on Mar 2, 2009


This soundtrack should feature Huey Lewis and the News

Patrick Bateman on Mar 2, 2009


*tear* PLain n simple, that trailer has confirmed that i am looking even more forward to this than i did for dark knight. the plot has just become abillion times more interesing... my only downfall was in the music

Matthew on Mar 2, 2009


this trailer looks awesome and the music just add just a little bit more spice to how cool it already looks

LC on Mar 2, 2009


damn that was awesome!

Keith on Mar 2, 2009



Matt Suhu on Mar 2, 2009



Brett on Mar 2, 2009


I just jizzed in my pants. I have been waiting sooooooo long for the future war and this just got me so hype. Fuck everyone who says the cgi is not up to par. The movie isn't done yet, they are still working on it. The acting shown just in that trailer looked fucking amazing. Bale IS John Connor!

Why yes it is a raincoat on Mar 2, 2009


i just wet myself with anticipation!

The Delightful Deviant on Mar 2, 2009


the story for this movie is good, but that cgi look like shit. they really tried to get beef with Transformers. Mcg is right with the terminator being more realistic but man, the robots are not that good. They look too cheezy

Drake on Mar 2, 2009


I agree with #38. They should of had Huey Lewis and The News music playing to this trailer. Maybe Hip To Be Bot" Ha! Ha!. This movie looks F**king Awesome. Michael Bay will be shitting in his paints.

Jamie on Mar 2, 2009


Looks pretty good, but, I still think that Transformers 2 is going to be the biggest ticket-seller this Summer.

Dan Walimaa on Mar 2, 2009


goooood shit!

????? on Mar 2, 2009


Oh my, oh my... this looks so but so but so AWESOOOOMMEEE!!!!!!!!

Elliot on Mar 2, 2009


Transformers lol.... Terminator Salvation is gonna rock your socks. Wow. And how can you say the robots on Terminator look cheezy. I'd say its the reverse. The look of T4 is grittier and more real. I'm sure Transformers will be cool but its going to be CGI overkill. The to the point where the effects start looking plastic.

JimD on Mar 2, 2009


perhaps this film will rewrite or revolutionize the way that post-apocalyptic films are written and presented.

Matt Suhu on Mar 2, 2009


The fact theres a female cast as "Serena" makes me think Marcus was the pre I-950 or is a I-950. (From the book T2: Infiltrator) Putting that in would prove McG is a true fan of the series. I'm hopeing Serena is a Serena Burns. If so maybe they will show her join the Resistance as a spy at the end of this movie.

Ryan on Mar 2, 2009


Sorry Alex, gotta burst your bubble. That was 300! But SICK trailer none the lesss!!!

Dan on Mar 2, 2009


Awesome trailer! My hype for this movie just went up, it's a Must See now...

Sean19a7x on Mar 2, 2009


Looks really good! NIN is a perfect choice for the soundtrack!

Jay on Mar 2, 2009


Better angle of the better rendered Harvester. (all you Transformers comparisons, do you mean to tell me ANY large robot reminds you of those things? Last I checked, they didn't "harvest" humans!) That reveal adds gobs of intrigue to the story - I thought dude was just a douche, turns out he's a Douche-Bot! Those motorcycles are now 1 million times cooler since they can flip under things and do wheelies in mid-air. From a cinematography perspective, this CG is blending in oodles better than all previous trailers combined.

Jonas Imp on Mar 2, 2009


I think Christian Bale is specializing in a new form of Method Acting, called "Mumble Bumble-unintelligable Garble Zouzss"

Jonas Imp on Mar 2, 2009


BIG BIG FUCK UP in the trailer. Why give away that Marcus Riley is a Terminator. It could've been the WTF moment of the movie. They should have never done that. ANYONE AGREE? Im sure someone does. It would've been nice to find out watching the movie than in the trailer. Way to give away something good that could have been....sigh.

Mike Balrog on Mar 2, 2009


this actually looks VERY promising, i just hope they didn't stuff all the good parts of the movie into this trailer! went from a "renter" to a "must see"!

kLuk on Mar 2, 2009


oh lawd, way to reveal the ENTIRE plot and hook. Like its hard to actually sell a terminator movie these days without revealing massive spoilers. i mean goddamn they have a terminator tv show now.

