Must Watch: Final Epic X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer!

March 5, 2009
Source: MTV

Final Epic X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

If the new Terminator Salvation and Public Enemies trailers weren't exciting enough, we've got yet another new trailer today. Fox has debuted the final trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine over on MTV. It's somewhat of an amalgamation of the three TV spots that we saw a few weeks ago, with some additional footage thrown in as well. The first thing I'll say is that this looks so much better than before because it finally looks polished and the effects look really good. Secondly, both Gambit and Deadpool look badass and I can't wait to see them in action. But does this look like it'll be one of the best summer movies or not?

Additionally, USA Today put out a batch of slick new character photos. I still think this looks awesome, I guess I'm just slightly skeptical given all the bad things we've heard, but we will see soon enough!

Watch the final trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

[flv: 598 336]

You can also watch the final X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer in High Definition on MTV

Wolverine lives a mutant life, seeks revenge against Victor Creed (who will later become Sabretooth) for the death of his girlfriend, and ultimately ends up going through the mutant Weapon X program.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is directed by South African filmmaker Gavin Hood, of the Oscar winner Tsotsi and Rendition previously. The script was written by veteran screenwriter David Benioff, of 25th Hour, Troy, and The Kite Runner previosuly. The character of Wolverine was first created by Len Wein and John Romita Sr. back in 1974. Fox will debut X-Men Origins: Wolverine in theaters everywhere on May 1st.

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Awesome! This summer is going to kick @ss! Oh and Alex, you can ignore my message I sent you about posting this. Watched it earlier from a different site but yours is my favourite! Thanks!

K on Mar 5, 2009


Who is that clown that Wolverine is fighting at the end that has the powers of Cyclops. Fox did you invent a villian for Wolverine have a climactic fight with? Booooooooooooooooooo. Shame on you. That's what Sabertooth is for. And if this takes place 20 or so years before the X-men - how can Cyclops be in it? He was late twenties tops in the X-men movies. Continuity be damned!

Matt on Mar 5, 2009


yeah...who was that guy....

JNYCE on Mar 5, 2009


Ok I am sold this look fucking amazing!!!

Movie dude on Mar 5, 2009


I have to believe that the movie will end with a sabretooth showdown...I am a little worried though.

melvis316 on Mar 5, 2009


This looks incredibly stupid, lame, gimmicky, and fake. Wow...

Richard on Mar 5, 2009


#2, if you were paying attention this movie takes place at many time periods. So, Cyclops will fit. I'm going to guess that the mutant with Cyclops powers is probably one of the many that have the ability to absorb other's powers... And so what if they did create a character? As long as the movie kicks ass, and WE GET TO SEE DEADPOOL GET HIS FACE FUCKED UP! PLEASE!

Nate on Mar 5, 2009


I think i just wet my pants.

zero1 on Mar 5, 2009


That guy is prolly Weapon IX (not sure of number) he is in the cats listing .

Superchyle on Mar 5, 2009


they hardly showing the blob in this movie.

Darrin on Mar 5, 2009


Deadpool and Weapon XI going to be the same characters not separate Deadpool with the mask Deadpool without the mask also at Scott Adkins fansite whos going to play Ryan Reynolds stunt double it seems Weapon XI and Deadpool wont be separate characters. in the movie Weapon XI is simply the progression of Deadpool heres the link

movieboy1 on Mar 5, 2009


good trailer

movieboy1 on Mar 5, 2009


Gambit looks corny. Deadpool is completely ruined. Not only does he look wrong, he's shooting lasers from his eyes at the end there. What the hell? I hope the toy line was fake, and that isn't Deadpool.

Darunia on Mar 5, 2009


Hope those CG claws aren't final. They look pretty bad.

Darunia on Mar 5, 2009


this look amazing.

will on Mar 5, 2009


This looks so god damn cheesy. It looks like just another comic movie, whereas at least the X-Men trilogy (well, the first 2) took the genre to new heights. The camera angles and the special FX are terrible!

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Mar 5, 2009


Awesome! This will ROCK! To those of you who think that Deadpool is shooting lasers out of his eyes and that the continuity is wrong, blah, blah, blah; watch the trailer AGAIN!

Spider on Mar 5, 2009


This is really awesome.. going to be a great movie!!

