Must Watch: First Full Trailer for Richard Kelly's The Box!

June 24, 2009
Source: AOL

The Box Trailer

Warner Brothers has debuted the first trailer on AOL for Richard Kelly's The Box starring Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, and Frank Langella. This is a story almost everyone is familiar with - about a box with a button that when pressed makes the owner wealthy but causes some other harm somewhere in the world. But in the hands of Richard Kelly, this story isn't that simple. This definitely looks like he's back to his Donnie Darko roots, since those who saw his second film, Southland Tales, know it was a disaster. This looks a lot creepier than I expected. And I have no clue what's going on at the end, but I want to see it.

For those unfamiliar with Richard Kelly, he's the up-and-coming filmmaker who brought us Donnie Darko in 2001 and followed that up with Southland Tales in 2007. The Box is his third feature. Look any good?

Watch the first trailer for Richard Kelly's The Box:

[flv: 598 258]

You can also watch the trailer for The Box in High Definition on AOL

Norma (Cameron Diaz) and Arthur Lewis (James Marsden), a suburban couple with a young child, receive a wooden box as a gift, which bears fatal and irrevocable consequences. A mysterious stranger delivers the message that the box promises to bestow upon its owner $1 million with the press of a button. But, pressing this button will simultaneously cause the death of another human somewhere in the world.

The Box is both written and directed by Richard Kelly, of Donnie Darko and Southland Tales previously. The story is based on Richard Matheson's short story "Button, Button", which was also adapted into a "Twilight Zone" episode. Warner Brothers will debut The Box in theaters everywhere on November 6th.

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Wow blatant ripoff of the Saw music (which has been done many times).

notalent on Jun 24, 2009


Looks pretty interesting. Is that the music from Saw at the end of the trailer?

Jfc3po on Jun 24, 2009


@1 YEAH!!! That's ALL I caught from that trailer...., wait??? SAW?

daniel on Jun 24, 2009


Actually, the score as been in many movies, way before the saw movies came up with it, including the original theme, wich this is just a "cover version" of it. Anyways i agree, its way overused on trailers. Back on topic, this will most likely be very enjoyable, i loved donnie darko and southland tales.

mvk on Jun 24, 2009


Yea, it might be good. But it might be horribly bad. Surprised WB is really releasing this considering how trashed Kelly's last movie was. WB, why aren't you releasing Trick 'r Treat?

notalent on Jun 24, 2009


Looks great. Somehow a bit of David Lynch but it doesnt matter. I want and I will see this movie.

Millus on Jun 24, 2009


Looks interesting for Richard Kelly's first mainstream film.

Sean Kelly on Jun 24, 2009


i was waiting for someone to say Game Over at the end

LeeManz on Jun 24, 2009


I'm not seeing the purported High Definition trailer at the site linked?

Will Deadborn on Jun 24, 2009


looking like a nice little thriller...

????? on Jun 24, 2009


Wow blatant ripoff of the Saw music (which has been done many times). notalent on Jun 24, 2009 ------------ Or is it a blatant ripoff of the Saw music which was blatantly ripped off something else?

kindbuddy on Jun 24, 2009


Excellent premise...but the Saw theme music sorta ruined its uniqueness.

Matt Suhu on Jun 24, 2009


Little Break/Offtopic: How can it be that FIRSTSHOWING didnt post something about the Paulo Coelho movie or trailer VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE with Buffy actress Gellar? Or did I miss it? Check it: - Is it so important if its the SAW music? I think it doesnt matter. THE BOX Trailer is cool even with the SAW touch... 🙂

Millus on Jun 24, 2009


I'm always so intrigued by Richard Kelly's films. Very similar to David Lynch in that respect. They pick fascinating concepts and then spin them in mind-dissolving ways. I always finish their movies with a baffled frown on my face, but I'm always glad I went for the ride. I'm definitely checking this one out, if for no other reason than to see Frank Langella's half-face in action. :-\

Outlaw on Jun 24, 2009


looks like a good ride. but something in the trailer fell short for me... not sure what exactly. I hope the movie doesn't do that too....

dave13 on Jun 24, 2009


wait... when do wolverine and storm appear in this?

Roberto Dinamite on Jun 24, 2009


Trailers rip off shit all the time from other movies. How many trailers ripped off the "Oh Yeah" song from Ferris Bueller or the Danny Elfman score from "Back to School"?

