Must Watch: First Red Band Trailer for Paul Bettany's Legion

August 12, 2009
Source: MySpace


Remember that badass banner from Comic-Con that had Paul Bettany on it as the Archangel Michael carrying an MP5? Well a polished version of the first red band trailer they showed during Comic-Con has officially debuted online today (via MySpace) and I'm pretty sure everyone just needs to check this out. The movie is called Legion and it also stars Dennis Quaid, Kevin Durand, Tyrese Gibson, Adrianne Palicki, and Doug Jones (as the creepy Ice Cream Man from the beginning). This looks a bit better than it did during the Con, but I just still can't get into it. It's way too B-movie horror for my tastes, but I expect others to dig it.

Watch the first red band trailer for Scott Stewart's Legion:

Having lost faith in the human race, a legion of angels descend to Earth to bring about the Apocalypse. Humanity's only hope lies in a group of strangers trapped in a diner and the Archangel Michael himself.

Legion is directed by first-time feature filmmaker Scott Stewart, a former visual effects artist who worked on films like Sin City, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Iron Man. The screenplay was co-written by Stewart and former editor Peter Schink with the short film Gotham Cafe being his only past writing credit. Sony Pictures will be bringing Legion to theaters everywhere starting on January 22nd, 2010 early next year. Excited?

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Honestly this looks like harmless fun too me. Yes it looks really stupid, but I have no dobts that it won't be the least bit entertaining. Also that bit with the old lady was pretty hilarious in a very cheesey way. I wan't to see this and how can you go wrong with Paul Bettany and Doug Jones.

wrongturn687 on Aug 12, 2009



OCP on Aug 12, 2009



-Peter- on Aug 12, 2009


Looks fun. Good mixture of B movie horror and biblical drama. I'll watch it.

SacLA on Aug 12, 2009


Looks entertaining to me. I doubt I'll hit the theaters for it though unless reviews say "OMG LEIK GEWD".

Syphous on Aug 12, 2009


OMG! this looks sick! I...I think I'm sold!

bltzie on Aug 12, 2009


it's like a combination of 20 fuckin movies, wtf, it's all over the damn place.

qweqwu on Aug 12, 2009


First half of the trailer sucked they showed too much of the grandma scene. The last minute was pretty good. Ill see it in theaters if nothing else is playing.

PJ H on Aug 12, 2009


Have Tyrese Gidson and Dennis Quaid become best friends? Too much in the trailer but it looks pretty good, kinda of like The Prophecy with Christopher Walken and Elias Kotees, which wasn't that bad. The fight scene between Gabriel and Michael, Paul Bettany and Kevin Durand pretty much sold me! I wonder if they're gonna have Viggo Mortensen as Satan?

Xerxex on Aug 12, 2009


I think this movie is going to be a lot of fun. Was at the panel at Comic Con and it made me super excited to see it.

Curtis G on Aug 12, 2009


It's so bad it's good kinda thing. What's up with Dennis Quaid appearing in garbage lately: Legion, Pandorum, GI Joe, Horsemen, Vantage Point, Smart People, Flight of the Phoenix, Yours Mine and Ours. The Special Relation in which he plays Bill Clinton sounds promising though.

Steven Kar on Aug 12, 2009


Looks good. Cheezy but good.

Vold on Aug 12, 2009


im sold sold sold. i doubt its gonna be the best movie ever, and angels shooting guns is really not necessary, but i dont care, i am so there.

Brian Barajas on Aug 12, 2009


Looks pretty cool and fun! But that was a badly done trailer. It showed too much and scenes dragged too much.

Shinobi on Aug 12, 2009


Looks pretty cool, but the trailer froze on me near the end. this definitely got me intrigued to see it if not in theaters then definitely on DVD.

The_Kid on Aug 12, 2009


this trailer used the same music in Terminator Salvation called "Immediate Music: Clash of the Titans" lol is it me but the woman whos pregnant might be giving birth to the antichrist

carlos on Aug 12, 2009


alex, what don't you like here? this looks good! the acting seems better than i expected. i'll definitely watch this just for the "grandma" scene.............

dan on Aug 12, 2009


This guy is directing the Priest movie... which is funny because this Legion movie reminds me more of the original priest comic than the movie version coming out.

teyhtr on Aug 12, 2009


WTF just happened...