Simply Ridiculous on Mar 5, 2009


I do love the Gambit and the Deadpool. TBH, this is 1000x better quality of a movie than FOX normally brings us, it's packed with lore and awesome characters, so even if we get some over the top action and dialogue, I think us nerds are still going to enjoy ourselves.

Daniel Mace on Mar 5, 2009


Nice Nice!

????? on Mar 5, 2009


that guy is Deadpool/Weapon XI yes guys its true there are links to the action figures of the character. the links has the Deadpool that we know of and the other is one without the mask that is in the trailer.

the_dark_one on Mar 5, 2009


Theres some things I don't get. Deadpool is bad ass and scary. Ryan Reynolds has played bad ass (blade 3, amityville). So why does he look like Ryan Reynolds circa Van Wilder? Doesn't deadpool where a mask too? That helicopter scene ruins it for me every time.

Brian Ricci on Mar 5, 2009


This trailer was a downgrade for me. They use that same slow motion "ROOWWWRR" sound effect, like, three times in this trailer alone! What they've done to Deadpool is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Tom Brazelton on Mar 5, 2009


that was 2 and a half minutes of my life that i will never get back. pass.

Betterchill on Mar 5, 2009


Brian Ricci Deadpool get his mask later

the_dark_one on Mar 5, 2009


Spoiler got to tell you this the truth is Deadpool and Weapon XI are not the same people. the story is that William Stryker and his team are kiddnapping mutants to use their DNA to create a Super Solider Mutant and that is Weapon XI. in the trailer you see that Weapon XI has claws like Wolverine and laser coming out of his eyes like Cyclops. Weapon XI going to have powers of other mutants that they kidnap in the movie. thats why you see the mutants are in cages cause they are been used to create Weapon XI. also Weapon XI is been played by another actor and martial artist star Scott Adkins check his imdb to see the truth. Deadpool will be Deadpool in the movie not Weapon XI so dont worry guys. film kid.

mike on Mar 5, 2009


Shoehorning people into a wolverine movie that you couldn't get into the original trilogy doesn't make it edgy. Corny dialogue and set pieces straight out of the 80s canon of Schwarzenegger/Stallone/Willis makes this flick a least-see opening weekend.

Stylist Mick on Mar 5, 2009


@ Daniel, a 1000x better quality movie from the trailers? It could be a giant convoluted piece of crap that ruins many of the character - set some high expectations dude. We still HAVE NOT seen Gambit speak so they could of destroyed the character by omitting the Cajun accent Deadpool could be Weapon XI, meaning no costume, meaning he had multiple abilities NOT from the comics, meaning he has Claws of his own and optic blasts, meaning another character ruined.

Rob on Mar 5, 2009


it simply looks bad. not excited at all. I'm looking forward to 17 again with Zac Efron more.

rblitz7 on Mar 5, 2009


Half part decent, half party cheesy as hell; not excited. I'm going to judge this harshly because Wolverine is such a good character that it takes a lot of effort to really fuck him up, and I think they just might have.

joe on Mar 5, 2009


to hell what u clowns are saying...this looks like a good time

Trey on Mar 5, 2009


Looks like a fun as hell, explosion filled blockbuster with a hint of story to it. Count me in.

Ryan on Mar 5, 2009


@mike Deadpool and Weapon XI are the same in this movie its confirm in Scott Adkins website. Deadpool and Weapon XI wont be different characters. from his website: "Scott Adkins wont be seen in the movie. He is basically a stunt double for Ryan Reynolds. During the course of the film Reynolds' character Deadpool undergoes a transformation and ends up wearing the red pants, having a bold head, and looks disfigured. Adkins' likeness will not be present in the film at all. There is no Weapon XI in regards to a separate character, he is simply the progression of Deadpool. (Meaning Weapon XI and Deadpool will be the same character) If you know the back story of Deadpool you will know he starts a normal person and then is changed and disfigured and that is what happens in the film, although the story is different than the comic book and they have changed a lot. Instead of swords he will have blades coming out of the top of his arms, sort of like that Mortal Kombat character."

the_dark_one on Mar 5, 2009


Where the hell is everyone getting this Deadpool is Weapon XI thing? I see that nowhere in the trailer. And everyone freaking out about Deadpool without a mask, chill. If you know your Deadpool history, he used to have a normal face, then got it messed up as a result of his involvement in Weapon X.

