Must Watch: Great Trailer for John Lennon Biopic Nowhere Boy

October 28, 2009
Source: YouTube

Nowhere Boy Trailer

I didn't expect we'd see a trailer for this film this quickly, but alas, here it is. The first trailer for Sam Taylor-Wood's Nowhere Boy, the biopic about a young John Lennon, has debuted on YouTube (via The Playlist). This actually looks fantastic, even better than I was expecting. It definitely seems like Taylor-Wood made the right choice picking Aaron Johnson to play Lennon and I'm also impressed by how quickly the young Thomas Sangster has grown up. He looks a lot older in this as Paul McCartney than he did in Love Actually. Whether you're a fan of The Beatles or not, I suggest you watch this trailer anyway. You'll find it below!

Watch the first trailer for Sam Taylor-Wood's Nowhere Boy:

A chronicle of John Lennon's childhood starring Aaron Johnson, Thomas Sangster, as well as Sam Bell.

Nowhere Boy is directed by English visual artist Sam Taylor-Wood, marking her feature directorial debut after directing the short film Love You More. The screenplay was written by Matt Greenhalgh, who also wrote the Joy Division biopic Control, and is based on the memoirs of John Lennon written by Julia Baird. This will premiere tomorrow night at the London Film Festival and open in the UK later this year. The Weinstein Company is distributing Nowhere Boy in the US, but hasn't set a release date yet. Stay tuned!

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Looks like garbage.

whomever on Oct 28, 2009


doesn't even give me a slight beatles vibe

Colin on Oct 28, 2009


wait....that's John Lennon? waitaminute...

PleaseGodNO on Oct 28, 2009


I've only watched Aaron Johnson in one movie, in "Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging" and he was pretty good in there being a teenager and rather angst-y at times. I don't think the characters look like the real Beatles, but I'm really interested in it and will look forward to see what these young talents will pull off. And apparently according an interview online, the film is rather sexually explicit, but I don't know about that. It should be fun.

F.C. on Oct 28, 2009


ummm...I don't know how to feel about this. I really am not getting the vibe that is The Beatles.

xerxex on Oct 28, 2009


Won't be anywhere near Walk The I'm not a Beatles fan. I dunno, for something that looks like they put some effort into it, the trailer makes the movie feel like a mishmash of vibes and styles - like the movie itself will be uneven. I'll probably miss it.

Antioch on Oct 28, 2009


"Discover the Untold Story"? I'm pretty sure the story has been told many many times. Not a good sign when a trailer needs to resort to cheap cliche in the first 30 seconds.

Jonah on Oct 28, 2009


huh.. i thought i knew what john lennon looked like. i guess i was wrong all these years. yeah and the movie looks like shite too.

Munson, Roy E on Oct 28, 2009



bubba on Oct 28, 2009


Beatles ruined Music!!!

darren on Oct 28, 2009


This isn't about the beatles guys. This is a biopic about John Lennon, his life and the eventual lead up to the beatles. Learn to read plot ladies and gents.

Movieraider321 on Oct 28, 2009


oh forgot to add, this looks really good

Movieraider321 on Oct 28, 2009


John Lennon for the Jonas Brothers Generation.

Mario on Oct 28, 2009


looks good ... for a Hallmark Channel movie

emiliano on Oct 28, 2009


Beatles ruined music? Oh, yeah, I forgot how great music was with the likes of Neil Sedaka and Bobby Vinton just before The Beatles arrived on the scene. But please Daren, go ahead and explain. I look forward to your insight LOL

Hattori Hanzo on Oct 28, 2009


I dunno. Love the Beatles, not sure if this will be any good. Doubt it can in any way live up to the greatest band of all time. But Alex, what did you mean by saying, "I didn't expect we'd see a trailer for this film this quickly, BUT ALAS, here it is." If you like the look, why would you say ALAS?

scm1000 on Oct 28, 2009



Neil on Oct 28, 2009


I'm an artist, and if you give me a tuba, I'll bring you something out of it.

Bo on Oct 28, 2009


THATS NOT JOHN LENNON!!! I could of picked a more resembling Lennon than THAT!! #10 GTFO and take your bullshit with you!

