Must Watch: First Teaser Trailer for James Cameron's Avatar

August 20, 2009
Source: Apple

Avatar Teaser Trailer

It's the moment you've all been waiting for, some 10 years in the making! The first official teaser trailer for James Cameron's Avatar debuted this morning on Apple. After years and years of waiting and hearing all about the groundbreaking technology that Cameron has been using, we finally get to see what the world on Pandora looks like, and it's as awe-inspiring and amazing as I'd imagined. Although I'd seen some footage at Comic-Con, this trailer still blew me away, and I can't wait to see more tomorrow at Avatar Day. Watch the teaser below or head over to Apple to see this in high def, which is the real way you should be watching it!

Watch the teaser trailer for James Cameron's Avatar:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the first Avatar teaser trailer in High Definition on Apple

Avatar is the story of an ex-Marine on the planet Pandora who, as an Avatar - a human mind in an alien body - finds himself in a desperate fight for his survival and that of the indigenous beings called Na'vi.

Avatar is both written and directed by Oscar winning visionary filmmaker James Cameron, of Piranha II, The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, True Lies, and Titanic previously. He has been developing the technology to make this movie for the last 10 years. 20th Century Fox is bringing James Cameron's Avatar to both IMAX and regular theaters in 3D around the world on December 18th.

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Maybe a little less "WOW" than I expected, but still excited. This isn't in 3D, either.

Shane on Aug 20, 2009


HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!

NWM on Aug 20, 2009


Is it just me or is the music in this trailer just hideous?? No way thats James horner behind the buttons... The SFX do look amazing tho! Cant wait to see the trailer in 3D

Mcjansen on Aug 20, 2009


I guess we'll see...I tend not to believe the hype...I want to be excited, but just not sure

Mattyc on Aug 20, 2009


hi alex, can you post the direct link to the HD version(1080p)..its not working...

Hellboy on Aug 20, 2009


Preempting all haters -- shut your mouths. You couldn't do it any better.

Fuelbot on Aug 20, 2009


Looks pretty crazy but also complicated. Visuals look nice but it's just a trailer. Have no idea what the movie is about, going to be crazy though.

Craig on Aug 20, 2009


My review: Not photo-realistic, not (at this from this) revolutionary, but still a really exciting, promising science-fiction film. Very exciting, if you don't listen to so much hype that you can't help but be disappointed, that is.

Timothy on Aug 20, 2009


CG was lacking for a 10 year project, though I'm sure that will change closer to release. So, what's the story here? Looks fun, but looks...I don't know...predictable.

Collin on Aug 20, 2009


looks great but I thought it was going to make CGI not look like CGI!? I'm sure the full movie in 3D is going to rock!

antony on Aug 20, 2009


@6 - give me 10 years and a budget this big and I will do it better

Collin on Aug 20, 2009


Holy shit!!!!! Definitely looks worthy of all the hype! Cannot wait!

Brandon on Aug 20, 2009


looks good. but don't the aliens look a little crappy for being 10 years in the making

cam on Aug 20, 2009


#6 Yes I could, stupid. Stop being so insecure with the "haters" nonsense.

Steven Spielberg on Aug 20, 2009


just two words it's fucking amazing james cameron has done it again can't wait for the avatar footage to watch it in 3d it will certainly blow me away .I know peoplewill say shit but who cares it's a beautiful film and good emotional story thanks for the trailer alex this will be big in 3d.This movie will be were 3d is properly utilised .

joe on Aug 20, 2009


Looks like Gollum from LOTR might remain the gold standard for photo realistic humanoid type characters. These blue guys look straight out of a video game cinematic, or a video game/pixar hybrid technology. No doubt it's a new look, just not the photo realism I was hoping for.

bart on Aug 20, 2009


Is there a download on the apple trailer for this I can find it? BTW fucking awesome

Ryan on Aug 20, 2009



Trey on Aug 20, 2009


This movie is gonna be the tits. And for everyone saying it looks crappy for being 10 years in the making, maybe you should give it a chance in 3D on a big screen instead of 2D on your 12" monitor before rushing to judgment.

Dan on Aug 20, 2009


#11, #14 - No. You couldn't. If you could, you'd already be in Hollywood making movies. But here you are, hanging out on a forum.

Fuelbot on Aug 20, 2009


Okay. I have no doubt that the 3-D experience will be above average; however, the trailer looks like something from a next gen console [x box 720 or ps4], which I suppose in someway is a back-handed compliment. it looks too much like a video game - will we care about the characters? I guess we'll see.

joe on Aug 20, 2009


good point Dan...

Trey on Aug 20, 2009


I can't help but feel that 10-14 years ago when Cameron had this vision, this would have been awesome. Between then and now, there have been enough movies with gigantic battle scenes full of oddball creatures that this is now almost cliché. I'll even go so far as to say, specifically, had this come out before the Lord of the Rings trilogy, people would probably be crapping their pants. Will I see it? Hell yes. Will it re-define anything in the motion picture industry? Signs point to hell no.

dRailer on Aug 20, 2009


Meesa peeple gonna die?

Voice of Reason on Aug 20, 2009


I don't get all the hype for what i just saw. This reminds me of all the other cartoons we've bee seeing pop up over the years. Remember "Beowulf"? If something is "10 years in the making" and I don't fall out of my chair while watching the trailer ... that says something.

Letter J on Aug 20, 2009


Amazing, James I think you've done it again! Can't wait until tomorrow.

Crashdown on Aug 20, 2009


Wait, I don't feel any different. I was under the impression that life as I knew it would change after I saw that. I feel vaguely the same. Just checked CNN, world peace hasn't broken out. Just checked the CDC website, they still have disease in the world. James Cameron you have failed. You should be ashamed - you promised us heaven on earth and all you deliver is this highly stylized amazing footage. How can you show your face in public? How can you sir?

Matt on Aug 20, 2009


I'm ready... oh and by the way bring on TRON LEGACY

JEFFREY on Aug 20, 2009


Wait a second! In the future we have the ability to travel to distant planets...and put your brain in another being's body...but we don't have the ability to fix a severed spinal cord? I'm supposed to believe that even though we have apparently learned to travel at the speed of light, and also how to perform the neural hook ups necessary to implant or transmit neurons into another bodily vessel, that we still just haven't figured out how to fix those pesky neural pathways in a severed lumbar spinal cord? James Cameron....after all is said and done, you really are a douche. You are so full of yourself you have completely left reality for your lusted after fantasy world.

Nutso on Aug 20, 2009



USI on Aug 20, 2009


Is this supposed to impress me? Looks like CG.

whomever on Aug 20, 2009


This isn't revolutionary at all. It's cool, thats all.

Bryant on Aug 20, 2009


does CG stand for Crappy Graphics now.

cam on Aug 20, 2009


I'm tempted to watch this, but I think I'll wait until Friday since I'll get to see it as it was intended to be seen: in IMAX 3D.

John D. on Aug 20, 2009


Inception will be better.

Cat on Aug 20, 2009


The Avatars (blue guys) look kinda cartoonish... other than that though this looks epic.

Vold on Aug 20, 2009


Looks great but that's the whole point of a trailer. You can only really get an idea of how the film will look and some of it's more interesting scenes. No guarantee it'll be engaging and genuinely exciting.

goldenbrown on Aug 20, 2009


that looked fucking awesome, it looked to me that it all was cgi like the actors, like everything was cgi ithought it was meant to be a bit of both live action & cgi. but still pretty fucking good.

zetsu on Aug 20, 2009


Facial expressions are better than most. Pandora is horrendously named but very bright & colorful. Those bamboo shutes need a little more textural rendering. (They're just tan cylinders!) Villain looks very one dimensional. This looks like exciting, family fare. Along the lines of Pocahontas or another Disney epic production. Revolution is too much of a loaded word. I for one am glad that Cameron has not "revolutionized" my reality. He has made what looks like an entertaining animated film, w/ some live footage in it as well. Sam Worthington: (arriving on base) "What am I looking at? (seriously, Mr. Cameron. What am I supposedly looking at... ?)" All I can say is - Live Actors are still not obselete yet! WOO HOO!

Django on Aug 20, 2009


It seems like a good story, but I wasn't amazed by the CGI. The uncanny valley was wide open. I had trouble getting into the Na'vi. Still want to see the movie though. The environments look amazing.

Sgt. Pepper on Aug 20, 2009


What is CG and what isn't?

Korm on Aug 20, 2009


great trailer! I'm not at all impressed by the cgi though. It looks kind of cartoonish, like a very well done videogame cutscene or something. Kind of dissappointed about that but it looks like it will hold up once you're actually experiencing the movie in 3-D on the big screen so...still a great looking film.

kreig70 on Aug 20, 2009


Brilliant... absolutely brilliant!!! That was such a tease! The Navi look wasn't what I was expecting. Not saying it's a bad thing though. This is sooo different than anything we've every seen before so of course it's going to take some time to get used to it. And as #20 said... we are watching this on our little girlie screens in 2D. Wait until this is thrown in your face on a massive IMAX 3D screen with mind blowing sounds to boot. Gives me chills just thinkin' about it! Can't wait for December!

K on Aug 20, 2009


I wasn't sold by the hype, but this trailer did it. Can't wait to see it on 1080p on my lcd, or in the front row of a movie theather, full 3D glory! About the alien's CGI detail, well, that alien had more detail on his foot, when he awakes and stretches, than Keanu in an entire movie - jk, i like Keanu too. And yes, bring Tron Legacy too!

Fox on Aug 20, 2009


#30 - Hahaha...right on. That's just what I was thinking. Like the article I read a little while ago stated, this seems like "Dances With Wolves In Space". Still gonna see it though.

S on Aug 20, 2009


WOW! I just blew jizz in my wifes eye. THIS LOOKS FUCKING INCREDIBLE! CAMERON IS GOD!!!

1001 on Aug 20, 2009


It has awesome special effects but the navi looked little bit cartnooish but it will be epic and will beat titanic

gan on Aug 20, 2009


#6 Your a tool STFU......................We as humans have a right to give opinion. My opinion is it looks great for some reason I am not pumped up as much when I saw TRON LEGACY Maybe becayse I relate to tron better. I think this looks good but I need to understand the story more. Could it have anything to do with me watching it on a 24 in monitor ya think.....

SHANEDAV on Aug 20, 2009


Looks like a modern day "FernGully".

Ron on Aug 20, 2009


OMG. The Na'vi are so cute. I want to hug them, only I'm afraid they'd bite my head off. ...yeah, so maybe an odd reaction but that's the first thing that went through my mind...

equustel on Aug 20, 2009


#28 - Your a douch bag! #30 - We put a man on the moon but still haven't cured the common cold. Both of you... shut the fuck up!!!

K on Aug 20, 2009



Hackfresse on Aug 20, 2009


Always funny when someone like Fuelbot uses as their argument for why one MUSN'T criticise anything is because, "You couldn't do better!" So your glowing endorsement about how good this is is a comment that it's better than if it had been put instead into the hands of someone who has never even tried making a movie in their life? Wow. Real virtuoso rebuttal. You're right; it's better than if I had made it, and that means it is proof of its quality. By the way, am I to understand that you've never, ever, in your entire life offered a criticism of some work of "art," nor said that anything sucked? I should hope not. In the future, best to argue the quality of something on its own merits, rather than whether or not someone you've never met and thus have no basis upon which judge relative talent could theoretically have done any better.

Colin on Aug 20, 2009


#3 Mcjansen it might not be James horner who did the music for the trailer most likely iy could be Two Steps From Hell, Immediate Music, etc not sure who anyway about this teaser trailer looks alright i agree with some people the cgi does not look amazing but im just going to wait and see when the movie comes out in cinema. but i hope this movie is good cause if not thats another movie that have a big budget loads of cgi but do not deliver a good story.

tazz on Aug 20, 2009


Not impressive. Yes it might look better on a 3d screen but Ive seen trailers looking far better than this CGI wise. Thought my mind would change about this hyped project after Ive seen the trailer but if anything, the trailer got me even more suspicious about the final product. I hope there is a decent story behind this otherwise I might as well play a PS3 game with far better animations.

Shige on Aug 20, 2009


Honestly, people complaining about the CGI have ZERO imagination. Besides the CGI looks a billion times better than the stupid Star Wars Prequels.

Brandon on Aug 20, 2009


Wow I just watched it in 1080 and it is so much better I can't imagine how good it looks on a 100 foot screen in 3D. So everyone if you watch this trailer do not watch the LOW quality one it ruins the experience. Movie is gonna ROCK

SHANEDAV on Aug 20, 2009


lol, fanboys. I'm sure James Cameron is extremely intimidated by you.

equustel on Aug 20, 2009


Looks great.

zwandaba on Aug 20, 2009


@30, I didn't think of that at first, but agreed. @52, you're comparing different sciences. I wasn't knocked out of my chair, like people said I would be. I'll see it though. Probably will look a whole lot better in theaters, lol.

Sabes on Aug 20, 2009


soooo this marine guy that's in a wheelchair comes into a crazy program to take control of an alien being. In doing so finds new meaning and purpose, falls in love and discovers how the aliens are being mistreated and abused so he leads a rebellion against the army.... close?

Tremolan on Aug 20, 2009


I think I agree w/ #35. This looks like it could be good, but I'll wait to pass judgement til I see the movie.

Zac on Aug 20, 2009


I think the CGI background environment will be more powerful than the story and the action and even the creepy looking creatures . because the only think that took my attention and I feel good about it is that !

Oliver on Aug 20, 2009


#30: "In the future we have the ability to travel to distant planets…and put your brain in another being's body…but we don't have the ability to fix a severed spinal cord?" From the Wikipedia: "Call me Joe" (1957) is a science fiction story by Poul Anderson. It is concerned with an attempt to explore the surface of the planet Jupiter using remotely controlled artificial life-forms." Yeah, maybe it's a dumb idea from Cameron. *sarcasm* Anyway, good point! 😉

Fox on Aug 20, 2009


Wow, I love how we're a fanboy if we don't like the movie. Stfu, get over it.

Bryant on Aug 20, 2009


This looks like Beowulf-style CGI. I'm rather disappointed.

Greedo on Aug 20, 2009


Ok without judging the book by its cover...I dont wanna be negative but...for all the HYPE that the CG was supposed to be PHOTO REALISTIC, this doesn't even come close. Esp. after watching D9 ( I know totally different movie) this does indeed look more like a Disney fairytale then anything else.

sd on Aug 20, 2009


#62 Ya I'd say thats pretty close, based upon the footage I saw at Comic-Con and this trailer. Perhaps not a rebellion against the army though, they might be at war with each other in the first place, for control of Pandora. based upon Cameron's brief mentioning of the enironmental crisis during CC, the earthlings probably want it for its natural resources or as a new home for humans.