Nate on Mar 5, 2009


Nate there are an action figure of the same character called Deadpool and its confirm on Scott adkins website that Deadpool and Weapon XI are not different characters. Weapon XI is going to be the progression to Deadpool. this movie is not going to follow like the comic book history i.e. Sabertooth and Wolverine are now brothers, Gambit is in this movie, Cyclops appear in this movie, Colonel William Stryker never created the Weapon X program. all the X-Men movies no way followed the comic books thats a fact.

the_dark_one on Mar 5, 2009


Does anyone know if the Emma Frost rumor has been confirmed or debunked? God I hope she's the blonde girl we see in the trailer. She's too awesome not to put in a movie.

Kate on Mar 5, 2009


this looks like it could be a miss after all... shame.

Nick S. on Mar 5, 2009


That unknown person can't be DEADPOOL, muss be kidding, I bet that's either MIMIC or someone Else.

NeoSlyfer on Mar 5, 2009


I'm going to reserve judgment. My expectations for this film aren't very high after The Last Stand, but I'm glad they managed to get a good writer and director. I just hope Fox doesn't end up ruining it.

John on Mar 5, 2009


Hold on, let me see if I understand this correctly. Deadpool turns into Weason XI which has large knives comming out of his arms and can shoot lasers out of his eyes..... Uh, who came up with this some Fox executives 6 year old? I'm not saying you have to be 100% faithful to the comics, but 10% faithful would be nice. You shouldn't have your climactic battle scene bad guy be someone who looks like he was drawn up by some 6 year old on a sugar rush. Geez. My hope in this is dwindling.

Matt on Mar 5, 2009


well i know im gonna watch this no matter what any one says cuz im a huge fan of x movies and this one could be a preety good one over alll i think fox has done a good job and this will improve thier reputation

alan on Mar 5, 2009


Wow 20th Century Fox is really crapping out the worst movies lately... This movie looks terrible; cheesy CGI, atrocious dialogue, that "RAAAOWR" sound that appears throughout the trailer three times, Deadpool is played by Ryan Reynolds (enough said), going back to the CGI and the fight sequences look extremely cheesy ( at moments I thought I was watching cut scenes from a PS2 game). The special effects for this film and Dragonball:Evolution are identical (Fox is handing out mediocre films based on big franchises to make a quick buck). Glad this mess of a trailer was released to solidify my thoughts on this film to be true. Heres hoping for a horrible 09 year for Fox so they can clean up management and set up more thoughtful and intelligent CEO (unlike Tom Rothman) to lead the studio down the same path of success that Warner Brothers, Paramount, and Sony have been achieving.

Craig on Mar 5, 2009


uhhhh.... did that just show the entire movie?

cre2done on Mar 5, 2009


hopefully Deadpool is badass enough

-Peter- on Mar 5, 2009


Is it just me or is this the movie that is cool to hate? every other fuckin nerd on here is a CGI expert, can't you guys just enjoy a trailer/movie. get over yourselves, if you are all so goddamn knowledgable why aren't you making the movies? all the professionals screw it up and you would have done better? go eat a bag of dicks.

theotherbluth on Mar 5, 2009


You guys are dumb! Deadpool is clearly holding those swords. Look at his grip. He's holding them high up on the handles.

The_Phantom on Mar 5, 2009


Definitely want to see this. Some bits looked daft but it's a film about a man with an adamantium skeleton who rapidly heals, never ages and can expand claws from his wrist so I'm willing to accept that. Could have went in better directions as a film, I still think Wolverine is a much better character than Batman.

Crapola on Mar 5, 2009


Everyone seems to be arguing whether or not Deadpool and Weapon XI is the same character. Truthfully, if that were the case, then I'm sure they'd leave that reveal for the movie, not for a trailer. That being the case, I don't think there should be a debate about it. I'm just worried about the CGI. Is it just me or do wolverine's claws (more so in the end) look noticeably fake?

maverick on Mar 5, 2009


You are right Maverick people need to chill and just wait for the movie to judge it...also yes they do look fake but trailers for movies months before their release are notorious for having less than perfect special effects versus what you see in the movie...of course this is Fox we are talking about but i am going to wait until it comes out 🙂 Cant wait I love Hugh!