James on Aug 12, 2009


Anything that challenges people conception of superstition...errr.....religion/dogma is a good thing. This movie seems to do so through an action vibe with the traditional and way overused "THE PROPHECY!! THE CHOSEN ONE!!!" storyline that is just .... so dumb now. But aside from that this looks like an action movie that challenges people on a fundamental level; "What if god didn't give a FUCK about you and was in fact the BAD guy?" Its an interesting philosophical question and one that people don't ever consider. Its a realistic one too; Assuming god does exist what makes you think he would concern himself with the bullshit that goes on here on this one planet with this one small group of barbaric monkey's (humans) ?

MaTT on Aug 12, 2009


terribad. they just showed the best parts so rest of it will be pretty crappy. and what was "red band" about it?

L1A on Aug 12, 2009


Looks totally terrible, but I'll definitely watch it, I love films like this, a good mix of demon/angel violence madness, a little bit of Supernatural black eyed demon mixed styles mixed with low budget angel fest Gabriel. Keamy from Lost though as Gabriel, he plays bad dudes pretty good. Almost like a mini movie that trailer, but somehow I doubt the apocalypse happens, so it'll just be a case of working out who dies before the credits roll.

Crapola on Aug 12, 2009


Maximum Overdrive meets Dogma? Just kidding, it actually looks pretty good, hopefully we didn't just see the whole movie in the trailer.

gplongwood on Aug 12, 2009


WTF???? The trailer spoils the entire movie.

Angel on Aug 12, 2009


Its an interesting philosophical question and one that people don't ever consider. Its a realistic one too; Assuming god does exist what makes you think he would concern himself with the bullshit that goes on here on this one planet with this one small group of barbaric monkey's (humans) ? @21 well He said so.

benlomand on Aug 12, 2009


Maximum Overdrive meets Evil Dead. The Old Lady killed me!

Ripper on Aug 12, 2009


liked Legion! we'll watch it... but hey! here's something that made my day...

miracle disease on Aug 12, 2009


What are you talking about B Movie horror? This looks awesome!

Papichulo on Aug 12, 2009


Looks stupid but fun, ill see it but I'm sneaking in & #27 that fake Thunder Cats Trailer is awesome good find

DoomCanoe on Aug 12, 2009


Can't be a proper B movie without a Bruce Campbell cameo. Looks fun, but ultimatly dissapointing, kind of like Knowing, where they actually brought about the Apocolapse. Looks like a good ensemble piece. Nice to Lucas Black is still alive.

Big Red Moose on Aug 12, 2009


I was sold at "your baby's going to burn!!!!!!!"

Sancho on Aug 12, 2009


looks good, might even see this in theatres

harrison on Aug 12, 2009


#27 thats so old its a fan made trailer done by WormyT

carlos on Aug 12, 2009


sarah palin proudly presents

ninja on Aug 12, 2009


As several people have said, it feels like we just saw the entire movie in that trailer. Not sure there's going to be any surprises left... Apart from that, as a fan of horror (cheesy or otherwise), it looks okay.

Mathieu on Aug 12, 2009


Looks Awesome! Though I'm a little unclear--is God the bad guy??

scm1000 on Aug 12, 2009


Amazing how many Visual Effects artists are turning to directing - goes to show how many gems there are in the fx industry 🙂

dom on Aug 12, 2009


Why did we have to be shown Dennis Quaid dying?

Matt Suhu on Aug 12, 2009


isn't Paradise Falls a town in Fallout 3?

Matt Suhu on Aug 12, 2009


hahahahaha that old ladies such a bitch Angel or demon or fallen angel or whatever.maybe just a mean old lady. ill see it though.

erik on Aug 12, 2009


That looks bad ass to me.

Psyfon on Aug 12, 2009


This looks [Charles Barkley]turrible.[/Charles Barkley]

Henry Jones Sr. on Aug 12, 2009


The growing arm dude was kind of creepy, haha. It looked kind of cheesy at points, and the old lady just made me eye roll. Not sure about the whole...God is the bad guy type of storyline. That bothers me. If God didn't want us around anymore, I would think he could just snap us out of existence like that. That seems more plausible to me, not do this whole big plot with an effin baby or blah blah blah. Don't think I'll go to the theater and pay for it.

