Must Watch: First Early Teaser Trailer for Toy Story 3!

May 29, 2009

Toy Story 3 Teaser Trailer

Guess who's back?! Disney has debuted the first short teaser trailer for Pixar's Toy Story 3. This is a true teaser trailer, the kind we haven't seen in a long while, where all it really shows is the title. But, it is great to see all our favorite toys back in action. Glad to see that rivalry between Woody and Buzz is still going strong, as that's always where most of the great moments in the Toy Story movies come from. All we know about the story in this one is that the toys are dropped off in a day-care center after their owner, Andy, leaves for college. Its been a full 10 years since we last saw these toys, but they'll all finally be back again next year!

Watch the first teaser trailer for Pixar's Toy Story 3:

[flv: 596 336]

Watch the new Toy Story 3 teaser trailer in High Definition: 480, 720, 1080

Tom Hanks returns to voice Woody, Tim Allen returns as Buzz, and Joan Cusack is back as Jessie.

Toy Story 3 is being directed by Lee Unkrich, another one of Pixar's creative masterminds who previously co-directed Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., and Finding Nemo. The screenplay was written by Michael Arndt, the Oscar winning screenwriter of Little Miss Sunshine who is a newcomer to the Pixar family. Disney is bringing Pixar's Toy Story 3 to theaters everywhere in digital 3D starting on June 18th, 2010 next year.

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Nice! Seems like all the old voices are back. Another classic I'm sure.

K on May 29, 2009


First Ghostbusters 3 now this. I can't wait for the next big announcement. This is excitement overload. Please Jurassic Park 4

link1983 on May 29, 2009


I can't wait for this. Brings back good memories.

Dylan on May 29, 2009


That's the way you tease a movie. Awesome. Pixar could animate a lump of shit and turn it into 150 Million plus.

DLM Entertainment on May 29, 2009


excellent can't fucking wait.

zetsu on May 29, 2009


@link1983 Dont place your bets on Jurrasic Park 4. Despite them actually completing a script (which was rumoured to have the dinosaurs pick up gns and use them), they've pretty much said a fourth will not happen now the original Jurrasic Park author has died. So pumped to see all three films in 3D. The first two have brought me so much joy in the past (and sorrow for Jessie in TS2) that they deffinitely deserve my money again.

Marcus on May 29, 2009


I just don't see how this could go wrong in anyway I can't wait.

CLAW on May 29, 2009


Now, that's what I call a real teaser. Nothing about the story is revealed (other than the little things Alex said), all you know is, everyone will be back in that movie. And really, what more do you need to know for a Toy Story movie to be awesome? I hope they stick with this strategy. I hate those trailer overloads that get you sick of a movie before it even came out.

SuicidalOptimist on May 29, 2009


i really love toy story i think toy story movie"s is the pixar best movie"s up to date and glad that they debuted the trailer so early just got more excited after watching the teaser .First two were classic i hope this also becomes classic too pixar has good reputation of making good movie .I am gonna watch it in 3d like UP

joe on May 29, 2009


happy 🙂

Susana on May 29, 2009


all the voices are back I just wonder since Jim Varney passed who will handle Slink!?

xerxex on May 29, 2009


Wahaha, love it already =D

Robbie on May 29, 2009


Looks so cute, it's basically just a title but like a little story of its own. Buzz, Woody, Slinky, and Ham "Eh supervising"!!! You can't top this level of magnificent. Glad Pixar is finally doing this. No way it will be bad and even if it's less than great still can't any worse than Shrek 3.

Jeremy on May 29, 2009


two thumbs up! i wonder if Andy's off to college by now...

Nick S. on May 29, 2009



Caleb on May 29, 2009


#4 - hilarious - and so true!

Boo-Yah on May 29, 2009


That's going to make a snot load of money!!!

Jeremy on May 29, 2009



NeoSlyfer on May 29, 2009


"Slink, GO LONG!" in heaven

Bob on May 29, 2009


awesome, but a whole year away? not cool.

harrison on May 29, 2009


Can't wait for it to come out. Might as well go watch the first 2 again. LOL

David on May 29, 2009


I have not smiled this much in a long time, and it is released the day after my son's birthday and he is toy story MAD!!! Roll on June 18 2010!