Maxx on Mar 5, 2009


You all criticize the movie to much. Can't you just take it for what it is...A fun, bad ass movie that lets us see all our favorite comic characters come to life. Plus it looks really action packed. It is going to be an awesome movie.

Derek on Mar 5, 2009


Dont give a shit about the source material tis looks fucking sweet

Cody on Mar 5, 2009


O yeah and word to derek this and other trailer comments, u guys criticising is fucking retarded just lay back and enjoy it already stop looking so far into it

Cody on Mar 5, 2009


Who was the black guy that disapeared?

dac on Mar 5, 2009


I know Fox has done some terrible things but I in good conscience cannot see them making Deadpool Weapon XI. No toy line will justify otherwise, no one is stupid enough to completly remake someones past like that, unlike wolverine who has about thirty diffrent past.

Joker on Mar 5, 2009


@Joker what you talking about they have remake everyone past in the X-Men movies. how Gambit is part of the Wolverine story. even the new Dragonball movie story is different from the anime, etc. they changed Deadpool to making Weapon XI and Deadpool to be the same character is has be confirm with the Toyline and also Stunt double fansite

james on Mar 5, 2009


The problem with all this will be that even if it's good the entire story is eventually just leading up to X-Men 3.

TheManWithNoName on Mar 5, 2009


they already made an xmen 3...and it was awful... dead pool looks screwed up and honestly, if they butcher the story that bad an such a hugh character at that, i may not be watching any more of these movies...iron man was great, but what they are doing with wolverine and the x-men is just sickening. Wonder how stan "the man" lee really thinks about all of this.

taurinh24 on Mar 5, 2009


It would have been cool to see Omega Red in this movie. Oh, well.

S on Mar 5, 2009


ok best trailer so far for this film,i can't wait to see emma frost a.k.a the white queen in better action scenes,i see they gave gambit red eyes now(good call)but deadpool where is his fucking mask,come on marvel you done great shit with iron man,can't you use your jedi mind tricks on fox(you will put a mask on deadpool,we will put a mask on deadpool.)cyclops had his ruby quartz glasses on who gave them to him knowing thats what it takes to hold his optic blast back,i think it was mr sinister in the comics,probably wolverine in this version.also who the fuck is the black dude meant to be & the villain with the swords,tatooed body & eye beams.

zetsu on Mar 5, 2009


im glad i have a film to scratch off my list this was getting to costly.

Al on Mar 5, 2009


(Out of subject) The first 10 minutes of Watchmen are incredible, the 'générique' is wonderful !!!!!!!! Go watch the Watchmen (this was one of the best film i've ever seen !) from France.

Florian on Mar 5, 2009


They're going to have to give away virtually every element and surprise of this film in the previews in order to sell it. I think it looks cool, but you can kind of tell by the previews that aside from the wow factor of the mutants....this film is going to be a mess. The effects don't look all that great, the cgi looks weak, and some of the action scenes already look over the top. Really the one thing I'm excited to see is Gambit, and i'm not even a fan of the comics. He just looks like a cool character to put on the big screen. But I think the movie itself is going to make a buttload of money, while being pretty much loathed by critics and fans alike.

ImaginaryVisionary on Mar 5, 2009


@Zetsu: The "black dude" is John Wraith played by Will I Am

Jericho on Mar 5, 2009


Trailers show too much these days and ruin the fucking movie like the new Terminator trailer!!! ALl the set design on this looks so fucking cheap. Are you sure this is not a Sci Fi original movie?

REAL6 on Mar 5, 2009


Hmm, didn't give me chills like the first time I saw it, this gives me more info on things I didn't really wanna know about, kinda shows the whole movie don't you think? I kinda wish I didn't see it, but i guess now that I have it still looks like one hell of a good time and a bad ass movie, but why, if cyclops is in it, does he not know who Wolverine is in the X-Men movies? Or does he and just never says, I cant remember now, I know he doesn't trust him tho.