Sabes on Aug 12, 2009


What?!! Where they just gonna show us the whole movie!?! some parts were stupid but the action was ok.

tankmaster on Aug 12, 2009


@#33 (carlos) did i say anything about "new"?... read carefully and don't assume buddy... if it was not fun for you, nothing i should care about don't i?

miracle disease on Aug 12, 2009


I must say, impressive. It looks like a good ol' action filled movie we can all enjoy. Looking forward to it.

Silence on Aug 12, 2009


HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Is that a real movie or an SNL skit? Awful, truly awful. Though the little old lady was hilarious.

Kevin on Aug 12, 2009


I think they showed too much in this trailer, basically the entire film. Either way ill watch it, looks interesting.

Nikhil Hariharan on Aug 12, 2009


I love Paul Bettany, film looks very good, epic on your max payne/constantine style of lines.

Stuart Mellor on Aug 12, 2009


Looks decent enough. Could be epic. We'll see.

Zac on Aug 12, 2009


It looks good enough for me to see it. Like #21 said, it challenges the idea that God loves us all, which He does, but it'll be good entertainment. Just hope people don't get caught up in the idea that God could turn His back on us, after his Son JC died for us. Otherside of the coin is you'll have people who can't let go of reality for a moment and suspend their beliefs just to enjoy a movie. I know I will.

Rusty on Aug 12, 2009


Waw. What a piece of trailer *like a hole movie! Denis Quaid totally rocks and the creatures reminds me of "Day of the Dead" which was pretty cool.

Nicholas on Aug 12, 2009


I agree, it looks cheesy at parts but also very fun. I'd like to see it.

Demeter on Aug 12, 2009


I liked it, it seems like an unofficial sequel to The Prophecy. Walken should be playing Gabriel and Viggo as Lucifer. Not sure I'd pay to see it but worth a watch. On a side note you don't see many "original" movies using greek or roman mythology in movies there is a lot of stuff there to play off of. (Thor doesn't count) But i guess in those cases you won't have religious protesters creating buzz for you.

Johnny G on Aug 12, 2009


#38 its not Dennis Quaid who died its the guy who got bitten by the old lady #45 i know what you said im surprise that made your day its been around on the net time ago WormyT also made a cool Avengers trailer clip too

craig on Aug 12, 2009


The old lady bit reminded me of classic Evil Dead/Army of Darkness.

jasonmd2020 on Aug 12, 2009


OK so let me get this right, an all powerful God needs to send a sky full of warrior angels to kill a baby who hasn't been born? Here is a tip for God, next time just have the girl walk out in front of traffic and then bingo bango she's dead and never conceives the child in the first place. Or, have a lightning bold hit her, heck I'm not even God and I figured a more efficient way out for all this to be done. Same old crappie movie that insults our collective intelligence.

Frank on Aug 12, 2009


Are you kidding Alex. This movie is to B-movie for your liking. You said you liked Terminator Salvation and that film had B-grade all over it. I absolutely love B-grade horror films, and this film looks cool as hell. I for one will be going to see this.

last Son on Aug 12, 2009


"I said your baby's gonna burn" LOL go Granny!

1001 on Aug 12, 2009


lol wow 57 you should go into the movie bizz and make movies so we can go watch a 5 min film of how un interesting it could be to kill someone.......... you should re-do inglorious bastards, and instead of going out there and killing the natzi we can just send a nuke over there and bam we get a quick 5 min movie yay your logic is stupid , movie look's decent

splinter on Aug 12, 2009


@#55 cakes in fridge from yesterday's kiddie party will make you day, don't they? so pointing it out that it's old and make it relevant to it being fun or not, is 2 cents less common sense...

miracle disease on Aug 12, 2009



SHANEDAV on Aug 12, 2009



ELY on Aug 12, 2009


Plots a little whack but it has some strange Sam Raimiesque elements to it which I like.

JimD on Aug 12, 2009


Ugh, this looks awful. Who are all of you idiots diggin on this? You probably got all gooey over the Mutant Chronicles too.

Cinemassive on Aug 12, 2009


It looks like a mix of meth and fireworks.