9001 on Mar 2, 2009


The mystery wouldn't be enough to pack theatres opening weekend, Balrog. People'd be like, "Oh, there's a mystery, huh? I'll netflix it since otherwise it really doesn't look that interesting..." I will say that they'd better have more surprises planned, especially along Viral Marketing routes if they want this be an uncontested success.

Jonas Imp on Mar 2, 2009


Up until this point, I really didn't see much hope for this movie. I have been completely turned around. Also anyone who didn't realize that the other guy in all the trailers was some sort of terminator spy was an idiot. Every Bale speech thus far has been about the war between his people and their kind. What actually makes it interesting is they gave away the fact that he doesn't realize he was a cyborg. It makes it very very interesting. Wonder what the motivation for that could have been. CGI looks a lot cleaner than the first few spots.

Stevo on Mar 2, 2009


hmmm 1 and 2 are jewels. this just looks interesting, nothing more... Transformers > T4 and yes Watchmen's first teaser trailer's song was smashing pumpkin's. The end is the beginning is the end... love it well christian bale rocks McG not, nor the writers but lets see what they got for us

Galethog on Mar 2, 2009


o.....m.....g..... I have and always had hope that this will be excellent.

Lego on Mar 2, 2009


Nine Inch Fucking Nails...Great! XD

m4st4 on Mar 2, 2009


Looks pretty damn good. Hope this gets an R rating.

Skywarp on Mar 2, 2009


shane hulbert, you have done a great job. kudos, that bale shit has made your career. you have all right to walk into the eyeline.... love the look. 🙂

evilnik on Mar 2, 2009


@ No. 58 - Agreed. That could have had so much more impact had they left it for the movie. I can only hope for two things: 1) that it makes sense that we know going in that Marcus Wright is a Terminator and 2) that there's a bigger, better WTF moment. I'm cautiously pessimistic. 😀 I'm still seeing this on opening weekend.

John Madden on Mar 2, 2009


looks like this is picking up from t3 left from > DOWNHILL

the truth on Mar 2, 2009


Meh... This actually doesn't look that good. It just looks like another reason to use the terminator. CGI wasn't all that great. Transformers will definitely be the bigger ticket seller between the two!

The_Phantom on Mar 2, 2009


Mixed feelings. I'm looking forward to see this, but still feel like there's something missing. It does look more like transformers than the dark post apocalyptic future we saw in T1 and T2. And I say this because of the robots' design, not just because of the high quality visual FX and CGI. Love NIN, but they choose the wrong song. It looks good but somehow I feel a little dissapointed. PG rated?

Christ on Mar 2, 2009


Terminator - SF classic Terminator II: Judgement Day - Personal TOP 10 Terminator III: Rise of the Machines - Funny...this was really good a long time ago (2003.), critics were satisfied, audience loved it...Fuck time and fuck internet colective, this is a 'good movie', not 'great-masterpiece-f-ing loved it' but good blockbuster movie. Plus, Cameron is, like, untouchable, so the second one stays on TOP. Terminator Salvation - McG isn't exactly The Man for this job, but Jonathan Nolan plus Christian Bale plus great ILM-work plus Elfman Danny plus Sam 'soon-to-be-star from AVATAR' Worthington makes me happy. Sort of. I shall wait. Just please, don't shit on everything. Even Ang Lee's Hulk was considered 'four stars out of five' that one year (at least here in Europe it was). What you gonna say? Letterier nailed it? Fuck Louis, Ang put it in a fucking coffin and nailed it hard, allright? ...Meaning...Terminator 3? I've seen worse. I've seen Iron Man. That's right. Start screaming...babies.

m4st4 on Mar 3, 2009


''Why give away that Marcus Riley is a Terminator.'' We all knew he was A TERMINATOR. I like to call it...RANDOM GEEK KNOWLEDGE.

m4st4 on Mar 3, 2009


''im almost afraid to say it, but it looks like it may top the original'' Yeah...Right. Linda Hamilton's haircut/funny songs/silly Stan Winston stop-motion effects/fake Arnie head made it real all of a sudden. Not.

m4st4 on Mar 3, 2009


#76 It's called the bandwagon effect. Everyone wants to bash it now.

