Must Watch: First Incredible Trailer for Sci-Fi Mr. Nobody

May 26, 2009
Source: Quiet Earth

Mr. Nobody Trailer

Nothing is real, everything is possible. The first trailer for Belgian filmmaker Jaco van Dormael's Mr. Nobody, a sci-fi drama starring Jared Leto, has debuted via Quiet Earth. We featured the film in our look at the 2009's sci-fi movies, but this looks much more incredible than I thought it would. It looks a bit like if The Curious Case of Benjamin Button were a sci-fi flick, and the "old age" make-up looks as good as anything Fincher could pull off (although that's hard to tell right now). But we'll certainly be keeping a very close eye on this, as it looks like it has the potential to be one of the best films of the year, sci-fi or otherwise.

For more info on the film, head over to the gorgeous official website:

Watch the first trailer for Jaco van Dormael's Mr. Nobody:

[flv: 476 360]

Nemo Nobody (Jared Leto) leads an ordinary existence at his wife's side, Elise, and their three children until the day when reality skids and he wakes up as an old man in the year 2092. At 120, Mr. Nobody is both the oldest man in the world and the last mortal of a new mankind where nobody dies anymore.

Mr. Nobody is both written and directed by Belgian filmmaker Jaco van Dormael, of Totò the Hero, Lumière and Company, and The Eighth Day previously. The film was shot in both Germany and Canada throughout 2007, but is only now just being unveiled. Mr. Nobody does not have a US distributor yet, but we'll let you know when we hear more about it and if it shows up at any film festivals later in the year.

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All I can say is WOW.

Dylan on May 26, 2009


one of the strangest trailers I've seen in a while....can't really tell if the movie will be good from trailer but I do like the premise of the movie.

rblitz7 on May 26, 2009


That was very interesting...surprised to see the lead singer from 30 seconds to Mars as the lead role...I enjoy the group and his singing it will be most interesting to see him act as well...can't wait..

Triston on May 26, 2009


This trailer is a looks fantastic!!! After "Moon", this is the second must-see indie film of the year.

Last Son on May 26, 2009


#3 Jared Letto was an actor before his band was formed. Watch "Lord Of War" and "Panic Room".

Last Son on May 26, 2009


I like how the premise is instantly intriguing Feels like Leto is in 'Requiem' mode which isn't such a bad thing

Jaf on May 26, 2009


I thought this was a sequel to Finding Nemo until I saw the credits at the end. It was Jared Leto, not a clownfish.

Greedo the Rodian on May 26, 2009


Looks like a combo of Slaughterhouse Five, Little Big Man, and Benjamin Button.

Greedo the Rodian on May 26, 2009


"Can't wait to see him act?" haha Jared Leto has been an ACTOR since 1992! He's in movies such as Prefontaine, Fight Club, Requiem for a Dream, Panic Room Lord of War, Alexander, Lonely Hearts, Chapter 27 Google is your friend

garnet on May 26, 2009

10 for a Dream....he was an actor before his badn even released their debut album... Anyway, the trailer looks very interesting.

Derek on May 26, 2009


wow, and lets add another wow, to that wow!

xerxex on May 26, 2009


o______o It looks incredible. I want to see it now!

Jennie on May 26, 2009


wow. :O

Fc on May 26, 2009


always liked jared leto...excellent trailer...high hopes for this movie

Lego on May 26, 2009


Cool movie...i think is gonna be a good story line movie.

Cindarr on May 26, 2009


This has a ton of potential. Hoping for the best. Did it mention a release date, if so I missed it.

Stevo on May 26, 2009


this just surpassed moon in most anticipated, i think.

Lacey on May 26, 2009


#15 - It said October 7 at the end of the trailer

Chuck Norris on May 26, 2009


Looks stupid.

MonkeyMowse on May 26, 2009


this looks epic 🙂

LatriceShannel on May 26, 2009


wow that looks really good im sold.

Curtis on May 26, 2009


I dont get it. It doesn't look sci-fi and it doesn't look interesting, actually it looks really boring, yet everyone seems to think its brilliant.