Tom Arnold on Aug 12, 2009


Ok I was absolutely excited for this movie when I originally saw the promo Im utterly disappointed....I just want to point out a few plots holes that are bugging me 1. Since when do Angels....who are supposedly one of the most beautiful spectacles in God's kingdom have black eyes and howl like monkeys in human bodies? And when did angel's curse openly? This needs to be explained...hopefully its something like they are demon's trying to get to the baby first before the Angels do... 2. Michael is supposed to be the Archangel...supreme bad ass in heaven... why is he having any sort of trouble with anyone besides Gabriel and other Archangels? 3. If God is responsible for all in the hell did the waitress get preggers in the first place? 4. Not a question merely an observation....but the wire work on those wings looks HORRIBLE!!! Lol now with all that said Im prob gonna go see it anyway probably on a bored night after work for $5 bucks...other than that count me out....

Primo1 on Aug 12, 2009


Looks entertaining, but I would not be surprised to see this film get overlooked and bomb. I also wouldn't be surprised to see this film get pushed back until later in the spring when warm weather would bring more people out to see it. Excited to see Adrienne Palicki in a film. I like her on Friday Night Lights. That show is starting to kick out some good young actors (Tyler Kitsch was in Wolverine, Minka Kelly was in 500 Days of Summer, Jesse Plemmons was in Observe and Report, and Zach Gilford is in that upcoming Post Grad flick. That only leaves 1 main cast member who hasn't landed a decent movie role! That's pretty impressive for a show no one really watches) My only gripe with the preview is the idea of angels using guns. Whats the point? They're already dead. To me that just shows a lack of creativity in the writing and film making. Sure it's cool, and I can buy into it because it's a movie, but I would have much rather seen some sort of unusual divine power....I don't know, something with a little more creativity.

ImaginaryVisionary on Aug 12, 2009


#59 hahah! take that Frank!

DoomCanoe on Aug 12, 2009


Whoever edited this trailer deserves to lose their job.

jules on Aug 12, 2009


laaaaaaaame lame lame lame lame.

Eric on Aug 12, 2009


From the trailer it seems like the movie is a mix of Dogma and Dawn of the Dead (2004), that is a good thing in my book! It looks like it will be entertaining and cheesy , I'll pry wait until it comes out on blu ray to rent it.

Chad on Aug 12, 2009


This looks freakin' great!

Robbie on Aug 12, 2009


HOLY Sheezus! That was a little bit too intense. I'm getting too old for this sheist. But yeah, I'm gonna watch it anyway.

Jon Johnson on Aug 13, 2009


im sold too. @69 angels are not dead they never were human, at least they said it in the prophecy movie with christopher walken and they also did point that out in dogma

yojoe on Aug 13, 2009


🙂 Evil granny

David Banner on Aug 13, 2009


This looks like something showtime would play about 2am, looks corny as hell!

reddhottron on Aug 13, 2009


Sound's abit terminator in the Storyline to me? sfx look o.k

Allen Reeve on Aug 13, 2009


That1 had so many f-ing spoilers it made my gut turn inside out. And it seems so good... :/

Protke! on Aug 13, 2009


This looks fucking horrible! What is the matter with you people?

Cosgrove on Aug 13, 2009


That looks fucking awesome! What is the matter with you jerkoff!? Yeah they gave too much away but who cares. A shit load of crazy action and nothing you really need to think about. Just sit back and enjoy. Is this coming to theatres or a straight to DVD?

K on Aug 13, 2009


This reminds me of one of my favorite horror flicks of all-time: Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight starring Billy Zane. It appears to have the same sense of humor mixed with gore. The Demons appear to have been replaced here by Angels. I think this looks great!

TCox on Aug 13, 2009


Not bad, but I think I would appreciate this film more if I feared... I mean believed in religion.

Dirty Dutchman on Aug 13, 2009


Looks..great this is what going to the movies is about...cant wait

Trey on Aug 13, 2009


The trailer looks good. I doubt that they would release this movie in my country. I'm from India.. :p

Deepak T on Aug 13, 2009


Being completely un-religious, I love movies that present alternative interpretations of popular belief (Dogma, Constantine, etc.). I also love sittin" back and listening to all the Churchies bitch about it later. This movie looks great.

