Must Watch: First Official Trailer for Kevin Smith's 'Cop Out'

December 23, 2009
Source: Apple

Cop Out Trailer

Warner Bros has debuted the trailer for Kevin Smith's Cop Out, formerly known as A Couple of Dicks, over on Apple in glorious high def. This new comedy stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as two New York City cops whose adventures include locating a stolen baseball card, rescuing a woman, and dealing with gangsters and their laundered money. Hot damn this look hilarious. I've been excited for it ever since we posted that photo of Tracy Morgan in a cellphone costume being chased by a dog. And hell yes, this trailer delivers! I love the way it starts out, what a perfect way to draw people in. Can't frickin' wait to see this!

Watch the first official trailer for Kevin Smith's Cop Out from YouTube:

You can also watch the official Cop Out trailer in High Definition on Apple

Cop Out is directed by comedy guru Kevin Smith of classics like Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Jersey Girl, Clerks II, and Zack and Miri Make a Porno previously. The screenplay was co-written by brothers first-time feature writers Robb and Mark Cullen, of only the TV shows "Heist" and "Las Vegas" previously. Warner Brothers is currently planning on bringing Kevin Smith's Cop Out to theaters starting on February 26th, 2010 next year. Although that date could change, stay tuned!

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Looks pretty hilarious and Smith is deffentially aiming for the mainstream crowd with this. You can see a obvious difference between this and Zack and Miri. I hope it does well becuase the man deserves a hit.

wrongturn687 on Dec 23, 2009


Hm, hit or miss

Wes on Dec 23, 2009


i thought kevin smith said he was done with making films?

real talk on Dec 23, 2009


Even if I have to run barefoot through a trail broken glass, I will see this movie in theaters.

The Man With No Name on Dec 23, 2009


Yeah I gotta see this

Jimmy Love on Dec 23, 2009


The old title would have worked perfectly during the opening of the trailer. From the studio that brought you Dirty Harry, Training Day, and The Departed brings you... A Couple of Dicks.

Johnny G on Dec 23, 2009


Reason this will not be good: Kevin Smith is not writing it.

Movieraider321 on Dec 23, 2009


I thought the script for this was great. Really funny stuff. This trailer doesn't seem to do it justice.

germs on Dec 23, 2009


i did'nt laugh once this cant be good

nelson on Dec 23, 2009


Wow, Alex. I think I saw a completely different trailer from you. I didn't laugh once. It looked like Hollywood Homicide. Maybe I will have to wait for the red band trailer because this one was bland and looked like a spoof right out of 30 Rock with Tracey Morgans character. And for Kevin Smith movie, there was very little mention (or at all) of his involvement.

Kit on Dec 23, 2009


Looks like another stupid cliche film. Can't anyone but James Cameron do anything original anymore?

Cufford on Dec 23, 2009


I have a feeling the redband trailer will be better, but I still have alot of faith in it.

wrongturn687 on Dec 23, 2009


@10, I read Russ Fischer's write up too. Sadly this does not look funny to me in the slightest.

Stryker on Dec 23, 2009


This looks horrible. There was a time in the early 2000s when if you were to tell me that Kevin Smith was going to make a movie with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, I would have bought a decade long calendar and crossed off the days to the movie release. Now in 2009 I could give two shits less. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

D on Dec 23, 2009


@3... I may be mistaken, but I believe he's only said he was done making "View Askew" movies. Meaning ones with Jay and Silent Bob. But he said that after "... Strike Back" and then he made Clerks II (to help Mewes get clean)

Buzz on Dec 23, 2009


Ok... that last "no... no..." scene was hilarious....

Dreckent on Dec 23, 2009


just a lame buddy cop movie thats been done to death with the lethal weapons and rush hours, i mean i love those movies but i dont think we really need another one

jh on Dec 23, 2009



PinkSushi on Dec 23, 2009


as funny as cracked concrete

Jimmy on Dec 23, 2009


Alex??? Wtf are you talking about? That was the worst tailer ive ever seen. The Hangover had a great fuc*ing trailer, maybe the movie dint deliver as much. But the trailer got everyone to see it.