Richard on May 26, 2009


looks great

Keith on May 26, 2009


hmm... I'm thinking that this one will make it about as big as "The Butter Fly Effect" but that's just a guess till i see it, who knows could end up being un-believable and Oscar worthy. looks good though

DoomCanoe on May 27, 2009


Cool! Everyone seems to be on the Parallel Universe kick recently, and I think it's great to see theoretical quantum physics concepts informing modern Hollywood storytelling. It just opens up so many creative opportunities. This trailer reminds me a bit of Sliding Doors (1998).

Mr. BabyMan on May 27, 2009


I like it.

JimD on May 27, 2009


Meh, just looks like another Euro art film, trying to pass itself off as science fiction. Pass.

real talk on May 27, 2009


this has nothing to do with the movie, or anything.. (which is awesome btw, definitely a movie I am going to see) butt I have a friend who like to do shorts and stuff, who just did a quick quirky little thing some.. (free) coverage and comment would be appreciated.. I've read this site for a while now and I'm not sure if this is alright or not.. but I just figured I'd give it a shot.. sorry if this isn't allowed.. I just figured, film site.. mini short? why not.. lol

Edward on May 27, 2009


Seems interesting, not your every-day cookie cutter Hollywood film. And Leto is a very good character actor, so I'm definitely waiting eagerly for this one. (I just hope the movie won't be too cheesy - the trailer, while beautiful, borders on that in my opinion.)

Mali on May 27, 2009


For those interested, you can follow Jared Leto's band 30 Seconds to Mars on twitter:

Mali on May 27, 2009


The movie looks fantastic, it will be one of the good sci-fi movies of the year with alternative events finally someone did it, I am not familiar with Jaco van Dormael but he is just impressed my with a very good first impression.I believe the movie will be a really good movie....Sold.

Fisherr on May 27, 2009


a mix of benjamin button/usual suspects, looks good

jack on May 27, 2009


"I'm not afraid of dying, I'm afraid I haven't been alive enough" Nearly started crying then, what en emo. Looks a good film, a little like Sliding Doors maybe, Is the reason he's so old at 34 because he's lived two lives?

Crapola on May 27, 2009


#33 - I think it's because his memory doesn't know what's happeneing, he can't decided where he is (time of place). I'll be seeing this one, definitely looks great. And yeah, I lol'd at #3. Remember watching Requiem a long, long time ago. Was good in that.

crumb on May 27, 2009


Oh-my-god... it looks wonderful.

Vithren on May 27, 2009


I have a tough time taking Jared Leto seriously anymore after his Hot Topic makeover 30 Seconds To Mars debacle. Shame really, he was a promising actor before embarking on a ridiculous emo rock career. However, I'm holding out hope that this film may be a return to his true calling and will give it a chance.

normf on May 27, 2009


"has the potential to be one of the best films of the year" WTF!? Really!? That statement is WAY off! Has the potential to be a boring rip off Benj Button and lul me to sleep. Lately I've been very disappointed in FS. I sumbitted a link weeks ago to post the red band trailer for Give Em Hell Malone, which by the way is on all the other movie sites, and it's been completely ignored. May I ask why? I thought this was a movie site. Am I mistaken? So you just post the movies you want, not everything movies like you should. Perhaps you should rethink your strategy.

K on May 27, 2009


Interesting, I think it wants to be two different types of films though. Is it Sci Fi or is a Drama?

Atomic Popcorn on May 27, 2009


Wow, I'm really digging the trailer. Has a Benjamin button feel to it like you said, but with a sprinkle of mental confusion from Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

Nick Sears on May 27, 2009


no 36 (normf) - "...this film may be a return to his true calling" .... Sorry but that made me laugh. Being a musician was what he always wanted to do, acting sort of "just happened". If anything, I would say 30stm is his "true passion", not that he likes to differentiate between the two careers.

xxx on May 27, 2009


I've been waiting 13 years for Jaco van Dormael to make another film, but this just doesn't feel that right to me. Of course, I'm usually frightened when my favorite foreign auteurs attempt something more mainstream in English. Still, if this thing gets Toto the Hero finally released on DVD in this country, I'm all for it.