Kaiser on May 29, 2009


aaahhhh just like he good old days

Said on May 29, 2009


Exciting. It's merely a teaser, yet better in some respects than some full time films and animated features.

Bo on May 29, 2009


Classic Toy Story! It's great that Pixar makes a separate trailer instead of pulling scenes from the actual movie. I'm curious to find out how Toy Story 1 & 2 will look in 3-D.

GTO on May 29, 2009


I'm down already got my ticket!

Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow (Facebook me!) on May 29, 2009


I'm there...amazing, i loved every second of that teaser, i cant wait!

sold on May 29, 2009


AMAZING. excited!

dave13 on May 29, 2009


Sweet deal. Looks like that didn't screw with anything. Hopefully be better than the second. I wasn't all too impressed with it but still enjoyed. I will admit I loved seeing them all again!

LSP on May 29, 2009


#29 So far, Pixar has shown that they don't half ass anything and its almost an impossibility that they keep it up forever, but they prove time and time again otherwise.

L on May 29, 2009


Looks great - but I hope the story isn't as diluted as it seems. It's pixar so you know it'll be good, and dominate the box office when it comes out.

Television Spy on May 29, 2009


Looks great................ Yet another Pixar film I am waiting for

SHANEDAV on May 29, 2009


Wow, that is absolutely amazing! Well doine! RT

Josh Minor on May 29, 2009


"That's the way you tease a movie. Awesome. Pixar could animate a lump of shit and turn it into 150 Million plus." @DLM Entertainment - They could, but thankfully they don't :}

Martin Boynton on May 29, 2009


@ #4 - DLM Entertainment Uhh.. try $350+ Million.. Every movie Pixar has made thus far has been in excess of $350 million dollars, some just grazing the limit (Toy Story - $362 Million) and some RIDICULOUSLY high (Finding Nemo - $864.6 million).. I'm thinking Toy Story 3 to be between $400-500 Million, even if it turns out to be a flop. Its still Toy Story.

Derek on May 29, 2009


Looks fantastic! I cannot wait and will be there for the midnight showing, if they have it. Or, I'll beat out the 8 year olds in the morning.

Kevin on May 30, 2009


#35 i WILL beat the 8 year olds. lol

joshitoshi on May 30, 2009


I think the chalk board should have been a nite brite. But it's still awesome!

crAziemutant on May 30, 2009



Todd Rogers on May 30, 2009


2010? .... i am definitely not going to start pining for it now. lol.

disopedient on May 30, 2009


Sweet Jesus, this is gonna rock 🙂

Benjamin on May 30, 2009


"Not to shabby", c'mon milk the money cow... I think it'll be good, the other two were pretty fine.

Crapola on May 30, 2009


#30 Why should be impossible to deliver full bodiness for ever? They are obviously enthused, are serious researchers of new technologies and they have respect for us. I know some great men who never let others down and always did their best, never delivered something underdeveloped etc.

Bo on May 30, 2009


Where's Bo Peep?

Fuelbot on May 30, 2009


hahah so many memories were brought back with those voices aback together...awesome just awesome

cody on May 30, 2009


My face before teaser: 😐 My face after teaser: :DDDDD

animal on May 30, 2009


I can't wait! 🙂

Catz2 on May 30, 2009


I'm glad kids of this age will finally get a taste of what classic Disney is like; they're really missing out.

Brooke on May 30, 2009


Whoa, where did this come from. I never heard anything about a 3rd Toy Story movie being made. Guess I need to keep a better eye out. Trailer looks great. I loved the first two movies, and can't wait for the third!

moviefandom on May 30, 2009


Aswome!!!!!!!!!! 😀 can't wait good teasing its great to have them back in action.

FrObOy21 on May 30, 2009


I love how so many of us have such different opinions on movies but then something like this comes along and genuinely everyone is excited!!! lol

LSP on May 31, 2009


That's a true teaser! Awesomeness at its finest.

big r on May 31, 2009


@ 51.... Pixar has the power to unite people of all ages and film preference...they transcend across all demographics.

peloquin on Jun 1, 2009


Saw the first in theaters when I was 8 or so Can't wait.

madmax on Jun 1, 2009


a very good teaser! Pixar prove time and time again how good there films really are. I just hope that one day they will make "The Incredibles 2", because if you really think about it, it is the only other film besides "Toy Story" that truly deserves to have a sequal. All the other Pixar films are stand alone stories and have nothing to gain by having a sequal. And that goes for "Cars" as well! And yes "Cars 2" is coming out in either 2011 or 2012. That movie does not need a sequal.