Hank on Mar 3, 2009


#73, I agree that yes Terminator 3 was not as bad as people make it out to be. I actually enjoyed it. It was Arnold's last starring role and he still kicks ass as the Terminator. But, and yes there is a but. T3 was only interesting for it's ending. Apart from the ending the film was a total copy of Terminator 2. It starts the same with Arnold caming back once agin to protect John. They have pretty much the same chase scenes but now more F**king CGI and yes Arnold's Terminator dies once again at the end. I loved how the film ended as it set it up for this next kick ass looking Terminator fick (Terminator Salvation). Let the war begin.

Jamie on Mar 3, 2009


This is promising, more than the other tin soldiers (Transformers)!

Vitor on Mar 3, 2009


First day Must see for me.

Fisherr on Mar 3, 2009


Ima have to do a marathon of the first three, seen them all, but don't remember a damn thing! How sad is that?? Looks good though, for an action flick...looks like a decent action flick ha. I really do like this idea though, of man versus's interesting.

Stacia on Mar 3, 2009


Amazing - now we can forget t3 and witness something awe inspiring - amazing moment when he realises hes a robot. See I knew they weren't trying to keep that a secret!! P.S. Transformers 2 can suck my metal balls!

dom on Mar 3, 2009


check out - they have another different trailer showing.

dom on Mar 3, 2009


yeah the director who gave us charlies angles 2.......The only thing that's keeping my interest in this movie is bale, he's a bit of a nutjob, but honestly every single movie he made[including empire of the rising sun] ruled, so my bet is this one will to! And for god's sakes don't compare this with bay's terminator in any way 1st one sucked so much i laughed threw half of the movie from it's sheer stupidity....girl was hot tho 😀

sng. Sheep on Mar 3, 2009


Although this looks great, James Cameron should of directed this. It was because James Cameron didn't direct T3 that it failed...

Cherry on Mar 3, 2009


No Arnold No Fun. I will go because of Bale not because this is T4 (which its not)

Shige on Mar 3, 2009


I think it would have been cooler if t-600/t-800 or whatever took people and forced them into big trucks (reminicent of jews in world war 2) instead of Transformer-like robots grabbing them with big King kong-hands.

Ryderup on Mar 3, 2009


BTW - if I saw this in the theatre with that NIN song blasting out from the speakers... I would piss my pants. Will have to see if Transformers can top this trailer.

Ryderup on Mar 3, 2009


what's the name of NIN's song i the trailer ??

shehab on Mar 3, 2009


Holy Shit! Now that was truly amazing! Excellent choice of music, suited the trailer perfectly. I was ridding the fence before on this one, figured it would be ok but now, it just looks brilliant!

K on Mar 3, 2009


the NIN song is title 'THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY."

LC on Mar 3, 2009


I love the grey, gritty background. Defintely looks like this flick could be great. 2009 is turning out to be the best year for sci fi and action BABY!

Haz on Mar 3, 2009


That;s what we were waiting for? Still meh...and he threw in a subliminal message, forget the past. IN other words, forget those other movies because it's Bale and with Bale we act like the other movies in a series never existed. I'll still see it if my dad pays.

wassssssuuuuuupppppppp on Mar 3, 2009


#9. If I was that cinematographer getting yelled at, I would've definately said that. In the gay voice too lol!

Nathan D. on Mar 3, 2009


okay this trailer was amazing but the one huge robot reminds me of a transformer still

Darren on Mar 3, 2009


This movie can fill a whole family with awesomeness!

Kenny on Mar 3, 2009


Don't get me wrong, I still want to see this awesomeness, but isn't the trailer giving a lot away? That thing with Marcus is what I would hide or only hint to in a trailer. And I thought the same thing at #11. BSG, much?

Lauren on Mar 3, 2009


Who cares if they gave the Marcus thing away? If you thought about the previous trailer for even a second then you'd know that Marcus is a terminator. I mean, I guess I just don't see what the problem is especially in a world in which the movie still looks good. Its not like any of you are just going to sit at home on opening day and say "Heh, I saw that trailer. Marcus is a terminator. Thats all I need to know, I am smart and capable. Heh."

Adam on Mar 3, 2009


I don't know about this movie. I don't believe someone had the balls to say this looks better than the original! Where is the laser guns that James Cameron had in his Terminator future? The big robot looked like a Transformer knock off. Many have tried to sequel Camerons work and have failed miserably. I don't think this will be any different. I will maybe wait for DVD for this film.