Richard on Mar 5, 2009


what the hell is going on with that CGI? The movie looks exciting, and the trailer as good but the CGI was shoddy to say the least.

nemof on Mar 5, 2009


I laughed during the entire thing. It looks really bad. "Joins us so you can have your revenge"? are you kidding me? I enjoy a good action romp but that doesn't mean they can't be good. This seems like a lot of nothing, too many characters and plot threads only added for a few "ohhs" and "ahhs"

adrian on Mar 5, 2009


If weapon XI is that deformed guy and who is Deadpool then? Ryan Reynolds...okay, and even if this guys iss Deadpool,where is Ryan Reynolds? Its doesn't make any sense you know. Or it seems that i don't understand shit and i'll wait and watch the movie. I think i'll go with the second opinion.

Fisherr on Mar 5, 2009


Am I supposed to be impressed? Cus I am not. Looks like nobody learned anything from the failure of X Men 3.

Brandon on Mar 5, 2009


Really not fond of the direction they are taking with deadpool. Ok so he gets mutilated, but why the heck give him blades on his arms??? Just stick with the swords for gods sake. I also dont see what everyone is complaining about with the CGI, looks just fine to me

Cory on Mar 5, 2009


@55 Couldnt the stunt double play two roles?

Joker on Mar 5, 2009


Ok really guys i love Marvel and so far after IronMan and the Hulk, Marvels got there stuff in order! Now I know for a fact that this movie is going to freakin rock!!! And to u guys that say this movie sucks, use that passion and boycott the new Dragonball movie! Now that is an eyesore that needs to be stopped in its tracks before it hits!!! So all im asking is have some, if not a little, faith that this movie is gonna rock!

James on Mar 5, 2009


Sigh. I have been putting off watching this trailer and I finally pulled the trigger. so sad. I have been saying this for months. They were not going to allow the source material speak for itself. They DEMANDED to put a significant change to a badass character. To be honest, they were a little close. Wade (Deadpool) joined weapon X to cure his terminal cancer and had all sorts of horrible experiments done on him before Wolverine's healing factor was able to cure him but leave him horribly malformed. They couldn't just leave it at that ... could they? Can't wait till you all start believing me about the travesty that will be "Star TreK"

Stevo on Mar 5, 2009


It made me cry when I found out Will I am was gonna be in it

MichaelHodges on Mar 6, 2009


what's with those super cheesy "Wolverine" dog tags? did they pull that from the comic book? not sure why that bothers me so much, but it just seems queer

darthwhitey on Mar 6, 2009


The only truly inspiring and fresh looking movie this summer is Star Trek (and that comes from Star Wars geek, read: original trilogy). Also, we have Terminator Salvation (lookin better every day), Pixar's Up (Hey! It's Pixar!), Public Enemies...Pleeeenty of fun before AVATAR. But this? Naaaah...It's like Angels and Demons or Transformers 2...Audiences won't give a fuck (except Transformers, shamefully), critics won't give a fuck. The only satisfied crowd will be so called 'geeks'. Well, I'm a geek, I like good, mind-blowing, inspiring two-hour film. Wolverine is just a not-so-good spin-off. Remember this.

m4st4 on Mar 6, 2009


Was that Omega Red?

sumonesumtime on Mar 6, 2009


Wow. This looks fawkin' terrible. "Spider Man 2" and "The Dark Knight" are good comic book films. This...well, this is garbage. I love that it is looking so as-tastic because I am tired of seeing Wolverine in everything. He's easily the most overrated, overhyped fictional character in all of comicbook land.

My Little Pony on Mar 6, 2009


To me, the explanation that Weapon XI (or whatever) is some sort of super mutant experiment that gets loose makes the most sense from a story perspective. That wouldn't be way out of line for Weapon X seeing as Deadpool was not born a mutant but became one when he joined Weapon X. And yes, I know that a fansite has a thread about them being the same but seeing as it was posted by a fanboy and not the man himself I'd say it's about as reliable as using Wikipedia for a research paper. I dunno...maybe this is just me trying to be optimistic....

