Must Watch: First Trailer for Jim Sheridan's Brothers

July 3, 2009

Brothers Trailer

This is aiming for one of those five extra Best Picture nomination spots. I can already tell. The first trailer for Jim Sheridan's Brothers has finally showed up on YouTube (via The Playlist) courtesy of ET even though it's already showing in theaters in front of Public Enemies. Brothers stars Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Tobey Maguire and is yet another Iraq / Afghanistan movie like every other one we've seen come and go in the last few years. Sure, it looks emotional, it looks like a tough story for many reasons, and it has a good cast, but is it going to actually be any good? We'll find out in December whether it is or not.

Watch the trailer for Jim Sheridan's Brothers:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch the first trailer for Brothers in High Definition on Apple

In a small, snowy Pennsylvania town, a young man (Jake Gyllenhaal) comforts his older brother's wife (Natalie Portman) and children after her husband (Tobey Maguire) goes missing in Afghanistan.

Brothers is directed by Oscar nominated filmmaker Jim Sheridan, of In the Name of the Father, The Boxer, In America, and Get Rich or Die Tryin' previously. The screenplay was written by David Benioff of 25th Hour, Troy, The Kite Runner, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine previously. This is also a remake of Susanne Bier's 2004 Danish film Brødre. Lionsgate is bringing Brothers to theaters on December 4th this winter.

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Say this trailer with Public Enemies...Im going to watch it just cause Natalie Portman is in it, but the premise looks interesting...

Nikhil Hariharan on Jul 3, 2009


so Peter Parker was Persian too

nelson on Jul 3, 2009


Seems like one of the story arcs in Pearl Harbor turned into a movie... a great one in this case... at least by the look of it!

Pedro Lopes on Jul 3, 2009


Wow I just saw the whole movie, thanks dumbasses who make trailers that give away way too much

movie buff on Jul 3, 2009


Uhh. There was something very disturbing about that trailer. I actually thought it was going to be a heartfelt drama about learning to cope with death, but then they started kissing and I just shook my head. So the only way for a women to grieve for her husband is to fall in love with the first guy she meets (who also happens to be her husband's brother). The kids didn't seem to really care that their father died. And of course every soldier happens to be a nut job.

germs on Jul 3, 2009


This movie looks great. It's always nice seeing Tobey do more serious films. On another note, I always thought Tobey and Jake looked like brothers, perfect casting choice.

KenDoll on Jul 3, 2009


No more heroes. Anymore. Coma boy comes back a lunatic, great.

Crapola on Jul 3, 2009


like jake id look after her too, cos brother was a nut job and needs some help mentally. not a good advert for the army, hes got the cold stare down tho.

muggins on Jul 3, 2009



miracle disease on Jul 3, 2009


I saw this trailer during Public Enemies and I can't wait to to see the whole film. Looks like it will be good.

R2theL-O on Jul 3, 2009


HEHE this looks funny,

Dude on Jul 3, 2009


Movie's dumb, pass. I'll sum up this movie with the following: Wah wah, sniff sniff. Awwww. Haha. What the. Whoa. End.

nem on Jul 3, 2009


Natalie Portman Looks Amazing!

Sancho on Jul 3, 2009



Syphous on Jul 3, 2009


Sold, but I swear if it tries to be anti or pro war I'll dip on it, becasue I can't stand movies that attempt to teach you how to feel about certain things.

Xerxex on Jul 3, 2009


Yeah Maguire looks really psychotic, that and Portman will probably be the only good parts about this. Hopefully people wont jump on the PC bandwagon and say its insulting our troops or some shit. But also were those kids like cyborgs or something they shrugged there dads death off like nothing.

