Must Watch: Official Trailer for Paul Greengrass' Green Zone

October 27, 2009

Green Zone Trailer

After delaying the release for a few months, Universal has finally debuted the first official trailer for Green Zone, directed by Paul Greengrass and starring Matt Damon, Jason Isaacs, Greg Kinnear, Brendan Gleeson, and Amy Ryan. This is the first we've heard about this project since the first photo arrived last July. And surprisingly it looks a lot better than I was expecting. I guess I should trust in Paul Greengrass - he usually always delivers a solid action film, especially when paired with Matt Damon (hint, hint). Anyway, this trailer has now made Green Zone one of my most anticipated movies to see next March, so be sure to check it out.

Watch the official trailer for Paul Greengrass' Green Zone from YouTube:

About a pair of CIA agents (Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear) on the trail of Weapons of Mass Destruction and a foreign correspondent following their mission. Inspired by "Imperial Life in the Emerald City."

Green Zone is directed by Paul Greengass of Bourne Supremacy and Ultimatum as well as Bloody Sunday and United 93. The script was written by Brian Helgeland, of L.A. Confidential, Conspiracy Theory, Mystic River, and Man on Fire previously. This is loosely based on Rajiv Chandrasekaran's non-fiction book The Imperial Life in Emerald City. Universal will be bringing Green Zone to theaters on March 12th, 2010.

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sweet, Damon has really moved up, this looks pretty damn good, and it really dosen't look like a Bourne flick, because people are gonna compare them.

xerxex on Oct 27, 2009


Bourne 4

hamish on Oct 27, 2009


The Bourne Prequel.

F.C. on Oct 27, 2009


Wow Greengrass and Helgeland great pair. Looks like a solid movie with a great cast. So why are they throwing it into a March release?

Maxx on Oct 27, 2009


I LIKE!! damon shine's again!

Jarno on Oct 27, 2009


^ If you want to read a good article criticizing Universal's decision to move this from a release this year all the way until March, Jeffrey Wells just posted one on Hollywood Elsewhere.

Alex Billington on Oct 27, 2009


Looks great to me. Damon can do no wrong it seems.

scotty on Oct 27, 2009


Aha thanks for that Alex! Seriously sounds like a flawed decision but oh well. I suppose we all will just have to wait a little longer.

Maxx on Oct 27, 2009


march = terrible release indeed

lego on Oct 27, 2009


Eh. I think it'll be good, but forgettable.

FancyMonocle on Oct 27, 2009


Looks like a good action film, but come on... it has "Bourne" written all over it! Just replace "Magellan" with "Treadstone" and it's Bourne 4.

Trip on Oct 27, 2009


this movie came out of no where i dint even kno they were making it until i saw this trailer

Darren on Oct 27, 2009


Looks worth watching. And Americans & Iraqi's are still dieing... Another Bourne movie? Yup, soon. But this ain't it.

Brandon on Oct 27, 2009


Anyone else feel like there isn't much of a plot to this after viewing the trailer? Man goes on hunt for nukes, discovers the government was making up the "evidence." Man goes after government and exposes them...Feel like the trailer basically showed me all I need to see.

in yo face Billy on Oct 27, 2009


It looks fun for an action movie but wasn't Green Zone supposed to be based on Imperial Life in the Emerald City? This has no resemblance to the book and takes what could have been a thrilling political drama into a relatively mindless action flick. That said, the trailer does look like this could be decent.

Daniel on Oct 27, 2009


Fuck yeah this will do until Bourne 4

PimpSlapStick on Oct 27, 2009


Looks solid!

K on Oct 27, 2009


Should be titled "The Bourne Alliance"

Nick on Oct 27, 2009


March... mmmm.. well 300 was release in march, it did well... March is the new May... less crowded

GvT on Oct 27, 2009



OCP on Oct 27, 2009


Ha ha, 'weapons of mass destruction', he fell for that, what a douche. Looks good though, blow shit up, blow shit up.

Crapola on Oct 27, 2009


trailer looks good cant wait. i know this is off topic but WB/DC comics should cast Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass to do a Green Arrow movie that would be kick-ass.

tazz on Oct 27, 2009


Totally looks like a Bourne prequel. LAME-O. Greengrass and Damon, thanks for phoning it in for the huge paycheck. sheesh I mean if your going to reteam with a director and do a non-Bourne film, why the hell would you make this derivative looking p.o.s. Its almost embarrassing.