Greedo the Rodian on Jun 24, 2009


Looks fine. But geez, Mr. Billington--I really liked Southland Tales. Disaster? I'd save that for any number of other movies; at least ST had ambition and some great performances.

Chad on Jun 24, 2009


Ahh the original Saw ... what a damn good movie.

JL on Jun 24, 2009


I love Richard Kelly so I'm sold. Oh and the poeple on about the song Charlie Clouser sold that theme, so be expecting to hear it alot more times then just for this trailer. Its same with "In the house/In a Heart beat." And Alex Southland Tales was amazing if the viewer takes the time to listen and understand.

Xerxex on Jun 24, 2009


I am interested in the movie, but what an awful trailer. There is way too much going on there.

Mark on Jun 24, 2009


Also: Why does everyone sinister have to have scars? It'd be nice to see a villain who didn't fuck something up so badly that his face turned into a dented prune.

Mark on Jun 24, 2009


Seems boring. I'd hit the button and go on about my life. Blah blah blah...

w00t!!! on Jun 24, 2009


Yes that was part of Saw theme by Charlie Clouser. Great track!! Movie looks interesting..

sd on Jun 24, 2009


#1, thats not a rip off, its the original track. I suppose if Charlie kept the rights he can license it out for trailers...

sd on Jun 24, 2009


LOL @ #8.

Bummer on Jun 24, 2009


#21, it's less a scar and more missing an entire chunk of his face. And it's intriguing.

Sean Kelly on Jun 24, 2009


this movie was shot on my street in milton mass saw a couple of the scenes they were shootin on the street they looked pretty cool and this trailer looks awsome im definatly seein this shit

DRISC87 on Jun 24, 2009


What. The. Fuck. ????? I'll still go see it cause I'm curious and I like jimmy marsden

cap on Jun 24, 2009


i will watch the movie cause i like cameron diaz. thats it girls.

ishteaque on Jun 24, 2009


dear Alex, Southland Tales ruled. and your opinions don't matter because you liked Knowing and talked me into spending money on that crap --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would have pushed the shit out of that button. probably even before Mr. fucked face showed up at my door offering me a million dollars and the chance to rid the world of 1 measly person.

DoomCanoe on Jun 24, 2009


omg they totally ripped off the SAW music......effffffff that they should have been more creative and made their own damn music.

LatriceShannel on Jun 24, 2009


Wasn't this exact same story used in an episode of The Twilight Zone?

NadaNuff on Jun 24, 2009



Corey on Jun 24, 2009


wtf #32? No.

danielvutran on Jun 24, 2009


Did you watch that at all?

Corey on Jun 24, 2009


The movie sounds nice, storyline sounds exciting, but that stupid trailer with the cheap music just ruins it :/ And ok. Diaz and Cyclops dont really impress me!

coswell on Jun 24, 2009


Seems to be Saw counter some conspiracy movie (sorry, don't know any good conspiracy movie). Don't really care about the music, it's just for the trailer. The storyline seems to me be the whole Saw concept brought out of the horror/thriller/don't-know-the-name-of-the-genre and then mixed to make it more suitible for a larger audience.

Felix on Jun 25, 2009


this looks pretty good. (but damn, cam diaz is a HOMELY woman)

dan on Jun 25, 2009


Looks good, I'll see it. Now, can we stop complaining about the music? I liked Donnie Darko a lot (although I may only be pretending to like it to be in with the hip, edgy kids), and have yet to see Southland Tales, but this trailer has me pretty hooked...

Mike Kingscott on Jun 25, 2009


The trailer looks OK but he could have selected any background music other than Saw.

Fisherr on Jun 25, 2009


To #34 Yeah that vid was a version based off of Richard Matheson's short story "Button Button" and now that I am writing this I checked and Alex actually put it up there in the article. Maybe if you ever read a book you would know 😉 Also it was an episode of Twilight Zone. This is just another fun idea to do different versions of and see what happens. I am excited to see what Kelly does with an idea of Matheson's since the last one someone attempted to put on screen, I am Legend, was the biggest hunk of shit blockbuster that raped the original story in the butt.

Maxx on Jun 25, 2009


Looks like utter shit.

Darunia on Jun 25, 2009


I think it looks pretty good....never saw Southland Tales....but an avid Darko Fan

Cameron on Jun 25, 2009


Looks promising!