S on Mar 6, 2009


after reading all of the posts . . . looking at all of the toy photos . . . watching the trailer here's my thing (some of this may make sense, some of it may not, but im just throwing things out there) Deadpool is Weapon XI (after reading Deadpool's history, this totally makes sense) he does become disfigured and "mutated", so that has to come from somewhere. Why Cyclops' presence was included? Who knows . . . something FOX obviously cooked up . . . who cares? Anyway, it would make total sense to me would be for Wade Wilson to be the test subject to become Weapon XI . . . perhaps he loses all of those powers that he was given, save for the healing factor . . . he later dons the classic red and black outfit and he goes along his way when the movie ends. I remember hearing rumors of Omega Red being in the movie. Take a look at Weapon XI . . . looks vaguely similar to Omega Red. Perhaps this is FOX's spin to lead as a precursor to Omega Red in an upcoming sequel . . . Weapon XI didnt work, so Stryker gives it another go and creates Omega Red. --OR-- The studio was so lazy and couldnt fit Omega Red in and just combined him and Deadpool together to create some new character that, as of right now, has only had a mere mention in a comic, but never an appearance. Seems like the studio is taking creative liberties with Marvel's characters and doing what they will with them. I like the former more than the latter. Either scenario wont deter me from seeing the movie. But if something bad comes out of it ala everything from X3, then that'll be the end of it and I (we) just wont see another (at least) non-Marvel Studios released film . . . simple as that folks

jaketheweasel on Mar 6, 2009


whose that mutant kid that was frozen the yellow and blue eye kid?

johnny boy on Mar 6, 2009


jizz in my pants....

torti on Mar 7, 2009


This looks really really bad.

Chris on Mar 7, 2009


@81 i think that is Stryker's son the one that was in X2 might be him in a younger age.

Fisherr on Mar 8, 2009


looks cool but also looks kind of cheesy....i dont know about this anymore. i was looking forward to it until i saw that trailer. reminds me of how cheesy blade 3 was

history repeats on Mar 8, 2009


you guys are tools. Just cuz the character of Cyclops is in the movie doesn't necessarily mean he has any interaction at all with Wolverine. Black dude is Wraith, a teleporter from Weapon X. White dude with all the markings is Weapon XI, a genetically altered Wade Wilson who is indeed the protagonist in the dramatic finale.

JohnnyP on Mar 9, 2009


The guy with the optic blast and blades is NOT Deadpool I figure he is Mimic

Jefram_denkar on Mar 11, 2009


Well every movie seems to keep looking better

Gizmo on Mar 14, 2009


Awww man, I shouldn't have watched that... Trailer show too much already these days. HELLA cool lookin though.

Mr j Money on Mar 19, 2009


@6 Pfff. Get off the high horse. Not every movie can be so good it changes the industry. I for one am very much looking forward to seeing this.

Dating in Toronto on Mar 27, 2009


With the 3 movies in the X-Men series raking in over 2 billion dollars (US+International box office, DVD/BluRay sales/rentals, not inc other merc) Wolverine is a sure winner. Ofc, there's cost, and taxes, but still alotta cash. I'm guessing Wolverine will bring in another 0.5 Billion from US/International box office +DVD/BluRay sales at the end of the year. could it be that FOX didn't believe Wolverine could be a hit? X-Men the last stand was a poor third movie, let's blame Singer for jumping off the ship(I sure do), but still, I don't get it how FOX at the get go did not think this would be another money maker? Lets hope the new footage they managed to put together makes this a really good spin off. If you wanna check my "facts", look at, list what productions cost, sales, ect. I was shocked that X-Men The Last Stand cost 210 billion dollars...not counting ads, promotions, prints....can this be true, or a type-o on the mentioned site? Alex, if you read this, do you have any no# you could share with us/correct me?

SamIam on Mar 29, 2009


Wolverine has leaked onto the internet...