JussHaten on Mar 3, 2009


FUCK YES!@!!!!!!! fucking 30 years in the making

Cody on Mar 3, 2009


Fuck the Terminator trilogy. Arnold is a big fuck face who went to the Keanu Reaves school of acting. The whole story is fucking stupid and makes as much sense as George Lucas' Star Wars Chapters 1-3. Other than the fact that machines want to take over the world, can anyone tell me what the fuck the point is in these shit bag films? Connor sends a Terminator back to protect himself? They all die and then live to look like Arnold? It's all the same Terminator? Is John Connor really Jesus re-born? Can we get an original story from Hollywood other than pieces of shit molded with fancy effects so audiences swallow? It's still a piece of shit if you put a bow on it. It's all fucking stupid and an insult to any common sense. Anyone who pops a nut over a preview is in for a huge disappointment. As far as Transformers movies and comparisons, they suck too! Put it in perspective...they are movies about shitty toys.

Joey Marione on Mar 3, 2009


damn. thats all i can say. cant wait for the release

Latrice Shannel on Mar 3, 2009


Way too much is spoiled in this trailer.

Darunia on Mar 3, 2009


#101: ... Because Joey Marione is an award winning scriptwriter of clearly original material ...

Djozer on Mar 3, 2009


Amazing, espically the end shot.

Ryan on Mar 3, 2009


well i aint gonna b.tch about whether the transformers or the T:S is better but gotta tell this. i wasnt that excited about T:S untill i saw this trailer wow i dont care if this movie falls short to TransformersII or nor but i am really psyched about the new T human tissue?? even the T doesnt know its a T?? watta F* the dark atmosphere has sucked me in all the way boys and gals the paze looks to be very fast and more more secrets and subplot are brought to daylight only to have even more stirr up where they come from. wow i am counting days (but first i gotta get me my dose of two pairs of 3 claws :D)

burak "D'aequitas" on Mar 3, 2009


I like the poster and the cuts of the movies but until I see it with my eyes at the movies the entire movie I cant decide. They always show the best parts in the cuts and the rest of the movie well bites

Chico on Mar 3, 2009


To all the idiots who think they gave away the big "mystery" in the movie, do some fucking research. The biggest mystery is at the end of the movie; finding out that Marcus is a terminator unaware of his purpose is just the beginning. Do you idiots really believe that they would reveal everything about the movie??? Also, quit comparing the CG in this movie to transformers... its not the same fucking thing and I don't want it to be. The robots in TS are designed to be more primitive because thats the stage of development they are in; you can't expect robots designed to compete with Transformers. I guess its just not worth enlightening you guys... the movie is gonna kick ass and I hope all you haters out there miss out and wait till it shows up on DVD.

?? on Mar 3, 2009


Funny that some people wished the NIN's song was attached to "Watchmen"? Oh well....

Roy on Mar 3, 2009


:42-:48 is insane

urban kirk on Mar 3, 2009


it won't be as fucking cool as the first two terminator films,but looks alot better than terminator 3(female terminator was totally fuckable).so i say hurry the fuck up summer time.

zetsu on Mar 3, 2009


WOW! It makes Transformers look like a cartoon. Great looking reboot to the Terminator franchise. I hope it rated R.

Joshua on Mar 3, 2009


I can't wait. And I think it will be as good as the first two Terminator films. It looks far more grittier.

Joshua on Mar 3, 2009


Damn it, I hate getting wrapped up in the hype, but I am.

tzarinna on Mar 3, 2009


Wooooooow. This summer is going to be great. That film grain though makes the movie look kinda like a sci-fi film ...

Nikhil Hariharan on Mar 3, 2009


What is the name of the song at 0:36????

wilson on Mar 3, 2009


the first of any of them that actually has me interested.. just to see the story behind the robot bodied human mind.. or whatever it is supposed to be... I am game now

Dusty on Mar 3, 2009


looks amazing. i actually want to see this now.

dave13 on Mar 3, 2009


Does Christian Bale beat his mom up in this movie? NO!!?? then why the hell would i even bother watching?