Scottish on Dec 23, 2009


I like it, and I'm gonna say "Hot Damn" HOT DAMN!!!!!!!!!!

xerxex on Dec 23, 2009


@ #11 Original??? If you are talking about Avatar then you missed Dances With Wolves or the Last Samurai, it's the same plot only on other planet.... I'll watch this, looks funny, plus I'm a Kev Smith fan!

Victor on Dec 23, 2009


#11........if you think cameron is onlyl person doing anything "original" - then you don't watch many movies. and i have to agree with #22 - avatar (while being a fine movie) is NOT original. as far as this movie goes: it looks "so-so". this looks to be just another "cop-buddy" flick. of course, i'm not a huge fan of this, i'm probably not the best judge of how good this can/will be.

beavis on Dec 23, 2009


Meh it doesnt look THAT good maybe a red band trailer will change my mind.

Cody on Dec 23, 2009


It took a while into the trailer for me to get into it, but at the end I was kinda feeling it. It really might work, but I dunno I'm still on the limb with it. Maybe a matinee... or a rental.

Shaun on Dec 23, 2009


What the fuck is this shit?!... Bruce Willis playing secondary to a the lead of Tracy Morgan? FUCK THAT NOISE. i will not be seeing this movie unless they recut another trailer that is actually worthwhile... a bunch of bullshit shit, this

crumb on Dec 23, 2009


All I've got to say is that it looks very standard and probably isn't worth even getting excited over. As usual Tracey Morgan just looks really annoying. But I won't damn it to hell until I see it, probably on DVD vice the theater

Wally on Dec 24, 2009


Will we get a 'KA KA' from Sean William Scott in this ? Willis can be funny, Scott can be funny, but Morgan is just annoying. I do like most of th stuff Kevin Smith does have to say. Don't think this trailer does it any favours though.

Marty on Dec 24, 2009



TediusTed on Dec 24, 2009


Bruce willis is playing the Stright face guy, Tracy Morgan is playing comedic guy sounds intressting this movie.

Cineprog on Dec 24, 2009


Tracy Morgan = Not Funny, Bruce Willis & Sean William Scott = Funny .... FFS what is it do they have to put a smart mouthed vaguely talented comedian as the comic relief in every cop movie!!!! It is a union requirement or something?!

Bill on Dec 24, 2009



NadaNuff on Dec 24, 2009


talk about bad....

ray on Dec 24, 2009


Did someone point a vacuum at this trailer and suck out all the jokes?

Sleepykid on Dec 24, 2009


I'm on the same page as #9...I didn't laugh once. I had high hopes for this because Kevin Smith as a person is hilarious and this trailer is absolutely NOT. I think between how bad this looks and the fighting over the title from "A Couple of Dicks" to "Cop Out", Smith will disown this movie. They better cut a better trailer than this...

Matt on Dec 24, 2009


@11...seriously? I hate Cameron fanboys but you've gone to the other side of idiocy. Let's name Cameron's awesome films: Titanic, Aliens, Rambo... His original stuff include Terminator, The Abyss, and True Lies. How is he the only one doing original movies? Wow, I cannot even insult you because you done it all yourself. I hate Morgan.

Tra la la la la di da on Dec 24, 2009


that looks stupid as hell and is Tracy Morgan retarded?

DoomCanoe on Dec 24, 2009


Yay Willis and Scott!! Booooo to Morgan... not funny. The first two might be able to carry the movie, though

Antioch on Dec 24, 2009


this looks really pretty awful.

Brian Ricci on Dec 24, 2009


Eh. I liked it, but didn't. What is wrong with this trailer? I'm thinking it was the choice of music. Anything Kevin Smith does is accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack. Trailer and all. This... was horseshit. Weird.