Last Son on Jun 2, 2009


@55. No no. The one that should get a sequel besides Toy Story is Monsters, Inc. and it's great that I've heard a rumor that one might be in the works. The Incredibles don't need a sequel... that's a stand alone movie. I agree with Cars. The first one wasn't even that great. It's on the bottom of the Pixar list for me.

crAziemutant on Jun 2, 2009


It's got to be great with Michael Arndt behind the pen! Can't wait!

susan Favrot on Jun 5, 2009


Pixar is simply great. Toy Story 3 seems to be very impressive. Looking forward to watch this movie.

Glenn Fernandes on Jun 8, 2009


An entire year? You've got to be kidding me.

Jordan on Jun 11, 2009


Ive read that The Director is has cast one of Varney's friends who he says sounds alot like him so that should be fine.

Byron on Jun 21, 2009


I thought there were more green soldiers than that. In the first movie Andy has a whole bucket of soldiers.

Jezza on Jul 7, 2009


Whic animated franchise will win in 2010. Toy Story or Shrek?

Hamster on Jul 7, 2009


i will see toy story on 3d in theatres june 18th 2010 my favorite toy story 3 chracater woody buzz lightyear jessie the cowgirl my fovarite toy story 3 actors are tom hanks tim allen joan cusack i love toy story 3 if i were the 3d glasses i meet toy story 3 gang i already saw toy story and toy story 2 so im ready to see toy story 3 in 3d so i will see toy story 3 in theatres june 18th 2010 on dightal 3-d so i will see toy story 3 in 3d at imax theatre at king prussia so i will see toy story 3 in theatres june 18th 2010 on digtal 3-d see ya

andries price on Aug 7, 2009


Hey guys, I don't think 63's gonna go see Toy Story 3 in Digital 3D in theaters June 18th, 2010. haha. @62 Toy Story of course!

crAziemutant on Aug 7, 2009


I have always liked these movies and I am definitely looking forward to this latest installment.

Insurance medical on Sep 14, 2009


This movie needs to come out now! Toy story 2 left me with such a cliff hanger.

Jordan on Nov 13, 2009


thanks a lot for the great information

burning calories on Dec 6, 2009


Looks like this will be a good one, too. Usually once you start going past the 2nd part in a movie series, they start to suck. Our 4-year-old loves Toy Story and am sure he'll love this one, too. clomiphene citrate

gueluck on Mar 13, 2010


Awsome sequel 🙂 it seems that TS3 Will rock 🙂 infact, what was came bad from Pixar studio last years .-) Don't bother, I'll answer it . NOTHING 🙂 HEHE cheers

ebeba on Mar 16, 2010


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cheap rain boots on Apr 30, 2010


Awesome trailer! I'm a huge fan of the movies and can't wait till they show it on the big screen. 🙂 I wonder if this installment's gonna better the previous three? kitchen chalkboard

Spiral Stair on May 9, 2010


not just children I love dthis video too, 🙂

sudoko puzzles on May 12, 2010


u already know this is going 2 be a excuzit film i mean come on its toy story 3 i cried during the trailer i Hope this film does better then shrek 2 at the box office I FUCKING HATE SHREK i hope it does better than Avatar and becomes # 1 TOY STORY TODAY TOY STORY TOMMARO TOY STORY FOREVER

sky on May 30, 2010


I love toy story, I hope I cna see it 🙂 maybe Ill make my daughter come whether she likes it or not! on Jun 1, 2010


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martina on Nov 2, 2010


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martina on Nov 2, 2010


I think giving Toy Story 3 the Oscar for Best Animated Feature is not only awarding the film but also recognizing the past Toy Story 1 and 2 since the category wasn't introduced yet when the first two films were released

jump manual on Nov 7, 2010


Toy Story 3 was AWESOME! I'd be VERY surprised if this movie doesn't take home the Best Animated Feature award at the 2011 Oscars. It was simply incredible. Bigfoot The Monster Toy

Shauna on Dec 2, 2010


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Jamie Spencer on Jan 19, 2011


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Samuel67 on Jun 3, 2011

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