Must Watch: First Insane Teaser Trailer for [Rec] 2!

June 3, 2009
Source: YouTube

[Rec] 2 Teaser Trailer

Holy shit! That was my reaction to this teaser. The original [Rec], which was remade into Quarantine last year and is finally coming out on DVD in July, is somewhat of a cult classic amongst horror fans. The same two guys who made the original, Spanish filmmakers Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza, decided to make a sequel. Just wait until you see what they've got in store for all you [Rec] fans in this. Below you'll find the first teaser trailer for [Rec] 2 and it's insane, you'll see what I mean momentarily. Don't watch this at home in the dark and don't watch this with kids around, you'll traumatize them for life. That's my only warning.

Watch the first teaser trailer for [Rec] 2:

[flv: 502 282]

Thanks to our friends at ShockTillYouDrop for first discovering this teaser. It looks like this is a direct continuation of the story in [Rec], with a squad busting in to kill everything that's left in the same building.

[Rec] 2 is both written and directed by Spanish filmmakers Jaume Balagueró (The Dark, Fragile) and Paco Plaza (Second Name, Werewolf Hunter), who worked together to direct the first [Rec]. In addition to Balagueró and Plaza, writer Manu Díez worked on this screenplay as well. [Rec] 2 is shot and ready to go, but doesn't have a US distributor yet. We'll let you know when or if it plays at any film festivals this year.

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Nick Sears on Jun 3, 2009


anyone seen martyrs? now thats a fucked up film!! also alex i read somewhere you were going to watch irriversible on the plane over to cannes, what did you think?

gfror on Jun 3, 2009


IF THIS were made into a first person shooter game .!!

PinkSushi on Jun 3, 2009


Those darn zombies. Up to more shenanigans.

Papichulo on Jun 3, 2009


looks cool

frenchbob on Jun 3, 2009


Not for me.

d on Jun 3, 2009


By the way, why is it straight to dvd in spain? i mean i lived there and rec was big, and the sequel is more like to be a boxoffice hit in its homecountry .and somehow it has a cinema release date for germany, brazil,france,belgium ( according to imdb ) jst curious

PinkSushi on Jun 3, 2009


This looks EPIC!

finch on Jun 3, 2009



TediusTed on Jun 3, 2009


as in most cases... sequels are never at par with the original... good for one lazy afternoon...

miracle disease on Jun 3, 2009


#8 Alex is talking about the dvd release in the states of the original film, not the sequel.

george on Jun 3, 2009


Talk about an all out assult...I'm putting this (and the first) on my list of films to see!

Widescreen Wonderland on Jun 3, 2009


not scary, looks like a video game

jh on Jun 3, 2009


OMFG. That was AWESOME!!!!

MovieKid10 on Jun 3, 2009


Yea this does look really cool. Gives a whole new perspective on zombie type movies. I'm sold

Dan W on Jun 3, 2009


The original REC was absolutely the scariest horror film I've ever seen. I loved every second of it. Can't wait to get the original on DVD in July...and I can't see the sequel, I hope they add more to the back story.

Matt Suhu on Jun 3, 2009


good i hope this spawns a Quarantine 2. now i liked rec more then Quarantine but i really enjoy people speaking English and not having to read sub titles. by the way this looks pretty awesome

DoomCanoe on Jun 3, 2009


i saw quarantine first and then watched rec with people at my dorm room basement and it was funny cause i knew exactly scene by scene what was gonna happen.but i liked rec a hell of alot more.the ending was better too. this looks fucking SWEEEEET!!! i guess ill wait till its on dvd too see it.

erik on Jun 3, 2009



Trey on Jun 3, 2009


HAHA... PinkSushi#4 & jh #13 You had the EXACT same thought I did... that completely felt like a damned video game trailer... OK.. go night vision... oh, walk down this hallway... blast em... oops... they ate my partner... blast em more... ahh.. one jumped out the door... blast it

Dusty on Jun 3, 2009


Holy F*CK!!! Alex you are freaking awesome for brightening my day!! 😀 Even the original ZOMBIES are back!! Jennifer, Manu... Im seriously speechless man, few trailers make me do that, the set up, the music in the background *shivers*

Toucmyinfection on Jun 3, 2009



cat on Jun 3, 2009


eh, doesnt look like anythin special, certainly not very scary, probably see it eventually

harrison on Jun 3, 2009


OMMFG!!! That looks down right insane! Can't wait!