Drew on Oct 27, 2009


paul greengrass should direct call of duty movie

darrin on Oct 27, 2009


Wow awesome, also thought it looked like a bourne prequel lol. I think that will always be matt daemons problem now, also the name of the movie sucks heh.

Richard on Oct 27, 2009


guys is character is Roy completely different from Bourne, in the trailer he dosn't use some fancy moves with his fist, and legs, he seems to be more dependent on firearms, and he even sounds different when he talks. Don't Type-cast Damon its useless, the guy is talented enough to leave Bourne behind.

xerxex on Oct 27, 2009


If Greengrass can keep the f**king camera still and not cause half the audience to fit in the middle of the cinema, this could stand half a chance of being watchable.

Freon Bingo on Oct 27, 2009


It looks good and I like Damon. I don't know anyone who has seen the Bourne movies and went, "Eh, it's o.k". They were good and this looks similiar and equally good to me. Hopefully I'll like it just as much.

arjones on Oct 27, 2009


If Jack Bauer dies in season 8, they can bring in Matt Damon in his place for season 9...

Vitor on Oct 27, 2009


Dear Hollywood, Please make 15 more movies explaining how you were unhappy with the Iraq War, the lack of WMDs, and the Bush Administration. We're not yet exactly sure of your position and feelings on these matters. Love, America.

Dan on Oct 27, 2009


Hey Dan, Whats it to you? Are you offended?

????? on Oct 27, 2009


Well said Dan

Nick on Oct 27, 2009


Dan, you don't speak for America. Now please, shut the fuck up.

sean on Oct 27, 2009


Dan obivious Troll is obivious.

xerxex on Oct 27, 2009


Bourne meets black hawk

ADM-86 on Oct 27, 2009


Thanks for thinking what we're all thinking, Dan. Matt Damon can suck it

Antioch on Oct 27, 2009


I do like Greg Kinnear, but this movie will most likely bomb (no pun intended). All Iraq war movies do.

Antioch on Oct 27, 2009


Antioch ever heard of a movie called "The Hurt Locker"? That movie didn't bomb and may even win some Oscars. The Hurt Locker was an Iraq War Movie and was the best movie of the summer in my opinion. As for Hollywood making movies about Iraq... The American Government can be WRONG. Especially when it comes to the Bush Administration. Dan is a troll.

Brandon on Oct 27, 2009


brandon, sean, and xerxex............dan gave HIS opinion on hollywood. i don't think that makes him a troll. brandon especially....... your post at #38 is just as opinionated as dans post at #30. and i think you're entitled to it........but it isn't any more "right/wrong" than dans opinion. you guys should realize that just because someone doesn't think like you - that DOESN'T make him a troll. on the movie: i agree with #10 - looks good, but very forgettable. kind of like "body of lies". it was a good watch but after it was over i never thought about it again.

beavis on Oct 27, 2009


I watched this film at a special screening in London and I met Paul Greengrass. made a fantastic film with some great action scenes. It is a fast paced film akin to the Bourne films and i loved every minute of it and will watch it again when it is released. I thought Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear and especially Khalid Abdulla gave exceptional performances, if Universal hadnt messed the release schedule and had given the film a chance at some Oscar glory, I would say Paul Greengrass dKhalid Abdulla would deserve a nomination for Best Director and Best Supporting Actor.

Nadir Ahmed on Oct 27, 2009


This trailer gives me a rather boring first impression.

Robbie on Oct 27, 2009


#40, you gave me hope unlike this trailer

wei on Oct 27, 2009


"Magellan Are You Gellin?

Shelby on Oct 27, 2009


hmmm I wonder if he could be Captain America?

NeoSlyfer on Oct 27, 2009


Matt is the man

Barnaby Barrilla on Oct 27, 2009


so clooney, then leo, and now damon so everybody is redoing me against the terrorist or wait against the government movies looks bad

kirch on Oct 27, 2009


Granted beavs he did, but this is a movie website not a political forum, and yeah a lot of the comments on here do go political, but in the grand scheme its still a movie website. Hell I'll even say I know that the Bush admin. was dead wrong on the war and all, but I stand behind our soldiers, we are always gonna be in the middle east, sad I wish we didn't have to be. And to address the Hollywood being the medium on the war, too often do we have opinion films that sway in the direction of war is bad war is good, we need more films like "The Hurt Locker" that really don't form opinions on the war. But I'm a hypocrite, I war films i.e. In The Valley Of Elah, Body of Lies, Lions for Lambs, Home of the Brave etc. But either way Dan is trolling, changing the conversation from a new Matt Damon film to a politically charged one.

xerxex on Oct 27, 2009


Still look's a lot like the Bourne films to me, it all depends on the storyline, it still looks a lot like Bourne thought.