Roberto Dinamite on Mar 3, 2009


that trailer ROCKS!! man i cannot wait to see this one in theaters! this film looks like it will revive the terminator series with a vengeance

thejugfather on Mar 3, 2009


I'm not sure about the movie but goddamnit this trailer is amazing! The music fits perfectly. I'm excited

bltzie on Mar 3, 2009


Darrin wat the hell do you know about cgi

hmm on Mar 4, 2009


Wilson: It's "The Day the World Went Away" by Nine Inch Nails

Jericho on Mar 4, 2009


The Future is Dirty. And there are no showers. Imagine how this movie must SMELL! 😉

Django on Mar 4, 2009


JESUS CHRIST !? This is awesomeeeee..

geez on Mar 4, 2009


The movie is going to bite like a dog, just like the last one. They need to come up with different movies.

Chico on Mar 4, 2009


fucking awesome wen i leave from my graduation ceremony im goin 2 see this

Walker on Mar 4, 2009


looks like matrix begin

rolf on Mar 5, 2009


Sorry #122 but I am hoping it for PG-13, becuase their hard to come by and often better (most hard core action or horror are R) but it will most likely be R, I just hope not. If it does become PG-13 it will probably be the ONLY Terminator movie I will own. #126, 'don't count you chickens before they hatch' becuase if you like Transformers and not this then you are clearly underestimating mechanized personnas. This is where the new age begins and I intend (debatably movie) refine it.

Kore on Mar 5, 2009


man that gave me goosebumps...... the lasr part paticularly with the original movie/..... its on my b'daytoo

NEO on Mar 5, 2009


Has anyone noticed......a first, possible idea tie-in from Connor Chronicles??? This idea of a terminator having a sense of identity based on its' real-life counterpart's was explored in an episode of Sarah Connor Chronicles, earlier this season (Series 2 Episode 4 titled 'Allison from Palmdale'). In it, Cameron's character suffers a 'malfunction' but then the audience learns that her chip was based on a human survivor in the future (a friend of John Connor's), Allison.

J smith on Mar 6, 2009


BSG, much? I could totally see the actor for Helo in Marcus' role. xD I'm less excited for the movie now... I dunno why. But, if I had any say in making the trailer, I would have hidden that Marcus thing. That's the kind of thing you only allude to in my oppinion. I think that's why I'm less excited.

Lauren on Mar 6, 2009


WHy the fuck do they give the whole movie away in trailer. Thats it, im done with fucking trailers!!! The best trailer for any movie ever made was for Terminator 2 when they showed the T-800 being built for i believe 45 seconds and Arnold says ill be back. Gives nothing fucking away. But this, i've seen it all!!!

REAL6 on Mar 6, 2009


this movie is the main movie i am waiting for in the summer it lookes better than transformers 2, and wolverine

matthew on Mar 7, 2009


fucking dopest movie ever

Jont on Mar 8, 2009


holy shit. lol that was badass fer sure =)

buddhistwisdom7 on Mar 8, 2009


Incredible what a change in music can do for a trailer.. for once I'm actually pretty excited about seeing this movie lol..

ronmon on Mar 11, 2009


I have always said that this was gonna be awesome did any one listen to me nope well guess what I predict this will be this summer's Iron Man.

Gizmo on Mar 14, 2009


lol "forget the past" i think they mean T3

Silver on Mar 14, 2009


****** Is that a patch job done at the end of the trailer ? the nuclear blast taken from T3??

Men of honor.... on Mar 19, 2009


As far as I am concered, don't judge a movie by its trailer (even if it reveals too much) and don't underestimate action genere movies by revealed plot. This terminator may be one of the best (quote may) and might be the only PG-13 one at that. And if it is PG-13 with not much language (expected) it many give Transformers a good reminder of who took the first leap and who is still standing.

Kroe on Mar 21, 2009


very nice!

Ray on Mar 22, 2009


Look carefully at what happens to the guys legs when he gets pulled up by the harvestor... They disappear. I watched this frame by frame in 1080p and the guys legs move out of view almost instantly while the claws of the harvestor are still in view. Either he gets 'sucked up' by the harvestor and gets stored somewhere inside or this is quite poor cg work, pretty uncharacteristic for ILM. Hopefully it gets fixed up or explained because everything else points to a quality film.

looks good but... on Mar 22, 2009


@ looks good but..., I'm personally leaning towards it being a mistake mostly because when they pan up to the whole thing the girl in it's right claw is still there and I don't see any thing that points to a suction device. Obviously that is a weak argument considering but since I haven't heard a dime about them sucking up people, I'm just going with that.