Cody on Jul 3, 2009


reminds me of my childhood. not the brothers thing but the whole soldiers coming back and families are torn apart. except i lived on a air force base during the gulf war.ehhhhh id probably see it with my dad or something

erik on Jul 3, 2009


wwooowww. unsure as to whether itll be good or not, but loved how the trailer made you think it was about one thing at first and then totally changed things on you. they might have revealed too much already but still looks thrilling.

zach s on Jul 3, 2009


Looks like an extended version of "pearl harbor " in a simple way..

suresh on Jul 3, 2009


@4....yeah I'm with you man, trailer could of ended with the reveal that tobey was alive..didn't need to see him go all crazy. looks good though, I'm a fan of all the actors so even of the film isnt the greatest I'm sure I'll enjoy it for the acting.

rblitz7 on Jul 3, 2009


you know id be pist if i came back from the "dead" and got all the way back home to see my wife and found her ramming my brotherid go crazy too

eric on Jul 3, 2009


No pass but i reserve judgement upon film viewing...only saving grace...young cast who can act their age...more of that LaLawood please!

Lazarus from Sparta on Jul 3, 2009


Wow that looked great, I cant wait to check it out.

Richard on Jul 3, 2009


LMAO This movie looks like crap. Fucking ridiculous that they damn near give away the entire plot.

The Clergy Arc on Jul 4, 2009


Terrible trailer. Can anyone tell me which production company made it? I like some of Jim Sheriden's work so I'm contemplating on seeing this. The casting choices is a big problem. They look like they're playing dress up. It's like they went to their parents' closet and borrowed their clothes. They look weird. Just too unbelievable.

pat on Jul 4, 2009


Hmm... For some reason, Helicopter crash almost always means loss of memory, I wonder why... Seems like a rather good movie, but yeah - they do give away most of the plot in the trailer, something that they should have learned by now. They should have just stopped with the husband/brother comming back. Wont watch this movie because it doesn't seem like my kind of movie, but overall I enjoy the actors so maybe...

Felix on Jul 4, 2009


Personaly, I like the look of this one. Always liked what Jim Sheridan does, and I think this will be a good one. Don't think people can judge the whole movie from a trailer !!

Marty on Jul 4, 2009


By the first half of the trailer I was thinking, gee, I quite liked the Danish original and have zero intention seeing this, but then comes Tobey Maguire and it seems like some really good work from him, so a watch just for that will probably be worthwhile.

Bo on Jul 4, 2009


Wow. Seemed pretty generic at first, but the last 30 secs of this trailer really hooked me.

Fuelbot on Jul 4, 2009


Since this is a remake, I will just watch the original and skip this one.

M on Jul 4, 2009


Damn, this looks good!

Robbie on Jul 4, 2009


As always, watch the original, it is amazing! Also, if this is anything like the original (a lot of the scenes look like frame by frame copies) then they just spoiled the entire movie.

Marcus on Jul 5, 2009


a dramatic version of pearl harbour

Darrin on Jul 5, 2009


Damn Gillenhaal. You get to have all the fun!

Django on Jul 6, 2009


was he holding a gun in front of the cops huh and had time to shoot i call bullshit no matter who you are you ain't pointing a gun at a cop

neonblue120 on Jul 8, 2009


What a disappointment coming from a director I have admired for many years, Jim Sheridan. This appears to be yet another sappy script, shamelessly piggybacking on the current wave of anti-U.S. military themes. Maguire is clearly portraying a war-weary soldier who is predisposed because of his involvement in a "bad war" to violence. Toss this charcter into a pedestrian love story of two brothers who desire the same woman and you have the tried and true inane recipe for another boring cinematic experience. This one definitely gets a pass, even on video.

Thomas on Jul 9, 2009


How could anyone ever believe that MacGuire was a soldier? He is the goofiest looking A-lister in a long time.

L on Jul 12, 2009


#38 Lol, so because you're goofy looking you can't be a believable soldier?

Marcus on Jul 12, 2009


Waste of talent

dqniel on Jul 20, 2009


Great cast. i have high expectations.

joel on Aug 6, 2009


I've seen the whole film in a preview screening and it's AMAZING!!!!!!! I loved it. It's not a love triangle movie at all though, which the trailer seems to suggest.

Emma on Nov 6, 2009


I'm pumped to go see it ... I'm a big fan of Jim Sheridan's work, My Left Foot and In America esp. I've been seeing some really good reviews on this too ... WKYC-TV, who are a pretty trustworthy source when it comes to quality movies say “The film was really, really good and the acting was 100% on point! Truly amazing work!”

sinaswing on Dec 10, 2009

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