Keith on Aug 20, 2009


hey either way looks like its going to be worth the price of admition unlike most the other crap out there today

rowdy on Aug 20, 2009


The movie looks interesting. Still looks like CGI, nothing evolutionary about this. I don't see how this is gonna change the way in movie making. I think the Tron Legacy trailer was better.

clippers350 on Aug 20, 2009


It looks great, and we get enough to connect the dots with the story as well, based on intuition, I think we'll see Sully(Worthington) Become a permanent member of the alien race...I'm guessing about halfway through the film his Avatar will become injured and he will have to return to the planet in of the exo-mech suits to fight on the side of the Na'Vi...after that he will be given a chance by the aliens to become one of them, using there mysticism and technology, but that's just a hunch I have... For me the biggest question is will a wide audience really dig this stuff, it's a little out there...the way Speilberg's robot opus A.I. was and audiences just didn't get it on a cerebral level. I fear this for Cameron on this one, but the CG and 3-D will obviously be a huge draw for this in the opening weeks... Will it spawn sequels that Cameron has already said he wants to do, I'm not convinced it will... Is this JC's Water World? And by that I mean, a movie that will actually make money, but get enough negative buzz for being over-hyped to ultimately fail.

Kamish on Aug 20, 2009


#54 - Um, no. I never said people shouldn't criticize anything. Once again, my endorsement of this film is based on actually having read the scriptment, my emotional connection to it's story/characters, and the combined talents of James Cameron and WETA Digital. Also, since the first still was released people have been saying they could do it better. If they said it, I don't see anything wrong with challenging that statement.

Fuelbot on Aug 20, 2009


looks amazing but the cgi still looks great but i thought they would look diffrent cuz of the first 2 posters and the shirt i got from comic con 08

Darren on Aug 20, 2009


wow..I think it looks pretty nothing I have ever seen in a movie before. I can see a lot of fanboys on other sites are already on the negative bandwagon because it's not mind-blowing enough. Those dumb asses built this up too much in their head......they hyped themselves up so much they probably thought this movie was going to s*ck their c*ck while watching it. Most people still don't know about Avatar or don't even care who James Cameron is so when this trailer hits unsuspected laymen in theaters I am sure it's gonna blow some people , can't wait.

Bishop on Aug 20, 2009


#57...I'll wager it won't make as much as Phantom remember that in 4 months, after it open to about 125 million and then drops off hugely after Christmas is over...

Kamish on Aug 20, 2009


Doesn't look great, hope it'll be better in 3D... Otherwise, it looks like the biggest waste of money in history! The CGI is exactly what it looks like, which is CGI! Nothing revolutionary as of yet! This guy Alex is getting way to overhyped for a very average trailer, was far more impressed by Wolfman!

Kenco on Aug 20, 2009


The question is: Would Zoe Saldana in makeup, w/ some prosthetics & camera tricks look better than the "All CG" Na'vi version? It's a valid argument. For all I see - at least the CG characters are consistent with their wildly imaginative, Ferngully - like world ... but District 9's characters were so much more alien and somehow, miraculalously, more HUMAN. It's funny - in 1 week, we have 2 extremes. District 9 - for 30 million. And then this - for 8 x as much. I don't know what to think. This trailer makes me feel all weird. I need to connect to some real people for a minute, after seeing that ...

Django on Aug 20, 2009


Only thing that i didn't like about it was the font style they used =)

L1A on Aug 20, 2009


Seriously follow the HD/Apple link it makes a huge difference. In haste I just clicked play on this page and felt like a lot of commentors here. The HD made all the difference for one the screen is larger. Now the long wait until Dec.

theotherbluth on Aug 20, 2009


So far, I'm not too impressed. Any movie that is supposedly 10 yrs in the making, had better be outstanding. From the looks of the trailer, this is not the case. However, I do have faith in Cameron to deliver a good movie. But I think that's all it will be, a good movie. Don't believe the hype, as they say.

Marty on Aug 20, 2009


Just watched it for a second time, the CG of the aliens is absolutely pathetic, especially when Worthington becomes one, everything else looks great except for the shitty aliens!

Kenco on Aug 20, 2009


that was the most amazing CG ever....this stuff rocksss....

Hellboy on Aug 20, 2009


#6 AMEN!

Joe Ho on Aug 20, 2009


#80 I agree..guys go to the apple hd trailer it's much better!!!

JEFFREY on Aug 20, 2009


i hate when people say "you couldn't do any better" especially in this case, because i don't think it looks bad, i just don't think it matches the hype is all. When something is supposed to blow my mind, and it doesn't, then it has nothing to do with if i could do better or not, it has to do with this trailer not blowing my mind.

Al on Aug 20, 2009


Is it just my laptop or has the Apple trailers site crashed?

Marcus on Aug 20, 2009


Wow... so basically, a lot of CGI that looks like CGI

Marty Martin on Aug 20, 2009


It's funny to read these negative comments because I know the same people will be standing in line for the Midnight showing on opening day. There is no way any trailer could have been good enough for the way this movie has been hyped up. I personally thought it looked great.

Rob on Aug 20, 2009


The Avatars and the concept of embracing a new nation and fight against your own... thats a great idea for a movie...And we get too see some awesome CG too. 😀

Dreckent on Aug 20, 2009


#89. A lot of us are still psyched even though we're not as impressed with what we are seeing. So of course we're all going to be in line. I think it looks fantastic. Just a lot of overly polished CG.

Marty Martin on Aug 20, 2009


Tron Legacy > This

sean on Aug 20, 2009


Looks bad.

ryderup on Aug 20, 2009


I got the same feeling watching the trailer...that I did when I first saw The Abyss.

zibo fricka on Aug 20, 2009


upon watching this trailer for a 2nd and 3rd time in 1080p it just becomes more unimpressive with the CGI. I think the story is going to be great in this movie but I'm more impressed by the numerous cutscenes in Metal Gear Solid 4 on ps3 than I am of the visuals in this trailer in HD. It's not even the whole hype and buzz factor that is dissapointing. It's the whole 10 years in the making with a gazillion dollar budget factor that makes this a dissapointment

kreig70 on Aug 20, 2009


65 Trailer Captures for your enjoyment 🙂 Article (with trailer and download links): Gallery:

Internapse on Aug 20, 2009


People, there is a difference between photo-realistic and realism. It's not supposed to look like District 9. D9 utilizes a realistic style with photo-realistic effects. Avatar is supposed to look completely fantastic and otherworldy with vibrant colors, lighting and movement. The opposite of what we see around us. Photo-realistic effects implies that all the subtle nuances and complexities in lighting, movement, texture etc are the same as you would see in real life - they are completely believable. You can't possibly see that in a trailer that's at best 1/8th the resolution of the final film. Read reports from people who saw the footage at full res in a theater. They were blown away by the "photo-realism" of the footage - all of the characters and environments which were completely fantastical looked real. That's the point. That's what is revolutionary.

Sigh on Aug 20, 2009



Xerxex on Aug 20, 2009


Not for me although I think I'm far from the demographic they're trying to reach and if others are excited than I'm glad for them but this doesn't interest me at all.

janet on Aug 20, 2009


[Comment Removed]

LittleAsianShlong on Aug 20, 2009


[Comment Removed]

LittleAsianShlong on Aug 20, 2009


[Comment Removed]

LittleAsianShlong on Aug 20, 2009


looks good, thank god he's finally laid titanic to rest.

gray on Aug 20, 2009


Mystique from Xmen > these CGI aliens. Why waste millions of $ on creating them when you could just put a hot girl in blue paint? 😛 (j/k lol!) If this movie had just popped up without the hype... I'll definitely see it and hopefully enjoy it, i just don't think it's going to revolutionise anything. History teaches that excellent visuals do not make a great movie.

ChrisUK on Aug 20, 2009


This movie will do well at the box office, maybe not TDK numbers but will do well. OVERALL impressions from the trailer? EPIC FAIL. Buzz and hype overshadowed most peoples expectations. -CGI too cartoony, especially when they were riding on horses. Just like video game quality CGI. -Beast Monster looks way to cartoony as well -Some parts of the Navi, Sam and Zoe look pretty damn photo realistic, some not -I could point out more stuff but I limit it to these and you be the judge Never will I be hyped like what has been said on this website over the past year or so. Pretty disappointed like most people are. People are only lying to themselves saying they still say its going to be the same. Read the earlier news on this website and see how the A-man talks about how hyped he was, and now from reading this he doesnt seem as hyped as he was before. BoxOffice#s:High as predicted++Hype:OVERhyped/rated++Story:Could be epic. We'll wait and see

EPIC FAIL? on Aug 20, 2009


Meh. Great special effects...but Episode III had great special effects too. Camron sued The Last Airbender for blue alien elves? Riiiiiight.

Jeep-Fu on Aug 20, 2009


Trailers always promise alot and I HOPE this comes true for this one. Heck, its been how many years since we seen a a Sci-Fi flick from Cameron? On the downer side, not sure about those CGI blue elves, too cartoony? Anyhoo, I think I'll sit the fuck down and watch the whole movie for myself first before cursing the movie!

TediusTed on Aug 20, 2009


Golly. I was pumped, but now I'm not really that impressed. It looks like a ten cent sci-fi novel with a decent budget. Certainly wouldn't call it revolutionary. Furthermore, I wouldn't dare call it photorealistic.

Scagginsvolley on Aug 20, 2009


Wolfman looks better. Sorry.

Scagginsvolley on Aug 20, 2009


All the negative comments on the over hype out there for this...who exactly do you think is doing the hype people?...let me tell you, I have not seen one piece of TV coverage for this, as of yet...very little in mainstream print press...the hype is online in blogs and posts, fan chat, movie mags, etc...the very folks posting here today make up most of the hype machine at this stage of the game. So if you don't like things being over hyped, I suggest that all of you refrain from coming on line and talking about how awesome something is going to be...otherwise, jump on the bandwagon, and continue to hype this flick and countless others based on rumors, one line quotes from interviews, concept art, script leaks, casting reports, etc... It's all speculation until opening weekend, and then we can see if this thing can deliver...even the haters, who hate it after seeing it will be wrong if this breaks records...thats how you can truly measure it, does it have mass appeal. At the end of the day if your a fan, you really should care what some one else thinks about a movie if you like. And at the same time, if a movie, I'll use Spiderman 3 as an example, if a movie does 300+ million, can anyone really say the movie sucked, sure maybe you didn't like, but if it sells tickets, you can't argue it was a success, because, all any film maker wants, is for as many people to see it as is possible... So things will keeping getting hyped because we dig movies, and we dig talking about them and posting, blogging, etc... Like death and takes, hype is something one can't avoid when being an avid fan of blockbusters.

Kamish on Aug 20, 2009


#110.....AMEN !! Sounds like Kamish has his head on straight.

Bishop on Aug 20, 2009


Man i wish i was playing the same games as you guys that had graphics that fucking good. Just another case of people being highbrow because theres CG in a movie, god forbid that ever happens again lol Go back to filmschool kids, im sure theres tons of artsy types that share your little jaded perspective and would love to wax poetic about how great movies like lost in translation are....

tw on Aug 20, 2009


@ 110 FIXED** And at the same time, if a movie, I'll use Transformers 2 as an example, if a movie does 400+ million, can anyone really say the movie sucked HELL YES!

EPIC FAIL? on Aug 20, 2009


Meh... I think I'll pass... don't like this type of movies

Frankie "The Bat" Niagara on Aug 20, 2009


How is that supposed to be exciting? it's a really boring trailer. Maybe it works on 3D (which I'm not a fan) but it looks just like some nice video game graphics + some beowulf CGI (not so good) + some cheesy story. I feel like I've seen all the machines before, no new designs, nothing original. I guess it's gonna work for kids and I'm sure that's the target audience.

Christ on Aug 20, 2009


Looks like a double feature of an average live action sci-fi and a good animated fantasy movie. Looks enjoyable, but aside from the backgrounds it's short on wow-factor.

ConcreteLogic on Aug 20, 2009



Walker on Aug 20, 2009


110, Im not complaining that this is overhyped, I'm complaining that the long awaited footage, footage i was looking forward to, is not mind blowing, as the hype would suggest. If any thing I enjoyed the hype, it got me excited, and compelled. I started getting skeptical when we saw the first photo, but I stressed on this very site, I will still be open minded. And after this trailer, which disappointed, I am still going in with an open mind when I see the film. The trailer was good, it just didn't touch what Mr. Cameron made me believe I would be seeing.

Al on Aug 20, 2009


I actually dont think the trailer was as good as people said it was... the movie i guess may be good but its not the best trailer ever

Cianan on Aug 20, 2009


lol, so an Avatar, offspring of a Smurf and Elf....INTERESTING..... this better be good lol so the tech he's been working on, what it's suppose to be better then CGI?

Blue & Orange NY on Aug 20, 2009


Well these coments are very interesting indeed. There seems to be alot more mixed buzz than expected, but hopefully the 16 minute clip tomorrow is better. I agree that it's not as good as we expected, but I still wan't to see it. I think it just too much hype overall and not just from Cameron, but all those people at Comi-Con also gave this film glowing responses and now that we have actually seen it just doesn't live up to all the ridicoulous expectations.

wrongturn687 on Aug 20, 2009


Re: 113 You are a perfect example of what is wrong with the world...just because something doesn't do something for you personally you feel the need to gripe, bitch and moan. When what you should do is just ignore it all together...let's face we spend $10 bucks these days just buy a couple of razor refills to shave, something when I'm done with I throw away. So, throwing $10 at a ticket for something that is so-so is fine by me... Re: 110 All I can say is do you hear what you are saying, yes you did buy into the hype and it let you down...9 times out of 10 it will...and if you really have an open mind it would be best to hold off judgement on the look of things until you have seen it in 2-D digital or 3-D IMAX... Do I think its the greatest trailer ever, not so much, but it looks to have as much potential as anything in recent memory. That being said, if it was my project I would have made different choices hear or there with what we've seen so far, but that doesn't mean I can't still be blown away in December...time will I said in an earlier post...I think the biggest challenge this movie has is Wide Appeal...lets' face Sci-Fi, while perhaps many here favorite genre, doesn't get much respect over all...If you look at the top grossing films of all time, and then lose anything star wars, you are left with very few, straight Sci-Fi movies near the top of the list...only about 5 or 6 in the top 50, depending on how you define the Sci-Fi genre... I thinks its highly unlikely, no matter how good the story is, or how cool or how good is looks, it won't draw in Dark Night or Titanic size ticket sales...I'm thinking somewhere between 350-450, depending on how good it actually is, and whether or not it's too weird fantasy wise for some folks.

Kamish on Aug 20, 2009



tankmaster on Aug 20, 2009


impressed...still obviously fake...over im just let down even more 3d is retarded

gary m on Aug 20, 2009


Silly 122, I was comment 118, not comment 110, you had the 110th post....imbecile. In either case, for the last god damn time, I AM NOT JUDGEING THE FILM. I believe if you read my comment there was a little part that went "I am still going in with an open mind when I see the film." So stop saying, it would be best to hold off judgement until i've seen it in 3-D or digital or anything. Because I am holding off my judgement of the film, of course I can't judge the film. They released a trailer today, not a film, and I am judging that trailer, just the trailer. Nothing else sir. I believe I have the right to judge the trailer, if other people are allowed to say "THIS LOOKS AMAZING, MY MIND IS BLOWN" I personally don't feel that way about the......trailer.