Johnny Neat on Mar 23, 2009


Johnny Neat, it's funny you said that because I wasn't even analyzing the cgi but thought the same thing. It's like it picks em up one at a time. Either way it still looks pretty cool though.

chris vu on Mar 23, 2009


I think this is going to be a great movie.

Atlanta Private Investigator on Mar 24, 2009


This trailer gave the whole movie away? Are you people retarded? So you're saying you've read the script and that this movie told us everything that's going to happen? Jesus christ shut the f*ck up And I'm surprised no one mentioned the part where the robot realizes that the wasn't human, I always get chills when I hear that "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" and Christian Bale just walks away into the darkness with an expression that just screams "....". Amazing scene.

danielvutran on Mar 24, 2009


Johnny Neat, yeah, after the shot of the claw grabbing both the woman and the man, the Harvestor is holding the woman in its right hand but the man isn't in the left hand, like you'd expect. Could be a simple case of trailer editing whereby the actual movie shows what happens to the dude in the left hand in between him being grabbed and not being there after. I say 'sucked up' purely as a way to explain possibly why the guys legs seems to vanish upwards so quickly. Maybe he gets put in some storage compartment in the Harvestor's chest or something but that doesn't explain those legs. Anyway, this is a quite picky observation, just wondering if anyone else noticed it and thought it looked odd also. The cg of the t-800's crawling upper torso looks pretty amazing... Also, I think there's going to be a lot more to this movie than just finding out that Marcus Wright is a cyborg. Yeah, we didn't need to know, but i don't believe the whole movie is spoiled.

looks good but... on Mar 25, 2009


I think it's going to be cool especially with Bale leading. I couldn't but help but peek at the supposed original ending. I haven't heard one person say they liked it. If they do stick with the oringinal ending I personally think it's pretty damn interesting. It's not necessarily bad it's just kind of heavy and weird. My point being I don't care how much the trailer gives away. It's because of this trailer I'll pay nine dollars to see it. It honestly gave me chills with the music and shit. The only part that looked really fake was near the end when that car or whatever crashed into that jet. Other than that I hope to smoke a bowl before this one and watch that shit

chris vu on Mar 25, 2009


I wasn't exactly thrilled when I learned McG was directing this, but Jonathon Nolan wrote the script and Bale is in it!

Seb on Mar 26, 2009


I have made my summer top 10 list 1. Terminator Salvation 2. Xmen origins: Wolverine 3. Transformers 2 4. Star Trek 5. GI Joe 6. Harry Potter and the half blood prince 7. Funny People 8. Inglourious Basterds 9. Land of the Lost 10. Night at the Museum 2

Gizmo on Mar 26, 2009


the trailer of this terminator installment is absolutely cool!!! can't wait 4 it, hoping that schwarzenegger'll be bck in the 5th installment

Arnold on Mar 31, 2009


This summer is going to be amazing. And in terms of his career, it looks like McG has finally topped the magnum opus that is Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle. And I'm not being facetious, I love that movie.

J. Jonah Hexas Texas on Apr 4, 2009


terminator sucks

the incredible hulk on Apr 11, 2009


Check out the shot of the mushroom cloud at 2:30. Isn't that the exact shot out of the end (and beginning, I guess) of T3?

Jack on Apr 12, 2009


just looks like a michael bay movie trying to be serious

morgan on Apr 13, 2009


by the trailer alone this may be the most powerful production the genre has released in years.... the kind of cinematic ritual that pummels you for two hours and you stumble up the carpeted walkway with the rest, as the lights come on drained and in an unfamiliar reality, so different from the immersion of directorial vision you just departed. you can only mumble, "I'll be baaack... when I can get the DVD..."

batvette on Apr 14, 2009


I noticed that someone said the song in the Watchmen trailer is "The End is the Beginning is the End" by Smashing Pumpkins. That's actually the original version of the song (written for the Batman & Robin movie). The version in the trailer is called "The Beginning is the End is the Beginning." And I get chills every time I watch this trailer. I have a feeling this will be one of the best movies I've seen in a long time (Terminator 2 happens to be my most favorite movie...ever)

Origin on Apr 22, 2009

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