Christopher Campbell on May 27, 2009


To everyone who is complaining about me saying this looks so great, who cares, those are my feelings. Everyone has different opinions, and this touches upon everything I look for in amazing film, so that's why I feel that way and you probably don't. 🙂

Alex Billington on May 27, 2009


Doesn't look like anything special...and his old man voice is awful

Powder on May 27, 2009


As I already stated on your "Upcoming 2009 SciFi films"-post, I am very, very excited about this movie and this trailer raises my expectations and pleasant anticipation even higher! 🙂 The genre of the SciFi-Drama is my personal favorite but unfortunately it is one that only features few good movies - at least that I would know about. My favorites are 'The Fountain', 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' and "Code 46', all of which I adore! If anybody knows another film that fit this genre and is worth watching, I'd love you to tell me about it. =)

Chris Offner on May 27, 2009


lol...yeah his old man voice was attrocious

Trey on May 27, 2009


Agree with #39. That is exactly the vibe: Benjamin Button meets Eternal sunshine. It's awesome that in less than two minutes, the editors were able to show all the feeling of the movie. Looks great. Ah, and it's funny #3: this is not the case, as you might think, of a great singer turned into a great actor, but the other way around: a (very) decent actor turned into a so so singer...

Leiner on May 27, 2009


Oh and forgot to say earlier - the trailer looks great. Jared Leto always puts emotion into his characters and throws himself into it fully, so should be a film not to be missed. There are some very good actors in supporting roles as well. Hopefully the movie itself won't disappoint but lives up to the trailer.

xxx on May 27, 2009


So I'm assuming his age "34" is multiplied by three lives, making him actually "102" years old. This hasn't gotten me interested yet, because though it's a wild concept it doesn't give me any reason why I should care about this one guys life - much less three.

maverick on May 27, 2009


Looks quite nice, trailer manages to create imo an interesting vibe.

cine_phil on May 27, 2009


I'm agreeing with maverick on this one.

Delvis on May 27, 2009


Someone should pimp slap #3. Leto's done all kinds of shit before his band. Chapter 27 was an interesting movie that he did as well. I like how he got all fat for that role.

clippers350 on May 27, 2009


So this is like what, Big Fish and The Curious Case? Oh and Alex, you saying this......this touches upon everything I look for in amazing film.....Really sir? There are but a handful of Amazing movies. This being not one of those. And by handfull I mean maybe 5. Not this top AFI 100 list bullshit. Think of Amazing films and list them for me. And if you really name more then 5 you are full of shit. Not everything is Amazing.

AllmightyKeim on May 27, 2009


What? #52, your not down with all of his amazing movies? and then there are of course those movies with his "Oh shit" moments in them. I've personally haven't seen a movie with an "oh shit" moment in it but hey everyone is intitled to their own opinion I guess.

nerfherder on May 27, 2009


I looked at it again today, still think it just looks incredibly boring, this site is really getting into the too artsy scene.

Richard on May 27, 2009


whats with the alien? the old guy makeup looks completely fake, but the premise of a few different lives is interesting, maybe netflix it

harrison on May 27, 2009


#54 and everyone else that thinks like him: You know how often I see a trailer for a crappy and brainless popcorn flick and ask myself "Who the hell watches this kind of shit that it gets made over and over again with bigger and bigger budgets?" And how often I'm actually saddened by watching a great movie go by nearly unnoticed by the public and can't help but ask "What kind of people can simply ignore greatness like that? Not even watch and dislike it for some actual reason but really ignore it completely?" It kind of startles me to read your post and thus apparently finding the answer to both these questions in you. Really disappointing, I must say. I only hope this film gets the chance it deserves because it looks very promising to me. And Richard, I'd be very interested in reading your top 5 movies. Not to slam that list but just to get an understanding of the kind of film taste one must have in order to find this trailer "too artsy".

Chris Offner on May 27, 2009


Speaking of Jared Leto movies... American Psycho. But that's more of a Christian Bale movie with Jared Leto _in_ it.