Ozzie Davis on Dec 24, 2009


It' looks ok, seems like it has it's moments.....I did like the KRS-1 love @ #11 Cufford a few people have already brought it to your attention, LAY OFF JC's nuts please, it's been 10 years or so JC can be considered as doing something original.......Avatar is today's Dances with Wolves.......Dances with Smurfs

blue & orange ny on Dec 24, 2009


First it was Eddie Murphy, then Chris Tucker now its Tracy Morgan... The new African American funny cop. FAIL

Jay on Dec 24, 2009


looks like this might be his worst film.

Jay Selis on Dec 24, 2009


I'd see it just for Sean William Scott

Kyle on Dec 24, 2009


must watch? really? get off the dick man!! cause they've directed a few good movies doesnt make every single one of their movies a must watch. this trailer looks like dog shit eaten by a cat... regurgitated... picked up by you.... and now you've forced me to stumble upon it. metaphorically... you've made me step in dog shit. thank u

DJSil3nt on Dec 24, 2009


I'm a huge Kevin Smith fan. Although this trailer was pretty ordinary, i have faith in smith and i'm sure the movie as a whole will be awsome!!!!

scotty on Dec 24, 2009


Ummm #20 did you just say the Hangover didnt deliver??!?! What kind of crack are you smoking fool!!?

Cody on Dec 24, 2009


the only bright moment in this was Bruce Willis saying "who's there?" at the end. Bruce Willis started out in comedy, and I think Tracey Morgan could be decent. He got no respect on SNL, but he was in a few bits back in the day that were actually quite hilarious. I'm hoping there's a good, R-rated reason this trailer isn't so funny. Not a fan of Scott. Between the three of them, Willis is the only one that has his timing down. The other two main actors have serious issues with their timing. Smith, however, has great comic timing, and hopefully there will be more of his influence in the movie than there was evident in the trailer. Comedy trailers generally suck because they take things out of context, which can really kill the humor. I don't usually like any comedy trailers. Even classics like Airplane and Holy Grail have crap trailers. Comic timing just can't be pulled of in little 5-10 second bursts.

Squiggly_P on Dec 24, 2009


With Kevin Smith's name I thought I'd like it but GOD DAMN IT, Tracy Morgan can't act himself out of a paper bag. #48: You're right about the trailer for Airplane but, Huh? Have you seen the trailer for Holy Grail? CLASSIC!

mat on Dec 24, 2009


@2 Miss.

Collin on Dec 24, 2009



Tom on Dec 24, 2009


Kevin Smith has lost his touch 🙁

Madnezz344 on Dec 25, 2009


@ #47 dear cheezy movie goer cody plz stop sharing ur Shit opinions about movies with us u can respectfully kiss my a$$

pj on Dec 25, 2009


Kevin Smith has more good than bad so I'm gonna go see it. He hadn'y really had a stinker yet.

judasbarron on Dec 25, 2009


that was one of the most awful trailers i ever watched. bruce willis must be getting a nice paycheck to be doing this shit!! and tracy morgan should be banned from making movies. forever.

brighthouse on Dec 25, 2009


either this is going to be AWESOME or it will be JUST NOT GOOD

neonblue120 on Dec 26, 2009


Whose there? haha @ #57: great analysis man 😉

Michid on Dec 26, 2009


So they changed the name, atleast its not PG-13. I Hope its not. o.O

Daniel on Dec 26, 2009


This movie looks like shit. Really? Cop out? The only thing people are gonna cop out is their money to see this crap.

YOMAMMA on Dec 28, 2009


Like it, laughed at it and I'll probably see.

arjones on Dec 29, 2009


I don't know, looks like unpretentious fun to me. Compared to most hollywood comedies these days, this actually looks enjoyable.

Michael on Dec 30, 2009


Nou! nou nou absolutlyno nou nou ..... nou nou no thanks

k456 on Jan 9, 2010



smith on Jan 10, 2010

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