Must Watch: First Official Trailer for The Crazies Remake

October 1, 2009
Source: Apple

The Crazies

Overture Films has debuted the first official trailer The Crazies remake directed by Breck Eisner in high def over on Apple today and can be watched below. This stars Timothy Olyphant, Radha Mitchell, Danielle Panabaker, Joe Anderson, Joe Reegan, and a whole town full of crazies. I actually think this trailer looks pretty damn good, despite it being a remake without one of the strongest directors. Though I should note that George Romero had nothing to do with this remake at all. I don't think it's going to be as good as the original and it's not going to be one of the best movies of next year, but it doesn't look terrible. Check it out!

Watch the official trailer for Breck Eisner's The Crazies:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the trailer for The Crazies in High Definition on Apple

The story revolves around the inhabitants of a small Iowa town who are suddenly beset by death and insanity after a plane crash lets loose a mysterious secret biological weapon into the water supply.

The Crazies is directed by Breck Eisner, of Thoughtcrimes and Sahara previously. The screenplay was written by Scott Kosar (The Machinist, The Amityville Horror) and Ray Wright (Pulse, Case 39). This is a remake of George Romero's 1973 film of the same name. Overture Films will be bringing it to theaters on February 26th, 2010 next year. You can follow the official Twitter for the film for more updates on this.

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DV-Ent.Net on Oct 1, 2009



blah on Oct 1, 2009


lol fail looks sick though

blah on Oct 1, 2009


Never like the overuse of popular trailer songs, but Mad World's an inspired choise despite that, fits very well. Olyphant's playing to his strength's, and from the trailer footage the slow-burning fear/intensity seems to be handled quite well. Hope the military intervention is handled right, that could be the point where the film trips itself up and just becomes another insane action/gore fest that's produced a half-dozen times a year.

Dan on Oct 1, 2009


That looks fucking awesome. Sign me up!

Syphous on Oct 1, 2009


pity the trailer basically shows the entire story arch.

Calum on Oct 1, 2009


I really never cared for the original. This looks pretty damn good.

Kevin on Oct 1, 2009


I like!

Bash on Oct 1, 2009


This honestly looked horrible until the last few seconds haha.

tankmaster on Oct 1, 2009


Agreed #4 Still looks promising. Kosar has some nice titles under his belt so the script I have faith in. Up to Eisner and his direction.

Tra la la la la di da on Oct 1, 2009


At first it appeared to be a mix between The Happening and Dawn of the Dead, and I actually like it. Even tho the people don't actually seem to become zombies, I guess. Looks really good to me. I also like the use of Mad World here. It adds a sense of desperation and hopelessness to the trailer that I usually don't get from many horror movies, if at all.

SuicidalOptimist on Oct 1, 2009


Alex, George A. Romero is the executive producer of the the man had something to do with the

Christopher M on Oct 1, 2009


Looks pretty good, just saw the whole film in 3 minutes though, it's a shame they have to retard proof the trailers by putting everything in, including explosions for the jizzbombers.

Crapola on Oct 1, 2009


wish they didn't use Mad World. Even though i do agree the song was fitting. other then that i cant wait.

DoomCanoe on Oct 1, 2009


The end song makes the trailer (Mad World). Looks to be your normal isolated town scare BS. Worth a look though.

Shige on Oct 1, 2009


actually your review about George A. Romero having nothing to do with this movie is wrong. Im not trying to tell you how to do your job but if you look up his filmography or the movie it will show you that he wrote some of it, i believe the characters, yes a little part to the film but he has something to do with it. have a nice day.

Jeremy on Oct 1, 2009


that looks delicious! i was ok with the trailer until that last ten seconds or so when what look to be two huge plot points are given away, but i'll do my best to block out that prior knowledge when i see this. love olyphant as a lead.

seanathan on Oct 1, 2009


This movie was actually made in my home town and EVERYONE has been talking about it. So to finally see the final product is very cool. It looks really good, I enjoy a good zombie movie.

Jessica on Oct 1, 2009


wow the trailer started out pretty good and then Gary Jules' Mad World just put a bow on it for me.

Tim on Oct 1, 2009


donnie darko theme song much

Zetty on Oct 1, 2009


I usually don't like killing movies, but it looks good.

whomever on Oct 1, 2009


this could turn out to be AMAZING

twispious on Oct 1, 2009


Well it looks like they nuke the town or something at the end. Seems maybe like it will be ok. Every time I hear that song I think of Donnie Darko. No movie can ever use that song and have the same impact as it did in donnie darko.

Dan W on Oct 1, 2009


they just gave it away that Daniella Panabaker's character is going to die you can see them grab her out of the car. that

matthew on Oct 1, 2009


Once again, a trailer that shows too much. However, it does look unexpectedly good. I just wish they hadn't shown the last 40 seconds or so.