LW on May 27, 2009


Wow, this is getting reamed with comments. That said, I think it looks pretty damn good.

SAM on May 27, 2009


I have this to say...sci fi? Man we are getting loose with that term.

LSP on May 27, 2009


#59 You do realise that sci-fi doesn't have to involve space and aliens. Anything set in the future can be classified as science fiction.

Barb on May 27, 2009


the weird thing- is that is my Birthday- same day... same year- but Mum never named me Nemo 😉

Stonerozez on May 28, 2009


Er, #40 - are you currently residing in Jared Leto's mind? Look up his imdb page, he's an actor primarily. I doubt all of those films just sort of "happened". As for this film, anything will be better than the crap 30 Seconds To Mars (see also: Dogstar) churned out.

normf on May 28, 2009


#56 1) Braveheart 2) Goodfellas 3) Lord of the Rings 4) Star Wars 5) 300 I like how you pigeonhole me into the category of liking stupid brainless popcorn flicks. lol. I don't have ADD or anything but I find this movie looking way too slow paced and boring for my tastes, just like the Fountain, it was a beautiful movie but it almost made me drowsy to watch it. Go ahead and look at my list and think I just like violence and things that go boom but that's not the case, I have a great appreciation for many movies for instance I think The Fall was astounding Requiem for a Dream was a gem to watch, but this... it does 0 for me, in almost every way. I really like a lot of strange movies, but for it to be on my top list I have to be able to watch it over and over again and be affected somehow, none of the movies I mentioned that I thought were great fit that bill either, like The Fall, probably will never see it again but I enjoyed it immensely. I just kinda hate the look of this movie. Probably just me and my tastes.

Richard on May 28, 2009


wow, this looks beautiful, like a blend between "Jacobs ladder" and "Slaughterhouse 5".. Looks pretty amazing.

lando on May 28, 2009


SO I just looked at it for the 3rd time, I can see how some of you guys are falling all over it but I still don't think it looks all that interesting, kinda seems like the guy is just old with Alzheimer's and split personality disorder. Why don't they just have a real old man and CGI Leto's eyes into his? That way he would actually look and sound like a real old man and not like, well that.

Richard on May 28, 2009


I keep coming back to watch this trailer. I like.

Nick Sears on May 28, 2009


Some food for thought: Nemo is Latin for "nobody." A similar motif is used in Charles Dickens' Bleak House. Secondly, this story is extremely similar to Robert Heinlein's Time Enough for Love. My favorite book ever.

stephen on May 28, 2009


That Jared Leto is an annoying but there is something about his screen presence. Looks amazing

smacky on May 29, 2009


I'd like some of that hot Asian flesh. Her name is familiar - was she in Heaven and Earth with T.L. Jones? Pretty good asian gangbang scene in that movie - saw her titties.

Hank on May 30, 2009


@69 WTF man

coyo on May 30, 2009



Northdude on Jun 5, 2009


looks interesting! kubrickish

c good on Jun 16, 2009


There might be a really good picture in there, IF it all makes sense. Beautiful looking -is this a heartbreaking love story or a sc-fi or a breain teasing confusing film?????

Theodore on Jul 29, 2009


It all looks very intriguing up until :59...then it looks like some Josh Hartnett movie about banging a bunch of different girls.

norm on Jan 10, 2010


Your all clouded with your judgements from what I can see. You're all wrong about the intensity that is Jared Leto. His first 30 seconds album rocked, his videos are amazing, and with requiem and that new flick about the fat guy on his track record, I'd say the boy's doin good. Better than you or me!

Rain_Maker on Feb 16, 2010


its amazing how people judge so easily without knowing nothing about anything. I just saw the movie. You can't know the nature of this movie by that trailer, or by any trailer. this piece of art is unique. Watch it.

eLBaRTo on Jun 10, 2010


I saw the movie earlier today and it was amazing. I didn't see a Benjamin Button feel to it at all. It was a very different piece of film.

Daniel Felts on Jun 20, 2010


any idea how to see this in the US?????

Lando is a system not a man on Jun 20, 2010

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