Al on Aug 20, 2009


I just watched something that doesn't justify all the UBERHYPE. Let's hope for the script to compensate it somehow...

leiner on Aug 20, 2009


Looks absolutely incredible. Can not wait for the film. To everyone who is excited like me, i salute you!

Barry Dent on Aug 20, 2009


anybody that says the cgi looks great is an idiot because we're not supposed to know it's cgi. if you ask me it looks like a pixar film.

josh on Aug 20, 2009


to the people wondering about being "photo-realistic"....understand that "realism" is only what you perceive on THIS planet under THIS sun through YOUR human eyes. District 9? VERY real...also very much so shot on earth under our sunlight. pandora? not earth, not our eco-system and not our light-sources. ""photo-realism" is actually only viable in earth based movies or movies not consisting of very different other eco systems with different light sources. Closest thing to a different eco system that looked different were the planets in star wars episode 3. if you need realism, you can try watching star trek from the 80's and you'll have plenty of real rocks and plants there, but also be located on earth.

buggy166 on Aug 20, 2009


this looks pretty awesome

Caleb on Aug 20, 2009


@ Kamish You are a perfect example of what is wrong with the world...thinking American's are stupid. - "That being said, if it was my project I would have made different choices hear or there with what we've seen so far" You fail. You find it and fix it! A stupid little mistake that shouldn't happen if you made it passed elementary school. - I know there is a movie called The Dark Knight but Dark Night? Must be a horror movie. You are a perfect example of your own words. You make yourself look better than other people. If you were not living in a cave the past 2-3 months you might have realized Transformers 2 wasn't just 113's opinion. James Cameron himself made a fiery comment about that movie when someone asked him about it during a Comic Con panel. Not only that, there are many other people and critics alike who agreed. @113 You are just as stupid as Kamish. Fueling the fire will only make it bigger. Everyone has their own opinion but stupid ones will backfire. I fueled my fire and wait the flames. /flame on

Film Fanatic on Aug 20, 2009


Albiet the CG let me down but, I'm in it for the story, if the script can compensate for the effects, color me excited! i stay away from the hype as much as I can, and as for Avatar I waited to see the actual trailer before any real assumption on the final product and I'm happy with it and I'll see in in Imax this will be the one and only movie I'll ever see in Imax.

Xerxex on Aug 20, 2009


great,great,cannot wait.

jelipe on Aug 20, 2009


Re: 30 If Cameron is as smart you think you are, he can explain why our Hero Sully can not have the procedure done to due some weird syndrome he has that won't allow healing of his spinal tissue to succeed, and that he has had the operation twice and he cant be fixed...but his motivation is to come to Pandora, live in an alien body while on his mission, and once the mission is complete...A human Avatar will be waiting for him back home...that's why he has come here... They can spin the whole thing that the military developed the tech for military applications on Pandora first and it was just now being worked on for humans....much like things that happen today... So if your "SO" wise as to point out the flaw in the story, perhaps you should actually wait until you know what the story is before commenting next time.

Kamish on Aug 20, 2009


131 you don't deserve a response...what are 17? 18 tops? Grow up pal...

Kamish on Aug 20, 2009


I can't shake the feeling that the underlying narrative of this trailer is basically: "You WILL Fall in Love with Computer Generated Characters." The mere idea is (as predicted by the Uncanny Valley theory) - Repulsive! I dig Zoe Saldana. I only wish they had a way of making her a human again. She's so good lookin'! Why would you want to improve on that! GROSS! James Cameron has a CGI fetish! EWWW!!!!

Django on Aug 20, 2009


Very good CG... but it's still obviously CG. I really don't understand what everyone is creaming themselves for. Graphics smaphics. Let's have a great script and great acting, yeah? Sod eye candy. What, are we artistically two years old or something?

Rabican on Aug 20, 2009


I don't understand this f-ing ''online-hive'' these days...Why is this bad? Am I the only one that drooled all over my keyboard? Thank you, James Cameron...

m4st4 on Aug 20, 2009


So, let me get this straight; what the District 9 did for $30 Million in two years looks better then what Avatar did for $237 Million in fourteen years. ..... James, go back to the Terminator franchise. Please. We'll all pretend this movie never happened. We promise. Hell, even do another Aliens.

Nemo on Aug 20, 2009


@ Kamish Well, you just gave me a response and again you fail. - "what are 17? 18 tops? Grow up pal…" Looks like someone didn't pass elementary school. Hopefully you know your errors buddy. /laugh

Film Fanatic on Aug 20, 2009


yeah 131, you should know that Kamish is in charge of who comments on this site, you have to request his permission first before you post. If you had just asked "Oh Wise Master Kamish, Can You Please Allow Me To Comment" then you would have known that he believes 'you don't deserve a response' Thats for everyone else who wants to post on this site as well, please remember to ask Kamish permission before thinking you have a right to comment.

Al on Aug 20, 2009


The entire trailer has a Final Fantasy texture to it, it looks Amazing and I am sure this will be one of the best Sci-Fi Movies EVER if not the Best of all time. I CANT WAIT!!!!!!

Jamie on Aug 20, 2009


Who am I kidding... I'll go see anything in IMAX 3D. It doesn't look awful, just nothing special.

Dan J on Aug 20, 2009


the look and effects are very nice. it doesn't have the same "wow!" factor for me as the "lord of the rings" movies..............but, i'm still interested to see it. i hope they have a trailer with some characters talking and maybe show what is going on. also, a trailer that has an extended scene would be nice. i'm sure this one was to show a little of everything, but i think if they make a trailer with one extended scene - it would show a little more of just how good of a MOVIE this will be.

dan on Aug 20, 2009


Im really surprised how the character designs turned out to be very delgo-ish and unappealing. lots of bad choices like how the pattern on the girls forehead end up looking more like wrinkles Cameron is undeniably a great filmmaker and weta are doing some incredible work, but stylistically it feels like a pretty big misstep. the story also seems to have a lot of cliches (pandora? yeah i wonder whats going to happen), same with the animation and layout right down to the overused neck-extended monster screams. disappointing im wondering whats the story behind the ultra clean videogame looking pandora shots, are they old and the lab shots are newer? or handled by different companies? i read there was a lot of overflow work farmed out, maybe this trailer was pushed out before it was ready ...

Delgatar on Aug 20, 2009


I don't know. I just don't know. Jurassic Park 4???? Mech Warrior??? Cats??? I just don't know.

Big Red Moose on Aug 20, 2009


Cameron has pushed the technology forward in the past, but I don't know about this one. It looks like a movie I would like and Cameron is a good director that I like. I also like the idea of doing a sci-fi about an entire natural ecosystem, than just a futuristic city like most seem to do. However, it does look CGI-ish. I really like the look of things, like the creature designs and stuff, but too much noticeable CGI makes me sick. Give me some dialogue and then I'll make up my mind.

bracomadar on Aug 20, 2009


meh... Looks like Star Trek meets Apocalypto meets Dances with Wolves. I hope James Cameron shuts me up!

bltzie on Aug 20, 2009


This 10 years in the making stuff is BS Cameron conceptualized it in 1994-1995. They didn't even start R&D on the movie until summer 2005, so at best, its a little over 4 years in the making, far from 10.

Chris G. on Aug 20, 2009


Err... On a third kinda looks spectacular! This is growing on me...

bltzie on Aug 20, 2009


This movie has been waaay overhyped.. Graphic wise, Tron Legacy beats this for now. Only reason I have so far to see this is because it has Sam Worthington in it.

Gabriël Visser on Aug 20, 2009


Jesus Christ...First Aicn, imdb, now first showing...I'm giving up on you...all of you Michael Bay lovers... I LOVE MY AVATAR TEASER!

m4st4 on Aug 20, 2009


I liked the trailer. but i must agree with many of you that the hype on these new production, tends to hurt them more than anything. I still believe that the movie will be great, but the lack of photo realism in the protagonist takes me back to the phantome menace days, where the cgi could have been much better on many of the characters. So i keep an open mind and hope to see the final product, which i hope will be phenomenal.

Clovis on Aug 20, 2009


not what i expected.......hoping that every1s expectations wont be disappointed, and that the movie will be amazing. this was just a teaser for a reason.

lego on Aug 20, 2009


Wow, people are yay or naying the CGI based on a highly compressed trailer they're watching on a computer monitor? Probably the same idiots who complained they didn't like the look of the aliens in D9's trailer but after seeing the movie now they are flawless. Truly, you 'critics' are clueless.

RandyG on Aug 20, 2009


Two thoughts for the disillusioned masses: 1) You can't comment on "photo-realism" until you see it on the large screen. Try this: Watch it on the site... then see it in 1080p... See any difference? Yes. Seeing it on IMAX will be a larger improvement than going from to 1080p. Simple matter of pixel density. # 45 was right. More detail in the Avatar's foot than in most other entire movies. 2) AVATAR Teaser > Floating-pasted-a-face-on-another-body Tron Legacy trailer. Sorry.

Andrew on Aug 20, 2009


I just changed my mind, the Tron Legacy trailer is actually, a billion times better than the shitty Avatar trailer.

Andrew on Aug 20, 2009



:) on Aug 20, 2009


So much vile and ignorance in the comments. I feel really sorry for James Cameron and his team of artists. Regarding the "fantasy element": I'm relieved "Avatar" will be filled with stimulating scientific concepts. I believe it'll be the first proper sci-fi film with mass appeal. About time.

Lawrence on Aug 20, 2009


Actually I was being sarcastic. Avatar looks so bad.

Lawrence on Aug 20, 2009


You like movies about gladiators?

Frank Booth on Aug 20, 2009


#139.....why do so many of you think District 9 is so good? I saw it and thought it would have made a cool Twilight Zone episode because it was kind-of a cool idea but not a great movie as there are HUGE holes in logic that would never escape a James Cameron script. Neil Blomberg(sp) is no James Cameron yet..... that's for sure....but good try.

Bishop on Aug 20, 2009


this needs more posts!

L1A on Aug 20, 2009


Wow this was very.. Underwhelming to say the least. Beuwulf in space.

KenDollYeah on Aug 20, 2009


damn this thread is still going!? good work guys!!!

JEFFREY on Aug 20, 2009


No way Hollywood is gonna save his ass with this crap. The oh-so-good aliens with mildness in there overzized eyes looks like the stupid MINIMOYS-brigade.

Sebastian Selig on Aug 20, 2009


160: I wasn't sarcastic. Someone used my name. Funny. Almost.

Lawrence on Aug 20, 2009


Sad to say I was disappointed. The CGI looks very cartoony. Thats not what I expected. chuck on Aug 20, 2009


District 9 CGI looked a hell of a lot better, and probably for a fraction of the price. Epic Fail.

StabmasterArson on Aug 20, 2009


Lawrence, there is a guy on here doing that on each comment. See mine at 156 / 157. LOL. Haters really need to reach on this one!

Andrew on Aug 20, 2009


I'm a little bit disappointed, but I will still like it I think. I see multiple Oscars (maybe an honorary one) coming James Cameron's way.

TomV on Aug 20, 2009


Looks like a video game. its not that fantastic..

Tomb on Aug 20, 2009


Yea, i felt kind of dissapointed, that CGI relay looks CGI not "groundbreaking photo reality", but somehow i got a feeling, that this is completely different experience seeing it on 3D, because, common, J.Cameron Made T2, and if he says, that avatar is fantastic 3D experience, then i think he has his ace in a sleeve, and i guess it is 3D effect. anyway, we wont find out if it is true, faster than after seeing the 15 min clip on IMAX in 3D, wright?

KR on Aug 20, 2009


''I just changed my mind, the Tron Legacy trailer is actually, a billion times better than the shitty Avatar trailer.'' Ha-ha-ha...And Tron Legacy was just a TEST FOOTAGE you fucking moron!!! To say that a test footage was better than WETA unleashed is to be stupid all over...

m4st4 on Aug 20, 2009


Just what the world needs... Another F***ing Muppet movie...

Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large on Aug 20, 2009


Would love to watch this in HD. Unfortunately Quicktime and its Error-messages are the asshole of the internet.

captain subtext on Aug 20, 2009


James Cameron stated a few weeks ago that this wasn't going to be Titanic in space, it was going to be a Classic Space Scifi movie......Bullseye! fast forward to December please.

Verno on Aug 20, 2009


I truly want this to succeed, because then it'll open the doors for, say, a proper Final Fantasy movie

Jaf on Aug 20, 2009


seeing the number of posts i think avatar wills till score high even though if peoples had negative or good feelings about the trailer. Trailar was good though, although i did expect more. Maybe its because i Expect it to be 3D. But we'll see in the cinema preview. I got able to get a ticket for the 10min preview. So maybe i will get more what i expect there.

box3r on Aug 20, 2009


I really don't see what's so great about this. I'm afraid its gonna be like war of the worlds- over hyped and no performance.

dexter on Aug 20, 2009


It looks like the military characters from Aliens have been transplanted in to FernGully. Can't but just thinking, "Meh". But it's only the first trailer. This one didn't do anything for me though.

Mark on Aug 20, 2009


Alright, Avatar won't be the ~OMG GROUNDBREAKING~ movie as everyone was hyping it up to be, but it still looks pretty damn good. At this point all we have to worry about is the acting.

Daniel on Aug 20, 2009


#178... I would love a proper Final Fantasy movie, but I'm afraid it's never gonna happen. After Advent Children, and everything from FFX-2 onwards, it's pretty clear the studio just can't make Final Fantasy without Hironobu Sakaguchi's involvement. And, no, he didn't direct Spirits Within. He was credited as the director, but in reality the director was the animation director in the states. The film was hijacked from him by American executives that didn't know what they were dealing with. Such a shame too. The only reason I play those games is for the story. A series of movies is more appealing to me than a game. Whoa, sorry to get so off topic.

Mark on Aug 20, 2009


honestly... it seems pretty basic if you ask me. basic CGI, basic plot and over all story, basic characters and monsters. If anything is going to be amazing it will be the directing of course. don't get me wrong i loved the trailer and can not wait to see the movie. But this is not changing cinema and its not anything we haven't seen before. least from what I'm shown here, maybe that will be different in December. still looks like a killer movie though

DoomCanoe on Aug 20, 2009


Ten years in the making? It looks more like it was made ten years ago! But still looking forward to it.