K on Jun 3, 2009


@3 gfror: Martyrs = Brilliance Watched it 3 times in a row.

Nick on Jun 3, 2009



Kevin on Jun 3, 2009


[rec] was amazing, and it came from nowhere, which added to the impact of it. This looks like Rainbow 6 with zombies, i'm digging the first person perspective view, it's something which has a lot of potential in cinema, fps games have been around for years but we only get the odd film that tries it (ie Doom, and a couple of action scenes in Last Man Standing).

chrisUK on Jun 3, 2009


more less i think the first trailer was better than this. the music was awesome, put in the trailer a sick touch

lalolamx on Jun 3, 2009


sorry, i just dont get it, whats the big deal

shitbreath on Jun 3, 2009


yea no kidding, it looks like Quarantine and that movie sucked

poopnose on Jun 3, 2009


simple words: HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xerxex on Jun 3, 2009


Quarantine is the American remake of REC no shit it sucked, REC was 100x's better, this will be epic

namsterr on Jun 3, 2009


Quarantine was simply amazing!!! Hopefully they come out with a Quarantine 2!

tankmaster on Jun 3, 2009


to #4 PinkSushi it has! Left 4 Dead movie looks so awesome

johnnyc on Jun 3, 2009


Uhhhh. This looks just as retarded as quarantine, one of the worst movies ever made.

JBiz on Jun 3, 2009


looks good, although I have to say that the blood looks kinda fake. Too bright red.

GTO on Jun 3, 2009


could be the zombies blood. maybe be a different blood

johnnyc on Jun 3, 2009


@8, it releases 28 October in theatres, just in time for Halloween... There's some awesome viral stuff coming for it in the next few weeks too, I had a sneak peek. There is also another trailer which has just released in Spanish cinemas, with a very different soundtrack, anyone seen it online anywhere?

jillinthebox on Jun 3, 2009


Just another day on the job, killing the living dead. Yawn! LOL!

Dan Walimaa on Jun 3, 2009


"Don't watch this at home in the dark" haha sissy

wm on Jun 3, 2009


no more zombies pleaaaaaaaaseeee

subzeron on Jun 3, 2009


@ #37 Good point, but even with that explanation, it does not look like blood. I still think it looks fake.

GTO on Jun 3, 2009



JimD on Jun 4, 2009


"IF THIS were made into a first person shooter game .!!" Its called Left 4 Dead.

JimD on Jun 4, 2009


Cool Trailer. Maybe we will see the beauty TV Lady of the first part... is she a zombie now or a toy of this freaky zombie of the end of the first part. Will we see the movie from the view of a Zombie in the second part? Or in REC [3]? We will see... Un Amigo.

M* on Jun 4, 2009


Oooo...looks sweet! Lot's of "Holy crap!" moments that will make me jump out of my skin, yay. I'll have my pillow close. 😉 #3 I just watched Martyrs yesterday. Call me a pussy but, personally, I had a hard time sitting through it. That sense of hopelessness just doesn't make for a fun movie experience. 😉 And even tho Anna's last "appearance" was pretty shocking, I was most disturbed by the original pictures of the chinese woman (who was a actually a guy) they showed in the movie. Because, yes, I looked them up on the internet. And the one picture they showed in the movie was tame compared to the real ones. Sometimes I hate my curiosity. >.< It was a very well done movie with awesome cinematography none the less. Still, I would never watch it again. The same goes for Irreversible. That was probably even worse on a different level. I am a woman, seeing stuff like that naturally makes me feel sick to my stomach. On another note...Monica Bellucci is the most beautiful woman ever. <3

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 4, 2009


This looks intense... I gotta say though about Irreversible, it was a well crafted film. It was directed amazingly, but I think the subject matter was unnecessary. Agreed though, one time watch unless a lot of time passes and curiosity comes back because you have blocked details of it all. I have to check out this Martyrs now. Oh and has anyone else watched the French film Calvaire "The Ordeal", that was a bit disturbing? It is like Irreversible in a sense for men. Deliverance came to mind while watching it but much much worse, well made too. I guess its as disturbing as Deliverance was back at in it's time.

