Must Watch: First Full Trailer for Rob Zombie's H2

April 24, 2009
Source: Yahoo

H2: Halloween 2 Trailer

Dimension Films has unveiled the first full trailer for Rob Zombie's H2: Halloween 2, the continuation of his rebooted horror series from 2007. This picks up literally right where the first film left off, so get ready to jump into the action right away. I wasn't a fan of Rob Zombie's remake to begin with and don't really care much about this sequel. This trailer pretty much confirms my suspicions about how bad this is going to be. It looks pretty damn awful so far, and I'm already planning on skipping it. But alas, I'm sure there are still plenty of Michael Myers fans out there who do like what Zombie has done with this series. Give it a shot!

Watch the first trailer for Rob Zombie's H2: Halloween 2:

[flv: 596 336]

You can also watch the trailer for H2: Halloween 2 in High Definition on Apple

Rob Zombie's H2 picks up at the exact moment the first movie stopped and follows the aftermath of Michael Myers' (Tyler Mane) murderous rampage through the eyes of heroine Laurie Strode.

H2: Halloween 2 is again both written and directed by musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie, of House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, and 2007's Halloween previously. This sequel is the continuation of a "reboot" of John Carpenter's original Halloween series that lasted for eight films until Halloween: Resurrection in 2002. The Weinstein Company will bring H2: Halloween 2 to theaters on August 28th.

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I really wasn't a fan of Zombie's first "Halloween" and I'll probably wait to rent this one but there is one thing I'll give him and that's his sense of eerie imagery. The kid in the clown suit, the masks etc... He's done well for himself as a horror director. "House of 1000 Corpses" is one of my all time favorite creepy messed up horror films.

Widescreen Wonderland on Apr 24, 2009


Looks like a really bad "B" movie you can find on the SciFi channel. Night at Elms Street remake better not look like this crap. What happen to all the good horror movies. It is all about blood and gore now and no plot. Leave it to the Japanese now for story driven horror. We need a modern day Hitchcock.

Gangsta Geek on Apr 24, 2009


don't look too bad but i would not go see any horror film in the theaters just not a genre that needs to be seen in theaters

nelson on Apr 24, 2009


wow...that looks awful

DoomCanoe on Apr 24, 2009


God i hate the movie guy voice...trailer looks ok.

tankmaster on Apr 24, 2009


I would have to agree with DoomCanoe, it looks terrible, no wonder it was filmed in the short time it was.

Atomic Popcorn on Apr 24, 2009


the first one was fuckin awesome! this one looks fuckin awesome! ..and on a side note i hope when that kid meets Michael on the street on halloween Michael SLASHES that boys chest open just for being there!!! can't wait!

donthate on Apr 24, 2009


donthate, that last bit you wrote was pretty damn messed up

????? on Apr 24, 2009


Ehh... I'll watch it but I'm not too excited about it. The first one was okay and this one doesn't look any better.

xCloudbox on Apr 24, 2009


First one was great....this one looks bad

rblitz7 on Apr 24, 2009


is it just me or does this feel like friday the 13th

drake on Apr 24, 2009


wow, this looks really stupid with Michael's mother as a ghost telling him to kill people. thanks for ruining Halloween forever Rob Zombie.

aaron on Apr 24, 2009


Wait a tick... Mother telling son to kill people? I swear there was some horror movie somewhere that already did that idea. And it was a very successful franchise If only I could think of what that movie was.........

TheManWithNoName on Apr 24, 2009


I guess Rob Zombie had to find a way to get his wife into the movie. This looks really awful. I'll pass.

aaron on Apr 24, 2009


They don't know how to make horror movies anymore cause there is no one clever enough to pull of a hitchcock, which actually takes brains, originality and a story. All they want to do is throw down these young teen or early twenty actors in our faces and say "come watch our movie" and then the brainless teens of today go see the latest horror flick because Ne-Yo or some douche like that is in it.

homer350 on Apr 24, 2009


horror movies have been doing that for many many years homer

nelson on Apr 24, 2009


This looks SOOOOOO cheesy and bad.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Apr 24, 2009


god first one was so awful and zombie is going to continue to fuck up michael myers..what a jerkoff

jh on Apr 24, 2009


This looks terrible. Laughable even. So sad.

Angelo on Apr 24, 2009


I think this looks pretty damn good. Compare this to the new scary movies. Don't compare it to the first Halloweens. But it is just as creepy as the ones out today. I think it will do good becuase it has a fan base. I also think that there are not that many Horror Fans on this site.