Vincent Mac on Aug 20, 2009


I see influences from the Terminator flicks, Aliens and Abyss all rolled into one. looks VERY vERY Epic.

mr j money on Aug 20, 2009


looks great maybe even best picture

Darren on Aug 20, 2009


Hmmm... So, I wasn't blown away by this, but I wasn't disappointed, either. I didn't really have an idea what the movie was suppose to be about, so I couldn't really have any expectations at it. Even if the CGI is not, as the hype wanted me to believe, groundbreaking and breathtaking, it still looks really good, imo. Yeeeah, the avatars look kinda cartoony, but I was always a sucker for video game cinematics, and this trailer made it look like exactly that. An exceptionally awesome video game cut-scene. I'm all about animation and CGI, and I don't care if this movie doesn't redefine the movie industry and special effects. It looks like it's definitely gonna be entertaining, and I am sure it will have lots of WOAH! moments throughout the movie. I greatly appreciate it when they don't show all the highlights of a movie in a 2 minute teaser trailer. So, I hope that the lack of mind blowing action and such just means there will be a lot more left to look forward to at the theater.

SuicidalOptimist on Aug 20, 2009


The visuals are really good but the teaser left me a little underwhelmed. I think they really need to start marketing the plot more because right now all we've really got to work with is that James Cameron is making a movie everyone is calling awesome. I dunno, but to me it needs to earn that. It can't go into marketing assuming you are on its side. Dark Knight had one of the best trailers ever. If they want it to do well they've got to make it the movie that EVERYONE wants to watch the trailer for on youtube. Right now I would have trouble convincing people to see it based on that despite its reputation. Step it up and show us what is going to make this movie THE movie.

Pricetag on Aug 20, 2009


I was skeptical about watching this because I had a feeling it was way over-hyped, but I guess my already apprehensive mind didn't allow for the over-hype because after seeing this trailer a few times I think its amazing, and we haven't even seen it he way its supposed to be seen, in 3D yet. Honestly at first I got into it just because it looked sci-fi but it didn't pop like I thought it would. Then I watched it again in HD, and then again in 1080p on 24" Mac, WOW. I looked at closeups of the Nav'i and you know what, its pretty friggin photo-realistic, I think its just that it doesn't look human that's what is strange, I think is these creatures actually existed, this IS what they would look like, I think I'm really believing that more and more.

Richard on Aug 20, 2009


Everyone saying this is a disappointment for being ten years in the making, you are wrong. Cameron originally got the idea 14 years ago but couldn't make it due to restraints with the technology then. The movie has only actually been in production for four years, which is still pretty damn long compared to normal production types, but it IS NOT ten years in the making. And anyone saying that this CGI isn't any better than PS3 games... what games are you playing? I really would like to know what video game looks as good as this. Of course, if that were actually your opinion rather than something you're saying to complain because everyone else is (Seriously, how many people have said that on this forum? Count 'em for me) it might actually make sense. But you are all wrong. There is not a single PS3 game with graphics that good. Of course the aliens were gonna be cartoonish! Cameron repeatedly stated how this movie was supposed to portray an alternate, fantastical world. You really expect the aliens to look like humans? The difference between this and Beowulf is that Beowulf was trying to portray humans but they just ended up looking freaky. The CG in this movie isn't attempting to portray flesh and blood humans, it's portraying aliens! From another world! Now if you don't like the art design, fine, but you can't criticize it for bad CG when this CG is far from bad. Lord of the Rings are my favorite movies and even I recognize that the CG for those aliens is better than Gollum. Gollum was amazing, but there were moments, especially when he was talking, where you could tell it was fake. The lip syncing was often a bit off, but it looks incredible for these aliens! And everyone who is complaining that it didn't blow your mind when you saw it..... would anything blow your mind when you saw it? Your skeptical, always criticizing fingers itching to complain at your keyboard and sound more intelligent than everyone else? I don't think so. Nothing will ever blow your minds. Those of us open to the concept that this movie could transport us to another world like no other before it? Well, forgive me for being optimistic, but this movie looks amazing.

Logan on Aug 20, 2009


Might be worth pointing out that this isn't "the trailer". It's just a TEASER. The teaser comes first, and always reveals nothing - except imagery, and 1-2 lines of dialogue. I've seen plenty of teasers that contained a lot less than this one. IMHO, it looks truly epic, with an obvious Cameron-esque hard edge to it that will give it more gravitas than similar other-planetary films (e.g. Star Wars prequels).

fellintoorbit on Aug 20, 2009


The CG was ok, but not brilliant. It almost gives me the impression that it's a kids movie. I can see how the storyline has potential, but as some of the above people said, I'd like to be excited, but to much hype can be deceiving and work against the movie. Time will tell I guess.

Ezza on Aug 20, 2009


I hate that I have to say this, but "Yawn".

Kevin on Aug 20, 2009


Something about the lighting makes it look cartoonish. Maybe the lighting is too even? I love the idea of Avatars extending our range. If there's a CTL (causal time loop) around the giant black hole at the center of our galaxy, we could send radio signals instantly across the galaxy - by sending them to the galaxy center and then causing them to emerge in the past as a beam to a distant target - all calculated to interact instantly between worlds - and with proper lorentzian contraction - lol. But I digress. We'll do robot avatars on Earth first, Honda's ASIMO iand a slight improvement in VR and internet bandwidth, and biometric measures - and we're very close. Apoo doesn't have to leave his home town for Springfield to work at the quickee mart. Employees cannot steal merchandise. A robbery rattempt results in the police taking control of the avatar and arresting the person in the time it now takes to dial the police. So, these are all ideas whose time has come!!

William Mook on Aug 20, 2009


its wayover rated

nerdherd on Aug 20, 2009


I honestly don't know what to say...

Ajax on Aug 20, 2009


I will pay money to see this. Bring IT ON B-BABY!!!!!!!

N on Aug 20, 2009


I don't know whither to be disseminated or excited.

Scott on Aug 20, 2009


@191 The CG is great, but it's still just an upgrade on movies like Final Fantasy and Beowulf. When a movie is billed as a major revolution and ends up being a minor evolution, people can't help but be a bit disappointed. I think the biggest problem is the design of the aliens. They are blue and cartoony and just human enough to seem off. You say people wanted more human-like aliens, I think people would be happier with aliens that are less human and less cartoon. Cat-people with big eyes and blue skin was not the way to go. It doesn't look alien, it looks saturday morning cartoon. This just highlights any flaws in the CG.

ConcreteLogic on Aug 20, 2009


This, like any movie is not for everyone, James C. knows it, the studio knows it. It's just a movie that JC concocted one day while going to the crapper, really, I can see this being the case here. Don't get me wrong; this movie is a gift from the Gods, see it for what it is and enjoy. Silly Wabitts!

Vic on Aug 20, 2009


this looks stupid. what was all the hype about?

Brian Ricci on Aug 20, 2009


I dont think most of you are realizing whats real and whats CG. Ex: when he rolls out on the base most of the stuff around him is CG and u barely even notice...this right here this trailer is the minor revolution the major one is the one waiting to be shown the way its meant to be in 3d in a bigass imax. Really most of you straight up are talking out of your asses cause of the hype....shut the fuck up and enjoy you ungrateful bastards.

Cody on Aug 20, 2009


#203 I was actually thinking Sam Worthington was CG in the scene you mentioned, too. (His face seemed a little off) And it IS noticeable, at least, I noticed when (or what) was CG and when it wasn't in the teaser. It does no doubt look incredible, but I still think it is a few steps away from actually being photo realistic of a level where you would not recognize when it slips over into CGI. Making things, and people for that matter, look realistic is a lot easier in a still than in a moving picture. I am not being ungrateful, I am just making observations. I think Cameron did a fantastic job, and I really wanna see this movie. But I also understand that people are little thrown off by the teaser.

SuicidalOptimist on Aug 20, 2009


I can already see the "clueless" masses talking about this movie: "oh-my-GOD!, the special effects are so "unbeliebable" , and that guy sam workington is such a hottie!! ohh-my-god!

Vic on Aug 20, 2009


if your 12 years old it looks good

Terminator on Aug 20, 2009


Guys!!! Chill it looks freakin real and awesome in HD...i jus saw it at a shitty site n thought CGI isnt great....BUT then after watchin it in HD n doing a frame by frame analysis... This movie gonna change everything. End of story.I love it!!

Krishna on Aug 20, 2009


I suppose after 10 years, we couldn't expect it any less magnificent than this. No doubt Cameron is going to get return on investment. As a Scifi fan, I am highly excited. I just hope the story is good. I'm kinda done with 'save the planet' plots, even if it is not about earth this time.

Peter T'Sas on Aug 20, 2009


Ya, I can't say that I'm overly excited about this. The hype has a bit to do with it. Given the fact that apparently people have been waiting a decade to see Cameron's next film fuels the fire. But for the most part, it seems like a very elaborate sci-fi flick. I'm sure it will be good. Cameron's a pioneer in the film industry. With films like Aliens, Terminator, and True Lies under his belt, it's safe to say the man knows how to entertain. Still... I find it hard to get over the gimmicky 3D elements that is constantly being pushed through Hollywood right now. Plus the characters still look very CG to me burns away a lot of that believability that I know they're going for. As expensive as this film probably is, it still looks cheap to me.

Dan the Fan on Aug 20, 2009


This movie is gonna be the tits. And for everyone saying it looks crappy for being 10 years in the making, maybe you should give it a chance in 3D on a big screen instead of 2D on your 12" monitor before rushing to judgment.

Marcos on Aug 20, 2009


#20 says: This movie is gonna be the tits. And for everyone saying it looks crappy for being 10 years in the making, maybe you should give it a chance in 3D on a big screen instead of 2D on your 12" monitor before rushing to judgment. and I could not agree more.

Marcos on Aug 20, 2009


For everyone saying it looks crappy for being 10 years in the making, maybe you should give it a chance in 3D on a big screen instead of 2D on your 12" monitor before rushing to judgment. Well said.

Marcos on Aug 20, 2009


"And for everyone saying it looks crappy for being 10 years in the making, maybe you should give it a chance in 3D on a big screen instead of 2D on your 12" monitor before rushing to judgment." That's the stupidest thing I've heard today. I can easily watch the trailers for Inglourious Basterds, The Abyss, Lawrence Of Arabia, Blade Runner, etc. etc. etc. on my 12" monitor and know they're going to be good movies. This just looks like a video game. BTW I watched the trailer for Avatar today in my theatre on a 40' screen and it still looks like shite!

Sister Jasmine Noxema Tapioca on Aug 20, 2009


Not only that, but it wasn't actually IN PRODUCTION for ten years. Cameron has been working on it as a side project for longer than ten years... more like 15, but it wasn't the film he spent the most time on, it was developing the technology to make it. THAT'S what took ten years to develop. The film had a protracted development, but it wasn't a decade in the making. Not even half that long. I mean, they did shoot background plates... you have to have something for the CG guys to use... they couldn't have done that ten years ago. The fucking Matrix was state of the art a decade ago. Several of the cast members would have still been in highschool. Think for a minute. That said, this remains the film I'm most excited about. People can bitch about the effects and shit, but when it's all said and done, Cameron is a guy who knows how to make a big blockbuster action/adventure and still manage to keep from insulting the intelligence of his audience. I wish more directors of big flicks would attempt the same. Might have made Transformers 2 watchable.

Squiggly_P on Aug 20, 2009


i dont think that its going to matter if its overhyped judgeing by the trailer it looks like its unique and extravigant enough to be a great experiance no matter what you think walking in

rowdy on Aug 20, 2009


@214 - That's the problem these days; movies are often judged "awesome" or not based solely on what they look like. What's the story like? The characters? Do we care what happens, or is the movie just happening there in front of us like a porno?

snickers on Aug 20, 2009


214 - you dumb. I'm talking about the TECHNOLOGY. people are bragging about it beign crappy because it's too much time for little results. and by big screen I meant IMAX, THEATERS HUGE screens. for this kind of imagery even you crappy 40'' is not enough, in a HOME screen it can look like a videogame cinematic, but I'm talking about the experience of seeing it on a screen larger than a fucking building. and I'm not talking about the older movies that are great anyways, their technology fits perfectly on what we have in hands, but something NEW, with a NEW technology, we need STRONGER devices in order to experience what it is REALLY about. not about story, but visuals. you just proved to be as dumb as you think you are for not even being able to understand a SIMPLE statement about a SIMPLE aspect of the matter. what YOU said is the STUPIDEST thing I've read today.

Marcos on Aug 20, 2009


Marcos: You just said it ALL brother, and implicated yourself like nobody's business. "Not about story, but visuals. You just proved to be as dumb as you think your are for not ever being able to undertand a simple statement about a simple aspect of the matter." So you just validated all of our comlaints. It seems that James Cameron isn't interested in making remotely interesting movies, based on this trailer - he's interested in making IMAX video games. So we'll see this at the IMAX. But the hype about this movie is that it is going to revolutionize the way we look at movies. What most of us are voicing is that if you want to revolutionize movies, make a good MOVIE - instead of just focusing on the surface of things and how much money you can throw at the problem of not having enough imagination. I'm referring to the type of imagination that can conceive of an original story, using the tried & true technology of the camera. What we're all complaining about is that it seems Cameron has lost his way. He's become obsessed with a pet project that is NOT going to change the world or revolutionize our eyeballs. It will be a high water mark - b/c no one will ever be granted the type of creative freedom he's had to do this again. He said he could make the FX "Disappear" (as in, blend in with regular footage. Look REAL.) He has FAILED. Big screen, little screen. A likeness is a likeness. I'll say it again. Cameron has successfully made a new type of Disney - style fantasy epic. But there is nothing NEW to see here, except for some more detailed, expressive eyeballs & slightly more life-like facial expressions on the SAME OLD CG-ASS LOOKING CHARACTERS. Nothing to see here, folks. Carry on ... (Keep in mind, I'm playing devil's advocate. I sincerely hope he has wild cards up his sleeve - like some unique, mature themes to explore in this film. Some plot twists. Some SURPRISES. But the dude said it himself. Its "Dances with Wolves in SPACE". C'mon. You're not supposed to be able to compare your film to one film directly and have that be a sign of pride!) Here's hoping the trailers just get better & better & better, as we ramp up to December. As of now - Zero sum game. Those Na'Vi physiques look like PLASTIC.

Django on Aug 20, 2009


I have to agree that one doesn't need 3D IMAX to judge is a movie is worth watching, that the oroginality of the storyline, and the acting are of major importance to make a movie work. Special effects are cool, but they won't make the movie. What we have seen here is a teaser trailer. Did any of you see the Blade Runner trailer before he saw the movie? That trailer made you think it was the most extreme action movie at the time. And it wasn't. And people didn't like the movie, because they were mislead, and didn't understand it. I honestly doubt Avatar will have that level of depth, but I do hope it will have a beter story than the average action movie. It can be a complex story, as long as it makes sence. Who cares that the average American doesn't understand it. Eat less donuts and more culture, that will do it. I'm looking forward to see some real science fiction again, not just screenfilling junk.