Toucmyinfection on Oct 28, 2009


It looks like a fresh look on Lennon before... Lennon! The actor playing Paul McCartney looks like a 9 year old, haha. The best of all is the (quoting McCartney himself) "awful-Livipool-accent"

leiner on Oct 28, 2009


WoW.....I'm not sure what to think about it. Crappy childhood, teen discovers music or acting,hits it big, then dies. I'm pretty sure I've seen this before......I agree #21 because i can't imagine (excuse the pun) that they haven't squeezed all the angles of his life out already for money. # 10 to say that is stupid. I'm not particularly a beatles fan myself, a few songs I like, but you have to appreciate the creativity it takes to make the music they made whether you like it or not. You said that to have people bitch at you and dammit i fell for it.

arjones on Oct 29, 2009


Quit getting hung up on whether the actor looks like John Lennon or not. Who gives a shit about that. Can he ACT?!? That's the question.

Quanah on Oct 29, 2009


Bang on #23 - It doesn't matter what they look like - it's all about character in any kind of bio.

Will on Oct 29, 2009


rsss... terrible... #23 Why have to look like? weard question!!! Think in a Stallone Lenon... kkkkkk

D. on Oct 29, 2009


this looks AWWWWFUL. Everyone here is model good looking and sounds Irish.

Jimbone on Oct 29, 2009


:S terrible

Yamika on Oct 29, 2009


I think what the actors look like matters alot when they are portraying faces that are so thoroughly ingrained in, not just one culture, but all of western culture at large. For me, nothing pulls me out of the illusion of "character" more than recognizing the face of the actor. But I know every line and wrinkle of John Lennon's face from several periods of his life as I'm sure many do, and not seeing those lines pulls me out of the character in the same way. I reserve final judgment until I see the film, but my instincts tell me this would have been much better had it been based on the lives of the pre-Beatles as a stand alone story than as an actual depiction of their lives.

Matt on Oct 30, 2009


Well, For starters; When the story was first posted on here a few weeks ago or whenever it was, I wasn't crazy about the casting for Lennon. But I gotta say after watching the trailer, they didnt do a bad job picking this young man for the part. Also, there really is very little (literature and otherwise) about John Lennon's "childhood" (this being his teenage years) Around, So this is somewhat refreshing to see something that moves away from either his time with The Beatles or his subsequent "humanitarian" efforts after their breakup (choose whatever term you want) And furthermore, Anyone who says "The beatles ruined music" clearly has no insight into music (I mean this as an art form, not only a form of media). This is a band that consistantly ranks in the top five in not only the top bands of all time, but also the best selling albums. If anyone can supply any kind of evidence that would somehow disprove millions of fans and those buying albums, along with Rolling Stone magazine; Then by all means, give it a try. (I think this counts as a pretty credible source: I do however find the fact that no Beatles music was used in the trailer slightly odd. Cheers #26: I didnt get an irish accent out of either the young man playing Paul or the one playing John. They were in fact pretty distictively liverpool accents.

Adam on Oct 30, 2009


That guy in the trailer was bigger than Jesus? You'll find me in my back yard burning Beatles albums.

Kage on Oct 30, 2009


looks pretty good. aleast to see someone else's take on how he grew up. TO NUMBER TEN, (and everyone else ripping on the BEATLES) do you have a soul? have you actually listened to ANY of the Beatles' records before? you should KILL yourself...listen to #29, or SARGENT PEPPER's LONELY HARTS CLUB BAND

scully on Nov 3, 2009


Alex, "alas" is an expression of dismay or regret. Not at all fitting in with your lead in. The trailer looks fair, Hollywood revisionist history - should sell some soundtracks, that's about it.

Dave on Nov 6, 2009


#10 wtf is the matter with you? i mean i understand some people dilike them but how did they ruin music?!? i'm actually excited to see this i like the only one?

guh on Nov 11, 2009


this actually looks very interesting. i cant wait to see it... even though the the actor playing john looks more like stuart sutcliff than johnny & that paul looks like a toothpick. o__o

CTHULU on Nov 15, 2009

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