AllmightyKeim on Apr 24, 2009


Zombie bringing back his wife who was killed off in the first one as a ghost who haunts michael is pretty pathetic. The hospital stuff looks good though! chuck on Apr 24, 2009


"rob zombie completes his horrifying vision..." .............really?..??..? horrifying was your best choice of an adjective?

memphistyler on Apr 24, 2009


i mean damn yall it doesnt look that bad

Walker on Apr 24, 2009


Anything ZOMBIE does I will watch enough said.................... House of a 1000 corpses was my all time fav

SHANEDAV on Apr 24, 2009


Doesn't really feel like Halloween to me.

Sean Kelly on Apr 24, 2009


Its great cause like the original "Halloween 2" this is placed on a hospital too

Lucas Moreira on Apr 24, 2009


sorry but this looks very BAD

movieboy on Apr 24, 2009


Zombie needs to keep his wife out of every movie he makes. It's just like John Woo's white doves.

Henry Jones Sr. on Apr 24, 2009


They didn't even play the classic Halloween music at all during that trailer...without that it's not Mike Myers.

peloquin on Apr 24, 2009


i have to disagree. it looks pretty bad to me. why is sheri moon zombie even in this movie? she died in the first one. oh yea, that's right, she doesn't have any other acting gigs except her husband's movies. the whole premise with her telling Michael to kill just takes a huge shit all over John Carpenter's vision for the first and second films which are definitely the best two of the series by a mile.

aaron on Apr 24, 2009


Take Michael Myers out of this and it actually doesn't look so bad. I wish Rob Zombie had gone and created his own killer (which he seems to have done with this). Exposing his "secrets" is a crock of shit and takes all the power out of Michael Myers.

Fuelbot on Apr 24, 2009


Seriously Alex, show us the real thing. We don't want to see the preview for the spoof of H2, but the actual preview. C'mon, pleeeease show us the real thing. What is that you say? That was the real thing? Bullshit! That was absolutely TERRIBLE! I just watched both the original and Zombie's version back-to-back two days ago and after originally giving the 2007 version a positive review, I must retract it. It was horrible and never scary at all. The only good parts in it were replica parts from the original. The Michael character was explained in such a half-assed way and not nearly as creepy as in the first. It's not the killing that makes Michael Myers scary, it's the speeches Donald Pleasance gives about him in the night in the original and how Michael stalks throughout the movie. When will a Halloween movie remember that? Anyways, this new preview looks atrocious. The idea of having Sheri Moon Zombie return as a ghost, as beautiful as she is, it the worst idea I've ever heard. There is no way they can logically bring her back to make the movie better, even in flashbacks. I think there will end up being a reboot of this reboot before they ever let Rob Zombie direct H3...

Matt on Apr 24, 2009


I don't remember Micheal Myers being like Jason. I don't like the fact that it's his mom saying "kill her baby". WTF?!

kindbuddy on Apr 24, 2009


I like Rob Zombies movies, I liked House I Loved Devils Rejects, I liked Halloween, this, uh, I don't know its either a terrible trailer or its gonna be his worst movie.

Richard on Apr 24, 2009


This is sad. How can you like the stuff you like and not like this when it's on the same scale. not that'll pay to watch this in theater but I love horror films and will netflix it because, I must. They're either scary, entertaining to see how they kill people, or the comedies ever.

Hey Ya on Apr 24, 2009


First movie they ruined by exposing his evil... now they are giving us more secrets... how scary! I mean learning about a killer's past is much much much more terrifying than the masked manic who kills for no reason. Much. HALLOWEEN is my favorite film of all time. I'm a screenwriter. I hate seeing this. Someone remake JAWS before Zombie does...

BONO on Apr 24, 2009


I really enjoyed the first one to be honest although i never like Micheal Myers,but this one looks a little bit lame.

Fisherr on Apr 24, 2009


You know what he really needs to do is hookup with someone else, I mean his shit looks scary as fuck, the look of his movies are gritty and awesome and his music and sound effects are really really freaky. I watched it again and it doesn't seem that bad actually, I don't like Sheri Moon in this tho, shes got a very distinct sound/look which was prefect for a character like Baby Firefly but doesn't look like it lends well to this one at all. Since I did really like the first one I will give this a shot, maybe not in theaters but I will watch it on bluray for sure.

Richard on Apr 24, 2009


I say rent it if you are not a big fan of the first one.

d on Apr 24, 2009


jaws zombie

Crapola on Apr 24, 2009


Rob Zombie needs to understand the meaning of the word: Restraint.