K on Jun 25, 2009


looks great ...cant wait

Trey on Jun 25, 2009


Just push the damn button already.

Delvis on Jun 25, 2009


Welcome back Richard Kelly?!?! Looks very promising. The visual nods to Kubrick ala The Shining seem well executed. Hope the story holds up. Lets give it a try folks!

Drew on Jun 25, 2009


Wasn't this an old story we had to read in English class?

Henry Jones Sr. on Jun 25, 2009


Donnie Darko to this? What a let down.

Frank Booth on Jun 25, 2009


Yeah, is this a joke? Looks terrible. Darko was his one and done, I guess.

Cinemassiv on Jun 25, 2009


Donnie Darko was utter garbage. This looks awful too. Guess that's this guys thing, making bad movies.

Syphous on Jun 25, 2009


SAW music...Good to know that they are running out of New Audio just as fast as New Moive Ideas.

Ripper on Jun 25, 2009


seems like a simple plot, shots were pretty varied tho. Curious to see how it does.

Nick Sears on Jun 25, 2009


Don't get your panties all in a wad. Warner Brothers hands a bunch of footage and a library of licensed music to some kid in an editing room who's told to make a trailer that appeals to the lowest common denominator. Sounds like the lowest common denominator don't like what they see...

one of these days i'm going to cut you into little pieces on Jun 25, 2009


southland tales = disaster

Brian Barajas on Jun 25, 2009


Ok first of all, SHUT UP ABOUT THE MUSIC ALREADY! Just thank God they've stopped using Clint Mansell's piece from Requiem for a Dream. This looks interesting. I loved Donnie Darko and I tried to like Southland but I think he bit off more than he could chew with it. It had a lot of great ideas, put trying to put them in one movie was an incoherent mess. Darko worked because it gave you one central theme or character to follow. I think Kelly's learned his lessons following Southland and reined in his impulses a bit. Odd is interesting, but too much can completely kill a story and lose an audience. That's my $0.02.

jasonmd2020 on Jun 25, 2009


Looks interesting. I'll check it out. 😀 And please...enough about the music. >.< "OMG ITZ LIEK A RIPOFF YA KNO?!" *sigh* Not all music in trailers has been originally made for that particular movie.

Sabes on Jun 26, 2009


SOUTHLAND TALES! Thanks for reminding me what the worst movie I've ever seen was called. I LOVED Donnie Darko. I think the epic failure of Southland Tales was good, to bring this auteur director back down to a more managable budget, and to keep guys like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's agent far, far away from knocking at his door. So long as there aren't any wrestlers in lead roles, I think this movie'll do just fine. Oh, and Frank Langela ROCKS. But he missed a spot, trying to take his Skeletor makeup off.

Django on Jun 26, 2009


Though I find Cameron Diaz tough to stomach (In my opinion she can't act and is not at all the hottie that everyone else seems to think), this actually looks good.

Fed Up With Hollywood on Jun 26, 2009


"The story is based on Richard Matheson's short story "Button, Button", which was also adapted in a "Twilight Zone" episode." Have you ever heard of Eça de Queirós?? Go read one of his works called "O mandarim" and then tell me where this concept comes from. ("O mandarim" was published in 1880).

geep44 on Jun 26, 2009


That trailer was awful. And the whole action film score ending? Ridiculous. The movie seems interesting, but I'm not sure the trailer made anyone want to see it.

Maria on Jun 30, 2009


Wow. Really? Is everyone basing there opinions on the music in the trailer? Im a huge Donnie Darko Fan, but I hate when other Donnie Darko fans try to compare every movie to it. Seriously just let it go. Donnie Darko will always be a great movie, but why do so many people want something exactly like it. Doesn't it defeat the purpose of how original it was. Let Richard Kelly move on. Its his Gift and his Curse.

KAOZ on Jul 19, 2009


Fuck the musice, who really gives a shit... how many times can you press the button??

Stan 'The Viewers Choice' Morrow (Facebookme!!!) on Jul 20, 2009


Looks pretty fin actually.

Richard on Jul 27, 2009


I saw that one already!

Funny wordplay on Oct 7, 2009


I don't know about this guys. I started reading this book at Wal-mart while waiting for my wife to pick out clothes and Arthur died in the first chapter. I don't see how you can make a full length movie with a character who dies before the first chapter is over. I also noticed that the movie said $1,000,000 while the book only had $50,000.

that guy on Oct 16, 2009

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