Peter T'Sas on Aug 20, 2009


Django Dude - are you REALLY making all this conclusions based on a TEASER TRAILER? 2 minutes of fast footage and you make a huge statement about how Cameron killed it? I didn't validate any complaints, YOU validated mine. I said all of those things about visuals because THAT'S ALL WE GOT AT THIS MOMENT. I'm not saying he's revolutionizing the art of making movies, but it's clear that he made something here thatts going to make people think. if he's revolutionizing anything, it IS the way we see movies, because the revolutiong here is LITERALLY on what we see because it's all about imagery....FOR NOW. but if you think about his past work a little you will remember his awesome ability of telling stories or have you already forgotten about Terminator? so if he has something revolutionary in his hands I'm sure he'll make the best use out of it, it's just dumb to think that he's working on a weak story just to make possible his vision. once and for all: THIS IS A FREAKING TEASER TRAILER OF FAST FOOTAGE WITH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT STORY. IT IS A SMALL SCREEN WITH SOME ASSORTED SCENES, CAN'T YOU FUCKING WAIT FOR THE FREAKING MOVIE TO HIT AND THEN MAKE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT WITH SOME RELIABLE RESOURCE????????? about visuals, WAIT to see in a big screen about story, WAIT to watch its fucking almost 3-hour movie I think he may revolutionize something here, BUT IT'S NOT UP FOR DEBATE YET GODAMMIT. it amazes me to see how many dumb and stupid short minded people this world is full of.

Marcos on Aug 20, 2009


no, 222, he is not basing it solely on the trailer, he is basing his conclusion on YOUR statement. The one about it not being about story, rather it being about technology. It shouldn't be about the tech....

Al on Aug 20, 2009


This looks outstanding. The CGI looks flawless, and I'm as big a critic as it comes. I bet the people badmouthing this graphic work are the same lamers that loved the first Narnia movie's graphics. Dummies.

Mark Drennan on Aug 20, 2009


Thanks Al # 223. You saved me some unnecessary breath. Because it IS up for debate. He released us this footage. To the PUBLIC. Hence: We're debating what we think of it. Permission to disagree - on either sides of this argument. Please note: My argument is that I hope it gets significantly better than this trailer sells it before December. I want this movie to succeed as much as you do. But - we also want a quality cinematic experience as well. And that starts - and ends - with story. That part of it can't be as easily tweaked & retrofitted in the CG editing room, bucko. On a positive note - Cameron has without a doubt proven that we can & WILL have a Thundercats movie. 🙂

Django on Aug 20, 2009


Man people will just never be satisfied. Ok you dont think it looks good go see another movie that weekend there problem solved now stfu.

Cody on Aug 20, 2009


negative commentors are just the last airbender sure they'll say the last airbender CG is im sure they are the first persons to be standing in front of theaters on Dec 18.....

Hellboy on Aug 20, 2009


wouldn't mind banging that blue chick...

butliere on Aug 20, 2009


This trailer blows the entire District 9 movie out of the water.

Alex on Aug 20, 2009


I must agree with other comments: this first trailer is an EPIC FAIL. Cameron delivered cool, sharp and original SF visions in the past, whether it was in Aliens (1986), Abyss (89) or T2 (91). Those were - and still are - SF masterpieces. In 2009 - and with all the hype around Avatar - we were expecting way more than "FERNGULLY MEETS ATTACK OF THE CLONES". Fingers crossed the movie is better than this... PS: @Alex 229: you got the titles switched around, dude. District 9 is original AND its plot + CGI blow Avatar out of this planet.

Alex C. on Aug 20, 2009



m4st4 on Aug 20, 2009


This looks amazing... I cant believe there are negative comments. The cgi is absolutely amazing.

walker on Aug 20, 2009


Hmmmm I just gave it a big "meh" when it was over. I'm not a hater, I'm looking forward to watching the movie... but it just looks like it will be all CGI and effects. And personally the graphics look a bit cartoony. Anyways... this is just a teaser.

Ben on Aug 21, 2009


I don't know why but I was expecting something else... still, looks great.

Drived on Aug 21, 2009


while this teaser does look really good I can't help but be underwhelmed after a year of "most amazing", "ground breaking", "change the way movies are made", I mean come on Cameron if you would have just said "hey here's a cool little sci fi movie enjoy" that would have been one thing but here you have promised the second coming of Star Wars and there is no way the fans can be anything but let down don't get me wrong I am excited this looks good I am just nowhere neer as excited as james cameron seems to think I should be

kiran on Aug 21, 2009


Just saw the 15 min preview in 3D IMAX down here in Australia. Believe the hype. Get excited!

steve on Aug 21, 2009


It's not the revolution that was promissed. Someone was right saying it looks more like the teaser trailer for Avatar the Game. It's still too early for that amount of CGI.

Michael on Aug 21, 2009


just been over to Apple to watch in HD, it look's fucking awsom crisp clear texture's if cameron not up for a oscar for Best SFX for AVITAR nothing at this moment stand's close to it.

Allen Reeve on Aug 21, 2009


Like steve up there, reports from the actual imax screenings are that it looks much more incredible on the big screen 😀

Digital Metaphor on Aug 21, 2009


Wasn't it supposed to be full CGI? I mean, even the actors were supposed to be in CGI.

Jackal on Aug 21, 2009


Just got back from the 15 minute 3D screening. It's impressive, but not mind blowing. If it has a great story to back it up (which it looks like it does) then it will be huge! I want to go back and see it again already! The part where he hides in the tree - crazy awesome. Made people behind me say "wow" out loud.

Smuel on Aug 21, 2009


using the font papyrus cheapens the whole thing... come on james, you're a former art director! you should know better than to use some cheesy, run-of-the-mill font. (trailer looks decent enough)

ComicSans on Aug 21, 2009


LOL comicSans, I agree, fully.

dRailer on Aug 21, 2009


I think they used the Papyrus font on the late Steve Irwin's TV show title card (and maybe the movie 'Collision Course') Crocodile Hunter.

snickers on Aug 21, 2009


i hate people who are hating this movie because of the font they used for the text!!! seriously

Darren on Aug 21, 2009


I know we are supposed to reserve judgment before we see the real deal, but the trailer is a little underwhelming. The CGI still looks fantastic, and as good as the current technology could be, but it all looks too familiar, kinda remind me of bits parts from George Lucas Episode III. But James Cameron seldom makes a dull movie (I like The Abyss, and True Lies is saved by its action scenes), and this still is one of the most eagerly awaited movies of the holiday season.

greg on Aug 21, 2009


gollum >>>>>>>>>>>>>> blue cartoon people (Avatar)

peter jackson on Aug 21, 2009


244 oh come on its frigen halarious

rowdy on Aug 21, 2009


Yeah, where's your sense of humor, man? :p

snickers on Aug 21, 2009


(these are actual quotes) "Beautiful!" "Stunning!" "Game-changing!" "Unlike anything ever seen!" "will change cinema as we know it" "budget upwards of $350 million" "it is a game-changer and in seeing it I think it's the future," "the next big cinematic revolution for years now" Maybe the most over-hyped movie ever, unless it spurs world peace in the end. It looks entertaining. I'll go see it. I'll probably enjoy it. I'd doubt my eyes will spill out of my head in a liquid pool of ecstasy though.

bozoconnors on Aug 21, 2009


lololololol this movie looks retaaaaaaarded

ummm on Aug 21, 2009


Look, I think its fair to say that we will ALL see the movie when it comes out, no matter how much people rip the teaser. I think most fans WANT it to be good. But. If you call your own movie a revolution, why release a trailer that does not do that justice? When you throw around "Photorealistic" then fans will have certain expectations. I don"t care if you argue "oh not our planet, different sun bla bla", Photorealistic means it's looks real. You can have Aliens on screen that we never "seen" before and yet have it look 'real', just like in D9 for example. It's hard to gauge it from these quick scenes but personally, I thought Gollum already looked more 'real'. And from a design point of view, nothing in the teaser is new. It's all been done before. I really hope i will choke on my comments come Dec 18th....

sd on Aug 21, 2009


lol I'm with 228 on this one! 🙂

ME on Aug 21, 2009


#110 and general 'hype is only on-line' BBC 1 news ran the story about this movie yesterday on the 6pm news. And their radio has plugged it alllll day aswell. So the news went: Lockabie Bomber, Cricket, Avatar. How is that not hype? :p

ChrisUK on Aug 21, 2009


Okay. I've looked at the hi-def on apple several times now. The 'emo-cap' Cameron keeps babbling about does make their faces more believeable in many shots. Like an animatronic face, not in every shot but many. Those bodies, though ... They're both poorly designed and eerily doll-like. If he's gonna give 'em deer ears & cat noses - how about more efficient, cat-like leg musculature? For the way they move, the physics of their bodies just doesn't make sense. Hair looks good. Between now & December he can just cover them w/ fur, then it'll look a whole lot more convincing. Trompe l'oile, y'know. Fool our eyes, James. Fool our eyes! Cause this Uncanny Valley is not quite bridge'd ... (and for those sayin' you'd do the blue girl. That's gross. That's just gross.)

Django on Aug 21, 2009


@ Alex C. 230. District 9 has no originality at all. The human sized bug alien concept has been overused, it has been for years. Second ummmm have you seen the Fly. District 9 was like watching Jeff Goldblums character from that movie help ET get home. Not to mention the film seemed to have no intelligence to it. You realize that military personel have procedures theres not just one guy in charge of screaming "shoot at the spaceship!" especially if it's just some guy running around on the ground with his squad. Also the aliens have no fuel to get home yet their ship can hover for 28 years without stop. Now that I think about it why did Christopher getting back to the mothership make it start working again all of the sudden? It just doesn't make any sense. Don't be upset about Avatar because the trailer made you realize that it wasnt going to be a gore filled piece of garbage like District 9.

Alex on Aug 21, 2009


Papyrus ha ah. I think it will be a big movie, trying to keep away from the hype, I thought the teaser was good, it's mad to think some of the scenes are completely CG. In some ways the story has to be fully open to everyone so it doesn't flop, but with the technology people will be able to make more leftfield films in the future. I'll definitely see this in the theatre, hype or no hype.

Crapola on Aug 21, 2009


I only had a chance to watch the trailer once, in 1080p on my laptop last night, what I want to do is somehow get the trailer in a format watchable on my big-screen HDTV, and try that on for size, but it's going to have to wait. My first impression was WOW, I was pretty blown away by the epic-ness but at the same time, I have to agree the Nav'aii (sp.?) looked a little cartoony, I noticed this when Worthington's character first wakes up in his avatar and you can see his whole body. I think it's the body proportions that were a bit weird. The nav'aii are very tall and very skinny, making them look a little strange. Although I didn't get a chance to watch a 2nd time one sequence really stood out to me: I believe it's in the last few seconds of the trailer, but when you see the female Nav'aii with tears going down her cheeks, that looked pretty amazing to me. I'm not yet sure enough to say it looked REAL, but watching it again, or at least, in IMAX 3D......imo it will LOOK REAL. OMG, can't friggen' wait.

jman571 on Aug 21, 2009


Whoever it was that said negative comments are the Last Airbender fans......that was a low blow buddy. Last Airbender looks like the shittest film to come out next year, Cameron's Avatar is still going to be leagues better, in my opinion. I just wsan't thrilled with this teaser as others wore. I'm not saying its gonna be be terrible.

Al on Aug 21, 2009


Now that the smoke has cleared, I think the trailer looks good. The story sounds fun, and even those bashing the CGI will probably end up enjoying this movie, even for story alone. Visually the environments look amazing. The creatures leave much to be desired; they don't look like the groundbreaking, you won't-be-able-to tell-the-difference quality that we were told was coming.

germs on Aug 21, 2009


In the end our opinions don't matter. The studio wants to make as much $$$ as possible, as this was a super expensive pic to make [plus loads more cash for marketing it]. Key question. Will this break box office records? Fox & Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment need it to.

joe on Aug 21, 2009


jman571: Indeed, the Nav'i body proportions are a bit weird, to us, because it's obviously a low gravity world compared to Earth. The torso is considerably stretched and almost tigerish. Would you really expect a completely alien race to have the same proportions as humans? I thought the proportions were brilliant. Young girls in droves are going to dream about being this alien girl. As someone who works in graphics business, I have to say, really, people shouldn't even be commenting on what the CGI looks like if they are viewing a trailer, particularly on lousy computer LCD screens. What you're seeing almost doesn't even relate to the real imagery so why even mention it?

RandyG on Aug 21, 2009


Three words - OMG!

Vic on Aug 21, 2009


A few Hours ago i've seen the 15 minutes preview from "avatar" in german, and i have to say that this film is f***ing awesome! The story, i think, seems a little bit mainstream and not so good, but the 3d and animation effects were great and holy shit, this will become a fantastic movie!

Flo on Aug 21, 2009


Well, I'll say one thing. If he merchandises the heck out of the dolls this movie is based on, or the games or the novels or whatever as he's already claimed he plans it to go - then for once the dolls will look exactly as the characters do in the movie. One girlfriend of a poster on screenrant, knowing nothing of the film, said: "It looked really cool. Until those doll things came out." Some UK folks who already saw the 3-D 15 minute preview: "I felt sick. Like a flight simulator, not a movie." "The difference between the real world and the animated is ... it's different. Maybe within the structure of the film it will work but. It's interesting. But I wasn't blown away." Maybe Cameron's revolution will be a new genre altogether: "Movie-Coaster". But I really wish he'd stop telling us that we won't know the difference between the animation & the real footage. That is the definition of hubris. If I were to speculate, I'd say we should all invest in anything "Furry" related, after this movie drops. To some - it's apparently already a full blown lifestyle. I wouldn't be surprised to be hearing a lot more about it. Personally, the existence of the REAL Zoe Saldana is a far more enticing thought ... But she's already taken, by Spock.

Django on Aug 21, 2009


Come on it doestn look that great. THe blue Aliens, look REALLY FAKE. And the trailer shows what the story is about. 10 YEARS??? doing that..............COME ONE. FF7 advent children among others. And the story seems predictable. Im not excited at all.

david on Aug 21, 2009


Ehh... looks pretty good, I am in no way BLOWN AWAY!! by what I see especially since this is supposed to be the movie that supposed to set the standard by which all other sci-fi movies are to follow. I can't believe in this day and age where companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on special FX alone, that they can not do any better with humanoid CGI. It's frustrating and F'n annoying!

Superhaus on Aug 21, 2009


yea I'm not sure about this either. it says nothing other than maybe a love story with some sort of conflict. Like a lot of others said, the visuals are good, but I'm not "blown away."

nate on Aug 21, 2009


mother f'in garbage........ It's a VIDEO GAME movie! Nothing more...

Jordan on Aug 21, 2009


Did James Cameron just rip off Fern Gully?!?

Londoner on Aug 21, 2009


It's gonna be funny to see how many people are totally thrown off by the title AVATAR. God I love cartoons.

Londoner on Aug 21, 2009


Unfortunately the 16 min-cut of AVATAR sucked even more then the teaser, especialy in the character and story department. What a let down.