Johnny Neat on Jun 4, 2009


" were going to watch irriversible on the plane over to cannes"......I hope that wassnt the in-flight movie...

David Banner on Jun 4, 2009


I know this is like a needle in a haystack, but does anyone know the title of the song? #48 We don't put those kind of movies on the IFE (In-Flight Entertainment) systems.

MiKeDeEz on Jun 4, 2009


"Se acabó la comedia" indeed scary! Hope it finds a distributor soon...

Alberto on Jun 4, 2009


I'm gonna second the inquiry about the song. I have searched and searched and searched with no success.

Dan on Jun 4, 2009


Thanks Playa!!!!! Party Time!

MiKeDeEz on Jun 4, 2009


"The comedy it's over" can read at the end...looks like a Resident evil sequel. BTW, #51 Dan, that's a typical flamenco song from spain It says "Oh too much happiness here.." and other stuff, that's why at the end you see the phrase "se acabo la comedia"

Fercho on Jun 4, 2009


..why did i watch this i don't want to be alone tonight

Greek God on Jun 4, 2009


I figured that was probably the deal with the song. Worth a try anyway. Thanks Fercho.

Dan on Jun 4, 2009


if anyone can locate the second trailer that #38 mentioned, please let us know!

johnnyc on Jun 4, 2009


the journalist Ángela will be in this sequel, that´s interesting. thanks for the teaser.

Mario on Jun 4, 2009


@47 Johnny Neat I've seen Calvaire. I thought it was so-so actually. Don't get me wrong, quality film making, but there was something that it was missing, can't quite put my finger on it. Also, needs a forum. At least until Google Wave comes out.

Nick on Jun 4, 2009


the original was fucking excellent,the sequel looks just as good can't wait.

zetsu on Jun 4, 2009


I liked the original rec, and this teaser trailer for the sequel doesn't look bad either. (Hm, zombies always seem to have some problems with the lighting in their apartments... No wonder they react a bit aggressive from time to time.) Let's see how many months will be needed this time till the remake comes out...

cine_phil on Jun 4, 2009


id shit myself if i watched this alone.

mrmr on Jun 4, 2009


Yawn!!! Like 'Quarantine' we all know how it finishes. Take your kids if you want to put them to sleep. I think I'll go to bed now. Sweet dreams everybody.

ezza72 on Jun 5, 2009


Not bad. That looks a little interesting. Just kidding. THAT WAS EFFING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like they "Aliens"-ed it up and quadrupled the action quotient. I'm wondering if the... infected creature things flood out into the street and take over the town.

kevjohn on Jun 5, 2009


#49 & #51, which song? The one in this trailer is a classic Spanish "copla", which is the name given to songs in this folk style very popular in Spain from the 30s-40s 'til the late 60s or so. The copla in this trailer is the one called "En tierra extraña" ("In a foreign land"), sung by Concha Piquer, considered one of the best copla singers of all time. You can find the full version of this very same song in the following link (this trailer only plays its final part, from minute 2 on):

Fran on Jun 6, 2009


looks ok but not scary at all

neonblue120 on Jun 7, 2009


Looks great 😀 hopefully this will regain my respect as allowing the remake Quarantine to be released was a terrible idea. STOP WITH THE REMAKES!!! its boring. also this goes to gfror, irriversible is an awesome film. brilliant in everyway 😀

leyton on Jun 9, 2009


yea there going to be a Quarantine2 the spain version is the same as ric1&2 i just hope the show reporder that die at the end on put 1

daniel on Jun 15, 2009


It does look pretty good.

Golden rule on Sep 14, 2009

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