Cineprog on Oct 28, 2009


Wow guys. Thanks for the responses, positive and negative. Just to clarify, I'm not offended with this movie or trying to say that the prevailing feeling in Hollywood is wrong. I'm just...bored I guess. Bored because as viewers, we know SO MUCH about these movies before they even begin. The preeminence of ideological concerns seems to demand that these stories take a similar route. Our thrills must now come from the coolness of the action scenes, the tempo of the editing, etc. and not from the originality of the concept or even the freshness of an insight into a current situation. Someone (#46) even mentioned that this story of an optimistic and dedicated soldier driven to cynicism has been been told a number of times already in the last few years. How many times do we need to discover that the real bad guy in the Middle East is a guy behind a desk thousands of miles away and not the guys on the street? I just feel that Hollywood has been clarifying their position for so long in the same way, over and over... It's like a party guest who won't stop talking about how bad their first marriage was: we get it, we're convinced, we know how you feel, we even agree with you; but you need to find something new to say, or at least a new way to say it. "The Hurt Locker" managed to step around this trend, and look what a great movie we got because of it.

Dan on Oct 28, 2009


Dan, Just admit that your a racist....anyone who doesn't realize that American is the root of all evil is clearly a racist. Its up to really smart people like Matt to show us just how uninformed we are, really we should be saying "thanks Matt for telling us how dumb we all are. Could you please-o-please make more movies about how one person is simply unstoppable and able to pull off physically impossible feats no one else could live through. I know that because you play make believe for a living you are so much smarter then the rest of us. Thanks." I mean that's an approximation of what we should say to thank him for the education he is giving us.

Frank on Oct 28, 2009


Damon is a fantastic actor. But it looks like he is phoning it in on this one. Which is too bad. Doing another action film with Greengrass that is not Bourne is going to have a real hard time seeming different. period. And seriously people. This really doesn't look different enough. It doesn't mean Damon can't do other action films, but reteaming with the same director that he made such a memorable franchise and character with is a clumsy career move for both. The visual aesthetic is going to be too similar by extension and the character is not different enough to have credibility. I would just rather have another Bourne film from these guys. Greengrass is no Scorsese, and Damon is not playing a different enough of a character to earn the esteem of a DeNiro or DiCaprio in relation to him. It will be a cash cow though. That's why everyone signed on the dotted line anyway.

Drew on Oct 28, 2009


@Dan - though I don't think this is the kind of movie you think it is, /agree.

bozo on Oct 28, 2009


wow another film ruined by a film makre who can't stop using shaky cam. What a waste. "if i could make out what was happening this fight scene \ car chase would be awesome"

ChrisUK on Oct 28, 2009


xerxex, if that's trolling, then every person who comes on this site is guilty of it from time to time. i thought his comment on hollywood was directly related to his feeling that the industry is over-saturating the public with these types of films. i must say, over the last couple of years, there have been a lot of cookie- cutter movies following a very similar formula. (they've been decent movies, but the theme is starting to grow tiresome.) go on a thread with the topic being any nick cage movie........there'll be 60 comments trolling/spamming hate towards nick cage. people don't even discuss the movie!!! but, i don't see any of you saying this in those situations. i've commented (in the past on MM "movies') that michael moore is a hack and all he does is capitalize on others tragedies. that his "movies" are just left-wing propaganda and nothing else. i've also said that he should have to pay royalties to those who have suffered ( peoples families who lost children at columbine, for example) so that he could make a "movie". i guess that would be considered trolling too? i don't see it that way. if a comment is directly referencing why someone is/isn't interested in a movie; or why a movie looks good or bad, i don't see it as trolling. and i'm sorry for taking up thread space with this post, but i felt i needed to reply.

beavis on Oct 28, 2009


Bourne + Stuck on You = Green Zone

David on Oct 28, 2009


I'm glad you replied beavis, our banter is interesting. I like to pick the fight every now and again, and why not, I like to see people defend their comments, and yes I leave some pretty harsh comments were all guilty of that.

xerxex on Oct 28, 2009


lol #57 David I was thinking the same thing If I see that Eva Mendes is Magellan I'm walking out

John on Oct 28, 2009


Dan pretty much hit the nail on the head. Hilarious watching a few call him a troll...I guess we know who's the target audience for this movie and the others like it.

Geoff on Nov 1, 2009

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