Sebastian Selig on Aug 21, 2009


Uh well. James Cameron's record is not as a particularly innovative storyteller. Aliens was Alien with more and bigger aliens. The Terminator (original) is a neat-o '80s student film w/ a relatively mute body-builder chasing the main 2 characters down, saved by Stan Winston's robotic creation's cool reveal. T2 is a family movie with a lot of cursing & violence. Titanic (I know I'm going to get flak for this). Still haven't seen it. Seemed overhyped (apparently was). I think we've all been spoiled with some really innovative storytelling & acting over the past few years, if we expect something innovative in those areas from this guy. Because clearly, he's been tweaking a leaked Ferngully script for the past 10 years, and hasn't even been to a public movie theatre in that time, let alone Cannes or Sundance... I am therefore shifting my position, and pre-emtively embracing James Cameron's inevitable follow up to Avatar: The Invention of the Holodeck.

Django on Aug 21, 2009


@django out of everyones posts on here yours are the most idiotic and unintelligent. You talk even when you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Get a clue.

Cat on Aug 21, 2009


Papyrus?! really Cameron? really?

Otacon on Aug 21, 2009


It looks LAME! Not promising from what is supposed to be Cameron's huge comeback... 😐

Nuno on Aug 21, 2009


@ Cat. Well, I never. The one thing I never resort to is name calling.

Django on Aug 21, 2009


Bee-otch. I'll see you at the video game flight simulator, er, movie theatre.

Django on Aug 21, 2009



Lazarus from Sparta!!!! on Aug 21, 2009


Looks like a fun flick, but to me the amazing part (and I could be wrong) is that the entire trailer is CGI? Even the humans, including Worthington in the wheelchair and the guy with the claw scars across the side of his face. To me their eyes look just a little too clear, their skin just not quite natural. Am I reaching?

bda on Aug 21, 2009


@ django "The one thing I never resort to is name calling." So you admit then that you'll blow a stranger at a bus station for ticket money, right? django. I thought I recognized the name.

RandyG on Aug 21, 2009


#280 Yes, I think you are reaching. The whole movie is 40% life-action and 60% CGI. Of course, I could be wrong and the trailer was indeed completely CGI, in which case I would definitely be blown away for. But I don't think it is. Sam Worthington looks CG when he rolls down the aircraft ramp, so I assume the other scenes with him and the scarred guy are real.

SuicidalOptimist on Aug 21, 2009


@RandyG Here we go. You keep asking to give me a blowjob and I keep telling you "no." When will you get it through your thick head of yours ... I know you want to blow me but this isn't about what YOU want, dude. Have some consideration, jeez.

Django on Aug 21, 2009


Awp. teaser (the GD TEASER) isn't favorable.... Call it off. Tell Camy and the studio to shut it down. Nice Try. Thanks for playing. Seriously folks.... Half of the feedback is already billing this as the next Phantom Menance. I saw the exact Opposite happen for the watchmen (Oooh's & Aaahhh's over the slow motion trailer and less than favorable feedback of the actual movie experience). I'm willing to wait until I actually see it before I trash ANYTHING of Cameron's (Terminator 1 & 2, Aliens, Titanic). Even his IMAX flick was good. So please be patient. It's not worth sreaming about now... day after you see it? Sky's the limit. Bash it now? Vicitim of the self-imposed hype machine.

wHiskey Tango.... on Aug 21, 2009


It was pretty cool to see what 3D will look like in the near future. As of the scenes presented, I was not to thrilled, not sure why? 1 BIG problem was subtitles on the movie, they were ofc also in 3D, it made it really annoying to 'shift focus' between the clips and the subtitles. Something to fix, improve in the future, the subtitles were 'closest', the film behind it, annoying

David Banner on Aug 21, 2009


OK!!!!!! EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!! SHUTAFAKUP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vic on Aug 21, 2009


Wow so the feedback from that 16 mins showing is even worse? I mean, the use of 3d was supposed to be revolutionary...wth?? Come on, someone has to have something good to say...

sd on Aug 21, 2009


@ Django: "You keep asking to give me a blowjob and I keep telling you "no."" How did you know your mom was posting here, son? Anyway, do you need another one of those rides to the bus station?

RandyG on Aug 21, 2009


I have to agree with the general tenor of the comments. The CGI looks standard. Nothing we haven't seen in the Star Wars Prequels or LOTR. In fact, I agree with several comments that say that it is only marginally better looking than some advanced video game cut scenes. I was labouring under the notion that Cameron was claiming that this film was to look photo realistic. Clearly, based on the trailer, this is not the case. It will be entertaining but does not herald a new level of vicual effects.

derk on Aug 21, 2009


Meh, Overrated based on this trailer. Like Martix reloaded all over again. It would be a great cartoon but is nowhere near photo realism. We are still at least 10 years off from not being able to tell the difference between CGI and reality.

D on Aug 21, 2009


The CG is fucking weak. There are better cutscenes in final fantasy games. Cameron would be better off going back to basics and use traditional techniques. I swear that aliens will still look more impressive. He once said in an interview that the human eye needs only a few pixels of information to be convinced of reality (in reference to the aliens in aliens). He such heed is own advice and wait for the technology to progress to meet his mouth!

S man on Aug 21, 2009



That Awesome Norwegian Guy on Aug 21, 2009


I went to the 16 minute preview tonight. Based on the trailer released Thursday, I was a little disappointed. While it looked decent, it didn't seem revolutionary. But, the IMAX/3D was truly amazing. It is meant to be seen that way. It's like nothing I've ever seen. There were a lot of people in the audience that had negative feelings about the trailer they saw online, I overheard a lot of it. But after we saw the first in a section of scenes, they were quiet, except for a few "WOW"'s. It's a shame that not everyone will see the previews in 3D, because that would sell the movie to just about anyone.

Andy on Aug 21, 2009


I just saw the 16 minute preview. I thought it was awsome. The cg is pretty good. It's defintely meant to be seen in IMAX 3D. The trailer sucked but after seeing the preview it shows a lot of potential. I can't wait

Chris on Aug 21, 2009


So many of you here are complaining about the cgi. Is that really going to make the movie for you guys? Or do you all want to look like 'the pro's' who know it all? Why aren't you guys making your own CDI and movies if you know it so much better? Feels like you're all stuck up with something. I am definitely amazed with the look of the creatures and absolutely love their eyes. And even if the story is not 'top', it will be interesting to see the movie. I am sure Avatar will be a new landmark for movies to inspire themselves on, just because of the realism of the aliens, and the fact that they seem not just the 'horrible monsters to be slaughtered'.

Peter T'Sas on Aug 21, 2009


#230!!! You're awesome!!! Ferngully meets Attack of the Clones. I'm sorry, but visuals? Seriously? I know it's not in 3D, oh dear, but I have no care to see it in 3D. The the blue creatures are WEAK!!! I've seen better in B rated films. The landscapes and the scene with the ships and what not looked good, nice effects, but the creatures themselves were horrible. #291, totally agree. FF has way better scenes and even from Spirits Within, there were way better graphics. I loved the graphics and the movie (which I deleted the Final Fantasy from the title after being told to do so before watching it.) This is great though because people that hyped this movie have no argument left other than wait for the movie which, it might be good, but the aliens suck and there went a key visual. IMAX isn't that great either, sorry.

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 21, 2009


two words, (actually. one word and a number). District 9

vguy on Aug 21, 2009


I am not impressed. It looks like a video game. Seems like a waste of 10 years to me.

CJ on Aug 21, 2009


Looks amazing. Cameron is a SciFi God.

TTEX on Aug 21, 2009


everyone that has not seen the 16 minute preview needs to hold their comments, when someone says it needs to be seen on the big screen in 3D then you atleast have to listen to them here. this is new technology that will truely bring the movie to life. the 3D feels as if you could literally jump into the screen and you could be in the movie and just walk around the enviornment. as for the avatar characters and how everyone is saying how they look weak and not textured, while watching them in action i forgot that they were cgi, they looked and felt so real, the way they moved so fluidly and realistically just felt outstanding to watch, whatever you do, DO NOT judge this by the trailer online alone, its something you must expirience for yourself, its a truely immersive expirience and its unlike anything you have ever seen before, believe me.

James Cameron...jk on Aug 21, 2009


Totally agree with 300. I saw the 16 minute preview it was the best thing I ever saw. The haters need to stop, because its proven that all of you have not seen the preview, its a totally different experience in 100% 3D IMAX...

chad on Aug 21, 2009


Hello...I said it. Sorry, it wasn't anything great. I was still disappointed. Fluid? Seriously? Have you not seen anything as of late? JP was ground breaking special effects. is simple a good use of HD with beautiful scenery but nothing you can't see on NatGeoHD or any station like that and that's Earth. 3D is a waste and I haven't seen anything that I'd care to see in 3D. It's fun for a short time like T2 the "ride" at Universal but a whole movie is ridiculous. Although I may contradict myself for Final Destination simply 'cause it's so horrible, it's fun to see how they kill people something about seeing that in 3D is worth it. It's a sick sense of humor but I don't I'll dish out the extra dough for it. If I could watch it in 3D at home, sure, with an intermission to rest the eyes but we shouldn't hav to do that. And yes, it gets boring after awhile 'cause throughout they keep trying to make things 3D that don't really need to be and they throw in stupid actions so 3D becomes "cool" like throwing objects towards you. Ugh... Sorry, hype killed it thus a major fail. If it was just a movie, not a problem. Like Cloverfield. That movie should have never had a trailer save the teaser. I ever love that movie but hold some resentment towards it.

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 21, 2009


A few ground breaking visual effects "wow" moments : Star Wars (1977), Jurassic Park (1993), Gollum in LOTR (2001).

rotoscope on Aug 21, 2009


* More like Gollum in The Two Towers (2002) and Return of the King (2003) when his performance and screen time was increased.

rotoscope on Aug 21, 2009


The bad teaser seem to hurt AVATAR-day. There where about 30-40 people in the 1.000 seats theatre at yesterdays screening (over here in germany). Mostly the typical nerd crowd (overzized guys in movie-shirts), nearly no mainstream couples or such. The screening didn't went well. Groaning when the alien chick with the rastas show up, lecturing the naive american guy about the value of nature. Nearly everyone i went with seems to be sure that this unimpressive piece of old story cliches and seen-it-before-cgi-crap won't make them lining up in december. No way this way overhyped piece will be bigger than let's say TRANSFORMERS 2, the new TERMINATOR, GI JOE...

Sebastian Selig on Aug 22, 2009


This web-site posed the question - how is Avatar planning to generate hype. I missed Avatar day. Too much going on in the real world to immerse myself in 3-D on a friday summer night. But it sounds to me like it hasn't been a resounding success ... partly due to the online release of this trailer. Maybe he should have another Avatar day, like Thanksgiving or even every month or so leading up to the film. If he's smart, use these as test-screenings for continually updated/upgraded footage (hopefully). Cuz if I were him, I'd be worried about how I was gonna pay for all this if those seats aren't packed in December ...

Jehosophat on Aug 22, 2009


+++ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT system failure ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT+++ Only an EPIC storyline can save this movie now. +++ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT system failure ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT+++ PS District 9 mech armor >>>>>>>>> AVATAR AMP suit

EPIC FAIL on Aug 22, 2009


A shame not everyone could see the Avatar day 3d footage. Comparing it to the trailer is almost as comparing day and night. I saw it twice yesterday in a half packed theatre. I suggest Fox show the 15 minutes in front of a big 3d movie, why not Burtons Alice? In that way many more can see for themselves what the hype is all ablut. I have been critical of the trailer and rightly so. I just couldn´t get excited by the animated look of everything. The big difference is that once you put on the glasses you wont care about the Pandora look. Everything moves and looks amazing. The thanator chase scene was awesome and ended in a perfect cliffhanger. Both times the audience gasped in astonishment. But that was nothing compared to the "taming of the banshee" scene. What amazed me the most was how kinetic the whole scene felt. Some from CC talked about a handheld camera approach. But it´s not Bourne were you can´t make out what is going on. It is very beautifully shot. And the world looks amazing. Truly a whole world created with all the details one expects from the best fantasy worlds. Jakes Avatar was climbing with Neyteri and a group of navis into banshee territory and it looked like their hatching ground. There were blue egg like things on the ground and lots and lots of detail. After the spectacular banshee catching, jake on his banshee flew of the rock, they crashed into the mountain, the banshee refused until jake yelled at it. At that moment the footage was cut and a short trailer kicked in. Pure awesomeness. A lot going on, some new shots that were not in the trailer, like what looked like a dragon ship shelling the hell out of a village. Neyteri jumping of a ledge with huge plants beneath her. Jake having a face off with the great warriot Tsu tsei or what his name is. Final thoughts: I´m still not going to call it a game changer. It´s too early. The 3d more than everything took my breath away. I hadn´t seen any 3d footage until now. What was so great about the 3d was that you didn´t think about how different the life action scenes looked from the 100 % animated pandora scenes. They blend together really well. There will always be nitpickers who can find faults. I did that with the trailer. But with the 3d footage I just surrendered to the spectacle. I don´t give a shit anymore about the photorealism and game changer talk. What really matters is how much I enjoyed it. A lot more than i enjoyed the trailer. Afterwards i whiched that many more could have seen the footage. I think the Avatar day event was too early. Fox should have promoted it for another two weeks on mtv, in the press and on cable tv and news channels. It would have drawn a much larger crowd. They still can do another Avatar day or even better attach the footage before a major 3d release.

Martin on Aug 22, 2009


A rental, maybe.

Sleepykid on Aug 22, 2009


If the story, characters and dialogue sucks, it doesn't matter how pretty this movie looks.

iamjamescameronsanger on Aug 22, 2009


I love how 308 said he was blown away by 3D but has never seen it. Sorry man, that helps no one. That was all you had going for it and inexperience took away your credibility in how the 3D is, if you've never seen 3D.

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 22, 2009


This movie with a 120hrtz monitor and nvidia 3D vision technology, pure bliss! I'm surprised nobody here sees the possibilities. Be thankful such movie got made, be thankful we have directors like James Cameron still around. This is a gift.

Vic on Aug 22, 2009


@Django man... honestly it seems like you don't know shit about movies. You also seem to have a douche sense of humor, its sad because your jokes don't make people laugh they just end up making you look like a tool. Also why do you write reviews for trailers like you are working for a news paper?

DoomCanoe on Aug 22, 2009


Oh dear...Mr. Cameron, maybe you won't get the budget for that Battle Angel (Gunnm) movie after all. This is gonna flop. Not impressed. Will not find a audience.

Movie Fan on Aug 22, 2009


For so long I have always defended fanboy geeks because they seem so smart and interesting. But after reading most of these comments most of y'all just come across as know-it-all bitter assholes. We actually have a director like James Cameron that likes to push the envelope and do something that is different, unique and original. Someone with his talents could easily just do another stupid comic book movie but yet he goes out on the limb and gets his ass chewed out. By the way, if your measuring stick for great movies are comic book movies and District 9 then y'all aren't as smart as I thought you were. I have seen most comic book movies and only ONE ever (Dark Knight and maybe Batman Begins) is worthy....all others pretty much suck......and District 9? overrated. District 9 will hardly be remembered a year from now......certainly not remembered like Aliens, Abyss or the Terminator movies. Can't you all fanboy geeks go back to masturbating to Spiderman comic books like in the old days and stay out of the movie business.