Jonny Diamond on Apr 24, 2009


Cheap thrill, straight to DVD. Rob Zombie has the potential to make movies like these something great, but the fucker's not trying hard enough.

nem on Apr 24, 2009


Alex, Why pan a trailer and then label it a must watch? Sort it out would ya.

n8dog on Apr 24, 2009


i dont know about you but i have a boner

splinter on Apr 24, 2009


Stupid.....stupid.........stupid.....nobody want's to know why he kills..nobody wants to see his mother..I DONT WANT TO SEE FRIDAY THE 13TH IN first one was ok...i guess...still rather the old beautiful mask without dirt or stitches on it...or a non gay cape that is dirty

luke on Apr 25, 2009


seriously i watched the trailer again...and he doesn't look as intimidating as the original's..... original mask new mask picture the new mask with his mother TELLING him what to do..and with some cape

luke on Apr 25, 2009


uhhhhhh..... yeah

werdnafaz on Apr 25, 2009


It's called a remake.

d1rEct on Apr 25, 2009


I actually liked the first one. In my opinion, it was more realistic than the original. (Not better) But it still bothered me that Rob Zombie ALWAYS has his wife in his films. She has absolutely NO talent!! So i figure, ok there has to be some hope for H2. Cause she won't be in it. Right? Nope. She's there, playing probably the worse character in any past Halloween films. I am the last person to trash a film iv'e never seen, but this looks absolutely horrible. My condolences to the Halloween movie franchise.

Mr.Big on Apr 25, 2009


This movie looks like pure "Bull"SHIT!!!

REAL6 on Apr 25, 2009


wow if you guys loved the old school so much you should all quit watching movies!! you going to sit and complain when they reboot Freddy??? probably !!!! its a new age where directors are going to remake because there are no more good ideas, get over it grandpa's!!!!!

splinter on Apr 25, 2009


The first movie was brilliant until that show of the three girls walking down the road, and right there it turned into a cheap amateur horror film.

Dr. Manhatten on Apr 25, 2009


i was excited when i heard there was a sequel, talking ghost ladies made me unexcited.

The Delightful Deviant on Apr 25, 2009


Well... I think the people who drag themselves to go see this movie will be walking out of the theaters just like they were during the first First of these Halloween remakes. I just don't understand why studios keep throwing their money away by allowing Rob Zombie to make movies. I Thought after the first Halloween, studios would have learned their lesson and stop allowing Zombie to Direct, but they haven't. Maybe this time around after the sales numbers come in, They'll get the point. As for Horror fans, there are excellent movies coming out like Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell.

Josh on Apr 25, 2009


"Are you a giant?"...Weak! HAHAHA.

Josh on Apr 25, 2009


Aren't all horror movies this bad? Why's everybody jumping on the bandwagon for this one?

WEAPON X on Apr 25, 2009


honestly sherri moon needs to go, don't write a script with your beloved and think it will all workout. make the movies and make them. don't try and work in your family tree.

BadKarma5g on Apr 25, 2009


ehhh, why not?! i've spent $7.50 on worse. i tend to like rob zombie's cheap horror films and i don't expect to have any different outcome about me opinion on this film either. bring on H2.

JL on Apr 25, 2009


"completes his extreme vision" does that mean no more sequel after this?

The Delightful Deviant on Apr 26, 2009


The original Halloween II sequel had a hospital scene. So, I guess Rob Zombie copy cat the original? on Apr 26, 2009


No -- not all horror movies are this bad. Most are pretty bad, that's why when you ruin the best horror movie of all time, HALLOWEEN, people get angry. And it's 12.00 bucks for a movie in NYC... "completes his AWFUL vision" -- he wasn't going to do a remake of any movie. Did it. Never do a sequel. Did it. You know he'll make H3 too after this makes 35 million because of the name. I love love love Halloween. I forced myself to see remake and of course it let me down in everyway. I wanted something to be good in it -- not one thing. This one looks like it has nothing to do with Halloween, other than being set on that holiday. It looks like they took all the horrible plot lines they used in part 5 and 6 and threw them in this version. F13 was at least decent. This stuff is garbage.

Bono on Apr 26, 2009


I really enjoyed the 1st one but this isn't looking to good. Why the hell does Zombie insist on putting his woman in every movie. Don't get me wrong she was good in the first one but now she's a ghost figure in his head? What a truely shit was of getting her back in the movie.

Smiffy1 on Apr 26, 2009


Um Hitchcock made Thrillers Not Horror! just thought id through that out there

Justin Case on Apr 26, 2009


the part where his mom is telling him to kill is f'n lame! the rest looks like a modern horror film. won't watch until it hits tv or may waste a DVDr on it and download but surely won't waste money seeing this one in theaters

thejugfather on Apr 26, 2009



normf on Apr 26, 2009


Looks fantastic. Without the off-voice even better. There are hardly any directors out there with such a good eye for realy intense images than Zombie. Can't fucking wait to see the full picture.