Nick on Apr 1, 2009


I watched the leaked movie today...IT IS AWFUL!! I completely understand why they went back and did extensive reshoots!! All you fanboys can pull your hands out of your pants, Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool/Weapon XI is in for 2 scenes, and so is Gambit...prepare to be as let down as you were with Venom in Spider-Man 3 and Darth Vader in Phantom Menace!!! Actually, the back story of Wolverine, Stryker, and Sabretooth isn't bad and is one of the better elements in the movie! The final scene with Professor X (oops!!) is a good way to end the movie. But the senselessness of throwing in Cyclops...I mean Scott as he's referred to in the movie is pointless. OK, they wanted to capture him to steal his Super-Man rip off eye lasers, but that was just to set up how he becomes the leader of the X-Men and proves himself in the end of the movie! Oh, and the "special team" they put back story, no intro of characters, nothing!!! One minute they're in the jungle trying to capture Logan, then they're being killed one by one by Sabretooth. They show all together for one mission...and yes the obligatory "don't you ever shut up" comes from Logan to Ryan Deadpool in an elevator scene! I actually really liked the beginnings with Logan and Victor and then the end by revealing how Wolverine lost his memory by getting shot in the brain with an adamantium bullet by Stryker right before he gets away!! FOX does a good job with the story element of it (did I just say that??!!) but they do a completely shitty job with the characters/mutants. Obviously, the version in May will be different with a heavier focus on Deadpool (who by the way they don't even recognize as being Wade...only that it's his body all scarred and sewed up with a bunch of different mutant's abilities) They don't show the process of him becoming Deadpool or you can't tell if it's Ryan Reynolds or not. Oh yeah, no cool Deadpool mask to boot either...just from pretty boy to scarred up mutant with no story in between, just a couple of cheesy lines. Hopefully they'll feature Gambit as more of a schmoe they portrayed him in this film...BTW, in the comics was he an airplane pilot by chance?! If this was the full 1:46 version they screened or plan to release, they were smart in making the call to go back and hopefully redo alot of it. Because out of what I doesn't look very promising at all. Shame, cause it could be a bad-ass movie for the most bad-ass character!!

Mike on Apr 1, 2009


#17, 38, 46, 87 YES HE IS DEADPOOL/WEAPON X!!!! Every bad scene you guys touch yourself to wondering if it is Ryan Deadpool or not is! He has lasers shooting from his eyes and swords coming from his arms, just like Wolverine ***THERE IS NO MASKED DEADPOOL IN THIS MOVIE AS 0F NOW!!!!*** Ryan is in for 2 or 3 scenes, has 1 decent action scene, 3 cheesy "straight from the comic" lines, and is not seen again the entire movie!! He is the first mutant team member killed by Sabretooth when he's getting revenge on the team looking for wolverine! They don't even show it, it's just implied by Sabretooth. Then at the end, Ryan Deadpool/Weapon XI appears in the final battle with all kinds of powers from other captured mutants and is magically sewn shut and scarred up to fight Wolverine and Sabretooth. Obviously, FOX is going to try to redeem this movie by re-evaluating his character. I hope they do something more with Gambit...he gets so lost in this film and it's a shame!

Mike on Apr 1, 2009


No#92: "I was shocked that X-Men The Last Stand cost 210 billion dollars…not counting ads, promotions, prints….can this be true, or a type-o on the mentioned site" ...erh, I meant 210million ofc 🙂

SamIam on Apr 2, 2009


Everyone complains too much, you're all forgetting it's an origin movie, so there really is no "Deadpool". The character played by Ryan Reynolds is more Wade Wilson like he has said in an earlier interview. The inclusion of Scott Summers and other characters further on, as well as not having Wade Wilson in his full red and black is to allow them further the franchise and tie all the movies together into a universe. If they did give him his costume in this movie, what would they do for his own movie? Deadpool really doesn't have that much story to tell. All he really is, is a smart mouth with a healing factor and barely a conscience so there's no right or wrong for him, no epic battle of good vs evil. The people making this movie are playing it smart by leaving as many options for sequels and spin-offs as possible. After watching the leak my only grip about the story would be that if the character seen in trailers is supposed to be emma frost, which they never mention. Then her diamond form is actually supposed to be her second mutation and in the movie she should have been telepathic. That and after how stupid and dumb a character Sabretooth is in the first Xmen movie compared to how layered his character is in this one.

Bill on Apr 4, 2009



Angel on Apr 15, 2009


You guys have to put this into perspective. This movie is not The Godfather and it never will be. Comparing this to the Godfather would make it really really bad. But put it into perspective, what if you compared this to The incredible Hulk a movie more of it's quality then you'll start to realize wait im not in this for the story but to see some really intense action with an awesome hero. Think about it.

Max on May 1, 2009


who was the old guy Wolverine was taking to and the guy with lasers at the end can not be deadpool it would not make since

Marvel fan on May 2, 2009


honestly asking fox if they made up deadpool? what idiots look up Deadpool before you write dumb comments like that

Joshua Downs on May 5, 2009



kiss my ass on Nov 26, 2009

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