Bishop on Aug 22, 2009


@ DoomCanoe Why do you write like a 5th grader? Where the hell did you get that name? These are all pointless questions. If you read carefully you'll see I am extremely hopeful that this turns out to be as mind blowing as it's supposed to be. I simply reserve skepticism when any man says things like: "It's going to be flawless. You won't be able to tell the difference btw. the CG and the real footage." And then produces THIS. In the same week that District 9 produced something far more believable w/ 1/4 the cash in 1/4 the time. I missed Avatar day - too many good things going on in the real world to take in 15 mins of 3-D. Don't get me wrong. I want this movie to be a success - I will probably get in line for the next Avatar day - early word is it will be attached to Alice in Wonderland - but that's slated for March 2010. Bit too late. He should have another Avatar day, around Thanksgiving - b/c this past one wasn't exactly a resounding success & hopefully the footage will look even better by then. As an artist, I hope he succeeds - but it's gonna take some smart marketing to get people in those seats for this by December. The kind that doesn't allow James Cameron to hype-talk it anymore - b/c so far that's just creating backlash.

Django (or a Healthy Skeptic) on Aug 22, 2009


Beauty and the Beast meets Starship Troopers meets Ferngully meets HALO meets Dark Crystal meets Matrix meets Phantom Menace...I know I skipped a few in there, but that's plenty. Yeah, the effects look good. So what? Am I supposed to bow down and worship 'the King of the World?' No... This is derivative. I've seen it all before. (Except maybe the effects...which don't look entirely that revolutionary, just good or better than average.) The story is the same old FANTASY (not sci-fi) giraffe people instead of Indians. Dances with Elves. "Our once injured warrior goes on a mission to the frontier, he meets a sqaw, they fall in love, and he turns on his cavalry compadres to do battle on the side of moral superiority." Yeah, nothing wrong with this Pocahontas-in-space thing, but its getting rather old. I've seen it before, so what if its done all in CGI in space? Who cares? So what about the robots, and the Ferngully rainforest elves? I'm not into Pixar Disney movies, and the trailer just didn't impress me. I don't care how good the effects were, I don't go see movies because of special effects. This looks like a goddamn George Lucas movie to me, and I'm done with George Lucas...

Phil on Aug 22, 2009


amazin animation !

satarin on Aug 22, 2009


I never cared much for 3D. I've only seen 2 movies in 3D: BEOWULF, and UP. But the 3D in AVATAR was terrific. People think 3D is immersive as if they were sitting right in the middle of the action, but that's not possible because the screen doesn't wrap around them when they're in their seat. The screen is still a two-dimensional surface that is in front of them. I think of 3D in terms of planes: The plane in the foreground that brings the images real close to the eyes, a little farther back is the middleground plane, and a little farther back is the background plane. But by no means does it create an illusion of shape and curvature. I was at the Lincoln Sq. IMAX in NYC. I was sitting right in the centre of the back row, and my glasses were not scratched, so I thought the 3D effect was quite impressive. All the CGI was flawless...except for the blue people. They were good, but not great, in some scenes they were terrific, but it still took my brain some time to adjust to them. I think the brain puts up resistance at first and keeps telling us, "You're not looking at something real, you're not looking at something real! There's no such thing as a 9-foot-tall, blue, humanoid alien..." But when I gave in to it, it went down easier. I also think that after sitting through the entire 135-minute movie, I'll probably come out a believer.

Steven Kar on Aug 22, 2009


wtf 319* comments *320

BVDR on Aug 22, 2009


The trailer was pretty good and the movie seem to be huge. But I was expecting more, I mean the film took 10 fuckin years on the making and the aliens didn't even look more realistic than gollum in the lord of the rings movies, nearly 10 years ago. Hopefully, in 3D it will be much better... looking forward for it....

MK on Aug 22, 2009


i think our brains willl certainly resist the cgi first but then evntualyy the blue aliens will look real i mean i dont think i have ever seen emotions such as these shown in the trailer wowowowo they looks so fukin real to me wowwow. 10/10 good job JC

alan on Aug 22, 2009


Truly amazing, i think it worth the wait and James did a great job with the movie.

Fisherr on Aug 22, 2009


Just saw D9...OMG!!! Avatar has so much to try and live up to. Man that movie kicked ass and the CGI was by far way more superior than Avatar.

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 22, 2009


What is this movie about exactly?

david on Aug 22, 2009


Ever see Ferngully?'s that but more action. lol

Tra la la la la di da on Aug 23, 2009


@bishop #315. Awesome statement couldn't have said it better myself. District 9 will be forgotten just like all this other overhyped gore filled bullshit. Avatar is here to stay. @ 297, vguy I have three words FUCK DISTRICT 9.

Alex T. on Aug 24, 2009


Dance with Wolves in 3-D. meh

reservations on Aug 24, 2009


this trailer is a huge dissapointment. cameron has tried BUT with an overwhelming negative response from blogs all over the world, the marketing has been a massive balls up, people are spewing at the visuals and i bet this movie will make less paper than a eco friendly toilet roll. what happened has happened its now damage control for fox to either sort it now or lose the patience of money public even more. some said 4 years in the making, all to see jar jar serious

muggins on Aug 24, 2009


Yawn. When does 9 and Sherlock Holmes come out again?

Cody on Aug 24, 2009


One Word for all the haters: RESPECT. If they don't give any, they don't deserve any. And for comparisions to Lord of the Rings Gollum; That remains to be one of the best effects seen in cinema (those effects are CG pan over a live action person). Remember that personnas of the CG/Live Action characters sets them apart. And people; Stop combining elements to tear down a movie. When you remove the uniqueness of a movie are you are not judging the movie at all. When you combine previous movies elements into what you 'think' one is, then you are only watching 'your' idea of it, not its reality. If you don't watch it the way it was meant to then you already missed its life's thread. Example: "The Dark Knight" in an IMax theater (in my case Laughlin Theater), lived up to its name. Why do I need to explain this so often to you people?! Do you really want me to believe you don't know or care what goes into 60 seconds of film? Most of us (everyone here) probably couldn't make a CG ant and make it look real. I have seen well over 20 hours of makings-of features, so I know what I am talking about. This is strongly high-res CG, more so then Pixar (and thats saying allot). Anyone interested in making their own movie for 10 years and getting complainers like the ones you find all over this site? I don't think so. #30 Nutso, they probably could fix his spine with a chance of becoming permanently paralyzed due to spinal nerves delicate viens. Its actually a better option to move his mind into the aliens, no harm to his damaged body and he can then get a 2nd chance with a new body. To clear things up, #14 the reason many people are insecure due to 'haters' is becuase the people are can't walk the talk (so called 'haters') won't shut it. He didn't call you one and you gave leeway to the implication of yourself as one. Even if you could, all you would need to do is prove it. I explain allot becuase most don't listen allot (I have had only a few pay notice to the explinations), and I would like to see another movie top this. End of story, the CG/live action blend has came to its fine line for certain in a long time running. The best movies back in the 1970's,(Star Wars/Alien) then 1990's (Jurassic Park), and early 2000's (LOTR) and now almost 2010 finally have come full circle. I plan on watching this movie due to effects and how it made its effect and also respect for its work. If you have a problem with what I have said, go ahead and rant at me. I am here to remind and respect, not insult or anger. I everyone here watched how movie are made they might have more respect. I am just glad a number of us here actually do respect. Arcanus Out.

Arcanus on Aug 24, 2009


Now I am no expert or someone who studies film alot, but I think this film looks great, All I can say is I am one the peeps who will be rooting for this movie to make it to the top and i will be anticipating it theatric release. Its just the imagination of it that makes me want to see it, because after I'm done watching a movie like this I just begin to imagine myself being part of it and living the story myself seeing that world through my own eyes. I think that is what people forget about movies, you dont watch them just for the great graphics or the great actors who are in them, but for the feeling of emotion that you experience as you watch these films. I wont say anyone is wrong on their judgements but you all are still judging something that you have not seen the whole picture too, and thats my two cents.

opsolus on Aug 24, 2009


Umm, for people who say this looks crappy, this is 2D. Unless you've seen the trailer in a 3-D trailer, please wait before passing judgement on it.

Unbookable on Aug 24, 2009


O_o damn i'm confused...

Yamika on Aug 24, 2009


This could be good, but it also risks being "Jar Jar Binks - The Movie"

Google the Oct8pus on Aug 25, 2009


This movie will be the equivalent of a 2.5 - 3 hour video game trailer. 3D was done years ago, aliens and other worlds done years ago, the warrior turned bleeding heart was done many times over. What is new here that took 10 years? I guess if the whole freaking movie is done using a computer, that would take 10 years. The question remains who wants to see a movie that was created mostly using a computer and a few B actors. Please save your rave for real movies, actors and original screenplays instead of drinking the hype Kool-Aid like a bunch of morons. And no I can't do it better becuase I don't make movies for a living. I just expect those who do make movies as their purpose in life to make a movie that reflects some fucking originality.

Lokiluvcocky on Aug 25, 2009


@ 336 Hmmm...hi-tech bad ass soldiers caught are over matched by primitive monsters (a US military/Vietnam allegory), and a sequl to what some called a "perfect science fiction film" : Aliens A robot develops humanity through helping a young human, a story as 'old as the hills': Terminator 2 A little $6M movie showcasing the same cyborg going on a killing spree (with remarkable similarities to a story from the '60s story by Harlen Ellison) and even that story took James Cameron 7 years to bring to the screen. So, what's your dumb ass point, that we shouldn't have seen/enjoyed Aliens, T2 or T1, because they took too long in development and they weren't original for you? Our species has reached new depths of brain deadness: Lokiluvcocky.

RandyG on Aug 25, 2009


Originality? The only thing original that movies can be now adays is their vantage point, and a small number of ideas not yet used. Creatures movies have a small number of originals as is, and to be honest there are not allot left of unused concepts. "Alien" is one of the stongest to date but its a few runner ups like "Outlander", "Chronicles of Riddick:Pitch Black", and of course "Predator", even "AVP:R". None the less it shouldn't be so hard to image that original ideas are becoming more and more sparse. And it is true that primitive creatures/weapons can still outdo high-tech weapons. This trailer of the movie merely proves it further. And as another note, if you can't do it better, you have no grounds to criticize. If your not above it in capability then criticizing just makes you farther below it.

Kore on Aug 25, 2009


looks awesome,but when are they going to make a movie for Neil Stephensons classic SNOWCRASH, now that would be a cool movie based on Avatars....

John on Aug 25, 2009


@336 - Haven't we been watching full-length movies created entirely on computers since 1995's Toy Story?

snickers on Aug 25, 2009


Nice, but looks like an extended XBOX game trailer, or a remake of The Dark Chrystal, which they are actually re-making anyway.

Sam Worthington Must Die on Aug 25, 2009


Why do aliens always have to look human? or like Vulcans, or Elflings. Why not a crack pipe or a buttplug or a can of malt Liquor?

Dweezil on Aug 25, 2009


Randy G and Kore - I realize that you are both too ignorant to get the point so I'll break it down for your little minds in the simplest terms. This movie looks like shit. T2 and Aliens were also shit. You don't have to be able to do something better to criticize it shit for brains. If that were the case, there would be no art critics in this world or any other commentary. Bad CGI and used stories = morons flocking to theatres and spending money, then calling something a perfect science fiction film. The only a-hole calling Alien that is you and your other panty-wearing, Tranformer-playing, ball-licking boys club. And by the way dick for brains, there is a more recent example of "hi-tech bad ass soldiers caught are over matched by primitive monsters" than the Vietnam example. It's been going on for the last 7 years in Iraq while you were home jerking off to Japanese porn anime.

Lokiluvcocky on Aug 26, 2009

342 Above is proof of James Cameron's past Plagiarism. His settlement was an admission of guilt.

Phil on Aug 26, 2009


Acarnus here. Its seems I wasn't clear enough. And someone is begging for an argument they haven't backed as technically its still an opinion based of 2 facts. Not to mention making assumptions that can be self-based. For talking trash allot of people can't take half of what they dish out, which is not only sad but just adds to negative already in the world. Here is a line for you: -Bob Marley, "The people, who were trying to make this world worse... are not taking a day off. How can I? Light up the darkness." From "I am Legend" (2007). The Iraq war is NOT primitive, the tactics may come close but the tech on both sides are not. I have a cousin who served as a navy seal there and brother-in-law as a marine. Its high tech on both sides, from mortar rounds to car bombs and drones to missiles. 'No war comes easy or without price no matter the side'. If you want to complain about used stories getting claims of being the best, go rant at the Oscars at least and spare your attitude for them. They only rewarded one film its due credit so far, so go ahead at them. To spare everyone else on this site, if you can't say anything positive DON'T say anything at all. Criticism is only welcome when its constructive, not tear everything down. When you try to tick people off, call them what you want (which you are probably wrong on all notes), and rant, No ones needs to hear it. We don't tell you how to live or speak (only asking respect) so don't tell us how to live or speak. Is that clear enough for you "Lokiluvcocky"? How many times to I have to remind people to toss thier criticism where it belongs? Or even not to criticize at all for the sake of respect, timing, proof or even effort. And that is the truth: If you can't do it better, you don't have grounds to critize or evidence of being capable of doing so. If you do, you are worse then it simply be doing so. Problem is that people think they are better then everyone else simply becuase they think they are. I probably have at least 5 pages worth of explanations on this site alone. ENOUGH! Take the hint and can it for the Oscars at the end of the year. At least then your opinion is loud and clear. Stop trying to insult or tick off everyone and get a life. No more! Save your anger and attitude for your games, so at least the AI take the hit and not us. So stop! If you have a negative opinion save it for elsewhere. Arcanus Out.

Arcanus on Aug 26, 2009


@ 343 Lokiluvcocky It would have been very difficult for Aliens to be a US military/Iraq allegory since Aliens was released in 1986. Wow, just wow.

RandyG on Aug 26, 2009


getawayfromheryoubitch on Aug 26, 2009


Wow, you really told me. I don't even have a comeback, except that the comparison to Iraq is not to Aliens you fuck face. It's to the trailer for the movie we're supposed to be providing our opinion, which I did so deal with it gay boys. The Iraq insurgents are engaging in guerrilla tactics which are primitive methods you a-hole. Try reading a book instead of watching cartoons or listening to other morons who wouldn't know high tech from a fucking firecracker. The American military is still mired in Iraq. It's still stuck in Afghanistan, battling a resurgent Taliban. Rumsfeld has been forced out of the Pentagon. Dan Halutz, the Israeli Defense Forces chief of general staff and net-centric advocate who led the largely unsuccessful war in Lebanon in 2006, has been fired, too. In the past six years, the world's most technologically sophisticated militaries have gone up against three seemingly primitive foes — and haven't won once.