Mike D on Aug 13, 2009


WHAT THE **** was THAT?!

Nick S. on Aug 13, 2009


#60, Splinter Your clearly the king of logic, the basterds from what can tell do not have super human strength and an all powerful God on their side as this movies seems to imply that it has therefore it is grounded in this thing we call "reality" (that's the world out side of World of War Craft for your information) with this reality I am sure the basterds will not be flying around with their wings and possessing Nazi (FYI Natzi is spelled Nazi, just an FYI) body's. Therefore I expect something completely different from that film and not something unrealistic like the speed up development of an A-bomb to fit the story. All this being said this movie uses the same old "Star Wars logic" IE advanced civilization still charging each other with lasers like humans used to do 150 years ago. Its insulting to think that they figured out light speed but not fire and maneuver. Same for this peace of garbage, God wants humanity dead so he conceives this great idea of destroying angels sent out to kill one child which if he was an all powerful God he could have snuffed out before it was even born or wait until its born and then kill it with sudden infant death syndrome. So it doesn't make a great movie, that's my point, this doesn't either. If you want to see it great but at least admit that you will have to check a part of your brain at the door for this one.

Frank on Aug 13, 2009


Where are Jay and Silent Bob???? they are the prophets

Victor on Aug 13, 2009


The Prophecy + Demon Kinight= Awesome

goudos on Aug 13, 2009


not sure about the whole god theme and i don't think they showed everything in this trailer but for write now i like it .

alan on Aug 13, 2009


well thanks for telling us dennis quaid dies in the movie, you fuckin trailer-producing-r-tards.

dan on Aug 13, 2009


Well damn..Angles and Guns and old ladies cursing....Fucking awesome!

AllmightyKeim on Aug 14, 2009


well when i first read the title and the story i thought well just another remake but this trailer kinda hooked me the twist is nice and the cast is awesome so i ll definetely will give this a shot 😀

Burak "D'aequitas" on Aug 14, 2009



Stu on Aug 14, 2009



desiree on Aug 14, 2009


ideas pretty boring...nothing in this trailer seems that exciting except for maybe some grandma shooting and shit like that..

Meghan frat on Aug 15, 2009


OK FRANKIEPOO look dude, once again you fail, let me sum this up in less that two paragraphs, No movie holds original value, i can list a ton of movies that hold the star wars simple plot line, under achiever becomes the one, suffers, becomes great, blah blah blah, and as for the checking your brain out at the door, YOU HAVE TO DO THAT WITH MOVIES its not real unless its a documentary, its actors and actresses who are acting, there stories based on exaggeration with little to no political value. you want a movie that goes beginning to end, id like a movie that has a beginning muddle and end, and what i mean by muddle is the plot can go anywhere and still carry the story well, such as DISTRICT 9 the movie was awesome,but you could not predict it. this movie you can kinda predict it but its visually pleasing, and hell a grandma the goes demon on you im efen down once again your logic is powned

splinter on Aug 15, 2009


laughably horrible.

Dan on Aug 15, 2009


@21 we are the bad guys...haha.. man is a sinful being, but we are not monkeys .. we have is God the bad guy? I dont completely understand the plot either, but im sure it will explained in the coming months

John on Aug 15, 2009


Hey 1-101 Just saw this movie - in its entirety (minus a few FX) was really good. Bettany and Quaid was awesome! Good intentions in the movie - good vs "more" good - Place on your calendars! Dan

DannyBoy on Aug 16, 2009


I would rather watch Sarah Palin going down on Hillary Clinton, then both of them giving head to Tony Blair (ex UK Prime Minister/War Criminal)

Pikey Chav on Aug 19, 2009


A little bit of Underworld, little bit of matrix, little bit of colgate advert, little bit of crappy little 2007 Aussie movie called Gabriel (same story really, cost about $1 million and it shows). Ugh, Aussie films.

Anti-Fonz on Aug 19, 2009


Thank God Will Smith, Gerard Butler, Sam Worthington is not in this too. Ron Pearlman should have been in this, as Gabriel, not that goddam no-name Canuk from Lost.