Sebastian Selig on Apr 27, 2009


This movie look like crap.. the first one was good.. but if this is what we looking at ...come aug.. yeah.... BUST.. he is not a stud this year

PaNiro on Apr 28, 2009


looks so bad, it might be funny to watch...hahahaha

Frank on Apr 28, 2009


I hope I need to be released in Korea

sweetpea on Apr 29, 2009


rob zombie schnob lombie

squash matosh on Apr 30, 2009


"I wasn't a fan of Rob Zombie's remake to begin with and don't really care much about this sequel" HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT !!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!

b1andf on Apr 30, 2009


Cant be as bad as the recent Friday the 13th remake! One question......why the hell wouldnt they just wait a couple of months and release it for October 31st? whats the rush!???

vegasdanny on Apr 30, 2009


I can't help myself. I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to the Halloween series. Here is my question... What the hell happened to time line for these movies? Remember Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers? What happened to the baby, Paul Rudd, and the Strode chick who lived in his house? Did they just drive off into the sunset? What about Jamie's kid? You know, played by Josh Hartnett? Remember? I would have loved to have seen those two movies tied up. This is not by far the worst Halloween. Have you guys seen Season of the Witch??? WTF was that about? lastly I come to the last one with Busta Rhymes. What the hell were they thinking? OMG what a piece of steaming crap that was. I don't care if Sheri Moon Zombie is doing lines of Coke off Michael's ass. It will still be better than 3 or 7. My god those were horrible. Maybe it is good that The Akkad's finally gave someone else a little cinematic leeway with the movies. Of course that's just my opinion, everyone has one.

In Thorn We Trust on Apr 30, 2009


okay rob zombie completely ruined the halloween franchise, id rather go watch halloween 3 than watch one of his remakes or '' reimaginings'' as he so likes to call it. he ruined halloween movies for me, i will never look at them in the same way again. is it just me or did he totally ruin the mask as well? it just looks different, he read way into the back story of michael, okay thats wat he was trying to portray but i t just didnt work, all these people saying that the remakes are awesome are a bunch of idiots who are toos tuck up to go and watch the old ones. i myself am only 16, have watched every halloween movie and have to say the oldies are the best. when will they make a sequel to '' resurection '' ? that was one good ass movie. they cant leave it on a clff hanger the way they did. any money that zombie will try to remake all the old halloween movies, and he will do so terribly!

AndrewUrq on May 4, 2009


Rob Zombie has by far blown my mind away again just like he did with the first Halloween. I'm sure it'll be just as good as the first one I remember watching the behind the scenes look and quoute "I just want to do one movie and not continue the rest of the franchise".

James Montoya on May 5, 2009


I love the Halloween saga, when I heard Rob Zombie was remaking "Halloween" I was excited because I love his view on horror movies, and Halloween was the best way for Rob to tastefully bring a king of serial killers back to the big screen. Now that the sequel is already slashing its way to complete may summer must see movies. I just want to say "Love ya man, and can't wait for more projects from you!...."

David Santos on May 6, 2009


I didn't think it looked bad......till I saw his wife in there. I wish he would stop putting her in his movies. Her voice is really fucking annoying. And she sucks.

bastizzle on May 8, 2009


I am the no. 1 fan for Halloween Michael Myers I love all the movies, Ive watched all of the movies all of them including the one that Rob Zombie hasnt created. I ve been a big fan since I was a little kid and im still small im only 14 and im glad that Rob Zombie has brought Halloween back. I cant wait till the new movie comes out, I like the new Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) I think he plays a good character for Michael Myers. I cant wait im soooooooooo excited

Akilah on May 17, 2009


im the biggest michael myers fan of all time!! i have him tattoed on my lower right arm as in part 2 original loomas shot michael and blood was cuming out of his eyes. it rocks. and in my oppinion the greatest movie scene of all time. flat out creepy. needless to say i love all the halloween movies except the one where busta kung foo's michael's ass. B/S. rob is the man and the directors cutt for H 1 was bad ass. im stoked about H2 and would be no matter who made it. its halloween people. its michael killin people doin his thing. realize it for what it is. its not the davinci code people. im a true horror fan and really dont care who's in it as long as it is gritty and bloody. do your thing rob.... Michael will do the rest!!!!!!!!!!!

michael on May 30, 2009



Myers391 on Jun 15, 2009


i think that its gonna be pretty terrible.... i grew up watching the old halloween movies and that preview looks sucky!

wanda on Jun 19, 2009

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