Lokiluvcocky on Aug 27, 2009


You go Cocky! Arc anus is truly an anus. He can have his cute little blue computer figures and bad stories. This site says "leave a comment". It doesn't say "leave a happy positive comment" so the little sci-fi girls won't cry. Go watch Titanic bitch...another really great over-hyped story elevated by morons who paid to watch a digital ship sink in the midst of a hear-warming love story. Cameron blows.

Jenny-O on Aug 27, 2009


#348: Lokiluvcocky Hold on, I agree with you regarding America vs. the Taliban. A few years from now when the West is worn down enough and withdraws from Afghanistan, the 'primitive' Taliban will sweep the country, topple Pakistan, and solidify their center of operations, and radical Islamism will grind its way across the globe. Who woulda thought, people living in caves wrest control of the world form the high tech bad asses. However, my original comment was that Aliens was written in the early '80s as an allegory for America's experience in Vietnam, which it was. Iraq doesn't figure into the discussion. Once again, you're saying Avatar sucks because it is an unoriginal idea and I'm saying look at Aliens, it's hardly original, but that doesn't prevent it from being an all-time favorite of many here.

RandyG on Aug 27, 2009


Yeah really Lokiluvcocky. There are no more original ideas when it comes to allegories anymore just the way those allegories are portrayed. So either put up with it or stop going to the movies. I personally don't have a problem with you making negative comments about the movie but what I do have a problem with is your name calling. Its like you're looking for a fight. The first comment on here I see from you blatantly states that people that are excited about this movie are "morons". What the hell is that? It's pretty obvious you are just looking for a fight. Stop trying to belittle people it just makes you look like an idiot. Real men have an intelligent debate little boys like you just spout out as many cusswords as they can think of. Grow up or shut up.

Alex T. on Aug 27, 2009


#348, #249 You still aren't paying attention nor seems you ever will on this site. Arcanus did say the tactics were primative but not the tech. There is no room to deny that. Talk the soldiers before you go ranting about thier situation. They risk thier lives on a daily basis just so you can speak your mind! Their leaders deserve your rants but not the soldiers. There are many nuetral comments, but the point is that negative comments are no better then those who speak them (in this case type them). If your going to complain about a movie don't go to the movies or watch the movies you like. You didn't back up about any movies you did like if there are any. And when you want to fight, get a punching bag from a store, not us. #351, Thank you for saying it loud and clear. 'Profanity is a feeble minds attempt to be smart.'

Vectis on Aug 27, 2009


Wasn't really impressed with the trailer, probably because of all the years of the hype saying it's going to be the greatest movie of...well ever. Looks a little foolish if you ask me - something like if you took Aliens and took all the cool stuff out an inserted a mix up of Delgo, Battleship Earth, 10,000 B.C., Attack of the Clones and Ferngully:( Hope Cameron is throwing us off with what we've seen so far... But to be fair, when had Cameron let us down in the past? He's still a respected and the driving talent in the industry...about time he's stepping up to the plate to wow us again!! This teaser is not 'guaranteed' to be the final outcome of what we see on screen December 18th so I'm not giving up on him, just getting a lukewarm feeling about what we've been given so far, that's all... I'd bet on him over Lucas any day for sure!!

Marc on Aug 27, 2009


Arch-Anus: "if you can't say anything positive DON'T say anything at all" What is this Russia? China? Nazi Germany? This is the internet. Home of the brave, the slackers, the geeks, the haters, the hackers, the cyberpunks, the pirates, the cynics, the bloggers and the irate. Fuck you. Fuck James Cameron. He got caught red-handed committing plagiarism, stealing, and admitting stealing from HARLAN ELLISON. Steven Spielberg got successfully sued for Disturbia, and Michael Bay got successfully sued for plagiarism on his film THE ISLAND. Hollywood is creatively bankrupt. With 10,000 sequels, prequels, remakes, and reboots. And Fuck J.J. Abrams for outright stealing "LOST" from the guy who made Man From UNCLE, these 'successful' and popular HOLLYWOOD bigtime blockbuster 'Kings of the World' have what's coming to them: negativity, cynicism, righteous indignation and even hatred. They steal to make millions and millions, and George Lucas is King of them all. Originality? You want proof of originality? Google "Men Who Stare at Goats" to watch the trailer. There is ORIGINALITY. It's just fanboy-gusher morons who defend their IDOLS and their favorite movies who claim "all stories are the same throughout the centuries" bullshit. Clive Barker's HELLRAISER: nothing like it before it came out. When Bram Stoker wrote DRACULA there was nothing like it before, except a few remotely related folktales about 'revenants.' ERASERHEAD: nothing like it. H.P. Lovecraft wrote stories you'll not find anything like whatsoever before he wrote them. How many people made movies about cloning Dinosaurs before Jurassic Park? And what of Zardoz? And before George Orwell wrote 1984 in 1948, were there stories like that? Before Kafka wrote Metamorphosis, not too many stories about people waking up to find out they've turned into bugs in 1915. Tron: people getting sucked into computers and videogames? Nothing like it before it came out. Originality does exist, and if people are sick of seeing the same SHIT in hollywood week after week, year after year, and they don't want to give their money to these asshole hollywood directors, that is their prerogative, their right, and if they want to rant until the cows come home about how UNORIGINAL they are, or how much they HATE them, that is also their right. Just because a few 'fanboys' are offended that someone is criticizing the shit they consume on a regular basis is not enough to tell people they can't say what is on their minds. Not to mention, saying that is also NEVER going to stop anyone from saying what is on their minds, no matter how offensive it may be.

Phil on Aug 30, 2009


Phil #354 I partly agree with u, but this means that like 80% of everything is not original, thats a bit much i think...u kind of contradicted urself by putting that quotee at the top of ur post then putting down several directors haha

John on Aug 30, 2009


#354, you are right but only for a small degree. To that I agree, that originality still exist out there. And by the way, there is a novel of Jurassic Park before the movie as well as The Lost World. (Read both to be certain) Besides, most people do know Hollywood is bankrupt on ideas for a very large part, but that does not deny room for new ideas. If you read the entire comment, the thing asked is only to redirect criticism to those in which they are aimed. You ranted at the directors, so go do it in person. That way people trying to enjoy this site don't catch all your steam. And also #345 asked that the criticism was welcomed only when it was contructive. You have a few valid contructive criticism points, even more without the profanity. I won't deny I appreciate the pointing out of remaining originalities, but untill you make that evident what you say right now are only words. And no where in any of the arguments was anyone denyed their right to hate or dislike anything said. As #355, contradicting yourself was not only not a not so bright slip up but an out right mistake made where its not helping anything. I am a critic myself and buy only a select number of movies that have proven themselves worthy, retain originality in their overall quality (note overall, few are otherwise) and help generate more ideas. Thats why as of yet, my movie list all together, (sequals and prequal tie as a frenchise set as one number on the list) there is less then 100. If your gonna critize, my only request is the explain and evalute for everyone to see your valid argument. So far only 3 on this page, #300, #345, and #354. Short list for how many comments on this page. Ambrotos hoping not to come for round 2, bye.

Ambrotos on Aug 30, 2009


Holy #$%(!!! That looks amazing! Lucky Sam Worthington to land such great roles.

Luffy on Aug 30, 2009


blaaaa I do not like the principal character design -.-

I see on Aug 30, 2009


Let the hate flow through you...

Phil on Aug 31, 2009


You can hate all you want, its how you throw it around that bothers people. And nothing good ever came from it. If you hate so much, how come you won't say it the people who made it?

Vectis on Aug 31, 2009


Hoping that it is very good as Terminator Salvaton, Star Trek and Star Wars. I dont think that there will not be any Sexualty, Grafic violence or STUPID NUDETY! EEW! Besides one guy on line said this. "James Camaron AVATAR cant be worse thean TITANIC." and i agree with him. And I am glad that James Horner is doing the music of AVATAR. James Horner did a couole of James Camaron's movies, like Aielen's and Titanic. If you watch the teaser trailer you will see that there is no sighn of... I cant belive I am going to say this again! NO NUDETY OR SEXULTY OR BLOODY VIOLECE! So it is going to be just fine as LOTR triology and like The New World. Well DUE! IT IS A NEW WORLD...A BIG ONE! NO, HUGE! I hope that you like my coment about this movie. I am very, very very, esxited! And I have a feeling that it is going to be OK! YAHOO!

Andrew on Sep 1, 2009


Why does Cameron need so much money to make a film? Yeah, he employs 1000s but he could feed millions... #361 - Don't type when your drunk. Arcanus - Don't type. District 9 haters - Being different only makes you trendy in High School. Jim Henson already did this film dozens of times... The rest of you hundreds... Read a book!

Spike Murdock, Poet-at-Large on Sep 2, 2009


Ok, #362, for trying to disclaim people you only have one fact to back yourself up so don't think your out of the loop you put yourself in. Since when have movie effects come cheap? True he could, then why hasn't he? Ask him yourself. The truth isn't for the feint hearted for don't tell others to be quite when they aren't negative. Where were you in high school then, to bring that up? Do a double take on that becuase you didn't provide proof to match exactly what is being shown. I have been more then my share reading, and the books aren't cosidered easy to read. (LOTR for starters) You might try researching sometime, becuase you might actually learn something. Watching a making-of feature of a movie before you start aiming at them. And you might try to watch "The Hunt for Gollum", it was entirely fan made without company support to see how hard it is. These are facts. Learn from them, even if you don't like them.

Vectis on Sep 2, 2009


Thanks Phil. Once again, blow me if you don't like my tone or naughty language. I won't stop going to the movies just because most of them suck and are made for small minds. I'll just keep giving them a chance and then blast them and the a-holes who worship them when they suck. Cameron is a phony. Go get a box of tissues Alex T and the rest of you fanboy fruitcakes and have a Titanic party. Maybe Celine Dion can add a song to the Avatar soundtrack to really peak your sensitivity? Vectis, creating or re-stating lame quotes is actually one's attempt at sounding philisophical - "Profanity is a feeble minds attempt to be smart" Did you make this up Plato? I don't use fucking profanity to sound fucking smart dick face. I use it for emphasis so my feeble mind can sound forceful. Even feeble minds like mine have a voice in America.

Lokiluvcocky on Sep 3, 2009


By the way Vectis, at least do a spell check or grammar check before you post your brain farts to this site. And who the fuck would waste their precious time watching the Hunt for Gollum so they can learn "facts"...millions of dollars of computers are the primary force behind this piece of shit. Could have used those funds to save some American's homes, (especially the out of work veterans) and feed their kids instead of making another piece of shit which the Vectis, Randy G's, Alex T's and other assholes will flock to throw their money at like little boys having their first wet dream.

Lokiluvcocky on Sep 3, 2009


Lokiluvcocky.....don't go to the movies anymore. That money that you spend on movies could go towards feeding the the vet's children and building homes for the homeless. For someone who has such a bleeding heart you sure are a tool. Please leave and join the Peace Corps.

Bishop on Sep 3, 2009


Lokiluvcoky you dont make any sense. First off stop assuming so much. Why do you assume everyone who thinks this movie looks good loved Titanic? I hated Titanic. Second off I agree with you that yeah they could have used the funds used to make this movie to solve some economic problems but then what would the entertainment industries purpose even be? And why should any industry exist for that matter? We should all just put money into solving economic problems then right? You're just making yourself look like an idiot on here because you admit that you are throwing your money at this "shit" but then you condemn everyone else for buying a ticket. If you're just giving these movies a chance then give them a chance. Don't give them a chance and then spend even more time on a message board about the damn thing. If you feel a movie is a waste of your time than why keep involving yourself with it in any way

Alex T. on Sep 3, 2009


First, its good to know someone knows where money should go but biting at everyone doesn't help anything at all. And the people who use the most profanity usually are as feeble as you can get with few that prove otherwise. On top of that those who curse can't even validate an argument. Earlier comments prove it by facts and quotation. Second, I don't even want to see Titanic at all. And to top everything off, if you check follow ups of what each person has said, you contradict yourself half the time in your words Lokilucocky. And yes I pointed you out becuase you have become a source of complete annoyance, who is complaining for an argument and can't hold one. Finally, not everyone has the means to help solve our own economic problems which the blame falls heaviest on those who spent more then they had. Not to those who lived within thier means. If all this is a waste, then in one word: "STOP". There is a reason your comments are called "negative" if you never took math class, it means less then nothing. So it might be smart for you to learn and be more then what you are proving us right as. #366, #367, Glad to hear some valid points. Some people seem to not know what they are.

Kronis on Sep 3, 2009


That was kinda funny comment there Lokilucocky. To call someone Plato is actually a complement, sarcastic or not. Thats like calling someone a genius when you are trying to call them an idiot. You fail either way. And you made it clear that you and Phil are figures of scorn on this web page, 'Let the hate flow through you..' What are you guys, trying to become public enemies with anyone that you talk to? There have been many explanations on this site and there it looks like there shouldn't be room for the need for more. I just hope the rightfully called 'haters' can actually learn, and let people get back to living thier lives without worrying about hearing from a bad mouthed loudmouth. You can already get your fill in a just a few hours (or less) at a High School. If you find the name I use odd, it means "Truth" in Latin. Now for everyone elses sake,please keep the foul mouthing out, and back up what is said.

Veratis on Sep 3, 2009


Can I possibly unsee this?

dman3d on Sep 4, 2009


The first time I heard about it was in a Game Informer magazine, wasn't really reading it just glancing at the pictures skimming over the articles, so I actually thought this was a game...A week later I seen the trailer on youtube. For me there is way too much CGI. Might rent it when it comes to dvd, but I don't think I'll waste 8 dollars going to see it in theaters.

Sixx on Sep 6, 2009


Okay, it's unfair to judge a movie based on a trailer, so the whole District 9 vs Avatar comparison as a whole movie is ridiculous. That being said, I love District 9, and it's one of my favorite movie so far this year. For people to trash that movie in comparison to a trailer of Avatar is also ridiculous imo, as the trailer for this movie is utter garbage.

Riki on Sep 9, 2009


This is Cameron's answer to Spielberg's A.I. = crap

liverhead28 on Sep 11, 2009


"This is Great."

Dim_one on Sep 12, 2009


I call shananigans!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOO once more M. elitist wanna-be film maker...Where's my T3 you should of directed...and where's my MTV!!!!!!

Lazarus from Sparta!!!! on Sep 18, 2009


Sam Worthington is a DICKCHEESE.

Amonnel on Sep 25, 2009


So is your mom.

TTEX on Oct 19, 2009


this movie looks like crap aliens arent supposed to look like humans

sam on Oct 22, 2009


looks like a lot of fun

girum on Oct 27, 2009


most anticipated movie of the year.. hopefully it would meet the expectation..

Alen on Dec 5, 2009


I watched the regular movie last weekend, this week I'm going to watch the 3D.. woohooo....

Anzelm on Dec 23, 2009


omg must seee htis movie

Teresa on Mar 10, 2010

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