Traveler on Oct 1, 2009


Looks great. I like this kind of movies and I hope they changed some of the story. I hope its not again this water virus stuff... another reason for the craziness would be cool. The TWITTER Link is not working, guys.

Millus on Oct 1, 2009


Too much. Honestly, I just saw it a couple hours ago and I've generally forgotten anything about it besides the general plot which I already knew so...yeah.

Tra la la la la di da on Oct 1, 2009


i know it's a remake of "the crazies" but it reminds me of a movie fromt the '80s called "impulse". i liked that one a lot. this looks like a fun watch. i'll be seeing it.

beavis on Oct 1, 2009


@6 - haha your an idiot. Romero created the characters for the original film, hence they have to give him credit for this film. Alex was spot on, Romero had nothing to do with this.

Ben on Oct 2, 2009


That shit is gonna be of tha fuckin Hook!!!!!!!

Calibretto on Oct 2, 2009


Looks very messed up.. perhaps its got the right vibe to the whole zombie thing. Will check this out.

dom on Oct 2, 2009


Looks tooight like a tooiger! I'm in!

Godstrike on Oct 2, 2009


i had mixed feelings on this when i first heard about it but i was dumb cause i hadn't seen any footage or pics. Now i know this is gonna be FUCKIN TIGHT!

erik on Oct 2, 2009


overused soundtrack

shehab6003 on Oct 2, 2009


I'll better watch the first movie although this is a remake but the concept looks old but the movie looks so damn sick, sold.

Fisherr on Oct 2, 2009



OCP on Oct 2, 2009


I'm going to hang my head low since I haven't seen the original. Perhaps I'll check it out this weekend. Anyway, seeing Olyphant as a sheriff makes me miss Deadwood. As for the movie, it has potential.

dELVIS on Oct 2, 2009


I'd say I'm game. Zombies (and any sort of derivation) are kind of my guilty pleasure genre. Looking forward to this although I don't know why Hollywood tries to release quasi-seasonal pictures way out of season. That's one reason I think that 'The Frighteners' didn't catch on with audiences. It was released on opening day for the Olympics, can you believe it?

Marc on Oct 2, 2009


WOW...that song fit perfect with the trailer...I heard it another I wrong?

Trey on Oct 2, 2009


Looks very good, but alot different then the original. Go see Romero's version first, can't get too much Romero now can you 🙂

David Banner on Oct 2, 2009


I actually thought that looked pretty badass. Definitely looking forward to it.

dqniel on Oct 2, 2009


I know it's a remake and all, but I can't shake out the thought that this is how The Happening should have been made. Looks great!

SomeGuy on Oct 2, 2009


Nice choice in music.

Lar on Oct 2, 2009


Wow, got the chills #39 it was in Donnie Darko!

JOEDIRTY on Oct 2, 2009


Everytime a director gets the zombie genre right... an angel gets his wings... 😀

Dreckent on Oct 3, 2009


okay the ending is the military nukes the town and they all die

Darren on Oct 3, 2009


Okay, This looks like a good thriller to check out. Olyphant has remained one of my favorite actors, he's really the only reason I bought Hitman. Radha Mitchell is a great actress, so I'm sold on her part The story looks pretty solid. BUT the use of Gary Jules' Mad World dosen't really mesh well with the film, I know its just for the trailer, it just dosen't work I would have preferred some soundtrack maybe X-Ray Dog's Gothic Power but I digress it looks pretty good!

xerxex on Oct 3, 2009


it does remind me of the happening wich that movie was an epic fail.but this one looks good

alex on Oct 3, 2009


Seems to me that the tailer shows the end of the movie.

Gregard on Oct 3, 2009


Im sold on this movie. It looks like its going to turn into another "ZOMBIE" movie (which im a fan of) . I just hope that Hollywood doesnt screw this one up !

heN.rY. on Oct 4, 2009


Looks F'n Awesome! I've never seen the original but this has gotten me interested in both.

Superhaus on Oct 4, 2009


I really wish they wouldn't use that song so much. Man theres Aussie in everything now, Radha Mitchell is kicking arse! I might give this a miss though.

DiR3ct on Oct 4, 2009


Soooo....The Happening minus the plants hopefully? Looks good, but i want to know whats in the water...same reaction to The Happening and turned out just awful.

Seductive Flamingo on Oct 4, 2009


woot woot i am there

splinter on Oct 5, 2009


1:45-1:53 is epic

Trey on Oct 6, 2009


zombie films epic.....oh ya baby

MrToad07 on Dec 17, 2009

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