HAL 9000 on Aug 19, 2009


wasn't impressed at first but when granny got to walking on the walls i reconsidered @ 105 dude shut up any of those people would have been a welcome addition for me and gabriel looked badass

neonblue120 on Aug 20, 2009


Should go right to DVD....stupid bunch of horse shit but you'll all go and spend money to watch Angel

Lokiluvcocky on Aug 25, 2009


a movie where god is the bad guy? I love it. im deffinately watching it.

Dre on Aug 26, 2009


Hey 107# go grow an imagination Mr. Buzzkill...the CG looks alittle cheesy but overall looks pretty badass.

Cody on Aug 28, 2009


Gabriel was the one part I liked about it, when I imagine archangels fighting I imagine swordplay not guns. The vampire/spiderwoman/pissed off granny was too over the top for me. I probably will go see it, but I wont be expecting much.

Sixx on Sep 6, 2009


WTF?! This is a must see.

Fisherr on Oct 19, 2009


i dont gett it in gabriel micheal was the bad guy and in legion gabriel is the bad guy i like the cast and if its anything like gabriel it'll be sick lol somebody said ron pearlman should of been cast in this lol

sam on Oct 28, 2009


ps who ever says angel/demon wars are gay need to get their heads checked nothings sicker

sam on Oct 28, 2009


Well I think God is sitting this one out in the movie and letting the angels loose, oddly it looks fun. This is not Prophecy after all it has freaky angels with guns and who really want to kill one mortal for some reason. It should be a decent lose yourself and just eat popcorn flick but I'll wait for the DVD release.

Tom on Dec 17, 2009


I don't get the plot. God gives up on humanity so he let's the devil's minions do what they want (fallen angels), bringing in the apcolypse. However, Michael still believes in humanity and 'breaks' from God and sides with the humans, particularly a pregnant woman who has the 'messiah' (God's son). Then God sends his angels (heaven's angels) with Gabriel as the new leader, whom battle with Michael and humanity. So...the good guys are obviously Michael and the humans, but the bad guys are...the fallen angels AND heavenly angels??? Heaven and Hell on the same side??? But...God's given up on humanity, yet his son holds the key to saving them??? Why would God destroy humanity with his son (who is human) walking on the earth??? Someone please explain?

Paul on Jan 19, 2010


No. This movie is highly Satanic. The demons are supposed to be minions of God (the God who sent the angels) which is why the grandmother becomes demonically possessed and says "your fucking baby is gonna' burn". The guy isn't Michael, he is actually Satan. The directors renamed him so that you wont catch the plot. "Michael" steps through a burning cross from the vault he robs. The cop turns into a demon and says "you will die with the child". "Michael" AKA "Satan" has stated the child is humanity's last hope. The child is the Anti-Christ. Why,logically would Christ fight against God when God has declared the apocalypse to begin? Subliminal messages = "Paradise Falls" being the name of the diner. "Paradise Lost" was an epic poem by John Milton describing Lucifer's fall from Heaven in trying to war against God. It says "Paradise Falls" to subliminally state that Heaven aka Paradise (God's abode) will fall. Pandemonium is Satan's abode. When he cuts his wings off (which are black) the halo is taken off. The camera zooms in on the halo which is a shackle; symbolizing the Luciferian believe that God's light is darkness and is the equivalent of being enslaved. They basically wrote this movie from the perspective of Satan and to make us relate to Satan they teamed him up with humans in the cosmic war. The guy exploded on an upside down cross... -_-. Upside down cross is symbolic of Satanism, because in Satanistic rituals the cross is turned upside down and desecrated. Or destroyed. The original peace sign is reflective of this which is why it's upside down in a "Y" shape with a third "l" in the middle of the "Y". It is actually the Cross of Nero who was rumored to be "666" the beast of the apocalypse. The arms are slanted downward because the cross is broken. Nero imprisoned, tortured and crucified Saint Peter upside down on a cross. That is the origin of the original peace symbol. The director basically flipped the story to confuse us all because people don't read their Bible anymore. That's why you're all confused. If you want to know more contact me: or search my name: Rolando Valdez III

Rolando Valdez III on Jan 20, 2010


The movie seems to be yet another American classless disturbing movie for the world to see. It seems to be about war, like masterpiece AVATAR, but with tons of violence and blood to make up for the lack of class relative to AVATAR

GB on Jan 22, 2010

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